Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a quick update...does that even exist for me?

I just thought that because I COMPLAIN so much about the snow, I definitely should be HAPPY and tell you guys that we have had GREAT weather the past few days! It has been high 30's. The snow is melting!!! I know it will most likely come back...I mean...I know it will, but the fact is, I can see and walk on pavement, actual pavement. Not packed up snow that is slippery. I LOVE IT!

BYU-Idaho has things called "clusters". WELL, you either have to do a minor, which is 24 credits, or two clusters, 12 each. WELL- I already have a cluster in Communications. I was going to do one in Business but CHANGED MY MIND! I have wanted to take these certain classes forever and never found the time to do it. Well, I thought to myself: self, why don't you just CLUSTER in a fun department? If I ever decided to work in accounting, all they'd care about is that I majored in accounting. And I am. WELL, I am clustering in Home and Family Education. MEANING: I get to take classes on how to cook, manage meals, be a practical homemaker, sew, HOME DECOR SEWING!, money management, all sorts of stuff. I am WAY excited.

One thing that is awesome: we went to our friends apt for some games and they had like a billion calendars with pictures of Christ's life on them. They got them for FREE because the place they worked accidentally printed last years pictures on this years calendar. HA! We can't tell the difference. They gave us one! It's awesome. The pictures are really really pretty and I love them.

That's really about it. Work is boring, I dream of warmth and swimsuits, Clay is doing really well at his new job, and....yep. That's it! I've been in a mode of pity party for myself lately. I KNOW it's because I haven't been reading my scriptures. I have no excuse either. Now I am just kicking myself for it.

Love you all. Bye.


Megan and Greg said...

We've had good weather too- but to the point where I walked to work in short sleeves. It was an amazing day. I'm glad Clay's doing well at his work- no surprise. Awesome about the class! Very cool. Perfect for yoU! Love you! miss you!

Sharon/mom said...

I love you!!! I love your blogs even if you do feel like you complain. High 30's mmmm cozy! Ha! I am soooo exctied youa are taking fun classes. Scriptures, they work miracles.
love you and miss you! will miss you partidulary this week!


It is so good to hear from you! I feel like I haven't heard from you in a logn time. Sorry I haven't called you back, it was midterms last week and monday, so I've been a crazy woman. OK- so the clusters- do these need to be upper division classes? Or just any level in that subject? That is SO cool that you are taking the home family classes. I am so JEALOUS. I want to take classes like that SO bad, but they don't have any at UofO. Not even decorating or cooking, just cooking for culinary students. I am so jealous- you are so lucky, you are going to be such a good homemaker and you are already so incredible! How you make dinner and do dishes- our apt is always a mess and I hate doing dinner- mike does it. I guess we all have our positives and negatives. You are such a good homemaker- I hope we get to live by eachother growing up. That's cool about the calendar. I'm glad Clay is doing well at his work, but to be honest it is not a surprise WHATSOEVER, he is such a good worker all his bosses always love him, and he's such a good seller. It's funny that 30 degrees is warm to you- hahah. I wish that you could come for the funeral. I hope Rebecca brings gracie to the funeral. Well, I miss you and love you, I hope you're doing well besides work. You are such a wonderful person. I wish I had more time to talk to you. This week was going to finally calm down after midterms and now the funeral stuff is happening. I love you.

Emily said...

Congratulations on walking on pavement! That is a great feeling!

Your Home and Family Education cluster will be SO much fun. I always wished I had more time to take some of those fun classes.

Cara_Fardales said...

Hey girl i am so happy for you! I can't wait for spring here. I am so excited for the things coming up in my life. I can't wait till i get back in college. All i am worried about is not having a child with my husband until we are finished in college. I just want it to be done with,but everything worth having takes time hehe. I miss you and i love you.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love reading your blogs, so don't stop and it's okay to be honest. We have had great weather the past few days, with sun. They say the rain is coming today or tonight. Bah!!! I always think of you and Rebecca over in the snow, and I am grateful it is rain:-) I think it is wonderful that you get to take some fun classes. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. LOv Grandma

*Stephanie Mitchell* said...

you're so cute!!! That class sounds so great! i would love something like that! its perfect for you! The weather was great until today! hahaha but i love the snow...i acn't complain! i sometimes hate that it's so cold but i love the look of the white pretty snow! I guess cuz it's my first winter with REAL snow! haha anyway YES...we HAVE to hang out soon! i'm free....well i don't know when but i'll talk to jenni and we'll figure it out for sure!!! love you!!!

Lizzie said...

High 30s??? That sounds horrible, but I'm glad it felt so great for you. It was in the 80s this week and I LOVED it. The 80s are perfect weather to me. I have to add things like this in so you will still want to come live here. = )

I'm way excited about your cluster!!! That sounds so much for fun!!! I'm jealous...I would love to take classes like that.