Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy weekend, School

Well, we had quite the weekend! Friday was...well, nothing. haa. We basically just did our own thing and ate truffles all night:) (refer to previous post about the devine truffles). Saturday, I invited Steph and Jenni over for breakfast and it was soooooo fun. EVERY time I get together with them I am reminded that I need to get together with them more often- now especially because who knows how close we'll live to each other as time goes on! They are both so beautiful and so loving and so fun to be around- I just LOVE spending time with them:) I made crepes with fruit filling. Yummm! It was especially nice because Clay spent the entire time with us. He usually doesn't, and so it was nice for him to get to know them and them get to know him a little better. Then around noon, we went to Idaho Falls to run errands and spend time with Clay's family. Our little cousin just turned 1, and they had a huge bash for her that evening. TONS of people were there! I was a little overwhelmed. I fear I've taken Dad's genes on this one--I don't feel very comfortable in huge group settings. Put me with 2-5 people, and I do just great. More than that is completely overwhelming for me. I'm hoping I didn't come off as a snob. Anyway, it was fun nonetheless. It is always nice to be around family.

Sunday, I got released from being Ward Mission Leader (Clay wasn't released, he is still Ward Mission Leader) and got called to be a Gospel Doctrine teacher! YIKES! It's actually really amazing. I have always- and I mean ALWAYS dreaded this calling. Clay and I have taught a few lessons together and I hated it, because we had to specifically decide who would say what, when- it was way too difficult, besides the fact that I was teaching a ton of return missionaries that know the scriptures WAY more than me. Well, when the councilor asked me to be a gospel doctrine teacher, I of course said yes, and automatically got nervous. Well here comes the amazing part. As meetings and Sunday went on, I started feeling more and more at peace about it. Suddenly, I was almost excited for it! Right now, I am actually extrememly excited for it. Heavenly Father is obviously helping me feel this way because before I was called, I was terrified! The nice thing is, I only teach once a month! They have like 4 teachers or something- so we rotate. I am teaching this Sunday though. Yay for me!

Right after church we headed to the Leslies! It is always a joy to go to the Leslies. What with the great food, the great company, the cuteness of the girls, the many many routines of the family, the beautiful house, all of it- such a joy. It really is hard to pick which part of the evening was my favorite. There was dinner, delicious as always (roast, mashed potatos, rolls-yum); family home evening, where we all crowded around the piano and sang as heart-felt as we could "The Start of Something New"-a high school musical original of course- and where Anna tought a lesson about Christ and the woman at the well, and the lesson on the Living Water, also where the Leslies showed us all the scriptures they memorize each week, that they don't merely speak them aloud, but rather perform them with quite the impressive enunciations and volumes; there was of course, eating the treat- where Gracie refused to have the ice cream tub moved from her side- it appeared to be a comfort for her to have it there; then of course, you can't miss "Family Fifteen"- for those who are unaware, every night the Leslies have family 15 where they clean up the house for 15 minutes before they go to bed- we helped of course, and it was just as fun as ever! There was music going on, Gracie laughing and dancing, Rebecca and Darin telling Anna that we weren't done, oh- it was just great; or there was card playing after the kids went to bed, where the women (of course) humbly won the game of Rook while the men (of course) sadly kept getting more and more negative points:) Like I said, it is always a joy to go to the Leslies. My explanation really doesn't do it justice.

Now we are back to life, back to school. I have been to all of my classes except one, which is in about an hour. So far I really like all my classes, amazingly enough! Don't get me wrong- they are going to be horribly hard, but I am currently in my positive mode- which gets me thinking I can do this!

Well, that's all for now. I love you all dearly. Chow!


Patty said...

I am so excited for you and your new calling. I think you will do an amazing job. You have such a strong testimony and I am sure that the Lord will help you to perform at your best. I have to say that the whole huge family thing was a little overwhelming even for me. They are so loud. Have a great week. Love you. bye now.


Hey Danyelli, going to Rebecca's sounds so fun! I'm glad you're in a postivie mode with school. That's cool you cuoldo hang out with Steph and Jen, Yum crepes, it was fun talking to you the other day. I love you-

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Love to read what your life is like. It sounds like you have so much fun, at the Leslies, and you are blessed to have them close to you. I miss you and love you so much. Grandma