Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new hope for Clay

So basically anyone who has been reading my blog for years knows my husband's health issues...but if not, I'll update you a bit.

We don't talk about it much, but my dear hubster has some MAJOR health problems. For years he was in pain 24-7. His hips and knees mainly. He had to come home early from his mission because of it, and has since just suffered through it. He went to numerous doctors directly when he got home from his mission, to get no help. He eventually settled on one doctor and once I was married to him (stubborn, high-expectation, no settling woman that I am) I decided he was a PIECE OF CRAP! He pumped Clay full of HEAVY medications that Clay's body became immune to after a couple weeks. So he was on a constant rotation of probably very harmful medication, to ease the pain. The doctor simply didn't care about fixing the problem, but only cared about treating the symptom--pain.

Eventually we were led to a chiropractor, who practices homeopathic methods. He diagnosed Clay with Lyme disease, and he helped Clay immensley. He took Clay off of all those heavy meds and gave him lots of herbs. Clay went from walking like an 80 year old man (and feeling like one too) to being able to walk without pain. However, after so much felt like they weren't improving anymore, so Clay didn't want to waste the money. Also, he told Clay that the Lyme was gone, so we figured maybe he would just have certain symptoms the rest of his life.

Over a year has passed, and Clay has gotten to the point that he can't do much. He is a lot better than the early years of the marriage, when I felt bad asking him to take the garbage out...get me a glass of water, anything really. Now he can do basic things without too much pain (or so he tells me). However, if he wants to help someone on a roof, go paint-balling, play basketball, go shopping for a while with me, really- any long amount of physical activity- he is in extreme pain. He will sometimes be out on the bed for 2-3 days, unable to walk more than from the bed to the bathroom. This past year he has also gotten sick a lot. Major stomach issues, lots of colds, and lots of insomnia. I think his body is fighting so hard to not be in pain, that it is susceptible to other kinds of illness easily.

Less than a year ago we heard of a doctor in Seattle who specializes in Lyme disease, and heard great things about her. We kind of brushed it off....who knows why. I think we had both just started our jobs after graduation and life was going good and we just...didn't do anything about it. Well, lately the symptoms have been bad. I've done research and seen that Lyme disease can often be misdiagnosed as GONE, while it really is lying dormant. Someone can feel better for up to a year before the symptoms come back. Lyme disease is a DEFENSIVE disease, meaning- it feels attacks on it, therefore disguises itself, and changes it's looks so that doctors think it's not there. It will even hide until it feels it can for sure come out again. Lyme disease is soooo serious. People are often misdiagnosed with MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibermialgia, so many things- when in reality, it's Lyme disease. So anyway- being that the symptoms have gotten so much worse lately, I've kind of just been thinking...Clay is 25. He should NOT be feeling this way all the time! And when is a better time going to come to try and figure this out? We don't have kids, we have a double income, if we are going to do this, NOW is the time. So, I called the doctor in Seattle, and we have an appointment for September 24th! Clay and I are thrilled. We are still both a little scared though...just that we'll put all this time and money (as we've done before) to get no results...or only temporary results. But, this doctor is different than any we've heard of, and the treatments she does is different than how any doc we've heard of does it. She said she has many patients from Idaho and has them come to Seattle every 2-3 months. Which is awesome! Definitely doable.

So, that's what's going on right now. Clay-actually, is sick on the couch right now (a stupid cold), and I talked to the doctor today, and we are so excited. I think this is what we need to be doing, and I feel like we are headed in the right direction for once. Please keep us in your prayers if you can, I'm sure they could help- they helped last time...when we found out it was Lyme disease. Maybe this time, we'll actually get rid of it and who knows- Clay might just get his body back!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fudge Truffle Cheesecake

I made this for Clay for his 25th birthday (Aug 15) was awesome. And delicious. I stayed up till 3am making it........which I was actually really happy to do. I wanted to make my hubby's birthday AWESOME. And it was, cause of the cheesecake:) Oh and don't go judging the crappy frosting job....I don't have a cake spatula so I was seriously doing that using a rubber spatula which SUCKED.

(i just posted my Oregon trip below if you're interested)

PS- Anyone read Mockingjay? I seriously loved it. Like...LOVED it.

Oregon 2010

Yeah yeah. I know I'm acting like I'm awesome or something---but I was just super happy to be on the beach...kay? And Megs was behind the camera so you KNOW she was saying things like, "Oh yeah, work it dan- uh huh..." :)
This has taken a LONG time to get goin...but I've been sick, busy busy, and just couldn't get around to this post till now!

