Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm starting to realize that I post way more than ANYone else! That's okay. Well, on this Halloween night, I am kind of sad. I don't want to take down my BOO! blocks tomorrow. Or turn around my pumpkins so they only show orange instead of cute faces. I really don't want to take down my witch. They are all so cute. I kind of want to make more blocks that say like...HARVEST, or THANKS on it or something. That way I don't feel totally empty inside (ha, just kidding...I'm not that attached).

Well, I am simply waiting for Clay to finish his homework so we can watch The Office. We have this major Business Law assignment due tomorrow. Of course, neither of us did it until tonight. WELL- while Clay was selflessly setting up our friends sound system, I got mine done. Now he is doing his. I think he is almost done. I also want him to finish so we can eat our cookies sitting on the table. He said he likes to wait to eat them until we are watching the show, and I already ate one, so I decided I could wait, like a good girl.

Well I have yet to find the powdered mix for Hot Apple Cider. I will probably just get the recipe from Patty. I'm sure it's delicious.

Well, yesterday I didn't read my scriptures or say a really solid personal prayer, and guess what? I totally was stressed all day. Not because I was thinking- oh I didn't read my scriptures...blah balh, I was just naturally stressed. Today, I read my scriptures and prayed and I got done my entire list with ease. You'd think I'd get the point and start reading my scriptures EVERY day and saying a sincere prayer ALL the time, but no. I somehow always forget that the testimony of prayer and scripture study has been confirmed over and over and over to me. I decide to get distracted or something. Well---no more! I am going to try so hard to read my scriptures in the morning when I get up EVERY DAY! Imagine the things I could get done in my life! I hope none of you think I'm talking about this lightly or are sick of me talking about this. I really just kind of want all you to know- I'm sure you've all figured it out by now, the secret of: praying and reading your scriptures=happiness. Well, anyway, I just felt I should share.

I just want to say that my husband is so cute. He is VERY handsome. For some reason, he has been wearing the CUTEST outfits lately. He has looked soooo good all the time. It makes me happy. He's a sweety.

I fear that you are all going to stop reading my blog because all I do is write, and I don't have any cute babies to put on here. Oh well. That's okay if you do. I think this is good for me to write. I NEVER write in school anymore. I swear, all I do is crunch numbers or scream in frustration. Do those two relate? Hmmmm, probably yes.

OKAY-one last story. My partner for my tax return...she is pretty silly. I think she is one of those people that LOVES to socialize. First day- she asks me, how long have you been married?--A year and a half--So what year are you?--I am a Junior--5th or 6th semester?--5th--Cool, me too....soooo your like what..21,22?--No I'm 19--*wide eyes* oh does that work out? Did you like...graduate early or something?---Yep--So...are you glad you got married? What is it like? I it different than being single?--*blank stare*uh...what do you mean is it different?--I mean...what is it like being married? are you glad?--*my thoughts:are you crazy?where are these questions coming from?!* yeah...uh...I do like it. It is way different than single life. We aren't as social...we are poor...ummm...yeah...?- (side note- it was really wierd because she was SO serious when asking me these questions. Like she really feared I wasn't enjoying marriage. Keep in mind, we had just met the day before) she then says--hmmm that's wierd. I just can't see it being any different--Well.........--then somehow we ended up having me tell our entire dating story and then she seemed happy. She is weird. Then yesterday we were in the library and she was looking around constantly and saying hi to people and talked to her friend for 5 FLIPPIN MINUTES while I was sitting there waiting to work on our tax return. She then turns to me and says, "sorry!!" I look at her with a serious stare and say, 'do you want to do this another time?' she says, 'no sorry!!!!' I say, 'I really want to get this done as soon as possible'. She said ' yeah me too, sorry'. Yeah right. Gosh. I might sound rude but imagine just sitting there with a girl turning her back towards you to talk about boys with her roommate. She did this a number of times during our session and it was like 5pm. I was way mad. Finally we finished. Hopefully we did it right. ANYway. I'm glad I'm married.

Okay, time for the office. I love you all!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

okay i don't know why those words turned out so big. I tried changing it but it wont. Sorry.

What a wonderful day!

Well, of three things I am completely SURE of right NOW. 1) I LOVE hot chocolate; 2) Heavenly Father truly blesses me when I ask with sincerity; 3) I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY MOM!


This is kind of late in the day- I've been wanting to do it all day but was always on the wrong computer because this computer was supposed to have a picture of my mom on it. Guess what?! No picture!!! Can you believe that?!?! The thing is, I usually would but we went through this reformatting process a while ago and I haven't put our pictures back on this computer I guess. I forgot. Anyway- I just love my mom so much. She is so beautiful and talented and so loving and wonderful. I just wanted everyone to know that!

Well, I'll explain my things I am sure of as I mentioned in the beginning. First off, hot chocolate IS wonderful. Today I savored it by drinking slower than usual. USUALLY- I chug a mug of hot chocolate down as fast as a sprint runner chugs down a water bottle after a race. Seriously. It's sad. It is just sooooo good. I lasted probably 4 minutes this time. THAT is probably a record.

