Friday, February 29, 2008

Look who decided to be healthy today:)

This was my dinner tonight. I was too lazy to make something so I went for the bagel. Then I was like, oh yeah.....because I had just gone to Winco and had a sudden desire to be healthy, I bought a ton of veggies and some fruit. So I decided to fill my plate up with veggies. It looks marvelous and at the time I didn't think it looked like that much. Well, yeah pretty much it was. I couldn't finish the grape tomatoes, which were DEVINE by the way. Do you like how I'm going to throw this huge accomplishment away by eating cadbury mini eggs afterwards? I think I just might do my crunch for an egg combo. If you don't get it, refer to my previous post about dough, same idea-different treat. I just can't bring myself to exercise so I resort to kind of exercising while eating treats so I don't feel horrendously guilty. Now I don't want you guys to go thinking I'm so great-looking at my plate full of vegetables. I haven't eaten vegetables for like a month. I'm really not exaggerating. That's why I went on that spree at Winco today. I don't eat BAD, I just don't include all the things I need to. I'm going to try and change that. I decided salads just aren't for me. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE a good salad. I am just so lazy. I decided if I want to be healthy, I have to have finger food veggies available. I decided to cut up all the celery and tear apart the broccolli (and I was going to cut up peppers in slices too but Winco's peppers are YUCK) keep them in little tupperwares or ziplocs and eat them with each meal. Meaning...dinner because that's the only meal I'm home for. But I also thought I'd bring some to work for snacks. I sound motivated right now, but we'll see how I do next week. By the way- are bagels even that good for you? I doubt it. It is whole grain...or multigrain. I forget. So at least it's not just WHITE. You know? Ah. I'm just really wanting to get in some good habits before I start having children so that ONE- I won't gain TONS of weight, and TWO- so I will be in good habits so that my KIDS will be healthy. I don't know. I am just so insecure about all this lately. I just want to be healthy.

Weather has been GREAT. No snow all week. I love it.

My contacts suck. Sorry for the word choice, I'm sure some of you don't like it...but it actually fits perfectly. The suck in the meaning that they are like..."uncool, bad, etc" and they also feel like they are sucking on my eyes with their TEETH! ugh. I totally hate them. I didn't wear them today because they hurt my eyes the SECOND I put them in. They just get worse throughout the day. Dryness, itchiness, it feels like there are eyelashes in my eyeball- you know when that happens and it REALLY hurts? Yeah- basically, I have an appt tomorrow and I'm telling him I need NEW KINDS OF CONTACTS! Tiny eyes, my bum. I think he's foolin himself because these tiny contacts for my "tiny eyes" really aren't working. I think I need normal ones.

Clay is doing GREAT at his new job (as always) and I'm glad because he is always really happy when he is doing well at his job. We've had a rough couple of weeks though. He was trying out some new medication and we think he turned out to be allergic to it because he was having MAJOR stomach aches. Nothing gross like diarehah or throw up just massive stomach aches. I felt so awful for him. He has stopped taking the medication so his stomach is feeling a little better, but he is still feeling a little funny. If you guys can remember, just try to keep a little prayer in your heart for him. If any of you are unaware, Clay has a chronic joint disorder which causes him to be in pain all the time and so he is constantly on medication to help with the pain and everyonce in a while tries new stuff to see if it works better. He probably will hate that I put this in, but I just wanted you guys to know so that maybe your prayers could make this whole stomach pain issue a little better:) Clay is really just awesome. ahhahaa of course I say that, he is my husband, but I just am always amazed at his people skills. Half the time I think he is such a dork, and he knows it, but everyone thinks he is so cool. I mean, I guess he won me over and I thought he was cool too- I still do, but it's different. Hard to explain. I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway, I guess in his Business Communications class, he was 15 minutes early- there were like 3 other kids there early as well and the teacher came in early and said, "Clay, could you do me a favor?" he said sure so she asked him to come to the front of the classroom. She asked him to teach the class. He was like..."uh, okay sure". So she told him what to teach and stuff and what to go over and he just wrote it all down and she sat in the back like a student! Can you believe that? Well I've actually taken this exact class before with this exact teacher- and though she never did that with my class, I can TOTALLY see her doing this. So Clay taught the class! He said that it was a hit. I guess the teacher and many students told him he should be a professor because he was so natural and did great. I'm sure he was. It's just so funny to me. He said he wanted to be a professor. I told him professors make squat. He said maybe after he works for a long time. I told him that he will be amazing at what he does too, making 10X's the salary and will probably want to just keep making money. Yeah. We'll see. On a serious note though- if that IS what happens- obviously, it will be the right thing.

