Thursday, April 23, 2009

Change of perspective....

Isn't it amazing how quickly a perspective can change? So...about 2 days ago I was FREAKING OUT! I was am I going to survive this semester?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL, right now I am getting paid to blog. That's right, I am sitting in the accounting lab (which is also the economics lab) and there is one person in here...who is standing up now to leave, who was an economics student. Now there will be the econ lab assistant and me...and a bunch of vacant computers. I'm lovin this job. I've already completed my homework that's due I'm basically loving life. I think I can handle this. I think part of the reason I was freaking out was because I was about to start my period the next day:) Sorry for those who don't like those comments. That's really all I'll say about that.

Anyway, I have helped a total of 2 students tonight. Wait- 3! One was a reeeeeeeal quickie question though. Anyway...3 students in 2 I really worth $7.50 an hour? I'm not complaining.

I like my classes so far. Don't get me wrong, even though I am feeling better...I still have that gut wrenching feeling of..."HOLY SMOKES I'VE GOT A LOT TO DO"- I just have it more under control I think. Now that I'm organized and such...I know I can handle it.

I am taking an American Literature is so wierd. There are like 30 girls and 3 or 4 boys. I am used to the opposite. I feel completely out of my comfort zone, honestly. I know that is probably funny, but it's true- our teacher is silly and so the girls are always giggling and it makes me feel so akward and stupid. They all laugh and I think, "ew I don't want to laugh now". Is that horrible of me?!?!! I just feel like all these girlies are laughing at this married man who is making jokes and flirting with him. I guess I'm just used to male teachers with a bunch of male when they are all laughing, it isn't so wierd. I don't know- am I sounding like a complete moron? Probably. BUT- I love the class. It will be a TON of reading...but I love the first book...we read like 19 poems for today's class (I know..19..) and I enjoyed those too (with surprise)...and yeah. I'm just really excited- this class will make me better read. I haven't read much classics, and we are reading lots of them.

2 accounting classes. They'll be hard, because they are always hard...but I think they will be fine as far as work-load goes. Hopefully. I'm still only in the first week......................

2 sewing classes. HAAAAAAALLELUHIA! Could you tell what I was saying? Anyway- I'm excited about that. First project: plaid shirt. I'm making it for Clay. It will be hard. We have to match the plaids together and teacher is major perfectionist so I know she will grade hard. I know I can do it though! :)

1 business class. So far this is the easiest class ever. First two assignments took me less than 20 minutes each. It's pretty much stuff I already know. I am HOPING it stays that way:)

Accounting lab. Already talked about that----------------------

When I get home tonight I am going to make bread again. Did you even know I made it before? Oh well. We are NEEDING food. That is the best option right now to me. I love bread. I love it so much. The downside is I have to clean some dishes first...then I should probably do the dishes too......ugh. I really just wanted to watch tv. We'll see.

The econ lab assistant just gave me 2 dum-dum's. You know those baby suckers? Bless his lil heart. This was just what I needed to perk me up.

So day before. I had enough time to exercise before I did. Just my 10 minute fat blasting dance workout dvd. Don't be fooled. It is only 10 minutes, but by the time I'm done I am breathing HARD! So then I get to school...I have to park about a mile away from class probably...I don't know...but FAR! Positive side though, this is by my LAST class of the I walk a trillion steps to my class....then walk BACK a trillion steps to my other class (which is totally uphill- the Hinckley building for those BYU-I alumni) then after class I have to walk BACK down a million steps to go to a meeting, and then after the meeting I had to walk back UP the hill a trillion steps to my car. Seriously. I was thinking the whole time..."Why did I work out this morning?" So the next day AND today, I wake up and have shin-splints. NO JOKE. AND sore buttocks. I'm not even lying.

Guess what? I heard it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Does this surprise me at all? I only wish that it DID surprise me. It doesn't. I talk about the weather way too much.

Well, this post has been officially scatter-brained. Whatev. Love to you all!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It can't be procrastination on the first day of school right?

I mean...I haven't had any TIME to procrastinate...whatev- I'm procrastinating.

I just have so many wonderful pictures to load I am too excited.

Today was the first day of my last semester in college. YES! I am so happy, so thrilled, so excited, so pumped, so exhilarated, I just might make it through the term. 18 credits...10 hours a week in the accounting lab...collecting rents...keeping house...being a wife...taking's gonna take a LOT of energy! But I think I can handle it with that bright shining light at the end of the tunnel. Wish me luck.

You may have seen a couple things you aren't used to hearing. Accounting Lab, and Collecting Rents. I think Clay and I just seem to get blessings just when we need them. I don't know why I ever doubt.

Accounting Lab:
I have decided to take a job in the accounting lab. Basically what I am needed for is to supervise the lab (computer lab), and help any beginning accounting students who need help. The great thing is, barely anyone goes in there for help! Most people just go in to use the computers, so I will get to be paid to do my homework in the lab, very often. That will be around 10 hours per week. Not too shabby. It pays a little over min wage- WOOPEE!

