Sunday, May 31, 2009

Watch this please?

I've already watched this about...10 times...expect to watch it more. I am SO EXCITED! It looks awesome. Thank goodness Bella looks 10Xs prettier, Edward's whiteness doesn't look retarded, the transformation scene from man to werewolf looks GREAT! I am so excited.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chicken & Broccoli Braid

Chicken and Broccoli Braid copy

Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread Recipe

Food, garden, patio furniture, response to responses

I updated my cookbook blog. I put the one hour cinnamon roll recipe, as well as a coupe new ones. Here are the pics.

Chicken and Broccoli Braid copy
Wheat Bread

I have been thinking since we moved here that I wanted a garden out of this:

Well, today I finally went and got some soil from the store, some seeds, and Patty already gave me some tomato after a LOT of hard work...voila!

A garden!

Clay helped with the digging up the dirt and turning it and mixing it and such. He was great. Okay- there were about...mmm....I think....a TRILLION rocks in the bed. Drive me crazy. I have so much respect for my mom, and everyone else I know- who has had these GINORMOUS gardens. This is SO SMALL compared to my mom's greenhouse, and her old garden at our old house. I can't believe how much work it is! Yowsa. Anyway- I'm way happy. I have only planted the tomato plants and two rows of lettuce. YES- two rows! One, that is Bruce's 24-7 meal. Two, we like lettuce. Anyway- hopefully we will get some carrots and cucumbers soon. I feel so cool.

Clay's mom also got me this.
Love it.

Clay's parents got new patio ware, and so they gave us their old stuff! I LOVE IT when family gets new stuff! Anyway- we are LOVING IT! We ate lunch outside the other day. It was wondrous.

I feel I need to respond to the 3 people who actually read my blog and comment....about the American Dream. First off, I want to say that I never said it was impossible for someone to get a good life from nothing, and I never said that the American Dream isn't achievable. My whole point was that the illusion that the American Dream will make one happy, is false. Secondly, I was very surprised by the response to money. This WAS my point, and I disagree just about 100% with what you guys said about money. First, there was something said that financial problems cause divorce. I think that is false. Divorce is caused by selfishness. They may blame it on money, but it is really because of selfishness. Every divorce can be traced back to selfishness of one or both people. Secondly, it was said that a lot of problems go away once you have money...and that life is a lot easier. I can agree on the fact that some things come easier when you have money, but I completely disagree that people with money have less problems than people without it. I think that if someone isn't happy, or has problems and is poor, they are STILL going to be unhappy and have problems if they are rich. Happiness and unhappiness is not dependent upon money. My whole point is exactly THAT. The American Dream has become something that says you have to have money to achieve happiness and your dreams. I think that the American Dream leads people to never be content with their lives. I think that it leads people to focus on money a LOT. I don't think it's bad to have money, obviously. I just think that it's false to think that it solves any problems of unhappiness, or marriage, or whatever. If your unhappy without money, you're not necessarily going to be happy with money. Anyway...I'm just going to drop it now.

Clay had some friends he had when he was younger stop by and visit since they were in town. This was a timer on the camera...hence the awkwardness.

This is Clay...

Watching Bruce!

Alright...better get to more homework. It is never ending.

Peace out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am a professional at wasting time


Do you know what one of the things I did today was? Looked at celebrities decide which celebrity looked better in the same outfit. I didn't vote or anything, but I HAD to look at all the pictures. Seriously? This is how I spend my time. When I could be...calling my mom or sisters or something. Anyway.

