Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random stuff I haven't posted

These are the beloved girl scout thin mint cookies I've been raving about. As you can see, I don't spend as much time as I could on them...I don't really try THAT hard to make them look good because it's kind of hard. But they are DELICIOUS!

Here is a box of soy milk! It was on sale at Winco. $1.06 per carton. That is a pretty good deal. So I got 12. I was just pretty excited that I got it! Yay!

Valentines day is over. Some women might be saddened by this. No more flowers or what not. Well. I, Danielle Phillipp, am overJOYED when V-day is over because that means it's EASTER TIME! Oh, the joy of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I gave in and got a bag. I know, awful. But I haven't even eaten them all yet! I've had them for over 24 hours now. Amy- I'm sure you understand what an accomplishment that is!

Is this not the cutest purse you've ever seen? I thought so too! I bought it. Man, you probably think I'm just a spending maniac, but I'm not. I promise. This was all done in moderation. Anyway, I love it so much. It makes me happy and I think it's just...wonderful! (by the way- it's from Payless:))

Remember me saying a while ago how I got these great deals at my favorite store? WELL. Here is my favorite purchase from there. I love dresses.

Lastly, for V-day-my boss got all the women in the office a boquet of flowers! This was mine. I totally liked mine the best out of everyones. I don't know if it was coincedence or if he really tried to make each boquet towards each person's personality. Anyway, the City Floral place is a client of his and so I'm pretty sure it was a good deal for him if you know what I mean. It was a nice surprise! I like my boss- he's way nice. He has 6 kids and actually reminds me of dad a lot.

Well, that's pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed!


Lizzie said...

You look stunning in that picture. I love your hair!! It's so long and blonde and wavy. I love it. You are so pretty Danielle.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

You look great!! I wish you could have been here also. I love the dress, and the cookies look good. Love Grandma

Susan, Blain & kids said...

you look very nice in your dress, i like your hair curly. if I liked purses I would definately like that one. your cookies sound like they would be great. Hope you have a good day, I finally blogged again if you want to check it out.

Love you guys,

Emily said...

You look like a babe! Love all the great stuff you found!
Pretty flowers too!


OH MY GOSH- you are so gorgeous! I LOVE your hair like that, you look just like Lizzie with your hair like that, it's so long! You are so lucky you get to be a blonde. You should do your hair like that every day! I love it so much, you are so beautiful! I love the dress, and I love the purse! and your tights. That is so nice he gave you flowers. The mini eggs- I haven't found them anywhere! I like you- was looking forward for V day to end for the mini eggs- and I went to albertons and they weren't there-!!!! Where did you get yours? I love you- and I can't blieve the bag isn't gone! impressive! I love you!


Also- if you'd like to watch American Idol- they have all the performances on itunes, for free- so it's kind better becaues then you don't have to go through comercials- so- you shoudl watch it on your computer- and if you don't have itunes- then it's on youtube- love you!

Paul & Patty said...

The cookies look delicious. So when do we get to try them out? You look so cute in the new dress. I think it makes you look even taller and more slender. I want you to know that I really enjoy having you over for lunch everyday. It is fun to visit with you. Have a great weekend and I will see you later. Love you. bye now.

Sharon/mom said...

loved the purse and the outfit. You are so gorgeous. Clay must just sit and stare at you! The purse- Banana Republic or Ann Taylor had one like that a few years back and I LOVED it, I may just have to be a copy cat if I love it in person.

Not grateful to see that the cadbury eggs are back!! oh well, gotta have temptation.

love you and miss you!!! more lately for some reason!

Cara_Fardales said...

Hey girl all that sounds have you been? I have been good.....rough still but getting through it...hehe....hey check it out i put up an old chool pic of us hehe!Love ya!

Rebecca said...

I miss you so much! We need to get together. Love all your blogs. I had to read like 10 to catch up. YOu are so beautiful in your dress. Hey, the next time Winco has their milk on sale like that call me. That is a great deal. Okay. Hillary and Bill. A little ammunition. Bill's first act of president was to sign a bill that funded foreign abortion clinics! I seriously wonder how many babies have been killed with my tax dollars. Bush's first act of president was to stop all of that funding. I wonder how many babies lives Bush has saved. People get so worked up about the war when there is a major holacaust going on right now--abortion, millions a year! That's right, not thousands, millions! Hillary has voted for every single abortion bill that has come before the senate. She also voted against the bill that would prevent anyone from having partial birth abortion unless they were raped or the mother's life was in danger. She is truly evil, if for no other reason that this. I'm proud of you for sticking up for the war and Bush. It sounds like it was very peaceful also, which is nearly impossible for me so I rarely say anything anymore. If Hillary wins, hopefully it will hasten the Lord's second coming. How could it not!

Okay--Stephanie Meyer. Love her. I'm not entirely convinced of the cast either. I guess we'll have to accept it. Who's directing it? Has he or she done anything big and impressive. I hope so. Darin is finally reading Twilight. It has taken him long enough. I have always known he would love it. So far he laughs out loud every other page. Darin loves high school romances. Ha. What a funny sentence. What I mean is, he always loved talking to you guys about your love life when you all were in high school, and he still loves talking to teenagers. Love you so much. Bye.