Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My polka-dot chair is happy today :)

I finished this pillow last night.

I'm basically inlove with it.

Got the inspiration from a pillow my sissy got from Target:

I hesitated in putting this up cause I really do think the target one is cuter than mine :( HOWEVER- I really really love mine! If I did it all over again, I would've put those danged flowers closer together/made the flowers bigger. Oh well. Live and learn. I know this phrase is probably getting old, but there will be a tutorial on it soon! teehehe. Seriously- just give me a weekend and I'll get em up! PEACE!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Okay- so first off I have to show you what I made my sister-in-laws Harmoni and Makayla! I've been dying to put them on here but just to be PERFECTLY safe I didn't want to risk it before Christmas. I made them both jewlery boards! And those ribbon strips are for headbands! They loved them and I am soooo happy. And jealous! My jewlery board is SO BORING compared to theirs!


I also made Patty this pillow! She just recovered a chair a lot like mine- and she said she wanted a brown or gold pillow to put on it- so I thought, oh I'll just make one! I LOVE IT! I need to make one for my chair now!

I really wish I woulda taken a pic of the wallet/makeup holder/whatever she wants to use it for thing that I made my mom. It is soooo cute. So cute in fact that I DID make one for myself, but it's a titch different. I'll just wait for my momma to put a pic up later.

PS- the tutorials for the pillow and jewlery boards are coming later this week if you're interested! Both are pretty simple!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Good things happen to good people

Me happy about my Jamba and cute cute card- seriously love that card!

Today and yesterday, Clay has felt kinda like death. When that happens, he doesn't want to eat ANYTHING! Seriously- nothing sounds good. So the thing is, he needs to eat. Especially cause he has to take his pills...which require food. So anyway- I asked a number of options if he wanted and finally asked if he wanted a Jamba (for those who don't know that's a smoothie place- yummilicious)...FINALLY that sparked some interest. So I went ahead and scooted myself down to Jamba Juice and after what appeared to be three teenage meth addicts got their jambas, I ordered ours. Well it just so happened that they were doing this special. The girl talked to me about it. And somehow, I ended up with a free hot chocolate! Without spending any extra money! Fabulous. Then to top it off she asked if I wanted a carrier for my stuff, and well yeah- I did! Cause I don't know about you non-coffee drinkers but it always just LOOKS cool when people are carrying a bunch of drinks ya know? So anyway...I was pretty excited about that.

Another great thing about today...a girl from Canada bought one of my camera strap covers, and I received her check in the mail today along with a CUTE CUTE card. In the card she basically said that she knew about my husband's and my illness, and that even strangers I've never met like her are praying for us. She said that my positive attitude will pull me through! Seriously...made my day. What a sweetheart. I love making new friends- I now consider her one!

Dante is just about the cutest little (big) thing ever. I just love him. Clay and I have talked about how it is SUCH a blessing we have him right now. He honestly brings SO much joy. I sit with Clay and we are both stressed and down and all I have to do is look at Dante with his most innocent loving face- and he just makes everything seem easier. I dunno. I really think that having a perfect spirit, and such an innocent being in the home makes a difference. And he really is SO loving. He loves us soooo much. Which is why it's so easy to love him!

I have Christmas pretty much complete. Just need to finish off the dad's. Seriously? Is it like this for everyone else? Our dad's are always the last ones I get presents for cause they are SO dang hard to shop for. I think I know what we're doing but still I just am not sure.

A few things I'm excited about for the new year:

  • BACHELOR! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS- Seriously...I know this is shallow but really? Everyone is shallow I'm pretty SOME aspect. And guess what- this is my aspect for sure! Bachelor is legit. As in...every episode never fails to entertain. My sister Amy and I can seriously talk on the phone for like an hour before we realize that we've just talked about Bachelor for an hour. We pretty much like to discuss every facial expression and sentence said. I have a feeling this will be a good one :) And don't you worry- I'll be here to talk about it like I always do.
  • New Years Resolutions. I totally need some. I do really well with fresh starts. Like in school- semesters...I always set new schedules. I loved it. It's like a new semester...a new'll be great!
  • This isn't very specific but I just KNOW 2011 is gonna be a GREAT year for us. I feel like we will make some major strides and accomplishments. I just know it.
You know what I want? COOKIES! Unfortunately, however...that wont happen. You should be proud of me! I was at Jamba Juice, which is right next to Albertons, and I really wanted to go over and get some Cadbury Mini Eggs....but I resisted. I think the hot chocolate gave me motivation. I know...i know...I shouldn't have had the hot chocolate either! But whatever. We already decided Christmas Eve is a cheat day cause we are gonna be having lots of goodies with Clay's family. Did I tell you I'm hosting Christmas Eve at my house? I'm pretty excited.

Well I'm feeling pretty good tonight, so I think I'm gonna go do some sewing. Wohoo! I have some little presents to make for my co-workers that I think they just might like! I will show you them after I give them to them on Monday:) Can't wait! This is when Christmas starts getting good- when you give stuff to people! Yay!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. LOVE to you all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yay! Lizzie, my sister, is an AMAZING photographer. She took these pics of me and Clay when we were down there for thanksgiving! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One year ago today...