Second, Heavenly Father is so giving. You know how I haven't been very motivated lately? Well, last night in the shower I prayed for a long while to Heavenly Father. I really just talked a lot and asked a lot. It was a VERY sincere prayer and I literally begged Heavenly Father to help me get all the things done on my list today, at the times I needed to get them done. I also begged for Him to help me get up when my alarm went off (I have been struggling with that lately). Guess what? At 7am, the alarm woke me and I GOT UP! I read my scriptures, said my prayer, read my accounting chapter, went to class, finished my accounting chapter, did my accounting homework, did my other accounting class homework, ate, went to class again, finished my other accounting homework,, read my business law book, and got my business law assignment done. WOW. I did it all without hesitance! I was motivated, and understood ALL the material which NEVER happens (okay well there is one part that is confusing but really, I understand the core principles and am very confident). Anyway, the point is- I sincerely prayed for help today, and I just so happened to get EVERYTHING DONE on my list today! Do you know how exhilerating that is?!?! I felt great! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goodness. I am so grateful. I said so many little prayers today thanking Heavenly Father for letting me get things done. I am really hoping I can keep this up. I just love it when the testimony of prayer is confirmed through experiences like this. It is was keeps me going. All of that may not sound like a lot, but it soooo is to me.

Now- other news. I thank you all for your compliments on our costumes! For your information, Vampires ARE supposed to be extremely gorgeous. Read twilight people! Oh how I love those books. I fear talking them up too much, but then I reassure myself that they aren't like that. They can't be talked up too much. They are THAT good.

Our VERY good friends (I want to say best friends, but you know how it is...I have no idea if they feel that way about us) Kristen and Zane, are moving into our complex (which is only 8 apartements so it's a big deal) and we are sooooooooooooo excited! They will officially live here tomorrow I think. They have already decorated their apartment and it is so cute. For those who don't know, she is 19 (just like me) and really cute and pretty and she loves crafts and stuff so we get along well. She is way funny. The only difference really is that she loves sports. ha, obviously I don't. I enjoy a little playing around, you know, I love a good game of Wii, but the real thanks.

We are currently experiencing the adventures of "The Office". We have only seen the first season. We just got the second season from our neighbors. We are excited. We've heard the second season is WAY better than the first. The first was so short! We watched it all last night!! hah. Anyway, it is very silly. So far, I LOVE Dwight. He is so helarious. Clay and I can't decide if we think Michael is funny or if we hate him.

Halloween is rolling forth. We stopped by Albertsons today, and there were TONS of college kids getting pumpkins. We decided that all of them are probably carving pumpkins for their FHE activity.

Lastly, Clay is obsessing over getting fish right now. It's crazy! We've decided it will be his Christmas present because he isn't the type to just get a goldy and put it in a bowl. He is planning on getting a 29 gallon tank (if you don't know how big that is...think about how big a gallon of milk is...times it by 29 and put it in a tank) with filters and heaters and lights and all sorts of stuff. I have no idea where it is going in our apartment. I honestly think we are going to end up rearranging the whole thing for a fish. Figures. Oh well. I'm just glad there will be a lid. I fear it jumping out and attacking me. Really...I'm kind of psycho when it comes to animals in houses.

Alright, this has been long enough. Love you all!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

okay last one i promise

so if you haven't yet, read my previous post and THEn this post.

From my excitement for the movie, I read up on wikipedia what the book is about. It sounds a little scandalous to me. Teh book was published this year and I think the author probably went too far. Now I'm not sure. ugh. Basically they are all having sex and stuff. how disappointing.


Okay I know I JUST posted like 2 posts 2 seconds ago, BUT- I just read that "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" is in the workings for 2008!!! I know some of you probably thought the first one was corny, Clay always rolls his eyes when I mention it, but I LOVED it. I know all my sisters did too. So anyway- this better be real. I am so excited!!!

There it is


Well, here we are! I had a lot more time to do my makeup- Clay was taking a test until 7:40 and the party was from 7-9 so we had to do his in like 5 minutes. I still thought he looked scary! This isn't how I picture Edward or Bella. You could call us...James and Victoria? ha...ha...Twilight humor, i love it! Anyway. I just tried to add my photo and it wont work- I will try in a bit! Hold tight!

I have a question- you know hot apple cider? The delicious kind we used to always have and I always just ate the powder plain? WELL- where the heck can you get it?!?! I've looked at walmart, AND albertsons, neither seemed to have it. I didn't ask anyone, simply because whenever I've ever asked someone at a store here, they just go to the exact isle I was JUST on and look for it like they are a customer. It is really irritating. I always think- okay, do you take me as blind or something? I ALREADY LOOKED HERE, THAT'S WHAT I'M TELLIN YA! I never say that, but that is what my mind is thinking. So if any of you have actually seen it or purchased it somewhere recently, please, let me in on the secret. Thanks.

I just purchased some candles at walmart to make our apt smell good. I got "Mulled Cider". It smells SOOO good. Can you wonder now why I want hot apple cider now? hehe. Anyway, I love it. It is good with the fall season and it is orange so it looks like the fall season and it works for christmas too, so hopefully they last long.

