Monday, September 22, 2008

Doctor Visits

Well, just to update- Clay has been feeling a TON better, but--he has been extremely exhausted and unable to sleep well at night. His joints feel loads better, but still not quite perfect. Well, after what's been over a couple months, Clay finally went back to his doctor. His doctor did his thing (I was there for the whole thing) and said, as if it weren't a big deal at all, "Well it looks like the Lyme is all gone, but I'll check again in a month to make sure." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So- it's official, Clay's Lyme disease is ALL GONE! So then he checks him for mono, which he suspected the last visit, and Clay has suspected since he is so exhausted all the time. Turns out, he has mono. So the doc gave him stuff to get rid of that, as well as something to help for sleeping. (By the way, if any of you want to know the specifics of what Clay is taking, just ask- he takes a TON of random stuff, so I figure there's no use in detailing it out) Then, he checked brain type stuff- and Clay appears to have some sort of neurological problem, which the doctor said is ADD:) Now, I must admit- neither Clay nor I were very surprised about this new found awareness. Clay sometimes gets really hyper- probably none of you have seen this side of him, but I do. Both of us just about bust out laughing when the doctor said that, just because we both thought of those times that he is basically bouncing off the walls. I don't mean he's like a crazy boy or anything, he just gets in these tiffy's of boredom- when we are living our normal everyday lives. Anyway, he also has trouble concentrating on school stuff(this is what he tells me), AND the doctor said that a lot of the time when people have sleeping problems, it is strongly connected with ADD. The thing I loved about it was, the doctor acted like it was no big deal- he's like..."so I'll give you this, to get rid of that"- like you can get rid of ADD with a snap of the fingers. Seriously, this man might sound crazy to some, but we trust him with our lives. He is a miracle worker. We even decided he is going on the list of Christmas Cards to send. Soooo we are pretty dang excited out of our minds! Clay WILL have to go to the doctor 3 times a week for 3 weeks though, to work on the sleeping and ADD thing. Which are basically the same thing according to the Doc. So that will be rough, but so worth it. We are so grateful, and so happy.

Now, my doctor visit. So I went to the health center (cheaper) to get rid of these HORRENDOUS allergies. First off, I get to be welcomed by a single gentleman, probably Clay's age who basically wants to hear my life story. He asked me how my day was twice, three times maybe. My answer never changed...always, "good". What the heck? Okay, then he has me stand on the weight scale thing- I ask if I take my coat off-" whatever you want"..umm okay. I was actually looking for an answer that would tell me what I'm supposed to do. I just stand beeps, and he just stands there and looks at me. Hello? What the heck am I supposed to do next?! I don't know. I just step off. He tells me to follow him. Uh..okay. He has me sit in this chair. Asks me how my day was. Of course. Then asks me what I'm studying. Taking his sweet time while he's doing all this, by the way. I tell him- he says, "oh I'm actually in an accounting class right now" me-"180?" him, with a smile-"yes". Anyway, suddenly out of no where he says, "This is a good movie". I'm thinking- what is a good movie, this scenario? what is your problem? I dont' knwo what the heck he's talking about so I just don't say anything. He says it again, "This is a good movie..." I'm like, "uh..." He says- "the music that's playing, it's from the movie" I say, "oh- I can't really hear anything" I wonder why, you are sucking the life out of my arm right now!!! (he freaking took my pressure TWICE IN A ROW- MY HAND STARTED TINGLING!) I tried listening to the music and it was just instrumental randomness. He says, "It's from Charly, It's a good movie". I again, don't say anything. It's very apparant now that this idiot doesn't realize I'm married and is trying to make me like him. What GUY "recognizes" the soundtrack music to CHARLY!?!?! I'm just sure he has probably heard it every single day, finally knwos where it's from and uses it as a line to pick up girls. I'm not some snobby cocky girl, trust me- I know this guy was idiotically trying to get on my good side. I finally ask him if I can take off the stupid finger snap thing, and he says "oh woops, sorry...I guess it's getting late in the day huh". Whatever. He puts me in this small room with a buzzing noise and I am just all alone in this enclosed room tapping my foot impatiently. Finally this lady comes in and looks at me like I'm a moron when I tell her I've been suffering from the worst allergies of my life. I am very friendly, and I am even laughing a little at myself to make light of the situation. She just looks at me like I'm a wuss and leaves me to my lonesome once again. Finally she tells me I can get a shot- but tells me I might have to take OTC stuff too- WHAT THE FREAK IS THE SHOT FOR THEN?! Well, I got it anyway cause it was cheap and I've heard it works- but talk about drive me crazy. A DIFFERENT person comes in and says, lay down, it's in the buttocks. Joy.

