Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy busy busy!

So I decided to write about how busy we are- but look at me having enough time to write a blog. HA. Okay, anyway. Just to confirm EVERYTHING, the doctor has started treating Clay for Lyme Disease! He is taking all these natural things. It is ALL natural. We are very pleased about that. He has to take about a billion drops/herbal supplements/teaspoons of stuff...etc. Like 3 times each day. We've read up online and I personally have read TONS of great results from the natural way. We are so happy and feel SO SO blessed. The doctor said that there is really no time table to how long it will take for him to be rid of Lyme Disease. It could take as quick as 3-6 weeks, or as long as 3-6 months. The thing that we are unaware of right now though, is how long his symptoms will last. Lyme disease is a real bugger and can seriously damage ones body. (isn't it crazy how much damage one tiny tiny bug can do? moral of the story- CHECK YOURSELF AFTER YOU'VE BEEN CAMPING...yikes) anyway, some people have had symptoms years after they've been rid of the disease. We have no idea how it will be with Clay. A good point Patty made was that a couple years ago Clay had MRI's, bone scans and all that jazz- well the doctors said everything looked normal and healthy- that means it couldn't have done much least that's what we are hoping. It makes sense right? Who knows. This whole disease is so crazy. But we are so happy and thankful to have such a good doctor who listens, understands, and knows a lot about this disease!

Now that I've updated you- I want to say AGAIN, how grateful we are for ALL of you. We have been given so much support and love through this whole process and we know that it was through the faith, prayers, and fasting of all of us that brought us to this point. Really, thank you. So much.

We have a busy busy weekend ahead of us. On saturday we are heading on a huge project our Bishop assigned to us. We have organized a canvasing of our ward boundaries. We've invited the whole ward (got 18 couples to sign up!!! that's crazy- I hope they all show up) to go knocking on all the doors of our boundaries to find all BYU-Idaho couples and make sure they know that they are in our boundaries and invite them to our ward. Our boundaries are kind of funny. It is very residential and involves lots of basement and garage apartments. Therefore, people could easily be missed. It is a crazy project that we've been stressing about for a while, but FINALLY we are actually pulling through and getting it done. The end goal is to have an electronic map online that shows where everyone is. We are the Ward Mission Leaders of our ward, by the way. So that is Saturday morning. Clay has some school stuff in the afternoon. Then in the evening we are celebrating my birthday with Clay's parents- We are going to IHOP, one of my all time favorite restaurants. Saturday night I am picking up my Mom from my sister's, they will have just gotten back from Disneyland, and we will take her back to our place. Sunday- church, go back to Rebecca's for dinner, desert, etc. Come back home. OH I forgot about friday. After I get home from work I will be calling half our ward (clay will call the other half before he goes to work) to remind them about March Missionary Madness (that is the name of our little project- another guy that is involved thought of that one, clever eh?) and then after Clay gets home from work, a couple he knows from work are coming over to play games. This week has been busy preparing maps and all the organization for Saturday and then Clay has had tons of school, on top of doctors appointments and work. He has been majorly stressed. We are thinking it will be a lot easier for him once I'm back at home and just going to school. It is hard for him to have to worry about making lunch and remembering everything he has to do. He has taken on a lot of responsibilities that I usually do since I've started working. I can't make a lot of calls or do things since my schedule is 8-5. Everything is closed by the time I get home. You know? Anyway- all will be better in a couple weeks.

It didn't help that today, Clay's loyal, friendly, loving and wonderful pet dog Macy, passed away. She was diagnosed with a very bad case of Liver Cancer and was terribly sick. Clay's parents made the brave decision to put her down. My family doesn't exactly understand this, because we've never had a pet like Macy. Macy was part of the family and we all loved her to pieces. It will be a much different feeling without her. I am glad that she isn't in so much pain now though. She hasn't been doing well for a while. I am grateful I got to know her though, she definitely brought a new light on dogs and animals for me, and she was very hard not to love, even when she did drool or rub hair all over you:)

I didn't mean for this post to become depressing or anything. This has just been what our life has been like lately! Though we are busy and have been through some ups and downs, we have definitely felt SO SO so so soooo blessed. We are so grateful to have each other and are very aware of all of our blessings, which are many.

