Friday, December 17, 2010

Good things happen to good people

Me happy about my Jamba and cute cute card- seriously love that card!

Today and yesterday, Clay has felt kinda like death. When that happens, he doesn't want to eat ANYTHING! Seriously- nothing sounds good. So the thing is, he needs to eat. Especially cause he has to take his pills...which require food. So anyway- I asked a number of options if he wanted and finally asked if he wanted a Jamba (for those who don't know that's a smoothie place- yummilicious)...FINALLY that sparked some interest. So I went ahead and scooted myself down to Jamba Juice and after what appeared to be three teenage meth addicts got their jambas, I ordered ours. Well it just so happened that they were doing this special. The girl talked to me about it. And somehow, I ended up with a free hot chocolate! Without spending any extra money! Fabulous. Then to top it off she asked if I wanted a carrier for my stuff, and well yeah- I did! Cause I don't know about you non-coffee drinkers but it always just LOOKS cool when people are carrying a bunch of drinks ya know? So anyway...I was pretty excited about that.

Another great thing about today...a girl from Canada bought one of my camera strap covers, and I received her check in the mail today along with a CUTE CUTE card. In the card she basically said that she knew about my husband's and my illness, and that even strangers I've never met like her are praying for us. She said that my positive attitude will pull me through! Seriously...made my day. What a sweetheart. I love making new friends- I now consider her one!

Dante is just about the cutest little (big) thing ever. I just love him. Clay and I have talked about how it is SUCH a blessing we have him right now. He honestly brings SO much joy. I sit with Clay and we are both stressed and down and all I have to do is look at Dante with his most innocent loving face- and he just makes everything seem easier. I dunno. I really think that having a perfect spirit, and such an innocent being in the home makes a difference. And he really is SO loving. He loves us soooo much. Which is why it's so easy to love him!

I have Christmas pretty much complete. Just need to finish off the dad's. Seriously? Is it like this for everyone else? Our dad's are always the last ones I get presents for cause they are SO dang hard to shop for. I think I know what we're doing but still I just am not sure.

A few things I'm excited about for the new year:

  • BACHELOR! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS- Seriously...I know this is shallow but really? Everyone is shallow I'm pretty SOME aspect. And guess what- this is my aspect for sure! Bachelor is legit. As in...every episode never fails to entertain. My sister Amy and I can seriously talk on the phone for like an hour before we realize that we've just talked about Bachelor for an hour. We pretty much like to discuss every facial expression and sentence said. I have a feeling this will be a good one :) And don't you worry- I'll be here to talk about it like I always do.
  • New Years Resolutions. I totally need some. I do really well with fresh starts. Like in school- semesters...I always set new schedules. I loved it. It's like a new semester...a new'll be great!
  • This isn't very specific but I just KNOW 2011 is gonna be a GREAT year for us. I feel like we will make some major strides and accomplishments. I just know it.
You know what I want? COOKIES! Unfortunately, however...that wont happen. You should be proud of me! I was at Jamba Juice, which is right next to Albertons, and I really wanted to go over and get some Cadbury Mini Eggs....but I resisted. I think the hot chocolate gave me motivation. I know...i know...I shouldn't have had the hot chocolate either! But whatever. We already decided Christmas Eve is a cheat day cause we are gonna be having lots of goodies with Clay's family. Did I tell you I'm hosting Christmas Eve at my house? I'm pretty excited.

Well I'm feeling pretty good tonight, so I think I'm gonna go do some sewing. Wohoo! I have some little presents to make for my co-workers that I think they just might like! I will show you them after I give them to them on Monday:) Can't wait! This is when Christmas starts getting good- when you give stuff to people! Yay!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season. LOVE to you all.



Oh danielle- that was a wonderful post! I'm so happy for you that you got that special card- and teh hot chocolate! One thing you will learn through this illness is hwo incredibly caring people are. People who care about strangers and are willing to pray for them- it is amazing the amount of love people have. I'm really proud of you for not eating cookies or cadburry mini eggs- while I'm shopping I always look out for a treat that might be sugar and gluten free to send to you- but still haven't come across one :( dante is so sweet. He is like a little child. So cute and funny. Jamba- doesn't that have sugar in it? I'm so sorry clay has been feelign so bad. That is awful. BACHELOR- OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED AND CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO START! THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING IN MY LIFE! I LAUGHED MY head off when I read about your description of me and you talking about bachelor- because it's so true- SOME day we will watch it together and I can't wait cause it will be so hilarious! It's too bad oru time zone isn'tthe same so we coudl atleast call in commercials. i love you!


OH yeah- something funny- I looked at the backround to get a peek at your christmas decor and I saw A HUGE REINDEER by the couch- and I thought- "that's kind of odd she bought a huge reindeer" and then I realized it was dante-hahahahah

Penny Cluff said...

Didn't even know you sold camera straps. I have got to check out your site again. Happy you are happy. Stay positive, it makes all the difference.

Sharon/mom said...

loved your blog! I am happy that at this time in your life, that there is a blogging world. I am grateful for loving people that pray for people they don't know. I have thought about Dante a lot also and how grateful your dad and I are that you two have him. I agree he is perfect and so he brings that spirit with him all over the house. Dogs in particular are so unconditional and loving, they are just like little children. So you ask, why don't I have one? Don't want the responsibility and mess! :-) I'm glad you had some a good day with free things! I am glad you felt good enough to sew. Proud of you for not caving in to the cookies and cadbury berries, love and miss you sooooo much!

Jenni said...

This was a great post! I love your positivity Danielle, it's inspiring! And that card that girl sent you is the sweetest thing ever. Bless her heart for being so sweet. She's right with everything she said. And even thoug I'm not a dog person, I know how much joy they can bring to people and it makes me so happy that Dante does that for you :)

Also, WHY ARE DAD'S SO HARD!!!? It's impossible to get a good present for them. I totally know how you feel. And also, I'm totally going to watch the Bachelor :)

love you!

OH- and you look so pretty in that pic!

Kristi M. said...

I love awesome, caring customers. They make all the difference. Dogs are also pretty great. The unconditional love that they give can easily cheer anyone up.

Megan and Greg said...

That's cool. Small things can make such a difference. Sorry I haven't contributed any recipes recently. My life has been overwhelming. You'll find out why once things have finalized and I blog about it, or if you just call. Anyway. I have been thinking of you. Honestly, I bought agave last week and splenda this week, all for the finding and experimenting with recipes in the name of Clayton and Danielle. But the days have just been passing. Whenever I think things are calming down, they explode in my face the very next day. I'm sure I don't have to explain that to you. I love you.


are ytou not doing chef danielle anymore? it's not on your blog...


nevermind- checked your creative blog- got it

Aliese the Writer said...

First of all, there were Cadbury Mini Eggs?!!! I love those!!!

I am so sorry that you can't have sugar. But let us not dwell on the bad. Let us dwell on the good. The sewing sounds fun! I hope you have a great Christmas! Did you know I'm in Firth till Wednesday? Love you! :)

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you so much and I hope to get something sent to you afer Christmas. Will try I am so happy you have Dante, dogs are such unconditional loving beings. They are total non judgemental and innocent. I love you so much and We are praying for you. It has been a hard few weeks for me with grandpa having 2 eye surgeries and then the hip surgery, and I stayed at the hospital the whole time with him. Too many doctor visits and too much to do. I miss you hugs and kisses