Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy busy busy!

So I decided to write about how busy we are- but look at me having enough time to write a blog. HA. Okay, anyway. Just to confirm EVERYTHING, the doctor has started treating Clay for Lyme Disease! He is taking all these natural things. It is ALL natural. We are very pleased about that. He has to take about a billion drops/herbal supplements/teaspoons of stuff...etc. Like 3 times each day. We've read up online and I personally have read TONS of great results from the natural way. We are so happy and feel SO SO blessed. The doctor said that there is really no time table to how long it will take for him to be rid of Lyme Disease. It could take as quick as 3-6 weeks, or as long as 3-6 months. The thing that we are unaware of right now though, is how long his symptoms will last. Lyme disease is a real bugger and can seriously damage ones body. (isn't it crazy how much damage one tiny tiny bug can do? moral of the story- CHECK YOURSELF AFTER YOU'VE BEEN CAMPING...yikes) anyway, some people have had symptoms years after they've been rid of the disease. We have no idea how it will be with Clay. A good point Patty made was that a couple years ago Clay had MRI's, bone scans and all that jazz- well the doctors said everything looked normal and healthy- that means it couldn't have done much least that's what we are hoping. It makes sense right? Who knows. This whole disease is so crazy. But we are so happy and thankful to have such a good doctor who listens, understands, and knows a lot about this disease!

Now that I've updated you- I want to say AGAIN, how grateful we are for ALL of you. We have been given so much support and love through this whole process and we know that it was through the faith, prayers, and fasting of all of us that brought us to this point. Really, thank you. So much.

We have a busy busy weekend ahead of us. On saturday we are heading on a huge project our Bishop assigned to us. We have organized a canvasing of our ward boundaries. We've invited the whole ward (got 18 couples to sign up!!! that's crazy- I hope they all show up) to go knocking on all the doors of our boundaries to find all BYU-Idaho couples and make sure they know that they are in our boundaries and invite them to our ward. Our boundaries are kind of funny. It is very residential and involves lots of basement and garage apartments. Therefore, people could easily be missed. It is a crazy project that we've been stressing about for a while, but FINALLY we are actually pulling through and getting it done. The end goal is to have an electronic map online that shows where everyone is. We are the Ward Mission Leaders of our ward, by the way. So that is Saturday morning. Clay has some school stuff in the afternoon. Then in the evening we are celebrating my birthday with Clay's parents- We are going to IHOP, one of my all time favorite restaurants. Saturday night I am picking up my Mom from my sister's, they will have just gotten back from Disneyland, and we will take her back to our place. Sunday- church, go back to Rebecca's for dinner, desert, etc. Come back home. OH I forgot about friday. After I get home from work I will be calling half our ward (clay will call the other half before he goes to work) to remind them about March Missionary Madness (that is the name of our little project- another guy that is involved thought of that one, clever eh?) and then after Clay gets home from work, a couple he knows from work are coming over to play games. This week has been busy preparing maps and all the organization for Saturday and then Clay has had tons of school, on top of doctors appointments and work. He has been majorly stressed. We are thinking it will be a lot easier for him once I'm back at home and just going to school. It is hard for him to have to worry about making lunch and remembering everything he has to do. He has taken on a lot of responsibilities that I usually do since I've started working. I can't make a lot of calls or do things since my schedule is 8-5. Everything is closed by the time I get home. You know? Anyway- all will be better in a couple weeks.

It didn't help that today, Clay's loyal, friendly, loving and wonderful pet dog Macy, passed away. She was diagnosed with a very bad case of Liver Cancer and was terribly sick. Clay's parents made the brave decision to put her down. My family doesn't exactly understand this, because we've never had a pet like Macy. Macy was part of the family and we all loved her to pieces. It will be a much different feeling without her. I am glad that she isn't in so much pain now though. She hasn't been doing well for a while. I am grateful I got to know her though, she definitely brought a new light on dogs and animals for me, and she was very hard not to love, even when she did drool or rub hair all over you:)

I didn't mean for this post to become depressing or anything. This has just been what our life has been like lately! Though we are busy and have been through some ups and downs, we have definitely felt SO SO so so soooo blessed. We are so grateful to have each other and are very aware of all of our blessings, which are many.