The American Dream. I'm going to completely go out there and beg for hate comments BUT...I've decided it's a joke. YEP! I said it. It's a joke. Do I believe that people can do anything if they put their mind to it? Not quite, but to extent, yes- I think people can get rich and such if they work hard enough, and America makes that QUITE possible...what with all the government hand outs and stuff. So anyway- why do I think it's a joke? Here's how I came to this conclusion. In my literature class we just finished reading My Antonia by Willa Cather. So my teacher wanted us to all keep in mind the American Dream while we were reading it. We talked about how the American Dream has evolved through the ages. So after reading My Antonia I've come to the conclusion that the American Dream makes people miserable. YES- MISERABLE. Why? Because the American Dream has simply caused people to never be satisfied. People are constantly looking for MORE. I'm guilty of it. In the book, there is a major theme of characters who are happy, but change their lives because they think they should because of societies conventions and such, but they were happy. Since they changed, looked for more, they became unhappy. You'd just have to read it to understand. But the HAPPIEST PEOPLE, were the ones who were content with what they had. I do not mean to say SETTLING...but maybe I am. I think that I've seen this throughout my life- there are so many people I've seen that are poor as church mice ( yes, I just said poor as church mice) but are as happy as can be, because they are living in the present. Church leaders say it all the time- live in the present. Don't live for tomorrow, or dwell in the past. Live for TODAY. So anyway- the book has a major theme of happiness in being content. If you are always thinking, "Once I have THIS, I will be happy" you will never be happy. I admit I am 100% GUILTY of this thinking process. So anyway- I think the American Dream is a joke, because it's evolved into this idea that you can always have MORE. Sure, that may be true, but it is deceitful when thinking about the result. Now I must say, people can be happy if they are rich or wealthy or whatever. That is not AT ALL what I'm saying. I'm just saying that if people think the American Dream leads to happiness, I think they are being fooled. The American Dream leads to discontentment, in my opinion, which is an endless road of disappointment and unhappiness. Anyway- not to be a downer or anything. I've just been thinking about that a lot. I'm trying to live in the present's hard. Yay for hate comments- bring em! (Don't worry- I'm still a Republican and I LOVE AMERICA! Even if Obama is President...oh dear)

Well, Clay and I have been pathetic sicklings the past week. I was so sick that I stayed home from school one day- I NEVER DO THAT! It's been horrid. I think I'm finally getting over it though...BUT leading to allergies. Love it.

I have about a billion pics to load but I'm so lazy. I just need a long day to load up pics. It'll come soon enough...

Next week is midterms. YES! That means I am about halfway done with my LAST SEMESTER IN COLLEGE! That rocks. Do you all realize how excited I am? I'm really SO excited for the graduation event part. I have NEVER worn a cap and gown and I am SO wearing one and marking my achievement with that wonderful march. So many people say, "Oh it's so stupid- why should I walk? It's not like it means anything- I hated high school graduation"- like my husband. WELL it IS a big deal. And that WILL be a picture I load up. Me and Clay in our caps and gowns graduated. Yessssssssss!

Summer is here. I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Today I went and read in the sun. It felt wondrous. I'm even getting some sun on my arms. My legs never seem to get tan. I swear they repel the sun for some reason. I don't get it. Oh well.

Tutoring is fine. It's pretty busy. I wish people would stop telling people about the lab. hah. Yesterday I tutored someone who is insane. I don't understand. Sometimes people come in and they talk the whole time...they ask me a question, but don't let me anwer. They continue to talk in...for lack of better word...stupidity (I don't mean that I think they are stupid- they just don't know WHAT they are talking about) and they always say, "I think I understand this part really well" and when I look at their homework, they most DEFINITELY do NOT know this stuff at ALL. Then they KEEP talking and never let me get a word I'm like, you want help or NOT?!?!! Drive me crazy. Then there was this guy who seriously SOAKED himself in cologne...I mean seriously, he HAS to go through a bottle a week. I could barely breath around him. He was in the library today when I was in there and I turned to see if it was him, which it was, because of the ENORMOUS smell of cologne. Why do guys do this? Don't they realize it defeats the purpose? I think some of the guys I tutor, even though they know I'm married, feel like they have to assure me they know what they are doing....I don't know why they want to look cool or smart. They know I know more than them, why else would they be there? I dont' know why they pretend. But I always feel bad for the type that act like they know what they are doing, ask me if it's right, and I tell them no...and they get BRIGHT RED faces. That makes me feel bad. I wish they wouldn't get embarrased. They also apoligize for getting things wrong. It's funny. I should say, "YOU SHOULD BE SORRY...GOSH!" But I don't. I say, "Uh...It's okay- that's what I'm hear for!" Also, there's this girl who is from some other country...I don't know - Nigera I think? Not sure- she asks me...pointing to her homework, "What numbers do I put here?" I'm like...uhhh...can't really do her homework for her. So I try to explain the concept. She says, "Yes, but what numbers do I put here?" I explain the concept in a different way," Yes, but what numbers do I put here?" WHAT THE HECK! Then she goes on to say, "I just don't understand the English, can't you just tell me what to do?" I say no, and try explaining again. Thank GOODNESS the lab closed quickly- otherwise I would've gone crazy. Then she comes in again, does the whole "I completely understand this part- but do I use these numbers or these numbers?" Okay- if she asks that question she doesn't know ANYTHING about ANY of the problem. I try explaining this to her, she again- thinks she knows better than I and says, "No no no- I understand that part- which numbers do I use?" I decide to just pretend she does know what she's talking about because I don't want to deal with her and there are a billion people in the lab so I say- "Those ones". She says, "Okay- I understand now." YEAH........right. Anyway. That's boring.

