Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just a little update

  • Went to Seattle this weekend. Clay has officially been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and Bartonella (a disease that travels with Lyme). Our doctor went over all the lab results and he tested positive on multiple tests.

  • Clay is SICK SICK SICK. To give you the readers digest version...our bodies have these cells that are our fighter cells...CD57's I think? Anyway- you are supposed to have a count of over 100, Clay's count is 15. Which basically means his body isn't fighting for him and has kind of given up. She said that his immune system has become auto-immune...meaning it attacks itself now...and that his immune system is basically the same as an AIDS patient. This explains why he gets sick ALL THE TIME!

  • Clay's vitamin D is low low lowwwwwww. So low, he had to get a prescription of a really high count of vitamin D that he is now taking.

  • Clay's blood is THICK and really quite messy. It is very thick with bio-film. This causes his organs to not get the nutrition they need and the oxygen they it's pretty bad news. This is all of course, caused by the Lyme.

  • Clay has mono, two types of pneumonia, and basically a ton of other things I can't remember right now.

  • Now that she sees how bad he is (she said he's the youngest she's seen that is this bad, meaning he's had this for a LONG time...but she keeps saying how good it is that he's only 25, because he shouldn't suffer permanent damage from anything...because his body is so young still), she thinks the best thing would be to go once a month for a that's what we'll do.

  • His treatments are gonna be pretty heavy for a while..and she said he will definitely herx BIG with this next treatment. It'll probably be this that'll suck. Oh well- the fact is, it's actually GOOD news when that happens cause it means it's working. So it's like...we are happy when he herxes, cause we are thinking "DIE LYME, DIE!"...but at the same time, I wanna break down and cry cause Clay is in soooo much pain.

  • We finally nailed down with the doc what he should stay away from- food wise...and it's a definite NO REFINED SUGAR, and NO GLUTEN. She said it's a good idea to stay away from dairy...but it's okay to have a bit now and then. Like- she said don't drink glasses of milk, and absolutely NO ICE CREAM! hah. She emphasized that a lot. Oh yeah, and NO YEAST. But all other grains and natural sugars are okay. So I can totally work with that.

  • She said that Clay shouldn't fly in airplanes, go on buses, be around sick people, or lots of people really. She said if ANYone is sick, he will get sick. And his immune system is fighting hard enough. Clay said he still wants to fly though...because it is too stressful for him to drive. So...we'll see. But he probably wont be going to lots of church (he's not anyway cause he is usually sick these days) that kinda sucks.

  • We are so grateful that we found our doctor, and we are so grateful that we both have such understanding employers and family and friends. Can you imagine if we just gave up and never sought out this doctor? Clay's immune system would just get worse and worse and he could even possibly have a heart attack from his blood getting so thick (that happened to one of her patients that was 39)! I'm just so grateful for so many things.

  • With that, I have a hard time not being SO ANGRY with the medical field in southeast Idaho. Do you know that multiple doctors said to Clay, "There's no way it could be Lyme Disease" when he presented them with the idea? And wouldn't even give him the time of day about it? Do you know that he was tested for Lyme disease before? But in the worst way possible, making it come back a false negative? But of course the doctors just accepted that? This all happened years ago...can you imagine? Clay could've been cured by now had they just been humble enough to listen, and educate themselves a little more. I feel like shouting on the rooftop to EVERYONE about Lyme disease. No one knows about it, and it's ridiculous because SO MANY people have it. And they don't even know it. Or they've been "treated" with 2 weeks of antibiotics and told they are fine, when the aren't. I could go on and on. I just wish that doctors weren't so prideful.

  • On other notes- I have eaten enough candy for an army...and I've started listening to Christmas Music. I know, I know. I just can't help it. I'm so excited! I only listened to three songs on Josh Groban's cd. But they are so good, I don't think I can stop!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today will be a great day

Right now I'm listening to Mindy Gledhill, California, which I basically love lots! I keep find myself wiggling my shoulders in a dance-like fashion:) Her music is just soothing, happy, and really really lovely.

