Saturday, March 27, 2010

A way to start your morning off juuuuust right...

Here are the steps!
1. Gather supplies
2. Compile and blend
3. Toast homemade whole wheat bread
4. Enjoy

So- I used to be so young and naive in my cleaning ways....the blender. You're not supposed to put it in the has blades...what to do? Well, my smart mother showed me this lil trick.
1. Rinse out with water.
2. Fill blender half full and squirt soap inside.
3. Turn on blender for about 10 seconds.
4. Rinse out and turn over to dry on counter.

Hello? Does it get easier than that? I often feel foolish that I never though of it myself.

So, I make these for Clay and I mostly every morning before work. It makes all the difference. If I don't do this, I seriously am STARVING until lunch time. And I miss it.

This morning, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not literally, of course. But...I was just in a bad mood. I went to bed in a bad mood, and I woke up in a bad mood. That's never good. Usually- if I go to bed upset, I've already forgotten about it by morning. Not the case today. It wasn't even a particular item of business either. I was just feelin pretty sorry for myself...for various reasons. So I was hungry. And Clay woke up. And Clay said, "We should watch 2012 right's not like we're gonna jump up and do stuff right away..." We rented 2012 last night...even after everyone in our life told us it was the dumbest movie ever. We are pretty optimistic about movies and DO NOT like to take the word of others. Because usually, we realize that we must have a much higher sense of appreciation for the arts than others:) And well, we like to form our own opinions...thank you very much. So I say to Clay, "How bout I make us some smoothies and toast first?" So I do this...and then suddenly, my day is about a bazillion times better. We both decided that these smoothies, alongside homemade toasted bread- could never get old. I think that smoothies, alone- could get old. And toast, alone- could get old. But the combination? Perfection. Clay and I BARELY EVER agree- on anything really. But this one thing, we do agree on. So you should probably just take our words for it.

Clay likes to eat all his bread before his smoothie is gone.

I like to take a bite of toast, take a swig of smoothie, and repeat. Until all is finished. It is quite wondrous.

2012- we actually really enjoyed it! I'm usually not really into that kind of thing, so maybe it was just being with my husband...watching a movie on a Saturday morning. But just this once, seeing the world coming to an end, but at the same time, seeing the main characters BARELY miss all the destruction...over and over and over again, and then being safe and happy at the end? It was quite nice. And I rather liked it. Even if it was cheesy. I totally could've ruined the movie by making fun of it the ENTIRE way through, which would've been really easy to do...but instead, Clay and I decided to get fully enveloped in it, and pretend we didn't know that they'd be fine in the end- and get really REALLY tense when they are about to die, and then exhale a TON of air after they make it. Pretty fun Saturday morning date if you ask me.

Just a random last thought. I keep cracking up everytime I think about this. Just cause this is a VERY typical kind of conversation between Clay and I. This happened just the other night as we were hopping in bed.

Me: "Hon, I do NOT like Lady Gaga."

Clay: "I like Lady Antebellum. And Sugarland."

Me: ".....okay. But I really cannot STAND Lady Gaga. I mean really..."

Clay: "I really like Lady Antebellum. And Sugarland. I mean, I've never really liked lady singers very much- but for some reason I really like their music. I can relate to it and...."

and he goes on. Oh dear. I had just finished watching Lady Gaga's music video, "Telephone"...just cause I couldn't TAKE it any longer. I HAD to know what all the fuss was about. And boy- did I finally decide that I am AGAINST the Lady Gaga era. She is icky and wrong. That's all. I was just trying to discuss it with Clay, but apparently he had is own agenda:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes having a dog is real nice.