Well. That's my life. Enjoy it, ignore it, whatev. Again, I'm a professional at wasting time...thus, I have written all this down...avoiding writing essays! AHGGGGGGGG.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Inconsiderate partners, friday, LOST!!!

You know jump drives? Memory sticks? Those handy things that lots of college students keep their life on? least I do. Let me tell you a story about mine.

So I have a partner for a computer class. We are constantly having to swap jump data...blah blahb lahbl. So anyway. My jump drive is in my computer. Prior to me putting my jump drive in the computer, it is in perfect condition. I've had it over a it...put EVERYTHING on it. So the partner puts his in my computer so I can get his data. I'm fine with that. Class is ending, he takes jump drive out. I take mine out, and what do you jump drive is BENT! As in....bent. I look at my partner and say, "It's. Bent." What does he say? "Oh, is that a Kingston? Yeah- all my Kingstons are bent. They are so crappy." I say, "Mine has never been bent." He says, "Yeah it'll still work". Nice. The moron obviously was CARELESS while putting his jump drive in, right next to mine, causing MINE to bend. Doesn't he see the common factor here? All his jump drives are bent? None of mine ever bend? He ISN'T CAREFUL! Either way, my jump drive still works, but I can't close it, which will cause it to ware out faster, because of dust and such that will get inside. I CAN'T believe it. Seriously. I know I'm being a Whiny mcWhiney pants but he seriously saw that he did the damage, and acted like it was the freaking PRODUCT'S FAULT! Yeah right! If you guys don't use jump drives probably won't understand. But do understand that it contains all of my homework, important stuff, and it's not a FORTUNE but it does cost money, like 20 bucks, which I don't always like to throw around. What. Ever.

On a lighter note, it's friday! I get to work homework, hopefully make it to JoAnns or something.....

We are going to have Little Caesar's pizza tonight. It's become a sort of a staple in the Phillipp household. Little Caesars, breadsticks, sometimes pop. Have you all experienced the Hot n Ready Combo? It's quite a marvelous thing. If you can afford regular expensive gourmet pizza, you probably won't understand. But the Hot n Ready large pizza is only $5. Add breadsticks, sauce, and pop, it's $9. It's kind of something we do every week when we are tired. And lazy. And hungry. I'm pretty excited to be honest with you.