This morning started with me sleeping in till 7:30! I don't have to work today, and so I woke up when Clay got up. Last night I asked Clay, "What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?"....he quickly said, "Bacon and eggs". Well, you see...he told me recently that he was sick of bacon- so I didn't restock that item in our fridge when I last when grocery shopping. So, I told him so. He then said immediately, "Eggs and hash-browns". Eggs and hash-browns it is! So this morning I got up, peeled two large red potatoes, heated my skillet with olive oil, salt and pepper, shredded the potatoes on the Bosch mixer attachment, and started them on the skillet. I then gathered 3 eggs (not from my chicken coup- my egg carton I got from the fridge), three scoops of cream cheese, scrambled the eggs, and placed them in the OTHER skillet with the cheese. Salt and pepper. Soon enough, they were done and ready to go in their separate tupperware containers. I neatly put them each in their own perfect containers, got a fork, and put them in a plastic bag. Then I filled Clay's pill baggies (numbers 1-6), filled his water bottle, and placed all of the above on the table. About that time Clay was putting on his shoes in the living room. He took his first pills, we prayed, kissed, and he was on his way! Not before he told me, "Dante probably wants out after I leave okay?"...."Okay honey". Of course.

So seriously? This is probably the most ideal morning in the world for me. I loved it. It made me feel so good inside. I always make us breakfast, but it is never too exciting because I am getting ready for work myself. And then we are always so rushed out the door cause I'm always so much more rushed. This morning was perfect.

I know that when the day comes for me to stay home full time, life will still have it's many challenges. And lots of new challenges, that I've never faced before. But I also know that I'll be leaving a lot of challenges behind. I really hate to be preachy or anything, but those of you who get to stay home full time whether it's because of kids, or to take care of the house, or whatever the reason be- try to count the blessings and realize that those little things like making breakfast for your husband in the morning and having time to kiss him and say prayer, is a dream for some people. I know it's on my dream list. I'm so excited for it. And I know it will happen, in time.

Well, today I'm gonna try and get the laundry done. And PUT AWAY! That never happens around these parts. Laundry gets done, but put away? Yikes...that's asking a lot. Clay usually does the laundry around these parts- the washing and drying (yes, I'm thanking my lucky stars he does this!), and so I'm gonna be a sweetheart and do it instead! Dishes, and mopping the floors are also on the to do list. And while I'm at it I should probably clean the bathrooms. But maybe that can wait till tomorrow. All I know is today will be a great day, because I'm home. And that is so much better than an office.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wanna learn about Lyme Disease?

This is a book we got off amazon for like 3 bucks. Clay says it is perfect for explaining how he's felt for so long. Just incase anyone's interested. We will be loaning ours out too once we're done reading it.

I also got this book in the mail today:
Just from skimming certain parts I'm starting to wonder if we should probably cut out all dairy and carbs too. Which would leave us with meat, vegetables, eggs, and nuts. We'll see.

I'm so excited for the weekend. Saturday, I plan on sleeping in:) And maybe doing some projects. And vacuuming. I'm embarrassed to have anyone come to my house right now in fear that they'd see the massive amounts of dog hair lining the walls and floor. I wish I was a better housekeeper.

Alright- I'm now going to pick up that green lyme book and head to the bedroom. I think Clay and I are going to be major activists or whatever on educating people on Lyme Disease. I just feel so horrible for so many people out there right now that are in so much pain and suffering, half of them having their families and doctors tell them they're crazy. Clay had a doctor tell him there was NO WAY it could be Lyme Disease. He wouldn't even consider it. This is the ignorance and pride of the medical field. So sad. Had they taken Clay seriously back then, he could possibly even be cured by now. It's just going to take that much longer since he's had it that much longer. I just feel SO PASSIONATE about this. I need people to understand this horrific disease. And know it's out there, and that they can be treated and feel better! If only the medical field were more knowledgeable about this, and if only more people understood many people could be treated earlier, and so many people could live a better life. If you know ANYone who has a mysterious illness/pain or anyone who's been diagnosed with fibermialgia even...please suggest Lyme Disease to them- and tell them to research it. They may be surprised. Anyway...........

Off to bed.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The herx is a beast

So Clay had the feared herx reaction. Ohhhh it wasn't nice. In fact, it was horrible! I hated it. I felt SOOOO helpless. He was in pain in a way he is not normally. I'm used to him feeling crappy but this was like...torture. He would get these pained faces that are so OBVIOUSLY not faked. And all I could do was stuff pills down his throat. Thank heavens, it only lasted a few days. He still feels crappy, but the intense pain is gone. We have pills to give him when a herx happens...but we still had to give him all his normal pills too...and so it literally felt like he was taking pills like every 5 minutes. Anyway- I'm happy to report that he is beyond the herx and on to work again.