I think I've been imagining things or had super anxiety lately. For the past 3 nights I have sworn I heard someone trying to unlock or open our apt door. The first time it happened I thought Clay came home early and I called out- "Hun?" no answer. I seriously thought that the door opened and closed and so my heart started beating frantically. I decided to just go look. No one was there. I was a bit scared so I held onto my cell phone the rest of the night. The next night I swore I heard someone turn our door knob. It was locked of course, so it just sounded like an attempt to get in with no success. I bolted it. Tonight- SAME THING. ajsdkf;jasdkfjladkjsla Am I going crazy? Our apt hallway is actually pretty echoey so I could just be hearing the neighbors. I just freak myself out really easy and I hate it. I decided I'm just gonna bolt lock it every night. The reason it's freaky is because when I hear it, I can't SEE the door. I can only hear it. The door goes to a hallway that leads to where I am. So all I see is a dark hallway. Okay, I really just need to stop typing this because now I'm just getting nervous. Sometimes I wonder if I am normal, or if I need to get some sort of medication for anxiety. Now my dear sisters- I don't want you all to freak out here and tell me to go to the doctor right away okay? I just don't know if I have too much anxiety about this kind of stuff. Also, to anyone who doesn't realize, anxiety kind of runs in my family so don't say anything bad or stupid about it. Also many people in all sorts of my families who I love with all my heart are on medications which I firmly support and look at as a blessing-SO don't go raggin on meds either. I just had to you know- get that clear.

Well this post probably went way too long! I am going to snuggle up and read my book. I love you all!!!!!

OH WAIT- By the way. LeAnn, another intern at work- had thin mint girl scout cookies at work and let me have some. Okay- let me tell you- the marthastewart ones that I make are SO MUCH BETTER! I was so happy. I mean, the cookies she had were still good I guess. But I didn't even have a desire to have more simply because they didn't taste that amazing compared to the cookies I've been making lately. I felt so cool.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just a lil update

Okay- so I was just skimming the news on, and to my amazement I found something very interesting! There has been a study done as to whether or not Harry Potter can be addicting. Guess what they found- it CAN be addicting! Wow. All I could say, as I was checking this website devoted to Harry Potter almost a year after the epic story has ended and no more spoilers could come, ashamed I still have it under my bookmarked pages, was: NO STINKING CRAP! I was surprised someone was even funded for a study like that. All they'd have to do is see the millions of websites that still get thousands of hits per day. Sheesh.

So I am really enjoying myself. I made white chip chocolate cookies while Steph and Jenni were over on friday and there was leftover dough. I am eating it right now. I have justified it by putting the bowl of dough on the floor. How does this justify it? WELL- I am sitting in our papasan chair, which makes me lean back at a somewhat 45 degree angle- in order to get a bite of dough, I basically have to do a sit up. I have made a rule that I can only take one bite at a time. So- one crunch per spoonful of dough- that's okay right? Who am I kidding. I'm pathetic!

Saturday we had eye appointments. Our eye doctor was way funny. He totally is way feminine. NOT gay, just way feminine. He talks really fast. Anyway, I got contacts. I feel strange. For those of you who don't realize, I've been wearing my glasses daily since I started work. The contacts are alright. I'm just getting used to them. The last time I wore contacts was my freshman year in high school. I told my doctor that I didn't like- NEED them, and was too lazy to think about getting I just kind of stopped wearing them when they ran out, wore glasses when I felt like it. He called me a free spirit. He thought my cataract was cool. We talked about cataract surgery but considering that's around $5,000- we'll wait. I always feel like a complete idiot when I have my eyes checked. When I have my right eye tested (the one with the cataract) I can't go lower than the third line. Yes- the VERY HUGE ONES! And when I read them, I say it like a question. T O Z???? My heart is beating very hard through the whole process. Ugh. Oh well. It's all good. Oh yeah- he said that I have tiny eyes. What the heck?!?! I think I have normal eyes. Apparently I don't though. They are "tiny".

Today I was exhausted. Who knows why. I was just yawning all day. By 5:00 I was almost asleep.

It's snowing again. I just thought you should know. We had like 2 weeks of none.

OH YEAH- we went to the Rexburg Temple on saturday with our ward. It was very nice. So pretty.