Cause he makes you feel real special. (Can you believe he was that small? So short a time ago? He was such a cutie. Now, as many people say, he's a small horse:)

Dante was downstairs cuddled up by Clay's legs. Clay is playing video games...I was doing all sorts of stuff around the house. Every once in a while Dante would come up and check on me...then go back downstairs. So I finally got done with everything and settled down at the computer...and up comes Dante...he looks at me...and he lays on his bed next to the computer, where I'm at:) The thing is, many people might not realize this...but it's a huge sign. I know he decided to come lay up here, by me, cause he loves me so much and realized, "if something happened, I would half to run all the way upstairs to protect her. If she's staying up here...I should stay here. Just in case something happens." No joke. This is how doggies think. And my doggie is so sweet like that. So he's just snoozin away on his lil bed just a couple feet away from me...and I promise. The second I get up from this chair, up pops his head, and he will follow me wherever. I guess some people would find this annoying- but I kinda love it. Unless I'm doing dishes or something...but usually, when he's tired- it's pretty nice cause you just feel like a really special person.

Anyway. Dante can be a huge pain in the bum. But really, he makes up for it in ways like this. We love our doggie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It was a good day

I made two loaves of whole wheat bread today. They turned out fantastic. Why did I stop making bread? Why does anyone stop making bread? I decided, as I was forming my dough into loaves...running the homemade dough through my hands, that it was one of the most satisfying things in life. Making healthy homemade bread for your family. But I was wrong. The most satisfying thing in life is eating that bread. After coating it with butter while it's still warm. Mmmmmmmm. Satisfaction. I'm pretty sure I'll have satisfaction again tomorrow when I make us deliciously healthy smoothies, whilst toasting my homemade wheat bread and then taking them to work...and partaking of the goodness. Life can be very good sometimes.

Another thing I did today was gather lots of clothes that I will never wear again. Which is really sad because they are super cute, but I've BARELY worn them...cause they never really fit great to begin with. It was kinda like...I tried them on in the store...saw that they were cutting it close, or weren't quite right in some places....but got the item anyway because it was sooooooooo cute. So I basically bought it HOPING that it would look cuter when I actually wear it. Which leads to me barely wearing the outfit at all. So- to summarize...I gathered up clothes where the clothing was actually in GREAT shape- fabric in pristine condition...that I would never wear again. And I took them to my sewing room. I like to re-purpose things. Pretty soon I'll show you how I made a SAWEET pillow for my bed, out of an old dress Patty gave me that she hasn't worn for years. Today I took an old blazer that has shoulder pads and is really 80'sish that Patty also gave me (she cleaned out her closet a while ago and let me sift through it) and the fabric was GREAT- so I made it into a bag.'s in the process of becoming a bag. So far- it looks GREAT! I can't wait to finish and show you guys. I'm just trying to figure out what to do about a handle. We'll see.

I also worked today. But there's never really anything fun to report about that.

Well...I'm thirsty...tired...and need to put the bread away. Till next time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No sweets analysis

So I've been asked by lots of people how the no sweets thing has been it's affected my life...any changes I've seen in my body, energy, hard it's been. So I figured I'd tell you.

I'm severely disappointed. I honestly have seen absolutely NO change in energy level or feeling healthy or anything really. So...I'm only continuing on the hope that I wont be so dependent on treats and so addicted to them once I'm done with all this.

The first two weeks were hardest. I thought of treats non-stop.

After the first month it was noticeable when I thought about treats and how bad I wanted them. Whereas before it was noticeable when I wasn't thinking about treats.

I've never been at a point where I'm even close to caving. I've like...made the decision and it's not hard to say no or to avoid making treats or anything. I just don't eat treats. It's a done deal and so there's no temptation there. I definitely crave treats and want them still. I mean....I remember the taste and everything. For instance, yesterday- I was in Rebecca's van...and she was eating cadbury mini eggs. The ultimate weak spot for me. I could smell them even through my stuffed nose. I was pretty sad about that. But, I wasn't tempted to eat one. So...this brings me to my next point-

