Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank goodness it's friday. YAY!

I just looked at my calendar...and I have NO ASSIGNMENTS DUE MONDAY! None that I haven't done already, anyway. Do you know what a miracle this is? Guess what I decided I'll do? Get my reading done for TUESDAY! I'm always struggling and barely getting my reading done for my literature class...FINALLY SOME TIME! Yesssssssssssss. I'm in the lab now...waiting for my shift to start...and I really don't have anything to do. I suppose I could read a chapter in my business book...but I really don't need to. I wish I had my camera and Photoshop on here. Then it would make things so much more fun. But I don't. I have a LOT of pictures of food that I need to edit and post. However, I haven't really found the time.

Tomorrow is Patty's birthday!!!!!!! We will go down and celebrate with her for that. And then we will go down and celebrate with her for Mother's Day too, the next day! I hear Paul is making his delicious burgers. I'm pretty excited, and I usually don't get even an OUNCE of happiness when it comes to burgers- this should tell you the brilliance of Paul's burgers. They're just good. That's really what it is. They are GREAT! I never liked hamburgers until Paul made them on the barbeque. Never. Now I find myself craving them...ANYWAY- Paul will do that for Mother's Day I think...and then I think for her birthday we are going out to eat...I think...this is just what I remember hearing. Either way, I'm excited. Patty is definitely worth the trip to IF twice in a row:) More than worth it. I don't think it's fair that she's probably gotten gipped (spelling?) so many years for having mothers day and her birthday so close. She deserves two, full on celebrations. She is an amazing woman, and an amazing mother. Two great reasons for two parties.

In my sewing class, I'm making Clay a plaid shirt, you know this right?'s pretty much awesome. I kind of wish I would've made it for myself. Live and learn...I guess. Plaids are hard to work with, but the finished product makes you feel AWESOME! I seriously get something done, see that the plaids match perfect, and say to myself, "Man, I rocked this placket!" or something to that effect:)

In my home decor sewing class, we are FINALLY starting our projects next far we have gone over the sewing machine, how to thread it, the surger, how to thread it, how to use a rotary cutter, how to use an iron (yes, she really did teach us this)......etc's SUPER slow. But it's really nice to have a slow class among my heavy schedule. ANYWAY- the first project...I can choose one of the following to make:
  • 4 napkins
  • 2 place mats
  • 1 table runner
  • 1 table cloth
  • 1 appliance cover

I haven't decided what to do yet. I could go the easy way out and just do a surged rolled hem around 4 napkins...but I kind of want to do something I've never done before, and you know...learn something. So I am thinking either place mats or a table runner. I kind of want to do ALL of them...I'm sure I could in the amount of time we will spend...but that would be expensive. We'll see. I think I'll ask Clay what he wants.

This morning I was taking my trek to campus, from my distanced vehicle, and a boy passed me with a GINORMOUS cinnamon roll. I could smell it, slightly taste it even, and decided I HAVE to make bread and cinnamon rolls tonight. Or tomorrow. But probably tonight. It's about time I make bread anyway. We seriously can go through two loaves in ONE week...just the two of us. Really. This is the truth.

Well, I better go. I have nothing left to say and if I keep going it will get real boring, real quick. Oh yeah- I got to see Jenni and Michael...after they got ENGAGED! Yay! I am SOOO happy for them! They are super cute. Jenni's ring is GORGEOUS! (and really big too:))



Lizzie said...

I love your posts. They are such great reads. Cool about Clay's shirt and it sounds fun to make all of those other things. I can't believe you learned how to do all of that in your class. Thread the machine? Is that the class that Miss know-it-all is in?

Jenni is engaged! I'm happy for her. Also, interesting book cover. Sounds fun to read.

Love you.

Megan and Greg said...

That is so funny what you've learned in sewing class. Just hilarous. Though, I would love an ironing class. Sometimes I feel like I'm a little behind in that department. The cinnimon roll. THAT'S how I am everytime I go to the movies. I smeel the butter and mmmmmmmmm . . . I want so. I can even taste it a little too. Except here they don't even have butter on popcorn! What is the point then? AND, it's not even fresh! I SAW THEM WHIP OUT A PLASTIC BAG OF POPCORN!!! Isn't that crazy? Don't they know what they're missing? One of the wonders of Europe. It's crazy how things don't transfer over from country to country. I can't believe what a baker you are. I LOVE baking. But it takes time and makes a mess!

Lizzie said...

I love the post and I really like cinn rolls. You are so creative, and special. I love how you love Clay's mom, that is how I was with Evelyn Eds stepmom. She was the greatest next to my own. It is wonderful that you have a great relationship. I am happy you get to have a relaxing week-end and no homework. I love you


Mmm cinimon rolls sound so good. I'm glad you were able to have such a nice weekend, homework free. wonderful. You are so lucky you get to do the sewing class. a plaid shirt, i could not imagine. I bet it looks so cool. I love you and miss you! I don't like your new schedule, you're never available to talk.