Love you all so much!!! April 15th is right around the corner- good for me, bad for you if you haven't done your taxes. Hurry hurry!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well today was a fun day! Clay and I slept in, relaxed, did some cleaning and tried to have a picnic. Let me explain. So we had our windows open, the skies were blue, we stuck our arms out and it felt great! Well...for some reason in our minds, we thought the park would be full of kids and green soft grass PERFECT for a picnic! So we literally put on shorts, t-shirts, sandals and brought our blanket, and some sandwiches. We get to the park and it's COVERED in snow- of course! I can't believe we thought it would be like summer. I seriously have NO IDEA what we were thinking! hahaha we were both laughing about it. It was literally covered in snow still. Silly us. Anyway, we decided to just park to the side of the park and roll down our windows and eat in the car! We did and then ended up rolling up our windows because it got too cold. All in all, we felt VERY silly!!! It was way fun though still.

Later we got a call from a couple in our ward who has 2 kids and they asked if we could babysit for a couple ours so they could go on a date. We said yes, and babysat the kids. The 2 year old cried for a minute after they left but Clay was sooo good and was rubbing his back saying "it's okay..." and he was being so sweet, and the boy just calmed right down!!! I loved it. He was still WAY shy, so we just watched Lion King 2, and then once it was over he was way lively and played with us. Then the baby- who is seriously the chubbiest baby EITHER of us have seen in our LIVES- woke up, and he is so cute. You just have to smile at him and he gets a huge grin. We kept worrying that something would go wrong because everything went so well the whole time- we didn't want something to go wrong RIGHT when their parents got home making us look bad. Well, they got home and the boys were both way happy and the parents were way happy that they were happy! The 2 year old was saying he had fun and even THANKED us for coming! It was so cute.

Clay felt like a "fatty meal". He really said that. hahaha. The little boy was eating chicken nuggets from Wendy's- I think that's what brought it on. Anyway- Clay and I NEVER get fast food. Apart from Subway, we probably have only gotten fast food 2 or 3 times in our whole marriage which is coming up on 2 years. We are pretty stingy about our money. Anyway, we decided to go to Wendy's and Dairy Queen. I wanted a mint Oreo blizzard which HAPPENED to be the blizzard of the week! Or month. I can't remember. So I think it was a special deal. It was really fun.

Tomorrow is Easter! We are excited. We will be going to Clay's parents tomorrow, and we'll be going to their family ward. I always feel bad not going to my own ward. We made sure all our normal Sunday things are taken care of though... I don't know. I guess a lot of couples always go to their home ward around here instead of going to their actual ward, and so Bishops are always saying be committed to your ward, and what not. Well we only go to Clay's home ward on holidays but I still feel guilty. Oh well. We are still excited!

My birthday is next Sunday! Yay!

That's all. Oh yeah. The heat was broken or something. Not broken as in it wouldn't turn on- it was broken as in it wouldn't turn OFF. We woke up one morning to a 92 degree apt. Thank GOODNESS they fixed it. It is a perfect 76 right now- which may be hot to some, but perfect compared to 80 and 90 degrees. Our tub backs up what looks like cow poop mixed with grass. It's pretty disgusting. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to clean it before I could take a shower and therefore, was late to work. Joy. We are talking to the managers about it because APARENTLY, Clay hasn't been telling me that it's been happening DAILY! I usually take showers at night, but yesterday it was in the morning so that's why I saw it. I guess it happens every morning. I don't know WHAT it is- but I'm not kidding when I say it looks like chunks of dried cow poop mixed with grass. I know that is a little graphic and gross, but you're not the one discovering it when you are getting into the shower. Yeah...we are definitely talking to our managers about this one.

I signed up for my classes. I am taking an Intro to foods class where I will learn all the basics about basically EVERYTHING to do with preparing foods. I can't wait! I'm also taking a Childrens Clothing class- where I will learn how to sew bibs, sleepers, pants, shirts, coats, dresses and all sorts of things for children. I can't wait for that either! Then of course I will be taking 3 accounting classes which will probably kick my bum.

Clay's doc appt is tuesday, so hopefully that goes well.