K. That's IT! LOVE YOU ALL! I miss everyone. I think that I deserve a little extra attention at the family reunion because you all had one without me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random stuff I haven't posted

These are the beloved girl scout thin mint cookies I've been raving about. As you can see, I don't spend as much time as I could on them...I don't really try THAT hard to make them look good because it's kind of hard. But they are DELICIOUS!

Here is a box of soy milk! It was on sale at Winco. $1.06 per carton. That is a pretty good deal. So I got 12. I was just pretty excited that I got it! Yay!

Valentines day is over. Some women might be saddened by this. No more flowers or what not. Well. I, Danielle Phillipp, am overJOYED when V-day is over because that means it's EASTER TIME! Oh, the joy of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I gave in and got a bag. I know, awful. But I haven't even eaten them all yet! I've had them for over 24 hours now. Amy- I'm sure you understand what an accomplishment that is!

Is this not the cutest purse you've ever seen? I thought so too! I bought it. Man, you probably think I'm just a spending maniac, but I'm not. I promise. This was all done in moderation. Anyway, I love it so much. It makes me happy and I think it's just...wonderful! (by the way- it's from Payless:))

Remember me saying a while ago how I got these great deals at my favorite store? WELL. Here is my favorite purchase from there. I love dresses.

Lastly, for V-day-my boss got all the women in the office a boquet of flowers! This was mine. I totally liked mine the best out of everyones. I don't know if it was coincedence or if he really tried to make each boquet towards each person's personality. Anyway, the City Floral place is a client of his and so I'm pretty sure it was a good deal for him if you know what I mean. It was a nice surprise! I like my boss- he's way nice. He has 6 kids and actually reminds me of dad a lot.

Well, that's pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the Cullen's!

look here

the cullen's have been casted for "twilight". I think they are all pretty good! Rosalie could be prettier, buuuuuut I think Alice is way good. Anyway. Thought some of you would be interested!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Weird. Saturday. Okay. Good I did spell it right. For some reason I couldn't remember how to spell it!

So I've started making one of my daily checks for website. I've always seen this book randomly on there but never knew what it was about. So anyway, it is coming out May 6th? I think. BUT- what caught me was...they put an excerpt from the book online. I decided to read it since I had nothing better to do and it was actaully way good. I totally want to read this book when it comes out. From what I can tell, it is about these "souls" who invade earth and take over people's bodies. Now I know that sounds way creepy...but when I was reading it, it didn't feel creepy. Anyway, I think...THINK, the souls eventually don't feel the human's feelings or memories after a while, but there is one soul that has kept feeling these human's feelings- there is a boy/man that finds her and thinks she is still all human. (there is like a war or something and the souls win...there are few REAL humans left...this is sounding way corny and stupid when I explain it but I am telling you, just read the excerpt. ) anyway, the soul is experiencing human things and I am thinking she is experiencing love with this man that thinks she is still human. Make sense? Probably not. The point is, it sounds pretty good. Besides, it will be a good fill while waiting for twilight in AUGUST! yessssssssss! I guess it's actually called something else that has now left my brain. Gosh what is with me?

I am feeling a little bummed this weekend simply because I know that my entire family is hanging out right now except me. I'm trying not to think on that too hard though. It's good that they get to see each other.

I only have 2 months left of my internship. Hooray and Huzzah! Oh yeah- I totally said something about politics the other day. I probably sounded like an idiot. Anyway, they were talking about how retarded it was that republicans were supposed to be conservative and good with money and that when Clinton was president the budget was good( or something like that) and that as soon as Bush gets in we go to war and have a huge deficit. Well- I just wouldn't have that because my mamma and pappa taught me well. And Bill O' Reiley:) I said...ever so timidly... well, I think that if some presidents didn't ignore the fact that terrorists were about, we were getting threats, and that we needed to take action, 9/11 could have been avoided...that maybe the reason we had to go to war and had to go into a deficit is because the Clinton administration played it so that everything would look nice from the outside but on the inside there were many warning signs and big set ups for what came after he was gone. I said something like that anyway. Then the boy said- "YEAH! I've actually heard that before.." Then she says, "well that is true, I just don't see why we had to go to Iraq. The terrorists didn't come from there!" So what I WANTED to say, was: "HELLO?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAD PROOF that Suddam Hussein was in cahoots with the terrorists, he himself was a TERROR to his own people, he was a HORRIBLE person to have on this earth. The people were basically slaves, it would've been a situation where in teh future, if we hadn't done something, we would all say- WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?! Where was the USA? They could've done something! Well, even if Iraq isn't where the terrorists of 9/11 came from, there are still terrorists and groups that are a complete threat to us and the entire world." Okay, but I didn't say that. I just thought it and breathed in and out. I just don't want to cause contention.