I cleaned up the house today. It feel soooo good to have a clean house. Apartment I guess is what it really is, we always call it our house..WELL- the point is, a freshly clean home is so much better feeling than a messy home. I loooooove my apartment when it is clean.

WELL- I'm off to eat something. I haven't really eaten all day. I ate a breakfast bar at like 12. Then I ate a bunch of mints. Then just a bit ago I drank some water. I need to be more disciplined with feeding myself...

Love you all. Bye!

Friday, October 26, 2007


I'ts friday. All I can say is "hallelujah!". It's kind of been like that since the beginning of the semester. Once friday comes, all is well. REALLY, by 4:45 thursday, all is well. I was telling my classmate yesterday that all week I say to myself 'I just have to get through thursday and it will all be okay'. She said it's EXACTLY the same for her. I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with Financial Accounting and Tax accounting being back to back thursday morning? Probably. mmm no not probably- DEFinitely. Not to mention my Business Law class a few hours after that. After I get through with Thursday's classes, I feel like I've survived another week. I DO have 2 classes on friday but they are a breeze. New Testament and Economics. I don't know why economics seems to be so simple for me...I actually kind of like it. Anyway, there isn't too much pressure there.

WELL-today- 12:30 I will start my first ever REAL tax return. I admit though, I am doing it with a partner. We are doing a general Partnership Tax Return. I'm kind of excited, kind of nervous. I don't even know my partner. It's just a girl that sits behind me that didn't have a partner and neither did I so we hooked up. I think I overheard her say on the last exam she got a 58%...that isn't very comforting. We'll see. Anyway- then TONIGHT! Ward halloween partay! We are of course, going as vampires. I am excited but kind of scared. I am a very sensitive person and realize it's very possible for me to scare myself in the mirror. I decided I am not going to have lots of blood going down my face. Clay either. MAYBE a little...I'm not sure though. We are good vampires though, so we really shouldn't be walking around with blood down our faces. I will probably put pictures up tonight after the party.

Alright. I am going to actually fix myself up today. I am going to put curlers in my hair and do my makeup! Very exciting.

Love you all! Byeeeeeeee

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Albus Dumbledore

Well, I just checked You know, the best Harry Potter site in existence. Well anyway, I used to check it multiple times a day every day, but after I finished the 7th slowed down. I barely EVER check it now. Well, I felt like checking it today and you wont believe what was revealed! JK Rowling in an interview or book conference or something- revealed that Dumbledore was gay. WHAT?! She even said that he was inlove with Grindewald. I guess that explains a little better why he was tempted to the dark arts in his youth? Ugh. I really wish she wouldn't have revealed this. I guess it's not a big deal, but really..why? whats the point? I hope no one is offended by this. Honestly, I always imagined Dumbledore and Madam Pomfrey (the hospital wing lady) in a secret relationship. I really liked my imagined up romance that was never revealed. Now that idea is squashed. Hmmm....what are YOUR thoughts?

Monday, October 22, 2007


So I decided to stay in the library ALL day today to see what happened. You know...if I'd get more work done. I highly doubt it. First of all, I try going and reading a chapter out of my Financial accounting book and just about fell asleep. In fact, I finally gave in and rested my head on my arms on the desk I was working at and closed my eyes for probably....20-25 minutes. Well, finally I decided to just try my homework without reading the chapter. I sit at a computer and a boy sitting about 3 feet from me is wearing ear phones that are BLASTING rap/hip hop music. I also think I heard Rianna. I think that's her name. Anyway- it was stinking loud. So loud that at one point I realized I was half dancing in my chair. You know swaying and bobbing my head. I'm not lying. It was all happening without me thinking about it. Well anyway, I have no idea how he was concentrating on his homework, but he looked very busy and very effecient. Well, unlike him, I CANNOT concentrate with music blasting. Even when it's in someone elses ears. So I tried doing my homework anyway, fighting the whole way towards concentration. I finally got my homework done after what was probably longer than necessary, and the boy gets up and leaves. Now that I have peace and quiet- ability to concentrate- my homework is done! Don't get me wrong, I could do much more studying, but after that entire hour and a half, I was sick of homework and decided to browse blogs. I just get bored after a while- doing so much concentrating. I really wish I was one of those people that could just sit and read a textbook for hours and do homework for hours, but I start to go insane. Literally. My head starts feeling like it's hyperventelating or something. I don't ACTUALLY hyperventalate, but it's like my head is doing that. Does that make sense? Well anyway, I am currently waiting for Clay to get done with a test. I am wondering what I should make for dinner tonight. I could be lazy and make Macaronie and Cheese. BUT- I have been on a roll these past two days. I made Spaghetti with meat sauce (usually I make sauce with black beans or something...Clay isn't the biggest fan of he was very excited for the meat sauce) then last night I made chicken fetticcini alfredo- it was of course, delicious. I want to make something delicious tonight too. I have the motivation? We'll see.