Well, that was my experience today. Now I'm in the lab waiting for my friend to study with me. Good day!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well- guess what? We have a new member of our little family! Well, I suppose it is growing quite big if you think of what I'm talking about as family. HA- well anyway. We now have a tortoise! Yes, i know all of my sisters are thinking- danielle, you're crazy! So here's the deal. I get home one day to Clay dosing off on the couch. He says, "wake me up at 6:30"....I say, "Are you meeting with Ben then?" (His friend ben and him work together for school alot) He says..."No..." I say, "are you meeting with someone?" He says, "yeah..." I say, "Who?" Clay-"a couple" Me-"who?!" Clay-"just don't worry about it..." So now I know he's up to something. Finally I get him awake to say, "Well I looked on bulletin board..." bulletin board is a school thing where students just post things to sell...right away I know he's up to some sort of mischeif. Apparently, some couple was putting their russion tortoise up for adoption. a.k.a. : free. Now- for those of you who know NOTHING about animals, tortoises usually run for about $100 at a pet store. Clay has wanted one for SOO long. This was free! So, I said "ooookay...but where will we put it?!" Long story short, the tortoise is HUGE! Full grown..and we have a huge tupperware cage thing for it. We call her Bruce. We thougth it was a boy, and called him Bruce, and then realized she was a girl. (Mom- it reminds me of Gilmore Girls, you know- bruce, Sookie's midwife) Anyway, the first night we got her, I was totally freaked because she was SO different than rosemary, and then the next day I thought she was way cool. She just wanders around our apartment and minds her own business. She never gets lost either (we lost Rosemary a couple times already-she's so small and quick, and likes to hide). Bruce has already eaten lettuce out of Clay's hand even. Pretty fun. Clay is wayyyy happy, so it's worth it. We completely rearranged our apartment and are getting rid of one of our desks to accomodate it:) Here is a picture- our camera doesn't work (of course) so this one isn't Bruce- just some pic I found online. But he looks JUST like this guy.

Well, I have about the WORST allergies known to man. At least that I know of. I finally gave in and started taking allergy medicine (over the counter). Before i started taking the meds, I sneezed unstoppably. AND my nose is SO stuffy that it always feels like I need to sniff snot, blow my nose or whatever. And when I sniff, or blow, it sounds like an elephant. Literally. Clay told me yesterday that I sounded like that thing people use as musical instruments, which they used to be laundry scrubber things...where you rub something against them and they make a funny noise. That gives no good explanation. Okay- I just found this picture. I know it's silly but THAT is what I'm talking about. He said that I sound like THAT, when I sniff my nose up- when people rub sticks against it or something. Lovely.
So anyway, I blow my nose about 50 times a day, and that is no exaggeration my friends. It has gotten so bad that my nose is completely callased (however you spell that word) and I wake up with crusties outlining my nostrils. Attractive, I know. When I blow my nose, barely anything comes out and I am still stuffed. UGH! The meds aren't helping with ANYTHIGN but the sneezing. That's IT! I'm seriously considering the shot. Any opinions on that? Just keep in mind, my quality of life has seriously gone DOWN because of this horrendous hay harvesting season.

Well, last night we went on a date! I was so excited. We went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Clay was the one that asked me to see it with him- he is so sweet. Trust me, he's not some sensitive chick-flick lovin guy. He asked cause he knew I wanted to see it:)) and then we got snocones from Snoasis:) YUM! Red raspberry and cream. Can't get much better than that. The movie was good, not as good as the first one, but still good. Both of us liked it...didn't think: LOVED IT! It was just, good. I'm wondering if I'd like it better watching it with a bunch or girls. Probably.

