Wednesday, February 6, 2008


OKAY! So, I get it. Use the Crock Pot. I actually have and I love it. BUT- I have like two meals I know how to cook in it. Don't just tell me generalities. I want DETAILED DIRECTIONS to meals. All who commented and all who are reading this now- even if I don't know you and you look at my blog (I do that...) please...PLEASE- send all successful, easy, quick, crockpot recipes to:


PS. I fell in Patty's driveway today. Thank goodness there was about a foot of snow to save me. I was so embarrassed.
PPS> I went to JoAnns last night and there were still Christmas Decor at 90% off! I actually really liked some of the decorations and got some and am SO EXCITED about it! You know those tall beeded cone tree things? I got two big ones and a small one. The big ones were 1.99 each and the small was 99cents. amazing. I got tons of ribbon. Also a cute little tin for candies for 59 cents. and some other stuff. I just have to tell you how meant to be it was. I decided to grab all things I wanted and walk around the store to think about it and then pick and choose after I add it all up. WELL, before I added it up, I said to myself- Okay. ONLY $10. That's IT. Not a PENNY over. I add it all up. It comes to EXACTLY $10!!!! This is not an exaggeration and I was using my cell phone calculator and I can prove it with my receipt! The exact amount I said I could spend. It was so meant to be.



hahah- that is awesome!!! about the joann stuff! I love getting awesome sales! I actualy read your other blog right when you posted it, but I couldn't comment because my computer wouldn't open your comment thing- sooooo- now I can' remember what to comment on! I totally got teh christmas carol reference and loved it! I hate that you have to work- that is awful. I feel REALLY bad for you. I can't believe clay works those hours! You never get to see eachother! Atleast you miss eachother instead of being sick of eachoher! That's good. I am the last person to ask about dinner- I HATE IT! I wish they'd invent some pill that you can swallow that gives the nutrition needed!!! I hate taking the time to make and eat food! Crockpot is a good idea though- check out a book in teh library of crockpot recipies- they exist. Then it will be easy and free. I love you and miss you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

great buys and what a nice job of getting what you want for the price you want to pay. My friend lives in Firth and she is always complaining about the SNOW and I can understand that you hate it. When I lived in UT. and Alaska I hated it. I can never get enough of the sun and blue skies. I think living in CA is a nice idea. You can become a California girl. Love Grandma

Emily said...

Hey Danielle, I will try to email you some recipes today that I like.

greg&sarina said...

Hi Danielle - don't know if you remember me, but i'm from the Janus St. neighborhood back in Springfield... long time :)
anyway, came across your blog from Emily's... there are a bunch of blogs that share slow-cooker (crockpot) meals on Thursdays... here's the link - there's lots of great recipes (I am often in the same boat, as my dear husband has not (and will probably will never) cooked!! I love him for it though :) Good luck!!

Megan and Greg said...

Way to go on the decor. That's awesome. I rarely find deals like that. But I rarely look. I will definitely be sending you recipes. Do you guys like pork? chicken? beef? My book literally has like 500 recipes. A lot are probably similar- but then I could focus. To start, in beauty school everyday I'd put in a frozen chicken breast on top of carrots and a chopped up potato and either salt and pepper or a bullion cube, I think it was the bullion, I'd just turn it on and come home and eat dinner. I did that like everyday.

mandijwaters said...

Try I always get recipes off of there. I also have a great crockpot cookbook that I will bring to you on Saturday and you can copy out of it or borrow it for a while. Go check out the pic of my little baby on my blog!

Sharon/mom said...

Loved your song, got it right away! That is so funny about Clay and the Super bowl. Dad always watches the super bowl if he can. He watched it this year, but of course isn't dramatic! that is so cool about joanns. i haven't talked to you in forever, call me at night when clay is gone next week! or whenever. I love talking to you!
love you!!!! miss you!