I think for the past week, I have been counting the weeks until the last day of class, like five times a day. There are lots of time frames in that sentence, I hope you understood it! Basically- I am going a little overboard with excitement for Christmas break. School is just not fun right now. I've come to the point of not feeling that smart. In accounting, usually it's like- when I have to do the actual calculations- I am right on. When they ask me things like...just conceptual wordy questions- I am so confused. Is it just a trick of wording? I don't know! blah. Do any of you (or DID any of you) ever double check yourself all the time if you chose the right major? (DON'T WORRY dad- I am sticking with Accounting) I am constantly double guessing myself- am I really smart enough for this? Should I have done elementary education like most of the other women I know? (I know soooooo many people with that major) Should I have stuck with communications? Health science seems interesting too...Anyway, I am always getting these thoughts- surprisingly enough, they always come when I am struggling. Suffice it to say, I have had these thoughts a lot lately! Again, I am staying with Accounting, I like it, it has just been way harder this semester than ever before.

Sorry for all this whining. I wish I was more uplifting. We have been called to be Ward Mission Leaders in our ward. We basically are in charge of making new members feel welcome (for those of you who don't realize, we have new members every single week) and getting everyone to get to know eachother and encouraging everyone to be active in the ward. I am excited. A little intimidated, but excited. Our bishop told us that he wants us to know every person's face and name in the ward, and he wants us to know where they live too. I am sure Heavenly Father will help us, but our wards get pretty big out here. Hmmmm. Anyway, there is a ward halloween party this friday, and so I told Clay we have to go. It is a costume party!!!! I'm so excited. I haven't talked to Clay yet, but I really REALLY want us to be vampires. Makeup, teeth, everything. Give me any ideas if you have them.

Last night we started Episode 2 of starwars. The managers live next door to was kind of sad what happened. The first night we watched a movie, the dialogue was really quiet. Everything sounded really awesome on the sound system, but the dialogue. ANYway, Clay was really fretting about it. We were watching Episode two and Clay FINALLY got it to sound exACTLY how he wanted it. It sounded perfect! We thought the volume was descent and not too loud. the middle of the movie we hear a VERY loud knock on the door. We pause it, give a quick glance to each other, and I hurry to the door. "Could you guys turn that down? My husband has a big migrane and you guys had it really loud last night too" the manager says every so nicely. "Oh...yeah, sorry about that, sure." I say embarrassed. Anyway, she wasn't rude, but she definitely had a little bit of an attitude. I felt really bad, and embarrassed, but also really sad for Clay because he finally had the sounds to where he wanted it...and had to change it all over again. We turned off the sub and turned it down a bit. We think that helped...well it HAD to of helped because we barely could hear it...we were kind of worried after that so I'm sure we turned it lower than it had to be. Anyway, we'll have to figure that one out. Amanda warned us of that, but we were probably just a little too excited to take the warning literally. Hmmmmmm...

Alright, that will be all for now. I love you all! Clay will hopefully be done soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

We've got it!

Well, we've finally got our "new" sound system. It is basically new- it's only 3 years old I think. Anyway, Clay went to pocatello and helped Leif set up his new sound system, watched a couple movies and spent the night, and came back home to set up OURS! (for those of you who don't know Leif- our cousin- upgraded his Home THeater system and decided ti just GIVE us his old one!!! it is a really nice one too- we are soooo grateful- we would never buy a system like this at this point in our know...with a dollar in our bank account...) Here are some pictures and anecdotes from the experience.

Here is clay beginning to set it up! He was way excited. I was excited too.

Here are all the speakers- yowsa!

Here I am...ugh. This was about all I was good for- dusting. Clay actually let me help him for a while until I completely wasted a lot of time. I measured the receiver and measured a space for it- it turned out to be perfect! So I thought....anyway, Clay had just finished hooking up all the many wires to the back of the receiver through the little hole in the back and was going to go put the receiver in the hole and then it happened. He couldn't fit it. I guess I forgot to include the pegs at the bottom that made it a little taller....uhhhhhhhhhhggggg I felt SO BAD! He had gone through SO much work putting the cords in the right places and he had to do it ALL over again so he could put it in a different spot. It was at that point that he said, "hun, I think it's just easier for me to do it by myself". I was soooo sad. He even asked me to go grocery shopping while he finished. I did.

I came home, and wala! A clean house with a new sound system nicely placed. (actually, I put the pumkins on top of the speakers, not him) This is what the front part looks like....

These are the back left and right speakers. I am going to put fabric over these cinderblocks. I thought the other ones looked pretty good painted black, so I wont deal with those. But THESE- eck. Fabric will be placed there soon. Supposedly the sound is better when they are on cinderblocks. I have no idea how, but...well....that's just how it is! Don't ask me!

Here are our Pumpkins we painted for a family night with Zane and Kristen. Mine is the pretty lady, Clays is the abstract one.

I just realized, up close mine kind of looks like she has a disease. Hmmm
Clay didn't really understand the concept of painting pumpkins so he just kind of doodled all over his. After it dried, he wished he would've painted the whole thing like the thing on the right that looks like a feather or something. It does look really cook in person, just kind of funny since it is two different blobs.

