Monday, February 4, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

OH, the weather outside IS frightful. Too bad there's no fire to be delightful. But since there ARE places to go, let it STOP, let it STOP, let it STOP!!! (incase any of you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, refer to the christmas carol, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)

Yeah, it has snowed SO MUCH! My car got stuck in the alley by Patty's house and it took 4 neighbors and patty to push me out. Yowsa. People say that these are the winters they remember when they were young and that we haven't had a winter like this in years. WELL, great. I try to be happy for the farmers, who have been praying for moisture. I suppose I am happy that people will prosper because of the snow.

I really don't have ANYTHING to say. I just thought I'd update so you know I'm still alive. I used to update ALL the time. Daily almost. Now it's like once a week.

Clay and I have kind of a crappy schedule going on right now. He just started his new job and for some reason he is scheduled 6-10pm M-F. I get home at 5:30 and try to get to bed by 10-10:30. What does that add up to? MAYBE an hour a day together. At least he has saturday's and sundays off. THAT, is very good. I'm still trying to figure out the whole dinner issue. How to feed my husband when he leaves 20 minutes after I get home. Any suggestions? I am going to research freezer meals online and see if there are any good ideas. I was thinking of trying to make a bunch of freezer meals and having directions for him so that he can make it early enough for him to eat it and that way I have dinner ready for me when I get home. I THINK he will be able to handle that. Clay is like my dad- he knows how to make toast...that's about it. His mom claims he knows how to make more than that, but Clay has never proven this to me. Oh well. I hope to figure this situation out soon. I hope even MORE that his schedule will be switched soon. I always miss him a lot by the end of the day and it just isn't enough to see him for barely an hour!

We watched the superbowl. Well...Clay watched the superbowl, I surfed, looked at blogs, looked at Patty's book collection, did laundry, ate sweets and occasionally looked at the good playbacks. I must admit, by the end there...I was extREMELY bored. I could tell that it was a really good game though. Clay was SOOOO into it. He never watches sports (we don't even have any stations so...go figure. But when we did have cable he still didn't watch sports) but everytime he HAS watched a game, like last superbowl, and this superbowl, he gets SO LOUD and into it. It surprises me. It's kinda cute though:)

Well, I am going to find something to eat, pop some cookies in the oven (white chip chocolate cookies- DELISH! I made enough the other night to have extra dough in the fridge) and then clean our bedroom which is a disaster because our portable hanger device broke. UGH. Walmart really is inexpensive for a reason huh?

Work is good. Boring. I hate getting up in the morning knowing the only thing I'm going to be doing today, is be in an office working. This really isn't my thing. WORKING I mean. Accounting isn't all that bad. I can definitely tell It'd be a little more enjoyable if I got to work with clients. Not that I WANT to do that right now. I just mean as a career, I would enjoy people coming to me for advice and me being the hero that gets them a good return:) It wouldn't be that fun telling them they messed up by not estimating their taxes and they owe more than they can pay. HA! I am still learning a lot and enjoying that part of it.

That's pretty much it! I am excited for Valentines Day. I want to try a new dessert recipe or something. I was also thinking maybe Clay and I should celebrate on the 15th so that we can actually spend TIME together.

K- love you all. If you have any advice on the dinner issue, let me know!


Susan, Blain & kids said...

Try some crockpot meals, which are really good and simple and can be ready to eat as soon as you get home, or trying cooking a bigger meal and having leftovers to heat up quickly and there are always the freezer meals that you suggested and you could always prepare a meal the night before and Clayton could put it in the oven to cook. Like tin foil dinners you could put everything but the potatoes in and all he would have to do is slice the spuds, put them with whatever meat you decide to eat and cook them for one hour. I am sure he can handle turning on the oven and putting a caseroul (sp) in. There are a ton of meals out there that can be prepared a head of time and just be popped in the oven for an hour or so. Anyway hope that was helpful, if you need any recipes call me or call Patty I know that she has some.
Love you,
Aunt Susan

mandijwaters said...