PAHAHHA- One year ago today, Clay and I decided to take Dante for a walk. I remember it was snowing and so we decided to try and wrap him up in something. This is what we came up with! One of Clay's old fleece jackets. I seriously laughed and laughed over this. Probably not as funny to everyone as it is to us. But oh my- so cute that dog.
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Curly Hair

When I was in Cali, Lizzie taught me how to do my hair like hers. It's still a work in process BUT I am really diggin it! And so far both time's I've done it it's only taken me 20 minutes, and Lizzie said that I'll just get faster and faster! Yippee!
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Friday, December 3, 2010

New items in the shop

Just to let you all know, I have some new items in my etsy shop! Feel free to click on the linkys on my sidebar and check em out! I've had these made forever...I made them for the farmers market and never got around to putting them online! There are camera strap covers for digital SLR cameras, and cloth napkins :)

New items in the shop

Just to let you all know, I have some new items in my etsy shop! Feel free to click on the linkys on my sidebar and check em out! I've had these made forever...I made them for the farmers market and never got around to putting them online! There are camera strap covers for digital SLR cameras, and cloth napkins :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have Lyme Disease.

Yep. So basically, from our first appointment we knew it could be transmitted to me from Clay. We didn't tell anyone really because if I didn't have it, we didn't want to worry anyone. But, I did get tested and we just found out yesterday morning that I do infact have Lyme Disease.

I've had symptoms for the past like...6 months probably. I've tried to convince myself that I just need to go to the chiropractor, or just have a lot of stress or something...but the first symptom I can clearly remember is when I was trying to do this exercise tape and I had to jump up for it, and my hip KILLED! Like, I seriously couldn't do it. It hurt so bad and so I had to stop. I tried again the next day and same thing happened. Then I started noticing my joints would just randomly hurt. The other thing is, I get exhausted REALLY easy. Like, I noticed it a lot at our family reunion last weekend- when I saw most of my sisters doing lots of things and not looking tired or anything. I would make my apple pies and feel SOOO tired afterward. I am not nearly at the level Clay is at. It is clear that this is early on for me-therefore not as bad. Which thank goodness we are getting it now rather than 5 years from now when I'd be in bad shape!

Our doctor suspected I had it, and said that it will be a LOT easier to get rid of. It's hard to explain but basically it sounds like when you get Lyme disease from a tick, it's like it's pure form and a LOT stronger and smarter and harder to kill. But if you get it the way I did, it's like I got a portion of it that is weaker and easier to kill. Also, because Clay got his from a tick, it multiplies and grows quickly- mine not so quick. So she said it SHOULD be a lot quicker and simpler to cure me. So that's good news. But we'll find out a bunch more after I get all the blood work and testing done so she can see what shape my body is in.

I tell ya, this Lyme disease is just killer. I wish so badly that people were more educated about it. The medical field in Idaho and Utah don't believe Lyme disease exists in this area. THEY ARE WRONG! Our doctor has so many patients from Idaho and Utah and it's just so silly to think that it doesn't exist. And just the mere fact that this disease can be transmitted sexually, shows that it can be ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

I was very proud to be a Mormon this week. Our doctor was talking about how important it is to have a good support system, and she said, "You live where there are lots of mormons right?" and we said yes. And she said, "That's good. Mormons are so nice. They are really there for eachother. Every mormon I've met is so nice and it seems like mormons are so into families and helping eachother. It's good for a lyme patient." haha! It's true though. Our families have been so supportive and so sweet and kind. It is so nice.

Clay and I talked about how Heavenly Father is with us always. Through this big trial in our lives we see soooooooo many blessings. We talked about that poem "Footprints"- where there are two sets of footprints, one a man's, one the Lord's, and then they turn into one set of foot prints...when the man wondered why the Lord left him by himself, he realized that the Lord was carrying him. We feel that is the case in our life right now. I can't really believe how blessed we've been. I'm so grateful. It makes it easier to bear this trial.

24 days till Christmas! YES!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 states, 4 airports, and 22 hours later...

we were home.

Wowsers- so Yesterday morning, 4am wake up.

Leave for Orange County airport at 4:30 am.

Get through security and walk straight onto plane.

Get to seattle airport, stay in seattle for 4 hours- including doc appointment.

Get through security and walk straight onto plane again (yikes! we're lucky)

Connect in Sanfransisco airport layover for 2 hours and buy $7 worth of gihardelli chocolates and eat all of them...both of us...yum! We think the benefit of our moods outweighed the health negatives...

Land in Salt lake airport 10pm....get home to Idaho about 2 am...

Get out of bed today about noon.

I don't think I've ever been awake for 22 hours straight. Clay thinks I have once when we drove to Oregon, but I'm not sure. All I can say is.......exhaustion!

We are glad to be home in our Christmas decorated house, with Dante. I missed him.

The reunion/thanksgiving was great! Don't feel like talking too much about it just cause I'm still tired- but it was way fun and I love my family so much.

I love December. I think It's the happiest month ever. I hope I can feel that way this year! I have some good Christmas presents in mind that I will be posting tutorials for. I'm excited. Happy Holidays!