Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After a month of no posting....

Well, I have been ultra, ultra busy. I promised myself I'd take pictures of all the gifts I made...but only ended up taking ONE! Dangit. I'll upload it lata. Maybe I can get everyone I gave gifts to take a picture. To give you an idea, I made Patty a Santa Apron- it is SO CUTE! It is an apron that is basically like a santa suit, but an apron. Classic. I think everyone needs one...including myself! So I also made Megan and Greg aprons- with a red/black theme to them. I also made my motha an apron. Her's was darling. Screams the whole GRANDMA idea. It is heart themed. Sounds cheesy, but it's pretty awesome. I also made Makayla a friggin saWEET bag. It has a magnetic snap, ribbons, buttons, applicae, OH dear it's great. I was planning on making Harmoni a bag as well, but ran out of time...so ended up giving her a kinda crappy gift. "13 going on 30". Lame, right? Well...yeah. That's what I did...and on Christmas morning I felt so stupid that I made Makayla this awesome gift, and not Harmoni, that I decided I'm gonna make the bag anyway and just give it to her when it's done. So yeah.

My mom and dad, megan and greg, and amy and mike all came for Christmas. So, with that happening, I had all sorts of things to take care of around the house before they got here. Then of course, they were here! It was soooo wonderful to see them all.

All in all, this month has been CARAZY! Pile ontop of that-working, STILL getting settled in our house, chiropractor, dog, husband...it just has been busy. I know it could and will get busier. That's just how life goes!

Well, guess what happened while the whole fam was here? The dishwasher up and decided to start leaking like MAD! Actually, it already had been leaking, Paul looked at it, tried fixing it, and the problem got worse. Worse, at the WORST time. When tons of people are at the house! So we decided we couldn't run it anymore because it leaked way too much. So, we ordered a new dishwasher...it's pretty exciting. Pretty sure this is the one...

But want to know what's REALLY exciting? We have been talking about getting a new oven since we moved in becuase my oven takes at LEAST 30 minutes to preheat to 350, the degrees are always off- inconsistently, and it's just ANCIENT! So we finally decided, HECK- why not just get both while we're at it?! So we ordered a new oven too! I tried lookin, but I'm not POSITIVE...but I think this is the one we got...
It's a beaut' ainit?

They shouldn't come for probably another week, but I am SO PUMPED! I know I will make just lovely meals in/on it and clean the dishes just perfectly! Yay!

Clay and I have phones that have internet on them. It pretty much rocks. I'm sitting at the Chiropractor's office, waiting to get in...and while I'm bored out of my mind because I've already looked at the dozens of magazines they have...dozens of times...I check my e-mail. HECK, I even WRITE an e-mail! It's pretty cool.

Clay is going to teach me how to make websites. Did you know that he rocks at it? Yeah...he's only made a few, but he is currently signed on, or set up, or whatever...to build like 4 more websites for people, and so it's pretty cool. I thought I'd be good at it. Clay thought so too. So, he's gonna teach me...and who knows- maybe we'll make this killer team who rocks the world with our web-building abilities. And become billionares.

Dante is good. He's huge. And expensive. We feed him 7 cups of food a day...and he is only like...5.5 months old. Can you believe it? Not only that, but he "grows out of" his toys. So....we spent a wopping $40 on toys for him last night. What? I don't even spend that much on myself for toys. How annoying. Clay said, "Don't you love him?" Uh...yeah! But I don't think he needs 4 brand new toys. 2 of which he's already torn parts apart. The joys of pet ownership. He is pretty dang cute though. Except when he scratches me in the face. Which he did. And I have two scratch marks under my chin. Now THAT'S cute.

Tax season is coming up. I'm excited. The days will go faster. I don't like being bored at work. Tax season will probably not leave much time for boredness.

So I got some bright purple leggings for myself last night. With Christmas money. I decided I will wear them on New Years Eve. I'm excited. I will take a picture.

Idaho is cold. I know I always talk about it...but I'm not sure I will ever get over it. Seriously COLD. I get depressed almost every time I step outside. The snow is SO. NOT. WORTH. IT. I just wish there were more sun...more warmth...maybe some sand...palm trees...you know. I told Clay that someday, we will take surf lessons. He said he has no desire to surf, he's seen too many people get shark attacks. I said, "PAH!" as in- "like I would ever get attacked by a shark". So, I guess this dream is for me only. I really really want to do that. Doubt I'd be any good. But when I envision myself surfing, I am pretty much professional. With a really tan and toned body. And long wavy blonde hair:)

Well...I think that's pretty much life. For now anyway. CyA!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Presidency's Message...and otha stuff.

Oh..............just got over. Did any of you watch that? It was SO wonderful. First, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the tabernacle choirs singing of Handel's Messiah. Soooooooooooooooo much talent. Soooo beautiful. I loved it soooo much. Then the talks...I loved President Monson's story he told. I am a sucker for good Christmas stories like that. Then Silent Night just made me happy. I went back to last year when we were there at the devotional in person, and it was SO powerful...the moment that everyone joined in singing the 3rd verse of the song. I am pretty sure I want to go again next year now.

