Monday, February 25, 2008

Just a lil update

Okay- so I was just skimming the news on, and to my amazement I found something very interesting! There has been a study done as to whether or not Harry Potter can be addicting. Guess what they found- it CAN be addicting! Wow. All I could say, as I was checking this website devoted to Harry Potter almost a year after the epic story has ended and no more spoilers could come, ashamed I still have it under my bookmarked pages, was: NO STINKING CRAP! I was surprised someone was even funded for a study like that. All they'd have to do is see the millions of websites that still get thousands of hits per day. Sheesh.

So I am really enjoying myself. I made white chip chocolate cookies while Steph and Jenni were over on friday and there was leftover dough. I am eating it right now. I have justified it by putting the bowl of dough on the floor. How does this justify it? WELL- I am sitting in our papasan chair, which makes me lean back at a somewhat 45 degree angle- in order to get a bite of dough, I basically have to do a sit up. I have made a rule that I can only take one bite at a time. So- one crunch per spoonful of dough- that's okay right? Who am I kidding. I'm pathetic!

Saturday we had eye appointments. Our eye doctor was way funny. He totally is way feminine. NOT gay, just way feminine. He talks really fast. Anyway, I got contacts. I feel strange. For those of you who don't realize, I've been wearing my glasses daily since I started work. The contacts are alright. I'm just getting used to them. The last time I wore contacts was my freshman year in high school. I told my doctor that I didn't like- NEED them, and was too lazy to think about getting I just kind of stopped wearing them when they ran out, wore glasses when I felt like it. He called me a free spirit. He thought my cataract was cool. We talked about cataract surgery but considering that's around $5,000- we'll wait. I always feel like a complete idiot when I have my eyes checked. When I have my right eye tested (the one with the cataract) I can't go lower than the third line. Yes- the VERY HUGE ONES! And when I read them, I say it like a question. T O Z???? My heart is beating very hard through the whole process. Ugh. Oh well. It's all good. Oh yeah- he said that I have tiny eyes. What the heck?!?! I think I have normal eyes. Apparently I don't though. They are "tiny".

Today I was exhausted. Who knows why. I was just yawning all day. By 5:00 I was almost asleep.

It's snowing again. I just thought you should know. We had like 2 weeks of none.

OH YEAH- we went to the Rexburg Temple on saturday with our ward. It was very nice. So pretty.

K. That's IT! LOVE YOU ALL! I miss everyone. I think that I deserve a little extra attention at the family reunion because you all had one without me.


Susan, Blain & kids said...

Hey it is hard being away from your family when you were used to seeing them all the time. I can feel for you I used to go to Patty's at least 4 times a week or more. I used to go to the same eye doctor and he is rather feminine. COOKIE DOUGH IS MY FAVORITE, but I don't do sit ups I just continue to eat it and get fatter by the day. It has not snowed here but it has rained. I hope you can manage to stay awake at work tomorrow, good luck with that. Tell Clayton I said HI!!!
LOve you guys,
Aunt Susan

Sharon/mom said...

I love you sooooo much! I think if its possible to study something,they will study it. Pretty good way to exercise. I wonder if I should try it or better yet share that form of exercise at ww's! Ha! Well, we had some rain, but no storms yet. I'm sure we will get some. Its been nice a little sun and a few clouds. I wonder if your eyeball is small or something you definitely don't have small eyes!! weird. well, it's 10:30 and I haven't even started packing for my trip!! I gotta go, love and miss you!


That is really funny about teh choc. dough and crunches. I'm the only one in the family that doens't exercize or feel bad not doing it, or even think about it. I know I will be after a baby, but until then I could care less. I knwo it would benifit my depression if i did watch what I ate, but I just don't. Look on my blog about my bangs- I want your opinion. WELL- you will recieve definite attention from me! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever! And I miss you so much! I think you should make your chocolate white chip cookies and crinkles so I can watch you and learn hwo you do it. Because you're are percet! I haven't had the white cho. ones from you though. I hope we get to live by eachother, we have so much in common and have so much fun together. Sorry you were so tired at work- I hate that. That's good you went to teh temple, how nice to have it so close by. how far away is it? I'm glad you got to hang with Jen and steph- I read her blog about it- her pics were funny. I lvoe it when doctors are funny. That is weird he said you have little eyes- I have never thought that. weird. Well- I love you!

mandijwaters said...

Oh Danielle... you are better than me. I would NEVER exercise to get food. I would rather the cookies were baked before I eat them so dough is not something I have to worry about. However, there are a million other things I can't stay away from. It was nice to see you guys too. Sorry about the picture Kinley drew of Clayton. She is gross. She is still talking about it too. Maybe it will keep the boys away from her for a while. :)
Have a good day!

Love ya

Chad and Jessica said...

Aaaawww, Harry's still kind of sad that the story has concluded. That study about it is totally funny. Ummmm, hello, duh! I love your cookie dough ab workout....sweet! When I had a really slow computer, I told myself that waiting for different screens/pages to pull up was a waste of time, so I started doing crunches while I was waiting. Holy cow, I didn't realize how much time I spent waiting for a new page to pull up until then, my abs were tired. I"m sorry about your eye exam, but your description was funny about the T O Z? thing.....tehe

Emily said...

You're cracking me up today. HP is totally addicting, they don't need a study to tell that!

I'm sorry it's snowing again. That really sucks.

Cara_Fardales said...

Girl i love you so much and yeah i know i shouldn't overload myself. I am having issues just having one job cause i worked part time for a long time and then not at all so yeah. But im posting a new blog check it out hehe.

Lizzie said...

Holy cow, I had no idea that your cataract eye was so bad!!! You crack me up about the cookie dough. Unfortunately, cookie dough has got to be my number one downfall. I LOVE it. I just read the last part of your blog about the fam reunion. =) I agree with you. We missed you so much and wanted you there with us. Funny about Muggle Net. I believe it can be addicting. At times in my life I have truly been addicted. Love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Good job of exercising and blogging. We missed you. Love grandma PS I think anything that is on the computer can be addicting. I am always looking at something. I love that it answers a lot of questions. grammy

Jenni.Jolley said...

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa you are SO FUNNY!!!! i love your cookie dough eating/cruches method! seriously- i might adopt it! you're so clever!!!! and crack me RIGHT UP!
love you :)

Rebecca said...

Ha. I laughed so hard, Darin had to come over and read what was so funny. I think I have to work that story into a weight watchers meeting somehow. Harry Potter, oh, I miss him. When is she going to start writing again. The girls and I watched the 3rd movie this weekend. I still want to dedicate a space in my home (small) to Harry Potter, in a classy way. Maybe you and I could work on that together. Love you.