Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just a collage of my instagram photos from my phone...

-I went through a spout of eating quinoa, berries, and almonds, for at least one meal a day. Sometimes two...haha.
-When the weather is nice we've been TRYING to take Dante on walks...
-My kitchen has been a disaster the majority of the time.
-Sometimes it's clean, so when it is...I need to document it :)
-We went bowling the other night.
-I got a little mini bag of cadbury mini eggs on my birthday- they were so delicious. I had cheesecake and bread and cheats on my b-day and went to bed with a bad tummy ache. My birthday was it though- no more since then.
-I got some cute new clothes for my birthday.
-The last right corner pic is basically of me after work yesterday. Tired.

Well, it's official that I passed my classes....HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Do you know how sick I was of group work? VERY. Now I just need to send in my paperwork and stuff and it'll be official. It'll probably take a month or so, then I'll be a CPA :)

I try to think of anything I've been up to and I really can't think of anything except work and school. Pretty exciting. I haven't been to Zumba in ages. I just got too busy with school and didn't have time. I'm really excited to get back.

Probably the most exciting thing is that Clay has turned into a crazy lucky person! So for hunger games, he won free tickets from a bank...he entered on facebook and won. The other day the same bank said, "Guess a number between 0-331 and if you guess the right one you get two free movie tickets!" So I tell Clay to enter and he guesses 44. He says, "Let me know when I win". I look and about a second later, they announce that Clayton Phillipp won! So now we get two free movie tickets! When he went in to get them at the bank, they mentioned how he had won before. On his way out he said, "I'm sure I'll see you again!" or something like that :) Then when we went bowling, they were giving out prizes randomly, and they person to get a strike gets a prize! It was literally like seconds before he bowled and he got a strike. hahaa. That prize wasn't as exciting though. But he got to go play nurf tag or something weird like that. Our other friends had some tickets for it as well. Anyway- the point is...I told Clay he has to enter everything now.

Alright, well I need to do the dishes at some point...and I need to remake a breakfast because I made a smoothie with stevia instead of agave and I just don't like it. Oh well. Cya!