Friday, May 1, 2009

Need. A. Break.

So I'm in the accounting of one needs help, although they are bound to put their little blue cups ontop of their computers anytime now. Blue cups? Yes. We have a system. If you have an economics question, put a red plastic cup thing on your computer. If you have an accounting question, put a blue plastic cup thing on your computer. I, obviously, deal with the blue cup people...which are ENOURMOUSLY more common than the red cup people. It's been much more busy since the last time I posted. But there is a I need a break. Let me tell you my schedule today. I don't want anyone telling me "DANIELLE! You HAVE to do......" that kind of scolding. You'll see.

So I wake up, get dressed, don't eat breakfast. I have class at 7:45am-10am. I go straight to the library and do a reading assignment and study session for my next class that I will have a quiz in. 11:30-3:00 involves 3 classes. Back to back: Accounting information systems, Advanced Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance. After this I go straight to the accounting lab to meet with a partner to put together a presentation for Monday. This takes 55 minutes. 3:55 I run to the bathroom because I haven't gone once today. Get back in the accounting lab at 3:59 just intime to clock in for work. I start to open my bannana that Clay brings me (I haven't eaten anything yet 4pm) and what do you know? A blue cup! Bannana goes down. Go help. In the meantime another blue comes up. Go back to chair, bring bananna to mouth until..."Danielle? Can you help me?" Bannana goes sadly back down. Finally get a break to eat the bannana. I open my sandwhich wrap that Clay brought me as well (bless him), take a bite, blue cup. Put it down. Help. Help. Help. Finally eventually finish wrap. It is now 4:55. WHEW! Takin a break. Eatin cool mint creme oreos. YUM! Have you ever eaten these? I helped one of our old friends from an old ward that Clay used to play HALO with and he had oreos and quite SERIOUSLY gave me the rest of the oreos! He did say to take some home to Clay.............I will TRY to do that. These are seriously mondo times better than regular oreos. head hurts. I'm tired. I'm so happy it's friday. Although I'll be back in the lab tomorrow morning. It is starting to feel like my entire life is Accounting.

This is turning out to be a horrible post. I am going to try and do something cool or fun this weekend and take pictures of it. Liven up the blog.

Nothing really too exciting has happened. Just school and work. Clay is working at the law firm that his mom works at, as an internship....hopefully. It is still going through the approval process which is WAY more intense than normal internships becuase his mom works there. So hopefully it passes...if not, oh well. He will have to just find one later and keep this as a job for the semester. But, it's going well and he is learning a lot from his mom.

This morning there was frost on my windows and I had to wait in the cold car for it to warm up and wait for the windows to clear. Such a good May Day.

I finished "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain. A few thoughts...
Mark Twain is hilarious. This book made me laugh out loud a LOT. The basic plot is a man, who lives in the late 1800's, gets hit on the head and wakes up in the year 500, in King Arthur's Camelot. Becuase of his 1300 some years of advanced knowlege, he soon gains complete power and status over the country. There are many references to the Church, to the stupidity of man, and major attacks on slavery. I didn't like the last half as well as the first half, but it was pretty good all around.

By the way, I just thought of something............................Long ago I mentioned how Clay desipises HSM. I recieved many comments on how he has been lying. WELL- I just wanted to clarify that this isn't true at all! He never said he loved or even liked HSM. He never hid the fact that it wasn't his prime choice of entertainment...but I always thought he could appreciate it for what it know. So anyway, he hasn't lied about Gilmore Girls, Avonlea, or anything. He's always been honest. He had just never...up to that point...expressed so colorfully his opinion on HSM. Anyway- just thought I'd clear it up.

Well..........that's all I got. Exciting, I know.


Megan and Greg said...

What a sucky day. Ok, can you just eat a bannana while helping? Like talk with banana in your mouth? That's what I would do. I would just say, "Sorry, I haven't eaten all day." Or when someone asks say, "I just need to eat this banana real fast or can I take a few bites of my sandwhich? I'm about to pass out." I mean, who said you literally had to be at beck and call to these people. They're not bleeding, they can technically wait 2 minutes and still have their questions answered. Consider this.

Also, do you ever eat granola bars? Those used to be my saving grace when I was always out the door. I really liked Cliff bars. They are WAY hearty and taste good (they do look gross). A minus is they do make you gain weight. But not over night or anything. But if you just had them this one day a week nothing would happen. Sorry. But really, if you're starving, just eat. Their questions will still be answered, just 5 minutes later, and that is fine. I've discovered, if I EVER mention slightly that I'm tired or hundry my clients immediately stop and say, "Do you want to take a break? Do you want to eat something?" And put themselves second. I wouldn't be surprised if the students were the same. Just say, "I'm sorry, I have to take 5 minutes and eat something and then I'll be right here to help you."

Good luck. Sorry it was a crumby day. Love you.

Patty said...

I agree with Megan you need to make sure and eat so that you do not wear yourself down. It also helps you to think better. I love to have fruit and also protein/high fiber bars (yummy kind like Fiber one to eat to give me some needed energy in the morning) It sounds like you are super busy but if anyone can handle it for a trimester it is you. You are so smart. Take care. love you. bye now.

Sharon/mom said...

Well, they said it all and you know how I feel. At times like these things like yogurt, cheese sticks, etc are good choices. I know they are milk products, but we need food! I always love you blogs, even if they aren't filled with excitement! enjoyed talking to you! I love you!!!


haha- ok i never thoguht clay was lying. I just thought he finally voiced his opinion on HSM. I love clay, you don't need to worry what others are thinking about him. That's great he has the internship adn even better that his mom can just work with him, makes it a lot less intimidating. You have such a busy schedule! But, that's how your graduating so fast! Everyone says "how is she gradutating this year?!" And I just say she's a hard worker, she just goes goes goes, she can handle alot at the same time. I'm proud of you, and so excited that you're graduating soon! I love you!

Heidi said...

I hear ya on the mint oreos...MUCH better than the regular ones, they're also really good when their cold from the fridge and double stuf!! Yummy, you made me want to go ut and buy some :)

Lizzie said...

So. Sorry.

Never, ever, ever thought Clay was lying about HSM or any of the other QUALITY films/TV shows you have been watching. I'm assuming the last lie he told was about some pet when he was 5 years old. = )

I hope BYUI lets Clays job be his internship. It'd be so nice to have that checked of the list before graduation.

The oreos. Totally made me go out and BUY them, they sounded so good. Still haven't tried them, but I have faith that I will bust them open today.

Love you so much!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

The Oreos were very good, I had some last night. I hope you eat more often so you will be able to think when someone asks a question. You need to take care of yourself. I love you and I am sorry you had such a hard day.