Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I'm just lovin.........

Christmas. It truly is the most wonderful time of year. I am a firm believer in that. Here is some proof that Christmas time just makes people happy.

Are you not happy yet? Okay, try this.

Josh Groban Christmas. HELLO happiness. I love love LOVE this cd. I tear up in half of the lie.

My Lamp I got at the DI for 15 bones. Woot!

I love when I come home from work (that alone is enough to be joyous about...being done with work), make dinner, set the table with the linens that I made myself, have the kitchen clean before Clay gets home from work, and then clean up dinner after we are done eating. Seriously? I think this is where I belong. The home. SUCH satisfaction in making dinner and cleaning up afterward. Oh!
Pumpkin Bread. I didn't take a picture. Why? It's night time...only daylight pics of food look my oh so humble opinion. I'll take a pic tomarra and put it on the chef blog.

This lil guy. Actually, this BIG guy. He is so freaking huge. He is SO funny. He is big enough now, that he walks up to the couch and just rests his bum on a person. Today, he was under the table when we were eating dinner, and all of a sudden...Dante is sitting on my knee. He is still on all fours, but he is resting his bum on my knee. We seriously crack up at this dog SO MUCH! He is so full of love, and we love him so much!

Lori's artichoke dip. Oh...heaven. Our bless-ed friend Lori brought over artichoke dip, french bread, and a recipe...and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We are probably gonna make it again I'll take a pic and put it on the chef blog when I do.

Which brings me to...good friends. We have such good friends. We play games, we watch shows, we eat food, we stare at their's great.

My ipod nano. Did I ever tell you I have the coolest boss eva? Yeah- he just surprised us all with Ipod nanos one day. It freaking ROCKS! It take video, has a built in speaker, you can pause live radio, it is pretty much the best mp3 player I know.

Pie. I made this apple pie for thanksgiving. I think it's the most beautiful pie I've personally made...however, it didn't taste nearly as good as it usually does. I have no idea what happened. Maybe because there are holes in the top the juices didn't stay inside as much or the flavor seeped out? I have not a clue. But it looks nice. Either way...I love pie.
apple pie
Halloween. I never posted pics. I know it's way late...but I want to document it anyway. We had a ton of fun at our friends house- we played all sorts of murder games and we all had pretty sweet costumes. I made a pumpkin roll for the event. It was aight. Dallin, and the Doman's came too...but they didn't dress it wasn't quite as fun to take pics of them! Sorry!!!!!

If you are wondering if I am aware...I am. I know that if you cropped my head out of that pic I would look like a 12 year old girl with no boobs. Oh dear.

Jed pretty much rocked the costume idea. He definitely wins for making me laugh the most when simply looking at someone.

Brooklyn (baby Killian) was a bear (which her Grandma made the costume-by the way!) and the bottom right pic...I love! It looks like Lori is feeding a baby bear! But Brooklyn is in there! Promise!

And this is just a collage I did in my hallway. I particularly love it.

And for those of you who want to see the kitchen. BAM!

There tis. It used to be oak cabinets...They still are...just painted now. I LOVE IT!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're alive!

Yeah, so...I personally haven't posted for an entire MONTH! First, I was at my parents house in Oregon for a week, then I was moving INSTANTLY after that...yep, we bought a house! Which actually consisted of a WEEK of prep work before we could move in such as: cleaning, painting, replacing floors, and random things like lights, blinds, toilets, etc.Then we moved in and it has taken us all week to get stuff KINDA in order. I basically only have books and decor to put away/up. The books...well, we needed a bookshelf becuase all the places we've lived have had built in bookshelves. Trully. We did. So now I have all these books with no home. Thank goodness, Patty just so happened to be not needing one of hers! Hoorah! The books will be put away tonight! During all of this we still work full time, take care of Dante, take Dante to puppy school (which he is ROCKING at, by the way), go to Chiropractor (I am trying to heal my back), obsess and get excited for New Moon (okay, that was just me), GO to New Moon (details on that next)....anyway, we've been BUSY! I promise I'll have a few pics later. I can basically only handle words for now. I have looked at blogs at work occasionally but haven't really commented on ANYONES. So, don't feel like I've shunned you.

Going to Oregon was GREAT! It was soooo great to see my Mom, Amy and Megan. It was nice to see Greg, Mike and my Dad....but let's face it. It was GREAT to see the ladies. Amy and I kinda just bummed around watching tv and stuff. It was perfect. Poor thing. It was hard to see what a hard time she's going through with the Chemo, but I was so happy to be there and help in any way I could. Which was basically just sitting there with her! She is amazing. Even with everything she is going through she always has a smile and happiness about her. Megan and my Mom were moving stuff most of the time I was there. My parents moved, so they were working on that. But I did get to spend some time with them, not as much as I would normally like, but it was great seeing them.

We love our house. Both Clay and I can't really comprehend that we are actually homeowners. It's still surreal. We always just look around and smile.

Well, today was pretty much a rockin' day. Why? We saw NEW MOON! Holy Freakin Smokes, it was amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Even as much as I tried to keep them low, I went in with high expectations, and they were met above and beyond. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was wondrous. Acting, filming, effects, EVERYTHING was sooooo much better. Jacob is smokin, his and Bella's chemistry is PERFECTION, the wolves rocked, the vampires rocked- the volturi? AMAZING! I want to go see that movie again. Right now. Clay, I'm pretty sure he won't get upset with me for saying this- loved it. He has read the books though. I have read and heard a lot that those who have read the books LOVE the movie, but those who haven't think it's slow. I think it's because they honest to goodness stay way true to the book. There was only ONE part....ONE, that lasted about 10 seconds...where I thought- 'oh please, just stop. That is way too embarrasing to watch'. For those who have seen it, the part where Bella and Edward are wearing clothes from the 50's and are running through the woods? Yeah. No thanks. They could've done that way better. But seriously? That was the only part that I cringed at. The rest was prime. Now I'm just way excited for Eclipse! Which comes out in less than a year!

I only work 3 days next week. This is a heavenly thought.

It feels like there are SO many things I wanted to blog about...but I'm tired. And I can't remember anything! I know I am excited about LOST, Jake on the BACHELOR, and AMERICAN IDOL to start in a few months. I'm super excited for Christmas. And I'm super excited for life to go back to in non-move mode.

Dante drives me more crazy every day...but I also love him more every day. I can't IMAGINE how much love I'll feel when I have kids. This always happens. I always thought that with my nieces and nephews, how could I love anyone more? I feel that same way with Dante. Sometimes I get these surges of love for him, that are crazy wild, where I just think- oh my gosh, kids are going to be awesome. Because I just love him so much! Like I said, he drives me INSANE sometimes, but a lot of times, he is soooooo stinkin cute and sweet that I just want to hug him and cuddle him on the floor. Yes, hug and cuddle a dog. He can just be the sweetest thing. I have changed so much since we got him. I used to HATE dog shedding, slobbering, etc. Now I just don't care. I have just accepted that no matter what, my pants are going to be dirty by the end of the night with dog slobber. I don't even care. It's crazy. He slobbers on my newly painted cupbards in the kitchen and gets some sick-nasty mix of slobber/grass/dirt on them...and I laugh. I LAUGH! I don't even care. I just wipe it off. Anyway. He's awesome.

Alrighty. Love you all. Miss you all. I will be back to blogging regularly soon.