I was looking online and thought this was funny.

Alright. I guess I will go read or something. Love you all!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Okay Okay...

I know lots of people are doing polka dots......but I just think they are SO CUTE! I love my color scheme. Yours are all cute too of course, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE MINE! hehehe. Okay anyway. Happy Valentines Day! Figures. I have a V-day themed blog up until V-day and I change it on the day it was meant for! Oh well. Love you and Miss you ALL!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a quick update...does that even exist for me?

I just thought that because I COMPLAIN so much about the snow, I definitely should be HAPPY and tell you guys that we have had GREAT weather the past few days! It has been high 30's. The snow is melting!!! I know it will most likely come back...I mean...I know it will, but the fact is, I can see and walk on pavement, actual pavement. Not packed up snow that is slippery. I LOVE IT!

BYU-Idaho has things called "clusters". WELL, you either have to do a minor, which is 24 credits, or two clusters, 12 each. WELL- I already have a cluster in Communications. I was going to do one in Business but CHANGED MY MIND! I have wanted to take these certain classes forever and never found the time to do it. Well, I thought to myself: self, why don't you just CLUSTER in a fun department? If I ever decided to work in accounting, all they'd care about is that I majored in accounting. And I am. WELL, I am clustering in Home and Family Education. MEANING: I get to take classes on how to cook, manage meals, be a practical homemaker, sew, HOME DECOR SEWING!, money management, all sorts of stuff. I am WAY excited.

One thing that is awesome: we went to our friends apt for some games and they had like a billion calendars with pictures of Christ's life on them. They got them for FREE because the place they worked accidentally printed last years pictures on this years calendar. HA! We can't tell the difference. They gave us one! It's awesome. The pictures are really really pretty and I love them.

That's really about it. Work is boring, I dream of warmth and swimsuits, Clay is doing really well at his new job, and....yep. That's it! I've been in a mode of pity party for myself lately. I KNOW it's because I haven't been reading my scriptures. I have no excuse either. Now I am just kicking myself for it.

Love you all. Bye.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ups and Downs

Alright. Let me just vent for a minute.

My fellow intern, who is a mom of 4, late 30's early 40's maybe, anyway...she confessed yesterday that she liked and supported Bill Clinton as a president. How she read his Life book and how she was so impressed with how hard he has worked for everything he has. She said she probably wouldn't mind Hillary being president if Bill helped her out. For a good portion of the day today, she talked about it again. How she doesn't like McCain keep in mind her reason...BECAUSE he supports President Bush 100% after Bush said many lies about him in the last election. She doesn't like that he forgave him for all of that. She said that she hasn't agreed with Republicans in the past few years because they have been immoral (!!!!!!) in the way that they make deals and things that are wrong. She said that everytime a democrat is in office there isn't a deficit (lie) and that a republican always brings a huge deficit. She did however say that she is an independent. She sounds a bit like a democrat to me. Anyway......when she says all these things- I just sit and nod in understanding. I don't say anything. 2 reasons. I don't like to say things I don't know. I don't know a TON of politics. Also, I don't like contention. I don't want to bring up anything that could make my workplace uncomfortable. SO- the one thing I DID know, was that all the things she was saying just didn't FEEL right. That is one thing I will ALWAYS trust, my feelings. I have found that my natural instincts are usually right on. I don't say that to act like I am so amazing or something, I just feel like if we all went with our natural instincts (holy ghost involved) we'd be right on. ANYWAY, besides the point....I just didn't feel right when she was saying all that. I decided that I am, however, going to start doing lots of research on Hillary, Obama, and McCain. I want to be informed. I want to be able to have a solid conversation with someone. I feel very capable of having a peaceful conversation with someone about differences of opinion as long as I am knowlegable in the subject. I hate just shooting off my mouth when I don't know what I'm talking about. I also hate when other people shoot off their mouth when THEY don't know what THEIR talking about. Okay, I just had to get all that out because I was just a smidge irritated at work today when all this talk was about.

Want some ups? Well...our Bishop gave us tickets to the Rexburg Temple Celebration! We had no idea but heard today that President Monson, the PROPHET, will be speaking! We are actually going to be there in the room. I am so excited. Tomorrow is the day. We are psyched.

That's all. Oh and thanks to EMILY for the recipes. No one else has given any. Thanks a lot. I am still accepting if you wish to make up.