Wow. I've gotta say, the writers sure stepped it up on THIS one! Love, love, LOVED it! Except I have to say that I punched the air and threw the BIGGEST 2 year old tantrum when Juliet gave in to the magnetic force. I was basically crying for her pain. Oh, and Sawyer's reaction...priceless. Oh, oh, oh. I said to Clay, "This episode sure tore at your heart strings!" He rolled his eyes:) I think he even said, "Oh honey..." while saying it. Predictions anyone? I really have no idea. I mean...what with the new Locke, who really isn't Locke, and Jacob dead, and Juliet dead, and Sayid shot, and everything in the world. I really just can't believe HOW MUCH religious symbolism there was. I know there always is, but it was STRONG in this episode. Jacob...good or bad? I kind of think the fake Locke symbolizes Satan. He doesn't seem good to me. Too Ben Linus-like. Did you like how the manipulator was being manipulated? Loved it. But hated it. All at the same time. Okay, another thing...this episode was GREUSOME! Stabbing Jacob, rolling Jacob into the fire, the Dharma guy getting stabbed with a pole, Sayid getting shot, and a whole lot more scenes. SO- what is going to happen? Will they stay in the 70's? Will they be back at present with Sun and fake Locke? Will they not know each other anymore?

Well...lab's closing here in a couple minutes. So I'm off.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank goodness it's friday. YAY!

I just looked at my calendar...and I have NO ASSIGNMENTS DUE MONDAY! None that I haven't done already, anyway. Do you know what a miracle this is? Guess what I decided I'll do? Get my reading done for TUESDAY! I'm always struggling and barely getting my reading done for my literature class...FINALLY SOME TIME! Yesssssssssssss. I'm in the lab now...waiting for my shift to start...and I really don't have anything to do. I suppose I could read a chapter in my business book...but I really don't need to. I wish I had my camera and Photoshop on here. Then it would make things so much more fun. But I don't. I have a LOT of pictures of food that I need to edit and post. However, I haven't really found the time.

Tomorrow is Patty's birthday!!!!!!! We will go down and celebrate with her for that. And then we will go down and celebrate with her for Mother's Day too, the next day! I hear Paul is making his delicious burgers. I'm pretty excited, and I usually don't get even an OUNCE of happiness when it comes to burgers- this should tell you the brilliance of Paul's burgers. They're just good. That's really what it is. They are GREAT! I never liked hamburgers until Paul made them on the barbeque. Never. Now I find myself craving them...ANYWAY- Paul will do that for Mother's Day I think...and then I think for her birthday we are going out to eat...I think...this is just what I remember hearing. Either way, I'm excited. Patty is definitely worth the trip to IF twice in a row:) More than worth it. I don't think it's fair that she's probably gotten gipped (spelling?) so many years for having mothers day and her birthday so close. She deserves two, full on celebrations. She is an amazing woman, and an amazing mother. Two great reasons for two parties.

In my sewing class, I'm making Clay a plaid shirt, you know this right?'s pretty much awesome. I kind of wish I would've made it for myself. Live and learn...I guess. Plaids are hard to work with, but the finished product makes you feel AWESOME! I seriously get something done, see that the plaids match perfect, and say to myself, "Man, I rocked this placket!" or something to that effect:)

In my home decor sewing class, we are FINALLY starting our projects next far we have gone over the sewing machine, how to thread it, the surger, how to thread it, how to use a rotary cutter, how to use an iron (yes, she really did teach us this)......etc's SUPER slow. But it's really nice to have a slow class among my heavy schedule. ANYWAY- the first project...I can choose one of the following to make:
  • 4 napkins
  • 2 place mats
  • 1 table runner
  • 1 table cloth
  • 1 appliance cover

I haven't decided what to do yet. I could go the easy way out and just do a surged rolled hem around 4 napkins...but I kind of want to do something I've never done before, and you know...learn something. So I am thinking either place mats or a table runner. I kind of want to do ALL of them...I'm sure I could in the amount of time we will spend...but that would be expensive. We'll see. I think I'll ask Clay what he wants.

This morning I was taking my trek to campus, from my distanced vehicle, and a boy passed me with a GINORMOUS cinnamon roll. I could smell it, slightly taste it even, and decided I HAVE to make bread and cinnamon rolls tonight. Or tomorrow. But probably tonight. It's about time I make bread anyway. We seriously can go through two loaves in ONE week...just the two of us. Really. This is the truth.

Well, I better go. I have nothing left to say and if I keep going it will get real boring, real quick. Oh yeah- I got to see Jenni and Michael...after they got ENGAGED! Yay! I am SOOO happy for them! They are super cute. Jenni's ring is GORGEOUS! (and really big too:))


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes, I still check daily...