Collecting Rents:
Clay and I have been asked by our Lanlord to collect rents from around 30 of the trailer owners. He said that a lot of them pay cash, and so he doesn't like them to mail the rent. The lady that used to do this is leaving or something. SO, he has asked US to take over the job. Now get ready to hear how much we get paid...are you sitting down? $1 per receipt we write! ahhahha. I know it doesn't sound like a lot. Cause it's not. But if you think about it, it will take about 3 minutes to collect money, and write a receipt...and it will be for like...a few days out of the month. But still...that's like $30 a month we didn't get before! Money like that is precious in our house.

Story...actually, not really a story. A question: Does anything look funny to you about this picture?

Yeah...I guess I set this on the burner before it had cooled. Was a surprised? Sadly...not really. This just seems

Sunday I gave a talk, so Clay's family came to watch me. Then it was WONDERFUL weather, so we had a picnic after church! It was LOVELY! Of course until the small ants started crawling on us.
picnic collage

Friday I went and hung with the Leslies. A joy, as always. The girls are so sweet and I always love spending time with Rebecca. We watched Avonlea all day long, ate popcorn, cookies, and yummy lunch. It was great. The girls showed me some home learning stuff they've been working on. The one they are both in is a poster they drew and then they made labels where they label all the different geological features. They totally know them...better than me. Super cool. They say they are LOVING home learning. Rebecca said they are focusing on the 3 R's right now. I think they're doing awesome.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have dreams...LOTS of them

Do any of you have dreams? Not like..."last night I had a dream"... like, I HAVE A DREAM! Although, I must clarify I don't mean a nationwide changing Martin Luther King Jr kind of dream either. Just a personal dream. Let me tell you a little bit about them. Might surprise some, might fit right in with what some people see in me already.


This one in particular has CONTROLLED my thoughts more than any other. My whole life I have thought it'd be AWESOME to be a dance instructor...or aerobics instructor. You may ask, "Why didn't you go into health science, or exercise science?" Well, THAT I don't know. I will touch on that later. All my sisters and mother can testify to the fact that growing up I was always just dancing. They always asked, "Did you learn that? Have you been thinking about that?" Random things like that- and I always said no...because I never planned on doing what I was doing, it always just came to me. I'm not saying this to brag or whatever...just explaining. So anyway, the point is...little dance routines are always going through my mind. The past week it has been like...A LOT! And I can't stop dreaming of how great it'd be if I could run my own aerobic dance class. I think out of anything...this would be the most AWESOME job to me. Still, I dream of starting to make up routines, sharing with my friends...getting an exercise group going until it gets large enough to actually do something with it...building a studio to the side of my house. I am SO embarrassed saying all this right now...but I am opening up and just letting it out. HONESTY people. Please don't laugh.


You all know I started out as a Journalism major right? Before I switched to accounting? Well- I'll tell you now- I was GOOD. Got A's in all my classes. In fact, in my writing class, the teacher actually told the class at midterms to look to my portfolio for an example in case theirs wasn't receiving a very good grade. Everytime I see a movie like Marley and Me, or really any movie where there is a newspaper columnist...I seriously LONG to be a columnist. Clay says- you are one, you write on your blog. But then I get discouraged and think...well, I probably wouldn't be that great because not many people even read my blog. Then Clay says, there are a lot of lurkers out there hun (meaning people who look and don't comment).

Then there's the idea of writing a book. I tried a page through and thought it sounded worse than a 4 year old's.

Reviewing books, movies, whatever. When I was in my senior year of high school, I think this is REALLY what made me want to become a journalist. I had to read two different books and write reviews on like 100% on both and I LOVED IT! Yeah, people do book reports all the time...but we were supposed to strictly REVIEW IT. As in...entice others to read the books. I loved it so much.


The profession in which I actually have experience. The profession in which I have EDUCATION. The profession in which I've invested so much time, money and effort into. Does it excite me? Not so much. Do I dream about it? In tax season sometimes LITERALLY at night? Yes. Do I love it? No. However, I think it'd be pretty awesome to start my own small business from home. I'm sure it'd make more money faster than the other two. So why did I major in accounting? I felt I was supposed to. I definitely like it. In a strange non-boring person kind of way.


Of course this is the best of best. My biggest dream is to be the BEST mother in the whole universe! Haha. DOUBT that's gonna happen, but I sure as heck am gonna try. I keep thinking- should I try any of this when we will probably start a family soon? Technically all of this I could do from home. All of you should be aware by now that I want to be a STAY-AT-HOME mom. Everything I've ever done has been in the scope of..."can I do this from home if I need to?" and computers make it possible to do from home. Accounting...people have home offices EVERYWHERE.

Anyway. I've totally opened my heart to you's embarrassing, nerve-racking, and I'm sure half of you will say- DO WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! And the other half will say something else and be thinking...she's weird. Oh well. Now you know me a little more than yesterday.