So I was trying to clean up my sewing room...I've kinda stuffed random stuff of mine in there that I didn't know what to do with...such as old journals. I ran into the journal I had my sophomore through senior year in high school. Wow. I was surprised. For sure, there was definitely talk of boys and how obsessed I was...but, there was also...in like...every entry- talk about how much I loved Heavenly Father, how blessed I was, and WITHOUT fail, every single entry I mentioned how much I loved my family, and how I thought I had the best family in the entire universe. I swear...I don't remember this, but in my journal I always talked about how I was struggling with something, and so I prayed about it...and then that struggle went away. I had SO much faith. Then I went and read old blog posts- and same thing...but guess what? This past like year...it hasn't really been going on. I haven't been as faithful in scripture study, or really much of anything. I can tell the difference. I know that my life was blessed, and felt the need to write about it, because it works. Scripture study, and real- actual thoughtful prayers make life so much easier and so much happier. I dont' mean that trials don't come...they definitely came when I was doing those things...but I just know that when you're in that constant habit, you're so much closer to the spirit and to Christ, that your perspective on things are so different, in a good way. I always wonder how I get out of the habit and out of the zone...but it somehow happens. I think this has been my longest rut yet, and I can feel it! Not in a good way! I always ask my mom- I'm thinking- am I stupid? How could I witness something so amazing, and do such an easy thing each day, and have such amazing results, and then just stop doing it? She tells me that this is why we are on earth...and we are human...and everyone struggles. Anyway. I've definitely decided that I HAVE to get back in that zone. I HAVE to get back to reading my scriptures, and honest to goodness praying with good effort...because I know my life will be so much better if I do. I also decided that since I live 10 minutes from a temple...I am going to go once a week for this whole month. I know some of you probably think...uh, shouldn't you go once a week always? How hard is it when you're that close? Well...you find excuses. We do, at least. I don't know if Clay will go with me each week, but I'm going to go! This is my commitment. That's another thing. It's like...we've been PROMISED that if we go often, we will have soooooo many blessings. Why would I avoid getting those blessings? I don't know.

Anyway- Christmas. I feel cheated. I don't have like...any christmas movies. Well- I have 2. But I haven't watched any Christmas yet! I've listened to plenty of Christmas music though. I love it.

Have any of you seen Angel's and Demons? Holy. Freakin. Smokes. That movie was well made, intriguing story-line, greaty acting...BUT- I can never see that movie again. I got physically ILL watching it. And I even cried. Lame, right? But I'm not joking. I cried, and got a major stomach ache. Something about branding makes me ill...that's for sure- I felt that way in Planet of the Apes...but also the slow horrific deaths. dfjkl;asdfkljal;s. Yuck. Anyway- I can definitely say it was a good movie, but definitely not my thing. I'll just watch New Moon again.

Well...I have major sewing ahead of me. I have 1...2...3...4...5..6! projects to sew. For presents, of course. Hopefully they all turn out well. Clay was like, "Make presents, it'll be less money" I say, "If you want me to make nice presents, it will cost just as much as buying a present" Clay says, "Not if you choose for it not to be" I say, "Yeah...I could make them an ugly rag, that wouldnt' cost much...but I'm making them good presents" Anyway...........I have purchased most of the materials and supplies, and what do you know...it's costing JUST as much...if not more! than what I would've just purchased. Oh well. These presents are more from the heart now!

Today I called my dad on the phone to see if he'd give me the recipe to his hot chocolate. He makes the best hot chocolate I've ever personally tasted in my life. It's basically the bomb-dot-com. SO- here's kinda how the conversation went down...

Me: So dad, I was hoping you could tell me how you make your hot chocolate.

Dad: Oh really...

Me: Yeah- do you have like specific measurements?

Dad: *laughs* Uh...no just a little here...a little there...

Me: So how do you do it?

Dad: Well, first I warm up the milk...you can't put the cocoa in before it's warmed...then you put the cocoa in...

Me: About how much?

Dad: Until it is the color of what hot chocolate looks like.

Me: So you go by color?

Dad: Yes, I go by color. You know, I think I'm going to write that out on paper and patent it.

Me: That's a good idea. So you go by color...and then...

Dad: And then I put a LOT of sugar in. I mean...a LOT of sugar. You really can't have too much sugar.

Me: Okay...a lot...of...sugar...

Dad: Then I take the biggest salt shaker, and put quite a few big shakes in.

Me: So like...an actual salt shaker? Or mom's salt thing...

Dad: No- an actual salt shaker. I would say that if you were making hot chocolate for two people...so about 4 cups...then I would put 5-6 big shakes in there.

Me: Okay...anything else?

Dad: Then I taste it...and if it's too bitter...more sugar...too chocolaty...more milk...you know, I adjust it after I taste it. OH- and don't forget the whipped cream on top. That's a verrry important part.

Me: *laughs* alright. Lots of whipped cream. Okay, well thanks dad!

Dad: Good luck.

Yeah. You know what I did? I actually wrote down his instructions. Typical me. Can't trust myself to remember simple things like...add some cocoa sugar and salt to warmed milk and your good. Anyway...good news is, I made it and it tasted DELISH! Thanks dad!

Well...that'll be all for now. 19 days till Christmas! YIKES. I've gotta get sewing.