Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well today was a fun day! Clay and I slept in, relaxed, did some cleaning and tried to have a picnic. Let me explain. So we had our windows open, the skies were blue, we stuck our arms out and it felt great! Well...for some reason in our minds, we thought the park would be full of kids and green soft grass PERFECT for a picnic! So we literally put on shorts, t-shirts, sandals and brought our blanket, and some sandwiches. We get to the park and it's COVERED in snow- of course! I can't believe we thought it would be like summer. I seriously have NO IDEA what we were thinking! hahaha we were both laughing about it. It was literally covered in snow still. Silly us. Anyway, we decided to just park to the side of the park and roll down our windows and eat in the car! We did and then ended up rolling up our windows because it got too cold. All in all, we felt VERY silly!!! It was way fun though still.

Later we got a call from a couple in our ward who has 2 kids and they asked if we could babysit for a couple ours so they could go on a date. We said yes, and babysat the kids. The 2 year old cried for a minute after they left but Clay was sooo good and was rubbing his back saying "it's okay..." and he was being so sweet, and the boy just calmed right down!!! I loved it. He was still WAY shy, so we just watched Lion King 2, and then once it was over he was way lively and played with us. Then the baby- who is seriously the chubbiest baby EITHER of us have seen in our LIVES- woke up, and he is so cute. You just have to smile at him and he gets a huge grin. We kept worrying that something would go wrong because everything went so well the whole time- we didn't want something to go wrong RIGHT when their parents got home making us look bad. Well, they got home and the boys were both way happy and the parents were way happy that they were happy! The 2 year old was saying he had fun and even THANKED us for coming! It was so cute.

Clay felt like a "fatty meal". He really said that. hahaha. The little boy was eating chicken nuggets from Wendy's- I think that's what brought it on. Anyway- Clay and I NEVER get fast food. Apart from Subway, we probably have only gotten fast food 2 or 3 times in our whole marriage which is coming up on 2 years. We are pretty stingy about our money. Anyway, we decided to go to Wendy's and Dairy Queen. I wanted a mint Oreo blizzard which HAPPENED to be the blizzard of the week! Or month. I can't remember. So I think it was a special deal. It was really fun.

Tomorrow is Easter! We are excited. We will be going to Clay's parents tomorrow, and we'll be going to their family ward. I always feel bad not going to my own ward. We made sure all our normal Sunday things are taken care of though... I don't know. I guess a lot of couples always go to their home ward around here instead of going to their actual ward, and so Bishops are always saying be committed to your ward, and what not. Well we only go to Clay's home ward on holidays but I still feel guilty. Oh well. We are still excited!

My birthday is next Sunday! Yay!

That's all. Oh yeah. The heat was broken or something. Not broken as in it wouldn't turn on- it was broken as in it wouldn't turn OFF. We woke up one morning to a 92 degree apt. Thank GOODNESS they fixed it. It is a perfect 76 right now- which may be hot to some, but perfect compared to 80 and 90 degrees. Our tub backs up what looks like cow poop mixed with grass. It's pretty disgusting. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes to clean it before I could take a shower and therefore, was late to work. Joy. We are talking to the managers about it because APARENTLY, Clay hasn't been telling me that it's been happening DAILY! I usually take showers at night, but yesterday it was in the morning so that's why I saw it. I guess it happens every morning. I don't know WHAT it is- but I'm not kidding when I say it looks like chunks of dried cow poop mixed with grass. I know that is a little graphic and gross, but you're not the one discovering it when you are getting into the shower. Yeah...we are definitely talking to our managers about this one.

I signed up for my classes. I am taking an Intro to foods class where I will learn all the basics about basically EVERYTHING to do with preparing foods. I can't wait! I'm also taking a Childrens Clothing class- where I will learn how to sew bibs, sleepers, pants, shirts, coats, dresses and all sorts of things for children. I can't wait for that either! Then of course I will be taking 3 accounting classes which will probably kick my bum.

Clay's doc appt is tuesday, so hopefully that goes well.

K. That really IS it. Love you all! Happy Easter!



Danielle! OK- I can't believe your shower! Where in the world does that come from?! That is so funny it's been going on this whole time and you never knew it, and that Clay never mentioned it. Sometimes Mike will tell me something and I'm like "how long has that been going on" "always" - what??? why do they nto tell us these things? it's so wierd. I am so jealous that you get to take these home making skill classes- and GET CREDIT FOR IT! you are so lucky. And you are going to pass me up on sewing with a real teacher teaching you. And you're already a good cook so now you're going to just be even better, you are just like mom, you know how to do everything. I know hwo you feel about church. WIth the beachouse- and then mike's parents in salem, there are times where we are out of town alot, and I worry that my ward thinks we're in active. It will almost be nice when we are far away because we will never miss our ward. That is so sweet about Clay rubbing the baby's back. That's funyn because we got asked to babysit today also, and mike helped ahnu put her coat on and i just loved it. you guys are so good about money, mike and I have had fast food way more than 3 times in our marriage! yowsa. I'm so excited for easter, do you guys do baskets? I love you- have a great easter!


Oh yeah, and that is really funny about teh picnic- hahahah- shorts.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, I guess I jumped your b-day by a week of so???? Sorry, Sounds like your Easter will be great. I am glad that you get to have parents there while you are in school, as when grandpa was in the Air Force and we were in Alaska we had no family at all around, and believe me it is lonely. It's good you have Clay's parents and Rebecca and Darin around to visit once in awhile. Makes school more bearable. Sounds like you got a couple of great classes and 3 hard ones. I am going to check with grandpa about the back up of the plumbing. I don't think it can be a healthy thing. That's what plumbers go to school each year for is fire life and safety. I don't think it is a safe thing for your bathroom or you guys. Much Love grandma

Grandma, Nonnie said...

It's not a dangerous thing, but you really do need dto get your lanlord to take care of it. Love grandma

Chad and Jessica said...

The picnic, how funny. Chad and I had a picnic on Saturday too....or tried at least. It's so funny how you sat in the I'm glad babysitting went well....hurray.

And oh my goodness, that milkshake sounds so good.

Your shower, and your heat....oi yoi yoi. I'm sorry.

Happy Easter

Lizzie said...

I loved this post. I feel like I haven't known what's been going on with you lately. It's nice to be caught up = ). Sorry about the shower, that sounds sick. I don't get it though, is it coming out of the drain?? Is it really grass?? That's crazy. Anyhow, the picnic is funny. Sorry for you though. We've been roasting to death here. We have to turn the AC on now. Bummer. But I do love the heat. I hope you had a good Easter. Clay sounds really cute with the kids.

Paul & Patty said...

Loved your story about the picnic. Just wondering if you forgot that you live in Idaho? I hope that they can fix your plumbing problem really soon. We really enjoyed your company over the Easter holdiay. have a great day. bye now