Lastly- I'm obsessed with these! They are the green package kind. Patty has these at her house ALWAYS- I wonder if she only keeps getting them for me sometimes. Everytime I'm over there I eat TONS. I can't help it! She is always so nice and sneaks us a ziplock full as it can get of lifesavers and sends us home with them. I eat them SO fast. For those of you who know how I am with GUM- It's just the same with these things if not worse.

Anyway- last night Clay, me, Kristen, and Zane watched Star Wars Episode 1. It was fun. I was dead tired by the end. Falling asleep literally. I LOVE starwars, but episode 1 is just...not the best in my opinion. That kid is just not a good actor at all. It's kind of boring to tell you the truth. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Today is stake conference. We don't have church till 3pm because of it! I'm excited. I love our stake presidency. They are all so wonderful. I also love our stake relief society presidency.

Well that is pretty much it for our life right now. I still can't stop thinking about the Twilight saga. I even decided if I dress up for halloween I am going to be a vampire. I have become obsessed! It really is just such a good story. You know what's cool? I read online that Stephenie Meyer (the author) refuses to do ANYTHING on sundays- which is a big deal in author world. I guess usually books come out on tuesdays, and theres press conferences on sundays and just lots of things on sundays for normal book releases, and she said she isn't going to do anything on sundays, her books will just come out a little differently. Also, she is the fastest author to take Harry Potters place on the New York Times best seller list. I have no idea what that means, if you pay attention to the wording, it is strange. But still, cool. Also, the book being written is the last book from Bella's perspective, then she will hopefully publish a book called Midnight Sun, which is Twighlight, from Edwards perspective, and she wants to keep writing but from different peoples perspectives from Forks. Wierd huh? But cool. Everyone needs to read them so I can talk freely about my feelings.

Love you all! Later.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick Update

I always say I'm going to do a "quick" update, but it always turns out to be long. I am REALLY going to try this time though.
So I figured I better do an update because I've been telling other people on their blogs that it's time for them to post and I haven't for like a week! I think that's a record. Well- the only reason I'm posting now is because it's morning and I still have like 40 minutes before I have to go to class and figured, why not post now?
I have been SO busy this week. Homework and studying up the wazoo. But...the question is...was it really the homework that made me busy? Unfortunately, I think not. I have to admit I have been TERRIBLY irresponsible the past few days. I was actually doing better, but I gave in yesterday and read the entire last half of my book. I am officially done with the twilight series (at least the books that have been published!!!) and boy was it a ride. I tell you- ALL must read it. They are soooo good. In fact, I kind of want to read them again. But I wont. The thing is, I couldn't concentrate on anything else. It was like Harry Potter. If I wasn't reading the book, I was thinking about it. So- I finished it- I justified it by saying that if I finished it last night, I could concentrate today- WHICH I NEED TO. I have a mongo tax accounting test today and I am pretty nervous about it. Especially because if my group has a good test average, all our test scores go up 5 points. I feel like I need to do fabulous because of that. What if they all did great and I did so bad that the average was pulled under? I would hate that. I also have a business law test to take on monday...ugh. I will say again, I hate that class. This semester has been going by quickly, but I in no way want it to slow down. I want it OVER. I can't explain how excited I am for thanksgiving break- for those of you who don't know- we get a week off this semester! Yay!
Well, I'm sorry for those who haven't read the twilight series, but I'm going to ask you to stop reading now. Major spoilers coming up.

Okay- Wow. I mean, I just loved it. I can't WAIT for the next one. So for a while I really couldn't stand Jacob because he was so immature, but by the end my heart was soooooo aching for him. I just wish he could be happy. Now- my question. Do you really think that he is going to stay wolf and run away and be done with the series? I think not. I feel like he is going to but his way in again and then Edward and Bella wont get married until forever. UGH- I wish it would just get done with because I love them so much together and she needs to become a vampire so that they can have no limitations and so that she wont be in danger and jdkfaljsdlkf. Blah. You know what I mean. It was such a surprise how it led to Bella really being in love with Jake. Honestly, I didn't see that one coming. I knew she had feelings for him, but I didn't realize it would be like it was. Though, not surprising in other ways. I feel for both of them. Do you think that Jacob will show at the wedding?!?!! I just remembered that part. I feel like it will be a last minute decision for him and he will show and try to fight STILL. Why is Edward so noble? I almost hate reading about Edward and how perfect he is. I love it but have to remind myself that there are no such things as vampires and no such man. (Don't worry, Clayton is WONDERFUL and I love him more than ANYTHING-it has nothing to do with that- again, you know what I mean) Really, I am wondering if Bella is ever going to become a vampire! Things always get in the way. BUT- now she is graduated...they are getting married...but what will get in the way of that?! What more can happen?!! I really don't want Edward and Jacob to fight. I don't see that coming because Edward doesn't want to hurt Bella, but I could see Jacob fighting Edward and Edward HAVING to defend himself. Who knows. WHO KNOWS?!!! Anyway, feel free to comment. Hmmm...maybe not too freely for those commenters who haven't read. I'm sure there's a way you could get around that. Lizzie and Rebecca, I am planning on calling you tomorrow probably to talk about it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well, Patty lent me this book. I started it yesterday and finished today! Yikes, you know how I told you I would only read it on the treadmill or something- I didn't exercise either days. Also, I procrastinated homework and acted very irresponsibly reading for many hours- last night until 1:00am!!! I really just couldn't put it down. I loved it. I am really really hoping that Patty has the next one already. Even if she hasn't read it yet, she reads so stinking fast I know I'll have it soon. BUT- that is if she has it. What if she doesn't?! I will find out tomorrow. It will be okay. I have to PROMISE myself to pace myself when reading the next couple books.