Disclaimer: I kind of talked about how good I am at these things. Everyone is really good at a few things in life. I should tell you that I am horrible at directions, science, mechanical things, and much much more. I only showed that I am good at these things because I really am, and I figured you would all realize that I'm not about to jump into something that I'm not good at. And I don't really dream about doing things that I know I couldn't do. Yeah it'd be awesome to be on American Idol, but I know I wouldn't make it...those power notes? Yeah right! Anyway... please don't think I'm hot headed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Hour Cinnamon Rolls

One Hour Cinnamon Rolls

One Hour Cinnamon Rolls

Creamy Chicken & Pasta Bake

creamy chicken and pasta bake

Creamy chicken and pasta bake directions PS

Muddy Buddies

Muddy Buddies 1 copy

A confession

I just thought you should all know...Clay just revealed to me that he HATES High School Musical. Yes. He said it. HATE. He even went so far to say that when he watches it, he just wants to reach out and smack them in the head. This saddens me.

New Car, and everything else

New Car:
2007 Honda Accord

We have been with one car for like..............2 years now and have been borrowing Clay's parent's truck for the tax seasons...summer time we have crazy schedules and I will be going back to my job after I graduate to cause me to commute again. The time has come, and we purchased a car. Technically it's not ours. It's the banks! But you know...we're working on that. How do I feel about this? Well let me tell you- yesterday I was SO STRESSED! We have never been in debt for ANYTHING! NOTHING! Well- 1 $2500 student loan. But that was it. We've never had debt on credit cards, never had car payments...we've always just had a pretty comfortable financial life. NOW- we have car payments! I tried to tell myself the reality of it- everyone has car payments. It is a normal part of life. Most people have more debt than a car payment even. We can handle it. Clay said over and over again that he felt REALLY good about this car and buying it and all that I trusted him obviously. I prayed so hard last night that I would feel peace and feel better. Today is a better day. I'm still a little stressed...but I can feel the tension going away. Besides that, it's an AWESOME car. Super great. Looks cool, drives good, great gas mileage, we are very pleased. AND- this means we are ACTUAL big bad responsible adults now.

Presents Clay gave me:

Do thse pictures look distorted or strange to you? Well it's because those are not my bodies. Clay ordered those clothes online and they hadn't got here by the time my birthday came. So...what else could he do but photoshop my face onto the model's bodies and wrap up the pictures for me to open? Probably a lot- but I liked this way better:) The clothes came- they are all super cute. Clay has always done great at shopping for me. He's never gotten me an ugly outfit. I'm lucky.

Don't worry...I'm NOT Gothic.

Here's a conversation we had about a week ago.

Clay: Hun, will you paint your nails black?

Me: ........uh...what? Did you see someone hot with black nails or something?

Clay: No. I just think you would look good.

Me: I would look gothic.

Clay: I just think it'd look really good on you.

Me: Okay. Just tell me who you saw that looked hot with black nails.

Clay: NO one! Okay, I've seen it on girls before, nothing recently...and I've thought it looked cool but not like that. I just thought it would look really good on you.

Me: Okay...we'll have to go to the store then.

So I've been wearing the black nail polish ever since. Am I a huge fan of it? Not so much, but it is definitely growing on me. Clay likes it. That's all that matters.

Mother's presents:

I haven't read too much of the Martha book yet, but what I have read is great. I've surprisingly used the rolling pin a TON since I've received is amazing what a good rolling pin can do- it is SO MUCH BETTER than my wimpy wooden one. I've used the scoop a billion times as well.

2 of my favorite presents. Twilight and HSM3. Clay's parents got me twilight (and the lovely camera that is taking these pictures). Clay got me HSM3. I've watched them both and am ready to watch them again.
If you read that sticker, it means that I ordered and will be getting any day now a twilight cover for my Zune! I'm pretty excited about it.

Other randoms.....we are going to try a cash budget. You know--the kind where you take out all the cash you need for the month, divide it into categories, and seriously cannot spend more than the cash in your wallet? Yeah...I wanted to do that before, and now that we bought a car I want to do it even MORE. Hopefully it helps with our spending.

We had a snow storm the other day. One of those days where I thought...what am I THINKING?! I am risking my life by trying to go to work. The roads were REALLY that bad. But...don't the end of the day the snow was gone...and today it's quite nice out. I told my co-workers that Idaho should be like Alaska...and PAY people to live here. They told me that Alaska can do that because of the oil...I didn't really appreciate that response. The point is...I think the only reason people live in Idaho is because their family lives here...the type of thing where their parents parents parents parents lived here....why break the chain? If people don't have family around here...I honestly think they are CRAZY! I know this sounds awful...and I really do like the family community feel of Idaho...but the weather is DEPRESSING! Not to mention Clay's stinking joints that...YES...hurt when it is cold outside. I keep telling him he needs to find a job somewhere warm. Even if it's not around ANY family...we have officially found that he hurts when it is cold. A place that is cold 9 months out of the year doesn't seem like a good place for him. If Idaho were not like it so cold, I would LOVE to stay here. Love it. But...we all know the reality of the situation.

Bruce eating her lunch. Lettuce.

I'll try to put this recipe up soon. It may already be on there. I'll have to check.

We saw Marley and Me last night. Rented it and watched it with Clay's parents. It was really good. Typical feel good movie.

Well...I better go get my husband a second lunch. That's right, a second lunch. I already made him a wonderful meal but he thinks he needs more food. Lovely.