I'm finding grocery shopping to be almost a daily thing for me these days. And I hate grocery shopping because I'm turning out to be one of those people. You know the ones. Who stand in the middle of the aisle looking at the back of the item for what feels like HOURS until you can figure out what is in it. Then sadly put it back on the shelf realizing you can't get it. I'm finding that just about every product in America has sugar in it. I'm also realizing this is why most foods taste so good. I had to make homemade spaghetti sauce last night for the first time cause guess what? Every spaghetti sauce has sugar in it! So I got tomato sauce- which doesn't taste like spaghetti sauce...and I pumped it full of Parmesan cheese, basil, and garlic salt. It didn't turn out too bad. In fact, after the first few bites I forgot that it was not as good as normal!

Also, is there ever such a thing as sugar-free yogurt? No. Or sugar free anything? Basically not. Wheat/gluten free has been a whole other challenge.

I'm hoping to experiment with agave, stevia , and honey. And a bunch of other grains and stuff.

I've been thinking something lately. The past few days. There have been some controversial issues regarding one of the talks in General Conference...and I am so grateful and PROUD that for me, no matter what the topic, once the Lord speaks, the debate is over. And in my world, that means once a Prophet or apostle speaks, the debate is over. People may call this blind faith, but it's not. Either you believe in Prophets, or you don't. I am so proud that I do and that for me, there is no confusion. If a prophet or apostle says something, I know that it's coming from God. I feel so blessed to have that knowledge and guidance in my life.

There was frost on my window today. I had to sit in the truck and wait. It wasn't a good start to the day. But I'm getting to that point that I always do in mid-october when I feel's just time for Christmas already. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I want to decorate and listen to music and watch movies. The only sad part is I probably wont get to make any yummy Christmas treats. Not too often anyway. Oh well. I wish I loved Halloween more. It just doesn't grab me like it does a lot of you. Maybe someday.

Oh yes- I'm happy to report that Dante survived the neuterization (real word?). He was so silly after he got home and was still on anesthesia. He just seemed....lost. That's really all I know how to expalin it. But it was cute.

Does anyone feel like Glee is like...inching and inching every week more towards ickiness? I keep feeling uncomfortable. And I don't like feeling uncomfortable. So unfortunate. And soon they are doing rocky horror picture show? From my knowlege of that, I'm thinking next episode they will be dumping the ickiness all over.

Aight. This was kinda boring. Oh well.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall is Pleasant

I've decided that fall is quite pleasant. I was thinking about it, and I really don't think I've had a true fall for like...7ish years. My last few years of high school I lived at the beach...and the trees there just aren't quite like trees that are awesome during the fall. Not to my remembrance. I mean...we never had to rake the we did in the valley. So anyway- then I marred and stayed in Rexburg and the entire time we lived there...we lived in apartments, where no leaves would fall. Even when we moved to a small house to rent, it was AFTER fall, and into I just didn't really experience fall like I should. This year, it's awesome. Cause everytime I do the dishes, I look out at this.
Notice the dead herb plant on the window sill? Ugh. . . I should really never be allowed to grow herbs again. I've killed everyone. I have no idea why but I always just stop watering them thinking I'll do it later and before I know it they're dead.

Sometimes when the sun is setting, it's particularly enjoyable.

This morning I made Clayton and I quinoa for breakfast. It was quite nice!

I cooked up some quinoa, mixed in some cream and pure maple syrup, and topped it with pecan chunks and strawberries! For those of you who don't read my sister Lizzie's blog, Quinoa is a perfect protein. It is seriously just awesome. It's non-wheat, and non-gluten, which is PERFECT for Clay! And it is PACKED FULL of protein! And since cream has less than 1 gram of natural sugars, and strawberries are on the lower sugar side of fruit, and pure maple syrup was approved of by the doc, this makes such a great breakfast! I truly enjoyed it.

My baby is getting neutered on Monday. At first I was like- dude...what's the big deal? But all of a sudden I'm realizing it's a pretty big deal. I mean...he has to stay a the vet's office ALL DAY LONG! I'm kinda nervous. I mean...what if something happened to him? What if there was an accident? I just couldn't bear it. But, the truth's time. He is just pushing the limits these days. He thinks he is soooo cool and can do whatever he wants. So, it's time.