Love you all so much!!! April 15th is right around the corner- good for me, bad for you if you haven't done your taxes. Hurry hurry!


mandijwaters said...

I am so happy that Clayton is going to get better. Clay, you and Leif are going to have to take a ski trip next winter to celebrate!! I am excited to go out to dinner with Clayton tonight and I will probably see you, Danielle, at lunch today. I too am very sad about Macy. I remember when I gave Macy to Clayton. She wasn't very old then.... that was a long time ago. I hope that Clayton isn't too sad. It is really hard to lose a pet. Especially one as great as Macy was. Anyway, I'd better get myself to Idaho Falls. Happy early Birthday Danielle. Have fun at IHOP.

Love you guys,

Emily said...

I'm glad you guys have figured out the best way to help Clay feel better...that must be such a relief!
Sad about his dog, though!

Good luck on your ward boundaries thing!

Lizzie said...

I love your last line about cracked me up. I am so grateful and happy for you both that you found such a wonderful doctor for Clay. It sounds like it is going well. It's so nice that he doesn't have to go on a massive round of antibiotics that a reg. dr. would give him, and then maybe not even get rid of the bug.

Tell Clay that I am so sorry about his do Macy. I know we don't have pets, but I can't imagine having someone in your family for that long and then having them pass away. She sounded like a sweet dog.

I am so excited for you guys to come down!!!! It will be so fun to get to know clay better, have him see the office, have you see the kids, etc. I love you both so much!

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Hey sorry to hear about Macy. It really is sad. Glad to hear that CLayton will be on the mend, lets hope it works fast. Hope you have fun on your birthday I am way excited for you to see your Mom, say hi to Claytona and good luck with your Ward project.
Love you guys,

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Well most of that post was great news. So sorry about Macy, we can relate as we put Brandy down just at Christmas this year. Sad Sad time. I feel for Clay. I am so grateful that prayers are answered, and that Clay has the good doctor to help him get well. We paid our taxes yesterday, and pay we did this year, but now it is behind us:) Isn't that wonderful and it is a great feeling to be done with it. I am really grateful for all of our blessings too Danielle as grandpa and I have counted so many this year. We have been sick again, but are on the mend now. Have fun on your birthday and have fun with your mom. Much love grandma

Megan and Greg said...

I can't believe you're taking a class about food and sewing! SO COOL!!! Only in BYU. Wow. That's cool. I'm glad about the Lyme Disease. I hope the results are good and fast. I love you both. Happy birthday tomorrow. That's cool that babysitting went well. I can't believe the project you have with church- sounds overwhelming! That tub thing happened the second week we were married. I heard it bubble up and went a looked and it was gross! I'm glad you posted about the picnic, what a great memory. Your posts aren't depressing. Is Clay going to be tested again? Or just treated? How do you know when it's gone? I guess I could just look that up. Well, I love you. I'm glad all is well. I'll probly talk to you tomorrow!

Celular said...

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Danyelli did you get my call on your birthday? it's ok that you haven't called, I just wanted to make sure you got it? anyway- give me call so I can hear all about it- I can't talk until after 9 though- our minutes are up :( otherwise we can only hear from eachother on the weekend- I love you- i hope your birthday was wonderful


Hey danielle, I have free nights after 9- and free weekends as in sat and sunday. i love you and thanks for your compliments!-

Sharon/mom said...

I had such a great time!!! I love you! thanks for being so good to me!

Rebecca said...

I just caught up on all of your blogs. I'm so sorry about Clay's dog. That is so sad. I know how much he loved him. Your picnic was hilarious. I had no idea you guys had such a big calling. They are lucky to have you. It was wonderful having you all over last Sunday. Clay's family was delightful. Truly. I love you.