I bet he can make a sandwich. (Tell him I think that is a FINE meal!) Ha! I hate to cook so I can't give you any advice.... I do think that crockpot meals would be awesome though. Cook up some taco meat and freeze it. All he'd have to do is heat a little up at a time and make himself a taco. I am not enjoying all of this snow either. I am too pregnant to go snowmobiling or I'd be thrilled with the amount we've gotten this year. It took me about an hour to shovel my driveway today... the man across the street was using a snowblower and I must admit that I was a little irritated that he saw this fat pregnant girl shoveling and didn't offer up 2 minutes of his time to come and blow off my driveway for me. It was not a fun time for me. Sorry to hear that you and Clay have not had much time together. I feel for ya. Leif has been traveling so much lately that I feel like he is never home. He's been going to Seattle every week for three weeks now. I can't really complain since he is the one who supports us, but sometimes I wish he didn't have to work so hard. Now that I've gone on and on.... hope you and Clayton get to spend some quality time together this weekend. You should come down to Kinley's birthday party. It should be fun!

Talk to ya soon. Love ya,

Cara_Fardales said...

Hey girl have to agree with the crockpot idea myself. They are awesome meals and there is usually leftovers so you wouldn't have to do it everyday. We got snow the other day but like 3 inches and it melted by night. I am sorry about your snow im sure it will end sooner than you can imagine(hopefully). Well girl i love you and i miss you.

Megan and Greg said...

I had NO IDEA Clay couldn't cook. At first I was thinking to myself, "Well why doesn't Clay just make YOU dinner." That is so funny. The freezer thing sounds good to me. Or just buy frozen burritos for him and make dinner for you. He should learn how to cook. It's a useful skill. I don't know. Your ideas sound good. I'm glad you blogged. No one has blogged lately. I keep checking it. That is funny about the superbowl. I didn't even remember it happened. I knew it was coming cause people mentioned it, but that's it. Greg got really into the one game we watched while his family was in town. I was annoyed of all the yelling. I couldn't believe how into it Greg was, never seen that behavior before. Yes, Walmart is cheap. We sort of don't shop there for that reason, except for few things. Last year Greg and I celebrated on the 13th, so your plan sounds good. Hope his schedule changes. That's how it was was Greg and I first got married and he quit his job after a month. Then his job that summer was like that again, so this last summer I said he's not working unless it's a day job, so he just didn't work. Hope it all works out. It was so good to hear from you. I love you.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh. I can't BELIEVE I forgot about Crockpots! They are AMAZING!! The first time you use one, you will just be overcome and LOVE IT!!!! Crockpot is the solution. I wish I could just send you my recipe book. Ok, if you choose this. And crockpots are cheap, if you don't have one. We got a good size one for possible $15, no more than $20. Anyway, if you get a recipe book, some are all complicated and you have to cook things before you put them in. Don't get those ones! It totally defeats the purpose! With crockpots you just throw it all in and put in on high or low and it's ready at dinner time. It is just amazing. And it can make REALLY TENDER meat! I always make our roast in the crockpot. Good luck! One book I like I got at Costco, it was under $10 and it was called 5 Ingredients or less. Something like that. And then they sometimes had little extras if you had more time. There was like a thousand recipes. So look into it. LOVE YOU!

Jenni.Jolley said...

all i have to say is AMMMMMMMENNNNNNNNNNN SISSSSSSSSSSTERRRRRRRRRR! i love rexburg with my whole heart, and I love the snow, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's for sure the worst winter I've ever seen, and many of my teachers too.HOLY MOLY!!! every single morning I march through a foot of snow, UPHILL!!! it never ever ever ever stops, when i get out of class, oh what do you know- a new layer of white. I think this weekend i'm going to play in it so I can enjoy it atleast! anyway, let's hook up soon!


Emily said...

Okay 3 things...
1) I used to get SO ticked when people would ask me to pray for snow...are you kidding me? But like you said, it's good for the farmers, and therefor, good for us...bla bla bla.

2) I was going to mention crock pots, but other people already did. I have a couple good crockpot recipes that are super easy, so let me know if you need some.

3) I totally made white chocolate chip cookies the other day, and had dough left over so I made more today. I just thought it was funny that not only did we make the same kind of cookie, but we both had left over dough. That's pretty cool.

Sorry about the sucky schedule, that's no fun.

Lizzie said...

Your twist on let it snow was funny. I am so sorry about the snow. You know how your body kind of gets used to the weather of wherever you live? Well, I can't imagine how freaking hot you will be here, if you are used to weather THAT cold.

I know everyone already said it, but crockpot is your answer. I love crockpots, and once you get used to the way they work, it's so easy. It can be in there like a couple more hours than it's supposed to and it still tastes fine. You'd both get a warm dinner. You should ask on your blog for people to comment with their favorite easy crockpot recipes and then you'll have some good ones to start with. Love you!!!