Friday, May 15, 2009

Inconsiderate partners, friday, LOST!!!

You know jump drives? Memory sticks? Those handy things that lots of college students keep their life on? least I do. Let me tell you a story about mine.

So I have a partner for a computer class. We are constantly having to swap jump data...blah blahb lahbl. So anyway. My jump drive is in my computer. Prior to me putting my jump drive in the computer, it is in perfect condition. I've had it over a it...put EVERYTHING on it. So the partner puts his in my computer so I can get his data. I'm fine with that. Class is ending, he takes jump drive out. I take mine out, and what do you jump drive is BENT! As in....bent. I look at my partner and say, "It's. Bent." What does he say? "Oh, is that a Kingston? Yeah- all my Kingstons are bent. They are so crappy." I say, "Mine has never been bent." He says, "Yeah it'll still work". Nice. The moron obviously was CARELESS while putting his jump drive in, right next to mine, causing MINE to bend. Doesn't he see the common factor here? All his jump drives are bent? None of mine ever bend? He ISN'T CAREFUL! Either way, my jump drive still works, but I can't close it, which will cause it to ware out faster, because of dust and such that will get inside. I CAN'T believe it. Seriously. I know I'm being a Whiny mcWhiney pants but he seriously saw that he did the damage, and acted like it was the freaking PRODUCT'S FAULT! Yeah right! If you guys don't use jump drives probably won't understand. But do understand that it contains all of my homework, important stuff, and it's not a FORTUNE but it does cost money, like 20 bucks, which I don't always like to throw around. What. Ever.

On a lighter note, it's friday! I get to work homework, hopefully make it to JoAnns or something.....

We are going to have Little Caesar's pizza tonight. It's become a sort of a staple in the Phillipp household. Little Caesars, breadsticks, sometimes pop. Have you all experienced the Hot n Ready Combo? It's quite a marvelous thing. If you can afford regular expensive gourmet pizza, you probably won't understand. But the Hot n Ready large pizza is only $5. Add breadsticks, sauce, and pop, it's $9. It's kind of something we do every week when we are tired. And lazy. And hungry. I'm pretty excited to be honest with you.


Wow. I've gotta say, the writers sure stepped it up on THIS one! Love, love, LOVED it! Except I have to say that I punched the air and threw the BIGGEST 2 year old tantrum when Juliet gave in to the magnetic force. I was basically crying for her pain. Oh, and Sawyer's reaction...priceless. Oh, oh, oh. I said to Clay, "This episode sure tore at your heart strings!" He rolled his eyes:) I think he even said, "Oh honey..." while saying it. Predictions anyone? I really have no idea. I mean...what with the new Locke, who really isn't Locke, and Jacob dead, and Juliet dead, and Sayid shot, and everything in the world. I really just can't believe HOW MUCH religious symbolism there was. I know there always is, but it was STRONG in this episode. Jacob...good or bad? I kind of think the fake Locke symbolizes Satan. He doesn't seem good to me. Too Ben Linus-like. Did you like how the manipulator was being manipulated? Loved it. But hated it. All at the same time. Okay, another thing...this episode was GREUSOME! Stabbing Jacob, rolling Jacob into the fire, the Dharma guy getting stabbed with a pole, Sayid getting shot, and a whole lot more scenes. SO- what is going to happen? Will they stay in the 70's? Will they be back at present with Sun and fake Locke? Will they not know each other anymore?

Well...lab's closing here in a couple minutes. So I'm off.



Mike got the computer to load up! So I just read your blog- that is so awful and rude that he bent your stick, I can't believe he just did that and didn't offer to get you a new one! He coudl have atleast apologized. Little Ceasers- we totally do that. I love the bread sticks. I usually just get full on the bread sticks and pop. LOST- we aren't caught up on it, because teh internet has been down- so I could read that part. I love you! and miss you!

Megan and Greg said...

Didn't read the LOST part, 'cause we haven't watched it yet- but yes- Greg and I had the $5 pizza every week. But you guys are high rollers, we NEVER had the pop and bread sticks. Ha ha. That sucks about the drive stick thing. That would REALLY upset me. Thank goodness it still works. And after this year- you won't need it as much.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love you and I think it is wonderful that you can afford the pizza. I think that guy should really be whacked. What an idiot. I think some people are just thoughtless. Take care and just think you won't have to suffer fools like him for much longer. Hugs

Sharon/mom said...

I loved the part about you and Clay on the couch and him rolling his eyes. Your dad always teases me when I cry. I have fond memories of Pizza nights. We have Subway ones now. I can't believe that stupid boy!! We have tenants like that! Love you!!!!

Heidi said...

As soon as you said Little Caeser's it brought me right back to my Rexburg days, in fact I haven't had one since!
That stinks about the jumpdrive, I always hated doing partner projects for reasons like that.