OH- one more thing. "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer, the last book of the twilight series, is coming out August 2, 2008! Thats only like 6 months away!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


OKAY! So, I get it. Use the Crock Pot. I actually have and I love it. BUT- I have like two meals I know how to cook in it. Don't just tell me generalities. I want DETAILED DIRECTIONS to meals. All who commented and all who are reading this now- even if I don't know you and you look at my blog (I do that...) please...PLEASE- send all successful, easy, quick, crockpot recipes to:


PS. I fell in Patty's driveway today. Thank goodness there was about a foot of snow to save me. I was so embarrassed.
PPS> I went to JoAnns last night and there were still Christmas Decor at 90% off! I actually really liked some of the decorations and got some and am SO EXCITED about it! You know those tall beeded cone tree things? I got two big ones and a small one. The big ones were 1.99 each and the small was 99cents. amazing. I got tons of ribbon. Also a cute little tin for candies for 59 cents. and some other stuff. I just have to tell you how meant to be it was. I decided to grab all things I wanted and walk around the store to think about it and then pick and choose after I add it all up. WELL, before I added it up, I said to myself- Okay. ONLY $10. That's IT. Not a PENNY over. I add it all up. It comes to EXACTLY $10!!!! This is not an exaggeration and I was using my cell phone calculator and I can prove it with my receipt! The exact amount I said I could spend. It was so meant to be.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

OH, the weather outside IS frightful. Too bad there's no fire to be delightful. But since there ARE places to go, let it STOP, let it STOP, let it STOP!!! (incase any of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, refer to the christmas carol, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)

Yeah, it has snowed SO MUCH! My car got stuck in the alley by Patty's house and it took 4 neighbors and patty to push me out. Yowsa. People say that these are the winters they remember when they were young and that we haven't had a winter like this in years. WELL, great. I try to be happy for the farmers, who have been praying for moisture. I suppose I am happy that people will prosper because of the snow.

I really don't have ANYTHING to say. I just thought I'd update so you know I'm still alive. I used to update ALL the time. Daily almost. Now it's like once a week.

Clay and I have kind of a crappy schedule going on right now. He just started his new job and for some reason he is scheduled 6-10pm M-F. I get home at 5:30 and try to get to bed by 10-10:30. What does that add up to? MAYBE an hour a day together. At least he has saturday's and sundays off. THAT, is very good. I'm still trying to figure out the whole dinner issue. How to feed my husband when he leaves 20 minutes after I get home. Any suggestions? I am going to research freezer meals online and see if there are any good ideas. I was thinking of trying to make a bunch of freezer meals and having directions for him so that he can make it early enough for him to eat it and that way I have dinner ready for me when I get home. I THINK he will be able to handle that. Clay is like my dad- he knows how to make toast...that's about it. His mom claims he knows how to make more than that, but Clay has never proven this to me. Oh well. I hope to figure this situation out soon. I hope even MORE that his schedule will be switched soon. I always miss him a lot by the end of the day and it just isn't enough to see him for barely an hour!

We watched the superbowl. Well...Clay watched the superbowl, I surfed, looked at blogs, looked at Patty's book collection, did laundry, ate sweets and occasionally looked at the good playbacks. I must admit, by the end there...I was extREMELY bored. I could tell that it was a really good game though. Clay was SOOOO into it. He never watches sports (we don't even have any stations so...go figure. But when we did have cable he still didn't watch sports) but everytime he HAS watched a game, like last superbowl, and this superbowl, he gets SO LOUD and into it. It surprises me. It's kinda cute though:)

Well, I am going to find something to eat, pop some cookies in the oven (white chip chocolate cookies- DELISH! I made enough the other night to have extra dough in the fridge) and then clean our bedroom which is a disaster because our portable hanger device broke. UGH. Walmart really is inexpensive for a reason huh?

Work is good. Boring. I hate getting up in the morning knowing the only thing I'm going to be doing today, is be in an office working. This really isn't my thing. WORKING I mean. Accounting isn't all that bad. I can definitely tell It'd be a little more enjoyable if I got to work with clients. Not that I WANT to do that right now. I just mean as a career, I would enjoy people coming to me for advice and me being the hero that gets them a good return:) It wouldn't be that fun telling them they messed up by not estimating their taxes and they owe more than they can pay. HA! I am still learning a lot and enjoying that part of it.

That's pretty much it! I am excited for Valentines Day. I want to try a new dessert recipe or something. I was also thinking maybe Clay and I should celebrate on the 15th so that we can actually spend TIME together.

K- love you all. If you have any advice on the dinner issue, let me know!