Well, that's our life. Love you all!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Decision Made

Well, I hate to say this--but I made the decision before I read anyone's comments! I know, I know- what was the point in even asking? But, it happened how I said. I prayed that night, thought about it, and decided I should drop. I dropped for a myriad of reasons, of which I didn't go into as much detail as there really is on the blog. But, I feel good, Clay feels good, we all feel good! Thanks for those who did comment, I appreciate your opinions.

WELL- I am off to do dishes that have piled up for probably a week. Seriously. Ugh.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Opinions anyone???

OK. So- I am kind of in a predicament here. Right now, I am currently taking 18 credits. I figure I can handle it if I want to. This first week wasn't TOO bad. Well, I am, however, considering dropping one of my classes, Business 401 (advanced finance), and taking it next semester instead. Here are the things to consider:
1) Clay is taking the class. I am a freakazoid about cheating and am probably way too paranoid when I don't need to be and honestly, I think it may tamper with our relationship. (And I think Clay will learn better if I'm not around for him to rely on...)
2) I only have this semester and next semester left (YAY) and my scholarship isn't set in stone for next semester yet. I have to get a 3.85 this semester to get full tuition NEXT semester. Keep in mind- next semester it really doesn't matter what grades I get because it will be my LAST semester, and I won't be needing to qualify for any scholarship for the next semester. Get it? I'll only have to PASS my classes. If I drop one class, I will only take 15 credits this semester, which would enable me to focus more on this semester's classes, hopefully making it easier for me to keep my scholarship.
3) Dropping this class would cause me to have 19 credits next semester. (YIKES! I know)
4) I feel kind of stupid and wimpy for dropping a class...a little scared to take 19 credits next semester...but concerned for all of the above.
5) I DON'T KNOW! Please give me any advise you have...I know it will probably come down to me praying and feeling what's best. But I really would like to hear what you have to say.
Love ya.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm already burnt out. I haven't even finished the week.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy weekend, School

Well, we had quite the weekend! Friday was...well, nothing. haa. We basically just did our own thing and ate truffles all night:) (refer to previous post about the devine truffles). Saturday, I invited Steph and Jenni over for breakfast and it was soooooo fun. EVERY time I get together with them I am reminded that I need to get together with them more often- now especially because who knows how close we'll live to each other as time goes on! They are both so beautiful and so loving and so fun to be around- I just LOVE spending time with them:) I made crepes with fruit filling. Yummm! It was especially nice because Clay spent the entire time with us. He usually doesn't, and so it was nice for him to get to know them and them get to know him a little better. Then around noon, we went to Idaho Falls to run errands and spend time with Clay's family. Our little cousin just turned 1, and they had a huge bash for her that evening. TONS of people were there! I was a little overwhelmed. I fear I've taken Dad's genes on this one--I don't feel very comfortable in huge group settings. Put me with 2-5 people, and I do just great. More than that is completely overwhelming for me. I'm hoping I didn't come off as a snob. Anyway, it was fun nonetheless. It is always nice to be around family.

Sunday, I got released from being Ward Mission Leader (Clay wasn't released, he is still Ward Mission Leader) and got called to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher! YIKES! It's actually really amazing. I have always- and I mean ALWAYS dreaded this calling. Clay and I have taught a few lessons together and I hated it, because we had to specifically decide who would say what, when- it was way too difficult, besides the fact that I was teaching a ton of return missionaries that know the scriptures WAY more than me. Well, when the councilor asked me to be a gospel doctrine teacher, I of course said yes, and automatically got nervous. Well here comes the amazing part. As meetings and Sunday went on, I started feeling more and more at peace about it. Suddenly, I was almost excited for it! Right now, I am actually extrememly excited for it. Heavenly Father is obviously helping me feel this way because before I was called, I was terrified! The nice thing is, I only teach once a month! They have like 4 teachers or something- so we rotate. I am teaching this Sunday though. Yay for me!