K. That really IS it. Love you all! Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

There IS something to update

Well- clay went to a "naturapath" not really, he was a chiropractor but same concept. It was GREAT! To make a long story short, which we of course will fill in the details later when we have..yes, more DETAILS, the doctor says that Clay has.................LYME DISEASE! Yep, you heard it, the same disease he was tested for 2 weeks ago and we miserably found out it was negative. The doctor said he didn't care because he had ALL the signs for it. He did some wierd wacko tests that point to it being lyme disease. Okay and then get THIS- after I talked to Dad about it, he went and did some research online about false-negative results for lyme disease specifically. Guess what he found? tons of websites saying a ton of different reasons that lyme disease tests come out negative when they are REALLY positive. Want to know what one of the reasons is? If a patient has or is currently taking ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PILLS, it could create a false negative. Hmmm well those are the exact kind of pills Clay takes and WAS taking at the time of the test. Overall- the doctor wants to see him on tuesday to do more tests to CONFIRM that it's lyme disease, but the doctor is very confident and almost positive it is. So we are pretty positive and believing that this is it, but still in that stage where we don't want to get our hopes up again to let them down. You know? This is all so confusing. But this visit was very encouraging and hopefully this helps us move forward to getting Clay cured! (which by the way the doctor said would happen)

We love you all. Thank you so much for your prayers and love.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nothing to report...

I just figured I'd update you all so you know we are still alive and well!

I am currently sitting in my 88 degree sauna- aka my apartment. I must say- this apartment seems to be getting more and more ghetto by the day. It's okay. I know it's worth the money we are saving AND we will always look back with fond memories. It really is a great apartment, it's just some ways..

Clay's been working, I've been working, he's been going to school as well. Last night he called a lady that was drinking in the back of her car, bawling and telling him she was scared to go in her house because someone was trying to kill her, which by the way- clay said from everything she said, it really did sound like someone was out to get her, and she talked to the cops but she doesn't have any friends or family to talk to and she just needed to talk to someone. Clay kept wanting to give advice but kept getting a strong feeling to just listen. It was his last call of the day, and he had already exceeded his sale quota for the day so we kind of feel like it was meant to be, as in- he was meant to call her. It sounded like she really needed someone to listen. Anyway- poor guy, he gets tons of crazy experiences with people when calling about credit repair.

-Oh yeah, by the way- if any of you don't know what clay does- he calls people who signed up for a free consultation for credit repair, and he tries to sell them on some different packages that help get rid of bad credit reports and stuff. If that makes sense.

I haven't talked to Clay yet today but he was supposed to make an appointment with a Naturopathic doctor. They have different ways of going about finding problems and healing them, so we figured we'd give one a try. We got reccomended this doctor by someone so hopefully their good!

I'm super excited for my birthday! My mom is going to be here and I can't wait! It will be a short visit but so fun and wonderful as always:)

I register for classes tomorrow at midnight. Yuck. Homework. I've enjoyed not having anything to do at night.

Well I better go take a shower. I shower at nights now because I'm too tired in the morning. I wake up 20 minutes before I LEAVE for work. First 10 minutes: drink protein drink, wash face, brush teeth. Last 10 minutes: get dressed and put on makeup. It's a pretty good system. Kind of.
Love you all! Sorry this was so boring. Really- nothing exciting has happened. It rained today- that was the excitement. Of course it is snowing now. Oh Idaho.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I thought I'd update everyone on the latest Harry Potter news:)

It has been decided and confirmed that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (last book..duh.) will be split into 2 MOVIES! Yessssssss that will be so much better. I am so happy. This is why I said "finally". They should've done this with the last few. But anyway, I am really pumped. It will be great! I think it said the first half will be Nov 2010, the second May 2011. So they will be really close together! The sixth of course comes out...november of this year. I actually had to look that up! I didn't know! That surprises me. Anyway, I know there are many Potter fans among my blog and you'd like to hear the big news! yay!

Monday, March 10, 2008


First, I don't like making people wait for news so here it is: the results were negative- meaning, not Lyme disease.

Yep- pretty much depressing. We are definitely going to pursue the University of Washington idea- I told you guys about that right? I'll have to check on that. Anyway- we are going to try and get him to that doctor sometime in July or August when we are out of school. Who knows what will come of that. Hope, hopefully.

I do want to say to you all that we are soo soo soooo grateful for all your fasting and prayers. We have felt your love and we have felt comfort throughout all last week. Also, Clay's stomach started feeling better VERY quick after I blogged, and though he had some Ulcer medicine, I know that a lot of it was from hearfelt prayers. We have such amazing family and friends and are forever grateful to know and be a part of all of your lives. Thank you so much.

On a lighter note- it was like 46 degrees today! YES! I was feelin gooood. I'm not even being sarcastic- I really was.

Work stinks. I hate working. I can't wait to have babies and be a mom. I know that is working too- but there's a difference, it's work that I want to do, work that I was created on earth to do.