I'm a DORK. This, I have come to accept. Anyway- being that I check regularly still, this is what I found today:
Yeah. Pretty much....I want it. A good Harry Potter debate never gets old. I'm not saying this is one of those...wait at midnight type of books. I just think it'd be entertaining!

That's all.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Need. A. Break.

So I'm in the accounting of one needs help, although they are bound to put their little blue cups ontop of their computers anytime now. Blue cups? Yes. We have a system. If you have an economics question, put a red plastic cup thing on your computer. If you have an accounting question, put a blue plastic cup thing on your computer. I, obviously, deal with the blue cup people...which are ENOURMOUSLY more common than the red cup people. It's been much more busy since the last time I posted. But there is a I need a break. Let me tell you my schedule today. I don't want anyone telling me "DANIELLE! You HAVE to do......" that kind of scolding. You'll see.

So I wake up, get dressed, don't eat breakfast. I have class at 7:45am-10am. I go straight to the library and do a reading assignment and study session for my next class that I will have a quiz in. 11:30-3:00 involves 3 classes. Back to back: Accounting information systems, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance. After this I go straight to the accounting lab to meet with a partner to put together a presentation for Monday. This takes 55 minutes. 3:55 I run to the bathroom because I haven't gone once today. Get back in the accounting lab at 3:59 just intime to clock in for work. I start to open my bannana that Clay brings me (I haven't eaten anything yet 4pm) and what do you know? A blue cup! Bannana goes down. Go help. In the meantime another blue comes up. Go back to chair, bring bananna to mouth until..."Danielle? Can you help me?" Bannana goes sadly back down. Finally get a break to eat the bannana. I open my sandwhich wrap that Clay brought me as well (bless him), take a bite, blue cup. Put it down. Help. Help. Help. Finally eventually finish wrap. It is now 4:55. WHEW! Takin a break. Eatin cool mint creme oreos. YUM! Have you ever eaten these? I helped one of our old friends from an old ward that Clay used to play HALO with and he had oreos and quite SERIOUSLY gave me the rest of the oreos! He did say to take some home to Clay.............I will TRY to do that. These are seriously mondo times better than regular oreos. head hurts. I'm tired. I'm so happy it's friday. Although I'll be back in the lab tomorrow morning. It is starting to feel like my entire life is Accounting.

This is turning out to be a horrible post. I am going to try and do something cool or fun this weekend and take pictures of it. Liven up the blog.

Nothing really too exciting has happened. Just school and work. Clay is working at the law firm that his mom works at, as an internship....hopefully. It is still going through the approval process which is WAY more intense than normal internships becuase his mom works there. So hopefully it passes...if not, oh well. He will have to just find one later and keep this as a job for the semester. But, it's going well and he is learning a lot from his mom.

This morning there was frost on my windows and I had to wait in the cold car for it to warm up and wait for the windows to clear. Such a good May Day.

I finished "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain. A few thoughts...
Mark Twain is hilarious. This book made me laugh out loud a LOT. The basic plot is a man, who lives in the late 1800's, gets hit on the head and wakes up in the year 500, in King Arthur's Camelot. Becuase of his 1300 some years of advanced knowlege, he soon gains complete power and status over the country. There are many references to the Church, to the stupidity of man, and major attacks on slavery. I didn't like the last half as well as the first half, but it was pretty good all around.

By the way, I just thought of something............................Long ago I mentioned how Clay desipises HSM. I recieved many comments on how he has been lying. WELL- I just wanted to clarify that this isn't true at all! He never said he loved or even liked HSM. He never hid the fact that it wasn't his prime choice of entertainment...but I always thought he could appreciate it for what it know. So anyway, he hasn't lied about Gilmore Girls, Avonlea, or anything. He's always been honest. He had just never...up to that point...expressed so colorfully his opinion on HSM. Anyway- just thought I'd clear it up.

Well..........that's all I got. Exciting, I know.