I am often wondering lately....why I am doing this. It's like- I kinda feel like I've established this great force in me where I KNOW I can say no- and I KNOW I have power over my body's wants. You know? Like- I realize now that my mind is stronger than my body and I can resist the temptation. So I keep thinking- if I stopped now, would I be able to control myself? Or would I just go back to how I was? I'm super scared that once I go back, I'll just be exactly the same as I was. Lori (she is doing the same thing with me) says that we would be sick if we ate like we used to- now that we haven't been eating like that. I guess it just sounds so unbelievable that I could get sick from cookies...just cause before- that was like...impossible. That's how bad it was. My body was so used to eating so much treats that it was impossible to make itself sick. Anyway. I just am not sure anymore. I hate to admit that and it's really disappointing to me. I was hoping to have this life changing experience where I felt so much better...body and soul, and THAT would keep me going. BUT- that isn't how it is AT ALL! I think that's why I'm struggling. Since I'm not tempted right now, I fee like I could control myself if I went back. But then again, I feel like maybe I couldn't. I have no idea.

So- that's that. That has been my experience with the treats. Clay says that he will call me a wussy or a wimp if I stop before a year. Clay, who has continued to eat treats. Nice.

Anyway....................that's it! Hope I didn't disappoint anyone.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Why...'ello love...

This bad boy comes out on MARCH 30TH! Helllooooooo? Do you think that's a coincedence? I don't. It's like Martha specifically thought, "Well, maybe if I make it so my inspiring book comes out on March 30th, Danielle's birthday, maybe she will get it."

Prolly not. I already have all my presents picked out:) Obviously. Before I even knew about this gem. Oh well. Seriously though? I bet it's the best. I love Martha. Sooooo inspiring.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just one of those days....

So...I'm kinda confused as to why some people don't take initiative and try really hard...people like interns. Now...I can say this, because I was an intern at my office for 2 years before I got hired on full time. I worked my BEHIND off as an intern, did everything the accountant's told me to, and I'm going to sound WAY arrogant...but honestly? I was a friggin GREAT intern. That's why I got hired. This is the thing though- you specifically tell someone to do something, like an intern, and about 10 minutes later they come to your office and you see that they've done it half way. I'm like- hello? Why? Why even try if you're going to not follow through all the way? I don't get that. How can people be satisfied with not trying EVERYTHING in their power before asking questions? I don't know. Anyway...

then. THEN- I feel a certain way about something- and my coworker feels a different way about that same something. We are discussing it, in depth. You know- tax law...blah balh. Anyway- I freakin KNOW I'm right. I just know it with all my heart. However, she's pretty sure she's right too. Which is cool- we were having a really friendly discussion about it cause we both like each other and are great friends. comes a lady- who I struggle with (only internally) often. And she just comes in randomly in the middle of our conversation and says, "I agree with her..what she just said is right" in reference to my coworker. Hello? Do you even know what we are talking about? NO! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it peaved me. It peaved me bad. Don't you love that feeling when you are like---on FIRE on the inside of your body cause you're so upset, and then on the outside you have to look all decent and friendly? Yeah...that's kinda what I was doing. I looked fine- no one knew that was upsetting to me- but I knew because my entire body was telling me- "SHE BUGGING THE FREAKING CRAP OUT OF ME!" Anyway. I'm overreacting. I know.

THEN! We fill out basketball brackets...and I'm kinda sucking it up. Which makes me upset, cause I wrote on my page "DANIELLE PHILLIPP WILL WIN!" I'm serious. I really did. I still plan on winning...the first day was just rough. But thankfully, it was rough on most all of us!

Good news though. My birthday is in less than 2 weeks. Have I mentioned that? Well- Clay is making me something great on the computer. I am pretty pumped. Cuz he's sooooo talented on the computa. I love birthdays.

Well...I'm gonna try and make a pillow or two tonight. Wish me luck! Peace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day...

So...guess what? I didn't wear green today. Not a bit. And guess what else? I didn't get pinched. Not be an adult.

Today I had the LOUDEST cough EVER. And I don't mean I coughed and it was loud ONCE- I mean I coughed a lot of times and a lot of times it was LOUD. I felt like I was a roaring lion every time I was THAT loud. And it's to the point that once I start coughing I have to go at it for like...a minute at least...otherwise I can't breath...or I still sound like a lion...but purring instead. Make sense? Not fun. BUT- i am feeling sooo much better all around so it's all good.