We got a computer desk. We already have one, but we got a second to put next to it for my...............SEWING MACHINE. Yes. Now it is out all the time. Does it make the room look nicer and more hip? No. Will it make me a better seamstress and cause me to sew more often? YES. I'm pretty excited about it. We got it at DI for 15 bucks. It's a bit beat up, but it works. My first project on my new table will be a quilt. For Clayton. The one I made is just a smidge too small in his opinion, so I am making a 7'x7' quilt. That's going to be huge huh? Well- that's what he wants so I'm doin it. He said he doesn't care what it looks like and that I should just use all my scraps and make something cool out of it. We'll see. I'm pretty sure it will look ugly- he said he likes that. He is silly. But I am excited to make this for him.

I can't wait for summer. It will be heavenly. I will get to ride my bike everywhere- which I LOVE, I can wear skirts without tights, I can wear sandals, be happy, you know- the works.

I read the book "A walk to remember". I'm sure you've all seen the movie. Amy had read it and told me she couldn't decide which one she liked better, the movie or the book. I am at a loss too. The book is set in the 50's and the movie is more modern. I really enjoyed the book and now want to watch the movie again. I am now going to start reading "3 weeks with my brother" that my mom recommended.

Alright, time for food then cleaning then showering then reading. Love you all!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Please read, I know it's long but please read this.

Okay, this is going to be a serious one, but we just felt that right now we really need our families prayers.

As you all know, Clay has been struggling with a horrible joint disorder for a few years now. He is in pain all the time and his doctor has resorted to just rotating through medications to make him feel better, and hasn't really kept trying to find out what exactly this problem is. Clay started some new medications, causing him to take a paticular medication he'd previously been taking, that can cause internal bleeding, at night. We weren't aware that he wasn't supposed to take this pill at night before bed, and therefore, his started bleeding internally. He has been seeing BYU-Idaho doctors which he hadn't been seeing before, and have been a little encouraged by their enthusiasm. First of all, he has been seeing them because his stomach has been in horrendous pain. They realized TODAY that he has an ulcer. It isn't anything too serious though, he will heal soon enough, but he will still be in pain for a few days. Anyway, the doctors mentioned a doctor who does newer technological tests at the University of Washington, and how they've referred students there before. They told us to seriously think about it. Well, we are seriously thinking about it! I am kind of going all over the place here, sorry- he's just been seeing the doctor a lot lately. So anyway, Sunday, before we found out he had an ulcer, he couldn't go to church again because he was in so much pain so I asked our home teachers to come give him a blessing (I can't tell you what a testimony I have of visiting and home teachers right now) and they did, and it was interesting because it wasn't so much a temporal blessing of comfort as we expected, it was more of a blessing that Clay's physicians would be guided and have the Lord's help when seeing him and things like that.

WELL- an odd thing happened just hours later. This same night. Clay's Mission President from New Jersey called. They caught up on some things, and while they were talking he asked Clay how his joints were doing. He told him what was going on and then he asked, "Have they tested you for lyme disease?" Clay wasn't sure, but assumed they had because it seems like he's been tested for everything. WELL, today at the doctor he mentioned it and they said that he better call his past doctors. He called his past doctors and NO he hasn't been tested for lyme disease. The thing about lyme disease is we read about it, feel free to look it up online- all these symptoms, Clay has had. It said that in the early stages, specific joints inflame. This happened. Later stages, it can cause abnormalities in joints, nerves, and more. It can cause people to think they have rheumitoid arthritis. All of these things are what it seems like Clay has, but he doesn't. Well- basically he got tested for it but we wont get the results back for a WEEK. Ugh. It is one of those things where we don't want to get our hopes up, but it is so hard because all the symptoms point to him possibly having that, and it is curable. Isn't it a little silly that we are basically praying that Clay has Lyme Disease? would be a blessing in our eyes.

So all in all, we have been going through many emotional, and severe physical on Clay's part, issues this past month. We aren't asking for your sympathies, even though I know we will get them, we are asking for your thoughts and prayers. I know it is probably bad to ask heavenly father specifically that it be lyme disease, so I wont ask you to do that, but please just pray that our doctors will be guided, that we will be comforted, and that all will happen as it should. Even if the test comes back and he doesn't have it, he is in a lot of pain at the moment and we are really thinking a lot more proactively lately with this and could really use our family and friends support and prayers.

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all that you do for us and for all the love we know we have from all of you.