About the book. Those who haven't read it are okay to read this part- I don't give anything away.

I really just loved the emotions the book brought out of me. So many times I was reminded of emotions flown in high school, or even my first semester at college. Just plain old single days. The emotions of boys and girls interacting and falling inlove. It is very well written. I think the book is way creative and not a hard read AT ALL, but still so good.

Those that HAVE read it, read on. Those that HAVEN'T, -go read the book and THEN read this.

Warning again!!! Spoilers....

Okay, I have only read twilight so don't give anything away if you've read the others. All I really want to say is why doesn't Edward just get it over with and make her a vampire?! It would make them both so much happier wouldn't it? But then again, I wonder if all the wonderfulness could fade if they were on equal grounds...I don't know. THEN- I can't stop thinking, he is like 100 years old and she is like...18. I know it works, but it is still kind of weird if you really think about it. Lets see....ummmmm I think Edward is so sweet and Bella is sooooooo typical and realistic. I love her paranoid moments and her clumsiness. Basically, I love romance stories, and this is a good one! So many good moments. They better make movies out of this.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Excitement in the Phillipp Apartement!

Note the hole in my husbands left sock. He has TONS of socks, all without holes in the toe; yet he still INSISTS on wearing THIS pair of socks....he claims they just fit right. hmmmm

Alright. I don't know how many of you truly know of the phenomenon called "HALO". Well, if you don't I am surprised. Halo is a video game. I am pretty sure it is where you kill aliens and stuff. ANYway- my husband has never owned Halo 1 or Halo 2 but has played them at what are called: "Halo Parties". Yes, there are parties where men of all ages go and play into early hours of the MORNING! Well, Clay has thought it is WAY fun but he's never been one of those psycho addicts that play ALL THE TIME. He is very in control. So anyway, Halo 3 came out a couple weeks ago. Clay was actually invited to a party but never got the phone call because his phone got shut off THAT day (his store is switching companies) so he hasn't been able to play it and has been DYING to see how it is. Everyone and their dog has said how amazing it is, so that didn't help. He had decided he would donate plasma for it, but never really got around to it. But today he was able to sell 2 of his personal old cell phones and gained enough money to buy it! We swiftly went to Wal-mart and they had it in! He came home, opened it with a smile on his face and moved our comfy papasan chair infront of the tv to have an ultimate Halo experience. I just had to share the image. Life doesn't get much better for a boy huh? I guess I could go get him some Doritos...but he probably wouldn't want to get his controller dirty.

While on the topic of video games, I want to give my opinion of them. So many people think they are evil and the root of all violence, but I have to disagree. YES- I think that video games CAN be a bad thing, as all things can be a bad thing. The internet can become an addiction and a bad thing, tv, food, anything. My husband, thank goodness, has never been addicted to video games and has ALWAYS been in control of it and always stopped playing if I asked him to spend time with me. When played for as hobby and leisure I believe it is perfectly okay. Men naturally love to be heros and when they play video games, they are able to accomplish that feeling. I know that may sound funny, but I think it is true. When they play video games, they are able to become heros! If anything, I think that video games are more cathartic rather than encouraging aggressivenes. It lets their aggression OUT and may in fact prevent an act of violence. Obviously there are exceptions, but I really don't think video games are the root of all evil. I think they are a good way for men to bond and work their brains and feel good about themselves. I am sure many of you disagree, and that is okay. I just wanted to express my feelings because there is SO much stereotypical thoughts towards "gamers". I think my husband is completely healthy and NOT violent or damaged in anyway by playing videogames.

Anyway. Now that I have finished my persuasive argument on video games, I will tell you about the upcoming weekend. We are going to clay's cousin amanda's house to scrapbook all night, and clay will play video games all night. We will spend the night and do some more in the morning. It will be fun, but I don't know if I really have many pictures to scrap book. I am thinking of printing off the ones that mom put on her blog of when we were in oregon. OH yeah, and the camping ones. I guess there are a few I could do. I think i'll make cards too. Anyway, I'm excited. Another fun thing is I got these Betty Crocker cookie mixes from albertsons for a dollar each. I think the sale ended today. But I figured it usually costs more than a dollar after you've made a whole batch of cookies, and Patty had this mix and made them this last weekend and they were DELISH! I'm way excited. I also got lots of soup- Progresso, for a dollar each.

I bet this is all boring for you. SOrry. This is my journal though. The lack of enthusiasm for school has not left me. It has only increased. Clay and I are taking a Business Law class together. Let me tell you- it is B-O-R-I-N-G! I can't stand it. I want to scream everytime we are in class because I am so stinking bored. I just keep telling myself: I will never have to take this class again. After this semester, it is done......