Oregon was awesome. I am so grateful I was able to go for a full week! How it went was, Clay couldn't go cause he had to work- but I went with Clay's fam- Patty, Paul, and Makayla! Amy was able to come the day I got there, but had to leave the next day. It was so fun being with her just that short period of time though. We all just kinda hung out and talked for Saturday and Sunday! AND movies. I was too lazy to upload EVERY STINKIN i just made these collages...and is anyone elses comp freaking out everytime you try to upload a photo to blogger the normal way? I dunno. Anyway, please just bear with the collages!

Monday the guys went fishing and the girls went shopping! Clay and I established a bit of a special budget for new clothes cause we haven't really gotten any for a couple I was SO EXCITED! I got some real cute stuff too!

The next day we went to the Aquarium, and the bayfront. I LOVE the bayfront. It is one of my favorite places in newport- in fact...yeah. It's my definite favorite. We got to see the sea lions, which were HILARIOUS. As always. We went to my fav hippi shop, we got euphoria chocolate covered ice cream bars with nuts/oreo crumbs........divine! Stopped at the candy shops for some taffy and chocolates. Oh, it was heaven.

First we went to the Chowder Bowl. It was pretty tasty if I say so myself!
THEN the aquarium.
Then the bayfront!

The next day I think Patty, Paul and Makayla left to go spend the rest of the week at Patty's brother Bob's house (in albany). So my mom and I just kinda chillaxed and Megan came later that day.

The next day Amy and my grandparents came, and the next day Jake and his fam came. It was AWESOME. I just loved spending time with EVERYONE! We watched movies, made treats, talked lots, had a fire on the beach, Amy and I even hit up an antique place that we'd never been to and LOVED! It was all awesome. I loved every minute of it.

Miles was so stinkin cute...I just found myself taking a bajillion pics of him all the time. So I decided to just do a collage on him! They had lice...hahha oh dear. So Jake gave him a mohawk:)
If you know Amy and me know we like to take silly pics of ourselves:) We have many from our middle school/high school we may as well add to the stock!

This was Friday night I think, after Jake's fam got here. Typcial scene...Jake playin guitar, all of us hangin around listening, talking, laughing...Lyndsey was showing us a SAWEET site of awesome shoes- which I need to know the name of! I forgot the name of it...
Isn't Ruby gorgeous?!?!?!?! I love her.
I was so lucky to have the kiddos cuddle me a bit the night before I went home. They are soooo precious and perfect. Those two seriously have the sweetest personalities ever.
Like I said- best time ever. I wish Clay could've been there...but he'll definitely be there next time and I can't wait! This trip was MUCH NEEDED. I was feelin some SERIOUS home-sickness the past few months and was in serious need of mom-time. Though there were RARE moments where there weren't tons of people at the house, my mom and I were able to find bits of time here and there to spend just me and her. I love my family SO MUCH. I just wish I lived closer to everyone. I can't count how many times I said to Clay, "I want to live here...can you just find a job here and us move here?" yeah.........not likely:(

Anyway- THAT'S a wrap. Now I can start blogging regularly. I just never wanted to blog anything till I got this up...cccccccccccccya.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where the heck have i been?!?!!

Let me give you an idea of the past few weeks:

First week of August: OREGON! WOOT WOOT! Oh, it was wondrous! However, that deserves a whole post of it's own and I haven't uploaded the photos yet.

Monday Morn (night after i get back from OR): BARF MY GUTS OUT! And no, I'm NOT pregnant.

Mon-Thurs: Felt like CRAPOLA. My entire body ached and I just felt horrid.

Friday...7:00-past midnight: work on products for Farmers Market, which by the way I'm not doing anymore cause i just am not successful!

Saturday 8:30: wake up and prep for saturday market

Saturday 10-2: completely regret the decision to do farmers market as people come to my stand and tell me how wonderful my stuff is and then walks away...and NO my prices aren't too high. Trust me.

Saturday 3-6ish: Help Patty and Paul redo their roof...which involves cleaning up lots of wood and shingles

Saturday 730-3am Sun: Make Clay's Birthday Cake and decorate house and wrap presents

Sunday 8am: get ready for church, watch clay open presents, go to church by myself cause Clay's body can't function (caused by previous day's hard work on roof...not ever letting Clay do that kind of stuff again), celebrate Clay's b-day with clay's fam

Mon 7-930: help rebecca pack (she moved to Cali today)

Tues 6-10: help rebecca pack up truck and clean apt (clean up my house a bit before since her and my dad were staying the night there)

Weds plan: vedge with clay on the couch while watching tv.

deary me. It probably doesn't sound like much, but i just think I'm tired. and I've been working everyday too- which yeah, isn't too much to do but whateva. That's where I've been. Expect some fun posts coming up..!