Right after church we headed to the Leslies! It is always a joy to go to the Leslies. What with the great food, the great company, the cuteness of the girls, the many many routines of the family, the beautiful house, all of it- such a joy. It really is hard to pick which part of the evening was my favorite. There was dinner, delicious as always (roast, mashed potatos, rolls-yum); family home evening, where we all crowded around the piano and sang as heart-felt as we could "The Start of Something New"-a high school musical original of course- and where Anna tought a lesson about Christ and the woman at the well, and the lesson on the Living Water, also where the Leslies showed us all the scriptures they memorize each week, that they don't merely speak them aloud, but rather perform them with quite the impressive enunciations and volumes; there was of course, eating the treat- where Gracie refused to have the ice cream tub moved from her side- it appeared to be a comfort for her to have it there; then of course, you can't miss "Family Fifteen"- for those who are unaware, every night the Leslies have family 15 where they clean up the house for 15 minutes before they go to bed- we helped of course, and it was just as fun as ever! There was music going on, Gracie laughing and dancing, Rebecca and Darin telling Anna that we weren't done, oh- it was just great; or there was card playing after the kids went to bed, where the women (of course) humbly won the game of Rook while the men (of course) sadly kept getting more and more negative points:) Like I said, it is always a joy to go to the Leslies. My explanation really doesn't do it justice.

Now we are back to life, back to school. I have been to all of my classes except one, which is in about an hour. So far I really like all my classes, amazingly enough! Don't get me wrong- they are going to be horribly hard, but I am currently in my positive mode- which gets me thinking I can do this!

Well, that's all for now. I love you all dearly. Chow!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots to tell...........

Palin, lost, normal house, us bank music, upstairs banging, oreo truffles, new outlook on winter and school, midnight sun

Well- the above was everything that ran through my head that I wanted to update on- I didn't want to forget any of it, so I listed it all down. I thought I'd erase after I was done writing, but I figure this way, your HOOKED! haha. Anyway. I will go out of order.

Right now I am listening to Enrique Iglesias. I have no idea if that's how you actually spell his name...I wonder why? Because I would never CHOOSE to listen to Enrique with my sane mind ever. Why am I listening? Think back to a year ago about this time. Yes, fall semester- new students=US BANK blasting it's music for ALL to hear! ALL day long! Yes, you remembered right, we live precicely NEXT DOOR to US bank! I can look out my window and see the speakers. Now I'm listening to Beach boys, boperam. It's like having a dance party mix going all day long, LOVE IT! Not really...oh well. It's really not that bad. I was at work half the day anyway.

This leads me to what else I am hearing. BANG BANG BANG. Right above my head. We recently had neighbors move in upstairs. (Unfortunately they took the place of our beloved friends who just moved away a few weeks ago..) Anyway, their bangin away at somethin!

The college life. People say that I will look back on these days and thing fond memories...I'm not positive I will be fond of these particular memories...

Anyway, life's been just dandy. Nothing too exciting. We finished LOST. Therefore, put all the furniture back in order. The house looks MUCH cleaner:) The end was good- SPOILER ALERT***I am very happy to see that Jack and Kate end up together, but it seems that they fall apart as well. I am so curious. What the heck happened to the Island?!?! Why is Said killing everyone?!! Is John really dead? (by the way I totally called that) If so, how did it happen? Anyway- loved it, glad to be done though. Back to normalcy.


I read Midnight Sun, well the partial draft anyway. For those of you silly people who didn't take my advice to go to the website- Midnight Sun was Stephenie Meyer's project she'd been working on since like...New Moon or something, just on the side, for fun. It is "Twilight", but in Edward's perspective. I guess she gave a copy to a few select people, and somehow it got LEAKED! Well, Steph was way upset about it and felt bad that all her fans were looking, dishonestly, to read the draft online. She doesn't know if she will finish it anymore because it's like- whats the point, everyone has been reading my imferfect unfinished work! Well, she decided to put it on her website! 264 pages. or something like that. Well, it only got up to the point of RIGHT before they go to the medow for Edward to show her how his body glitters and stuff. So all that's happend up to this point is Bella knows he's a vampire, and Edward brushes her cheek with his hand. Ugh. At first I was SO excited that I got to read for free and so soon, but then I was SO mad once I was done because I wanted MORE! It was surprisingly really wonderful. I loved it. It only took me like 2 days to read when I wasn't doing anything else!

So I've decided something. Being that this is probably going to be my last winter living in Rexburg, I decided to try and make the best of it. Last winter especially, I was HATING every second of the blistery cold and icy roads. Well, this year- I am going to try and love the snow, and be happy to wear cute hats and scarfs, and my wonderful coat- and just love the winter. This is a bit far-fetched...but we'll see if I can do it. I've also tried to decide to love school again. I did at one time....the love somehow turned to...hate. Well, I've decided to just love it again! We'll see how it goes- school starts monday!

