Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the Cullen's!

look here

the cullen's have been casted for "twilight". I think they are all pretty good! Rosalie could be prettier, buuuuuut I think Alice is way good. Anyway. Thought some of you would be interested!


Susan, Blain & kids said...

Hey long time no chat for me anyway. I am excited also to be able to read her new book, I thought it looked rather interesting. I with check out the cast right now and get back to you on what I think.

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Ok I checked out the cast and I personnaly think that the one playing Esme does not fit, I don't think that she is as pretty as the rest but that is just an opinion anyway, I can't wait for the movie I think it will be great and did you notice it said " the first installment of its filmed franchise. so does that mean they are going to do every book, I am guessing yes. have a great week

love ya susan

Emily said...

Ooooh I love it! It makes me so excited!!

Ben, Amy, Jackson and Baby Dutch said...

I'm glad you posted this. I am so excited for the movie and it was cool to see who would be playing who!!!!! I think Alice is great too! But what is up with Jaspers hair? Yuck!

Lizzie said...

I thought they'd be way prettier. I like who they casted for the parents though. But the kids..I expected them to be stunningly beautiful. I'm sure in the movie we'll think they are.

The cookies look sooooo good. I want to make them. AND the cadbury eggs look so tasty. I am impressed that you still have some left. Love you and missed you terribly last weekend.