But I've gotta say...I have been loving this doggie more and more every day. It's been quite a blessing to have these two extra dogs stay with us, because it has made me realize how much I love my dog. This is saying quite a lot too, cause one of the dogs we are watching is SERIOUSLY the best behaved, most un-annoying, sweet dogs I've EVER been around. This is gypsy
She seriously crazy good. You say sit, and BAM her bum is on the floor within a second. You say come, she's there. She is constantly trying to get out of your way and walk behind you...she is never pushy...NEVER whines or barks (unless provoked by Dante..:) )...doesn't slobber or really anything annoying at all. She's awesome! But seriously, I still love Dante so much more.
I realized that I would never trade him for the world. He is soooo funny, sweet, loving, goofy, good and handsome. I add handsome, cause I seriously think he is. No other dog is better looking in my opinion :) But I just realized how much of a personality Dante has and how he really is such a big part of my life. I was thinking today- what the heck would our lives me like without him? It'd be so boring! I can't remember half of what we talked about before we had him. I'm not's like, half our conversations are about him- and he really is quite a source of entertainment, anddddd biggest of all- just such a source of love. I love having his perfect love in our home.

Well, now that I've bored you with my doggie sappy love........

Life is good...busy...I'm just trying to figure out Clay's food and pills and stay on top of everything else in life at the same time. Clay has to take pills 10 times a day! And they are different each time so it's quite the accomplishment to have it all figured out. It's possible he might have what's called a herx reaction sometime soon...basically meaning all the medicine is finally in his body and starting to kill off bad stuff...and it isn't guaranteed it will happen, but it happens to lots of Lyme patients...and basically from what I read he'll want to die. Whether it's from feeling like someone is stabbing your ear with a knife, massive shakes, constant nausea, or more...who knows! Each person reacts differently. But, we are hoping he just doesn't have one of these reactions! Our doctor said it is unlikely, because Clay doesn't have much bad stuff in his body to begin with (except the Lyme)- and it is more likely to happen with people who drink, smoke, do drugs, drink coffee, etc. I'm happy to report that Clay doesn't do any of that! So hopefully he cruises past the herx reaction. If he has one, we'll see from there...there are things he can take to try and alleviate the symptoms.

Well- I've got things to dooooooooo better head off. Have a happy fall day! Maybe you can warm up some hot apple cider for yourself like I did :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Today was one of those days...

Where you go to Walmart and wish there were a Trader Joes nearby...sigh......

Walmart was particularly crazy today. Crazier than normal. I didn't get it. I told the cashier, and she said "Never come the first weekend of the month, that's when people get food stamps"....I should've known. I'm feeling particularly ANNOYED at how broke our nations welfare system is right now. If you don't think it's broke, you're probably benefiting from it. And if you're benefiting from it, you're probably eating steaks and ice cream and you're probably EATING those luxury items infront of a new big screen you not believe me? Trust me- it's happening all over the freaking nation and I've been witness to it and it's retarded.

Did you know my husband and I both have full time jobs- but........we never freaking have steaks OR ice cream. Ughhhhhhhhhh

Anyway- wow. I didn't even plan on talking about that! I guess that's what happens when you shop at walmart, and see someone with two cart-fulls of groceries in the isle next to you SCREAM "But I HAVE MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT!" and then see the girl in the same line behind her...sigh and get the look like- I knew this was the wrong line...

Good news is, as I was driving out of the parking lot, a car of 3 young teenager looking guys drove infront of me and all three of them turned their heads and gawked at me. As in- kept staring as they drove past! A good 15 seconds or so. If you think this was creepy- it most definitely wasn't. It was marvelous! I still got it.

Bad news is- there is a freaking fly buzzing around my head and it wont leave.

Good news is- it's the weekend! Hollaaaaaaaa! And I get to watch General Conference. This is one good thing about living in Idaho...I don't have to have Satellite or even Cable to watch it at home! They broadcast it on good ol' ABC in my town and it's wonderful.

Well- I think it's about time to get something done. I had a lazy morning today. It was wonderful. I don't remember the last time I had a lazy morning. Usually on all my days off I wake up at the same time Clay does for work, and I have a long list of things to do and get it all done. I had a long list of things to do and was planning on getting it done but then I Let's have a lazy morning. So I stayed in bed and watched probably 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls. I stopped in between to let the dog outside, and make myself a shake...then I continued. Ohhhhhhhh I loved it. But because of my lazy morning I still have a bunch of crap to do....crap that I can never seem to be able to do during the week after work. Oh well.

Hope you have a good conference weekend!

Oh dear. I just remembered. We are watching 2 dogs for a week starting tonight! As in- there will be THREE DOGS in my house for A WEEK! Wowsers. I guess I'm glad I never got around to mopping the floors today :)