This morning I watched Gov. Palin's speech on youtube, and part of McCain's. WOW! I LOVE HER! I think Palin is SO STINKIN AWESOME! She just seems way real. I also heard from my co-worker that her line about pitbulls and hockey-moms was completely spontaneous and unplanned. Supposedly her screen with her speech was messing up and going way faster than it was supposed to and skipping sentences, and so she just went with the flow and made funny lines like, "you know the difference between a hockey-mom and pitbulls? LIPSTICK!" so funny. Anyway- I really like her. I think she is very knowlegable, and exactly what we need in the white house. Right after I listened to their speeches I put their little sign thing on my blog- I just love the idea of someone in SUCH support of energy independence and lower taxes, and someone who is just REAL, not so washington elitist, of being in the whitehouse. I am SO EXCITED TO VOTE! ( I never have, you know)

Lastly, I made "Easy OREO Truffles" from today. Here is my craptastic pictures of them.

Do you like how I tried to be artistic? Yeah...didn't work. I just need a thousand dollar camera and I'll be set:) Oh- if you try to make these, the directions say "mix" the oreo crumbs and cream cheese together. Well, I didn't know what that meant, so I used a hand mixer. WELL, then I just used a wooden spoon and stirred myself until it was combined. Much better result. The hand mixer made chunks, and it was really hard to make the truffles. The wooden spoon, myself stiring, created a creamy chocolaty mix. They are very yummy, VERY rich. Very easy!

Well...that's pretty much my life! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Lots to tell