Alright, love you all. By the way I think my new nephew Miles is so cute. I wish I could see him in person! If you haven't seen pics, look on Amy or Megan's blog.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Snow and Deorations

This is our witch in the window that I got from She is really a lot cooler than she looks. The real benefit is for the people who see her from outside. At night time the light shines through our window so people outside think there is a witch flying through the sky. She is THAT realistic. hehehe. Anyway, the tape isn't really as obvious as it is in the picture, I think the flash made them a lot more obvious.

This is my little display on our entertainment center. I am planning on putting up more cobwebs but I didn't have time. I also plan on getting one more candle from the dollar tree to go on the other side of the boo! blocks. Again, it looks better in person, but it is really fun you have to admit. I made the blocks and the head:-) The head I also got the idea from I just love martha, I don't care if she did go to jail.

This is the decoration I was so excited to get from the dollar tree. The horn thing was $1, and the flowers are 2 different bushels that I mixed, so the whole decoration ended up being $3!!! Isn't that amazing? I know I always say this, but it is so true, that it looks WAY better in person. Anyway, I love it.
Now for our snow experience.

WELL- thank goodness we made it to Idaho Falls okay!!! It normally takes 30 minutes to get it took us an entire hour, possibly more! We were going sooo slow and almost got in a wreck twice. First, a car who wasn't far infront of us started spinning around in circles and thank goodness, my amazing idaho husband was so calm and slowly swerved around the car safely and got RIGHT back on the road. 3 minutes later, our car decided to spin and we were driving sideways, literally, and there were cars right behind us so it was very scary, but Clay again, became a calm superman and knew just what to do. Right away he turned the wheel towards where we were spinning and gained control and quickly got us back on track. I was so impressed. BUT, I still got way scared and got tears in my eyes. It just isn't very comforting to see my husband turning the wheel completely upside down and see that we are still going straight. Thankfully, it has calmed down and it looks like we'll be fine on the road tomorrow...unless it decides to blizzard again. The snow flakes were SOOOOO HUGE! Clay said they were probably bigger than he'd ever seen and that is saying something considering he's lived in Idaho his whole life.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The weekend...FINALLY!

Well, my stresses have decreased, thank goodness! I have taken 2 of the three tests, and the thrid test I don't have to take until monday, so I am feeling good. I am done with classes for the week and conference is coming up and I CAN'T WAIT! I really hope I turn into a better person after this weekend because I have really just been feeling like I'm not doing good enough lately. I know you are probably thinking I'm crazy, but that is just because you don't know all of my personal thoughts and daily activities. Basically I just want to be better, so hopefully I will get a lot out of it. I am sure I will with that attitude, right?

Well, I will say that i was COMPLETELY satisfied with my Accounting and Economics scores. I don't know what my real score is for accounting because there is a write on portion, but the score I did find out is 82% of the total score. Don't confuse this with the score I got, I am not saying I got 82%, I am saying that...ah, it is too hard to explain...I'm sure you can figure it out. Anyhow, I got A's on both. I'm way pumped. Business Law on the other hand...comes on Monday, I don't know if I will be as blessed with that one. I'm really grateful becuase I prayed really really hard that I would do well on both exams, and I studied really well an even reminded Heavenly Father that I studied (like He didn't know) and I turned out doing great. I am hoping if I study really really well for Business Law this weekend, which I plan on doing (between conferences-the dang teacher making a test after conference weekend...ugh) then Heavenly Father will be merciful and let me get a good grade. The class is kind of hard, she also said that the stuff we've covered so far is easier and more introductory, so expect harder. UGH- I HATE IT WHEN TEACHERS SAY THAT! They seem to always say those things when I am feeling that I am not smart enough because the material is so hard. Oh well, whatever.

FINALLY I get to go get the decor that I have been wanting to get. I am really hoping the thing at the dollar store is still there, Kristen, my good friend, warned me that they would sell fast, but I thought- hey it's the dollar store, I doubt it. We'll see I guess. I am also getting cobwebs and spiders to put on our entertainment center with our scary manican head. You will all get to see it. I am SOOO excited! I love decorations.

While on the topic of Halloween, my religion teacher said he hates halloween and thinks it's pointless because there is no substantial value in it. One guy raised his hand and said that last year they did treat-or-tricking, where they went to people's houses and gave THEM candy. I thought that was a nice idea. But if everyone does that, then there will be no one at the houses to collect the candy. Maybe not because it really is the same thing- not EVERY member of the family would leave to go treat-or-tricking. Do you love reading these arguments I have with myself? Geez.

