Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall is Pleasant

I've decided that fall is quite pleasant. I was thinking about it, and I really don't think I've had a true fall for like...7ish years. My last few years of high school I lived at the beach...and the trees there just aren't quite like trees that are awesome during the fall. Not to my remembrance. I mean...we never had to rake the we did in the valley. So anyway- then I marred and stayed in Rexburg and the entire time we lived there...we lived in apartments, where no leaves would fall. Even when we moved to a small house to rent, it was AFTER fall, and into I just didn't really experience fall like I should. This year, it's awesome. Cause everytime I do the dishes, I look out at this.
Notice the dead herb plant on the window sill? Ugh. . . I should really never be allowed to grow herbs again. I've killed everyone. I have no idea why but I always just stop watering them thinking I'll do it later and before I know it they're dead.

Sometimes when the sun is setting, it's particularly enjoyable.

This morning I made Clayton and I quinoa for breakfast. It was quite nice!

I cooked up some quinoa, mixed in some cream and pure maple syrup, and topped it with pecan chunks and strawberries! For those of you who don't read my sister Lizzie's blog, Quinoa is a perfect protein. It is seriously just awesome. It's non-wheat, and non-gluten, which is PERFECT for Clay! And it is PACKED FULL of protein! And since cream has less than 1 gram of natural sugars, and strawberries are on the lower sugar side of fruit, and pure maple syrup was approved of by the doc, this makes such a great breakfast! I truly enjoyed it.

My baby is getting neutered on Monday. At first I was like- dude...what's the big deal? But all of a sudden I'm realizing it's a pretty big deal. I mean...he has to stay a the vet's office ALL DAY LONG! I'm kinda nervous. I mean...what if something happened to him? What if there was an accident? I just couldn't bear it. But, the truth's time. He is just pushing the limits these days. He thinks he is soooo cool and can do whatever he wants. So, it's time.

But I've gotta say...I have been loving this doggie more and more every day. It's been quite a blessing to have these two extra dogs stay with us, because it has made me realize how much I love my dog. This is saying quite a lot too, cause one of the dogs we are watching is SERIOUSLY the best behaved, most un-annoying, sweet dogs I've EVER been around. This is gypsy
She seriously crazy good. You say sit, and BAM her bum is on the floor within a second. You say come, she's there. She is constantly trying to get out of your way and walk behind you...she is never pushy...NEVER whines or barks (unless provoked by Dante..:) )...doesn't slobber or really anything annoying at all. She's awesome! But seriously, I still love Dante so much more.
I realized that I would never trade him for the world. He is soooo funny, sweet, loving, goofy, good and handsome. I add handsome, cause I seriously think he is. No other dog is better looking in my opinion :) But I just realized how much of a personality Dante has and how he really is such a big part of my life. I was thinking today- what the heck would our lives me like without him? It'd be so boring! I can't remember half of what we talked about before we had him. I'm not's like, half our conversations are about him- and he really is quite a source of entertainment, anddddd biggest of all- just such a source of love. I love having his perfect love in our home.

Well, now that I've bored you with my doggie sappy love........

Life is good...busy...I'm just trying to figure out Clay's food and pills and stay on top of everything else in life at the same time. Clay has to take pills 10 times a day! And they are different each time so it's quite the accomplishment to have it all figured out. It's possible he might have what's called a herx reaction sometime soon...basically meaning all the medicine is finally in his body and starting to kill off bad stuff...and it isn't guaranteed it will happen, but it happens to lots of Lyme patients...and basically from what I read he'll want to die. Whether it's from feeling like someone is stabbing your ear with a knife, massive shakes, constant nausea, or more...who knows! Each person reacts differently. But, we are hoping he just doesn't have one of these reactions! Our doctor said it is unlikely, because Clay doesn't have much bad stuff in his body to begin with (except the Lyme)- and it is more likely to happen with people who drink, smoke, do drugs, drink coffee, etc. I'm happy to report that Clay doesn't do any of that! So hopefully he cruises past the herx reaction. If he has one, we'll see from there...there are things he can take to try and alleviate the symptoms.

Well- I've got things to dooooooooo better head off. Have a happy fall day! Maybe you can warm up some hot apple cider for yourself like I did :)


Kayleen said...

You guys already are parents! Always talking about Dante perfectly parallels James and I always talking about our kids. Too funny! I hope Clay doesn't have those horrible reactions! That sounds like it would be awful for both of you.

Kristi M. said...

Fall is my very favorite season and my yard is starting to look just like that. But then that also means the clean up starts too which is a pain here if we don't get to it before it rains alot. Isn't dog sitting exciting. Never a dull moment and lots of socializing for your own dog. We waited 3 years before we got a dog that we used to have neutered. Not fun. With Diesel it was as soon as he was old enough. I really hope that Clay does not have reactions like you described. Does not sound fun at all.

Chad and Jessica said...

Yay, it's so nice to hear someone talk about their dog. I feel like no one has dogs. Chad and I were exactly the same way. Our dogs give us a REALLY good laugh every day. Like yesterday, Dakota had a dog chasing her for fun, and she got really into it, and started running so fast she ended totally biffing it, and then she turned around and realized the other do had stopped chasing her awhile ago...tehe.

You are such a great wife trying to get all of Clay's pills right. Man, I have trouble keeping track of 2 a day when I need antibiotics, let alone 10! Our hearts and prayers are with you guys!

HeidiT said...

MMMm, just had my first cup of hot cider for the season the other day - delightful. I totally agree on the sappy dog love, they just bring such joy, entertainment, love into a home especially when you don't have kids yet. We definitely treat and talk to Hurley like he's our child.

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, that herx thing sounds scary. I sincerely hope he can avoid it. It's cool you found him something yummy to eat. The whole thing sounds like a giant challenge, but it's so awesome you're on your way.

Lizzie said...

Yeah. If the high weren't 96 degrees today, I'd warm myself up a glass of cocoa. But nope. We don't have fall here.

Idaho is cold and miserable, but at least you have fall. The best season in my opinion.

Dante is handsome. I'm glad you love him so much. I still haven't met him!

Sharon/mom said...

Loved the fall pics and narration. I think it's cool you have Dante and that you love him so much. I am so sorry Clay is having a herx. We will pray more specifically about that now. We have prayed very specifically for him and the doc and you. I hope it doesn't last long. I love you!!!


pretty pics. i loved the dante talk, it was so stranage hearing you say all those things- it was funny. I'm very happy for you. loved the post- sorry so shrot- I'm really tired! love you bye!

Rebecca said...

I feel bad I didn't ever feel that way about Riley. I really think we found her a good home though. I am glad you have so much love in your life.

We will be praying for Clay and you in every prayer for now on. Is there anything that would cheer him up that I could send?

Love you so much.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I loved the pics of Fall, and the talk. I love that you love Dante, and he is a handsome dog, and all they do is love you and they are so very loyal. It is much better to train a dog from the puppy stage, because you love them more. I am so sorry that you and Clay have to deal with the herx sounds awful. We will continue to pray for him and you also. I will send you something soon to cheer you both up. I wish I was closer to you so I could do something more. we love you both so very much. Hugs and Kisses

The Conger's said...

Thanks for all the encouragement about our trip so here is some for you guys. We really hope things get better soon, send Clay our concern. And I have heard good things about the agave(sp) so hopefully that works out for you. I am not a big halloween fan, AT ALL, but I do love fall and the Thanksgiving time, I think the Fall holidays need their time other wise it is Christmas for four months and that is a little much for me. Wish you the best.