Palin%2C+lost%2C+normal+house%2C+us+bank+music%2C+upstairs+banging%2C+oreo+truffles%2C+new+outlook+on+winter+and+school%2C+midnight+sun%0D%0A%0D%0AWell-+the+above+was+everything+that+ran+through+my+head+that+I+wanted+to+update+on-+I+didn%27t+want+to+forget+any+of+it%2C+so+I+listed+it+all+down.+I+thought+I%27d+erase+after+I+was+done+writing%2C+but+I+figure+this+way%2C+your+HOOKED%21+haha.+Anyway.+I+will+go+out+of+order.%0D%0A%0D%0ARight+now+I+am+listening+to+Enrique+Iglesias.+I+have+no+idea+if+that%27s+how+you+actually+spell+his+name...I+wonder+why%3F+Because+I+would+never+CHOOSE+to+listen+to+Enrique+with+my+sane+mind+ever.+Why+am+I+listening%3F+Think+back+to+a+year+ago+about+this+time.+Yes%2C+fall+semester-+new+students%3DUS+BANK+blasting+it%27s+music+for+ALL+to+hear%21+ALL+day+long%21+Yes%2C+you+remembered+right%2C+we+live+precicely+NEXT+DOOR+to+US+bank%21+I+can+look+out+my+window+and+see+the+speakers.+Now+I%27m+listening+to+Beach+boys%2C+boperam.+It%27s+like+having+a+dance+party+mix+going+all+day+long%2C+LOVE+IT%21+Not+really...oh+well.+It%27s+really+not+that+bad.+I+was+at+work+half+the+day+anyway.%0D%0A%0D%0AThis+leads+me+to+what+else+I+am+hearing.+BANG+BANG+BANG.+Right+above+my+head.+We+recently+had+neighbors+move+in+upstairs.+%28Unfortunately+they+took+the+place+of+our+beloved+friends+who+just+moved+away+a+few+weeks+ago..%29+Anyway%2C+their+bangin+away+at+somethin%21%0D%0A%0D%0AThe+college+life.+People+say+that+I+will+look+back+on+these+days+and+thing+fond+memories...I%27m+not+%3Cspan+style%3D%22font-style%3A+italic%3B%22%3Epositive+%3C%2Fspan%3EI+will+be+fond+of+these+particular+memories...%0D%0A%0D%0AAnyway%2C+life%27s+been+just+dandy.+Nothing+too+exciting.+We+finished+LOST.+Therefore%2C+put+all+the+furniture+back+in+order.+The+house+looks+MUCH+cleaner%3A%29+The+end+was+good-+SPOILER+ALERT***I+am+very+happy+to+see+that+Jack+and+Kate+end+up+together%2C+but+it+seems+that+they+fall+apart+as+well.+I+am+so+curious.+What+the+heck+happened+to+the+Island%3F%21%3F%21+Why+is+Said+killing+everyone%3F%21%21+Is+John+really+dead%3F+%28by+the+way+I+totally+called+that%29+If+so%2C+how+did+it+happen%3F+Anyway-+loved+it%2C+glad+to+be+done+though.+Back+to+normalcy.%0D%0A%0D%0ASPOILER+ % %3A%29%0D%0A%0D%0AI+read+Midnight+Sun%2C+well+the+partial+draft+anyway.+For+those+of+you+silly+people+who+didn%27t+take+my+advice+to+go+to+the+website-+Midnight+Sun+was+Stephenie+Meyer%27s+project+she%27d+been+working+on+since+like...New+Moon+or+something%2C+just+on+the+side%2C+for+fun.+It+is+%22Twilight%22%2C+but+in+Edward%27s+perspective.+I+guess+she+gave+a+copy+to+a+few+select+people%2C+and+somehow+it+got+LEAKED%21+Well%2C+Steph+was+way+upset+about+it+and+felt+bad+that+all+her+fans+were+looking%2C+dishonestly%2C+to+read+the+draft+online.+She+doesn%27t+know+if+she+will+finish+it+anymore+because+it%27s+like-+whats+the+point%2C+everyone+has+been+reading+my+imferfect+unfinished+work%21+Well%2C+she+decided+to+put+it+on+her+website%21+264+pages.+or+something+like+that.+Well%2C+it+only+got+up+to+the+point+of+RIGHT+before+they+go+to+the+medow+for+Edward+to+show+her+how+his+body+glitters+and+stuff.+So+all+that%27s+happend+up+to+this+point+is+Bella+knows+he%27s+a+vampire%2C+and+Edward+brushes+her+cheek+with+his+hand.+Ugh.+At+first+I+was+SO+excited+that+I+got+to+read+for+free+and+so+soon%2C+but+then+I+was+SO+mad+once+I+was+done+because+I+wanted+MORE%21+It+was+surprisingly+really+wonderful.+I+loved+it.+It+only+took+me+like+2+days+to+read+when+I+wasn%27t+doing+anything+else%21%0D%0A%0D%0ASo+I%27ve+decided+something.+Being+that+this+is+probably+going+to+be+my+last+winter+living+in+Rexburg%2C+I+decided+to+try+and+make+the+best+of+it.+Last+winter+especially%2C+I+was+HATING+every+second+of+the+blistery+cold+and+icy+roads.+Well%2C+this+year-+I+am+going+to+try+and+love+the+snow%2C+and+be+happy+to+wear+cute+hats+and+scarfs%2C+and+my+wonderful+coat-+and+just+love+the+winter.+This+is+a+bit+far-fetched...but+we%27ll+see+if+I+can+do+it.+I%27ve+also+tried+to+decide+to+love+school+again.+I+did+at+one+time....the+love+somehow+turned+to...hate.+Well%2C+I%27ve+decided+to+just+love+it+again%21+We%27ll+see+how+it+goes-+school+starts+monday%21%0D%0A%0D%0AThis+morning+I+watched+Gov.+Palin%27s+speech+on+youtube%2C+and+part+of+McCain%27s.+WOW%21+I+LOVE+HER%21+I+think+Palin+is+SO+STINKIN+AWESOME%21+She+just+seems+way+real.+I+also+heard+from+my+co-worker+that+her+line+about+pitbulls+and+hockey-moms+was+completely+spontaneous+and+unplanned.+Supposedly+her+screen+with+her+speech+was+messing+up+and+going+way+faster+than+it+was+supposed+to+and+skipping+sentences%2C+and+so+she+just+went+with+the+flow+and+made+funny+lines+like%2C+%22you+know+the+difference+between+a+hockey-mom+and+pitbulls%3F+LIPSTICK%21%22+so+funny.+Anyway-+I+really+like+her.+I+think+she+is+very+knowlegable%2C+and+exactly+what+we+need+in+the+white+house.+Right+after+I+listened+to+their+speeches+I+put+their+little+sign+thing+on+my+blog-+I+just+love+the+idea+of+someone+in+SUCH+support+of