So- some FABULOUS NEWS. Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. Our TV is like over 10 years old, we got it form Clay's parents. It's still a good tv, it's just that one of the speakers is broken and the other one isn't that great. is kind of irritating watching movies because half the time we pause and are like- what did they say? So after Clay tried to convince me and I declined the offer to buy a 47" tv that was "SUCH a good deal", he tried convincing me of getting a nice receiver, and some cheap speakers. This would cost a great deal less, and would actually be investing our money for our future sound system. Clay claims these things last a long time, just like tv's and so it would be a good investment becuase we could gradually add good speakers to it. SO- Clay was talking to his wonderful cousins fiance (i think...amanda? i am never quite sure:-) about sound systems becuase he is knowlegable about these things, and after a while of talking to him, Leif (the guy he was talking to) said, 'well Clay, I don't know if you want to do this or not but I was thinking of just giving you ours'. Clay: 'what?!' Leif:' well I have been wanting to upgrade, so I mean, unless you don't want to, you can just have ours'. There surround sound is only 3 years old and very nice. So...obviously, we accepted. We offered to pay SOMEthing (obviously not full price...probably whatever we could afford) , they wouldn't take anything. Basically we are getting a free sound system, not a crappy one, a good one. These are the same people who gave us our couch, papasan chair, and they gave clay an awesome game for his birthday that was like 60 bucks. They are SOOO generous to us. We are very very grateful.

Well, that is about it for my life. We are going to Clay's family's house for saturday and spending the night for sunday. It will be nice. Patty always has delicious treats around that I can never stop munching on and they always treat us amazingly nice. I'm grateful we have such good people around us.

Lastly, Patty bought the twilight series, the ones that EVERYone is talking about- she is lending them to me when she is done. I CAN'T WAIT! I decided I will read them when I work out- ONLY when I work out. It will motivate me to work out. See? I hope it works. ha..

OKAY- this was long. I love you all! Expect a post with pictures today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So, I am just going to start with the complaints. Sorry, but I have to. I have THREE tests to take in the next THREE days. Microeconomics, Intermediate Fianancial Accounting, and Business Law. I am not too worried about the first, but the last two are kicking my bum. I have decided I am DONE WITH SCHOOL! Don't worry, I don't mean I'm dropping out, I just mean I am so sick of it and I know it's just because it's getting really really hard and I just wish I could stay home and sew and paint and bake and CLEAN- yes, I even wish I could stay home and CLEAN! I have been soooo stinking busy this week I haven't had a chance to put away our laundry that we had done sunday. ugh. I feel like there is no time. I wanted to work out this week but there was no time. I wanted to go get some decorations from the dollar store with my fun money this month but have no time. You're probably thinking- why are you blogging then? Because I just got done homework, don't feel like studying, and the one thing I DO need to do, is read my business law book but Clay is taking that class too and he is reading right now. The price we pay for saving money I guess. I really am feeling discouraged because in my first two accounting classes I was like, top of my class above average, SO CONFIDENT in myself. Now....not so much. I am in a group of boys that are all geniuses. Seriously, all of them got 95 or higher on our first exam. I'm not joking. There are 5 of them. I got an 87. Thank GOODNESS I got an extra 5 points because our group average was the highest, so that bumped my score to a 90. Anyway, I am always confused, and they always get it, and it has gotten to the point where once I know something and try to talk, they don't even care about what I have to say because they KNOW I am not as smart as them. Ugh. Then I am in the process of applying for internships and calling people and interviewing. I'm sorry for complaining, I just have to let things out sometimes. Also, I don't know if I can take all of you saying how smart I am anymore because I'll just be thinking, you don't know what I got on my last test, you don't know how smart everyone else is, you don't really know if I'm smart. I know an 87% isn't so bad, but that was the class average. The professor said that the average will most likely be 10% lower every other test. If I am doing average, that means I'll be getting C's. Not cool.

Anyway, on a lighter note- our really good friends are moving into our complex. Zane and Kristen. She is 19 so she is like me, young and married. She also loves crafts so we enjoy eachother. Also, I have a ton of cute things I am going to decorate my place with, I guess not as much as Amy and Mike, but more than I did last year, and I am wayyyy excited. I will post pics once it's all decorated. Lastly, I am so stinking excited for thanksgiving. I know it's like 2 months away still, but Rebecca invited us to spend it with them, POSSIBLY in the cabin, so I am sooo excited. We were able to have dinner with them Sunday, they are all so cute. Aliese wrote the cutest story about parents getting their way in making their kids eat fruits and vegetables. Anna was all over Clay as usual. He was very patient with her, I was impressed! And Gracie was of course perfect. She is getting bigger ALL the time. I am so mad because I forgot my camera and I specifically wanted to bring it so I could get pics for everyone to see.

Well, I really hope you still love me after this. I really do have a good life and am so grateful, I have just been stressed lately. I really want a break because my unfinished quilt is sitting right next to me and I am dying to finish it. I love it and I know it will be wonderful once it's finished. Someday.

Also, I just wanted to say to any of my sisters that may be confused about the nosehairs freezing- it's not like snot running down your face frozen. Don't imagine the scene from dumb and dumber. It is like, you go outside and suddenly you feel like there is something in your nose. You pick at it and nothing comes out and you can't feel anything but it literally feels like a booger is sticking out of your nose. You walk inside and your nose is runny and it doesn't feel that way anymore. That is the sensation of frozen nose hairs. In winter, it is almost instant as you walk outside and instantly thawed as you walk indoors. It's weird.

Alright, I love you all!!!