The lady that yelled at me came in to the office again today. This time she didn't smell like poop. Then again, my nose is stuffed. So...who knows? But us at the office have decided that she is kinda the type of person that automatically...ALWAYS assumes the worst in people. There is NEVER an optimistic attitude. I hope that I never become like that. Where I just assume everyone means harm when they say something. I usually like to look on the bright side of things....I try to anyway. Sometimes it makes Clay mad. Like, he is trying to just vent to me about something or someone...and I say, "oh well they probably meant probably misunderstood" and yeah. He doesn't really like that. So I've learned to just say, "I'm sorry." But...I must admit, I haven't mastered this quality yet. Try...try...again.

I have been wanting to show you guys this awesome thing my friend Lori did.
Isn't it awesome? (I took this from her blog...that's why it says "my wall"- it's her wall, not mine)...anyway. It's at the end of her hallway. Lori is the one that helped me with my chair and headboard...and we're currently working on bedding- you know...duvet cover, pillows, etc. Anyway, we decided to do a project a month. Her January project was painting her wall like THAT! She basically took posterboard....cut out that shape....and then spray painted the stencil on her wall! It took her a while cause I think she had to do a couple coats on each, and wait for one to dry before she could do another...etc. But I LOVE IT! Every time I go to her house I just sighhhhhhh and swoon over her wall. I kinda wanna do it myself...but it sounds like so much effort that I'm not sure I'm willing to put in....lazy. I know. But, I wanted to show you guys...cause I know you love a good project that turns out AWESOME. Oh yeah, and she did have to touch up a bit after...just some of the edges and stuff. But she did a really good job.

Today I fed my hubby cereal for dinner, did the dishes (that had been there a while since I've been sick), and swept and mopped our living room floor. It didn't take too long, or feel like much of an accomplishment...but I am freakin PROUD of myself. It sadly is a big accomplishment for me...I'm so tired after work. But the stuff had to get done....and I was a little motivated cause Clay came home and went straight out back to scoop poop. Yep, SCOOP POOP. Not a job I will ever volunteer. Or do if asked. All winter Clay said stuff like, "but I take care of the yard..." so...since the season has come to take care of the yard, I am just gonna let him hold up his end of the bargain:) I would probably cry if I had to do that. Seriously...I can just see it. I try scooping a pile of poo...and it breaks apart and falls on my shoe. Couldn't you see that happening? Of course I would cry...and then say in a really REALLY whiny voice "Honey I can't DO THIS!" Thank goodness that wont ever happen. The only way I am scooping poop is if Clay dies. Even then...maybe I'd hire a neighbor boy or something. 25cents an hour? Sounds just right.

Well...this post turned out to be a whole lot of random. Ohhhhhhhh well. I'm out. Love you guys.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tid Bits

1. I hate paying bills. It is my job in Clay's and my pay bills. And it's just annoying.

2. I have been SICK SICK SICK! I went home early from work on Friday, Monday, and went to work late today. Stinky. BUT- I think I'm way better. I just hate blowing my nose for 5 minutes every five minutes.

3. LOST was okay. All I know is I am SO EXCITED for next week! We will finally know the truth about Richard. At least that's what it looks like........

4. My wall is lime green. I love my wall. However, some people think it's mustard yellow. They are mistaken. And I kinda get a little ticked every time someone acts like that. I know it's not their fault...and they are innocently thinking it's yellow...but it's not! It looks more lime green at night, and I admit...has a yellower hue in the daylight...but the fact is- NO MATTER THE TIME OF DAY I love my wall! I kinda like that it's different looking throughout the day. I know it's random...but it's just something I've been thinkin about.

5. My birthday is in 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited about it. But bummed at the same time. No dessert? Bummer.

6. I wish it were warm so bad. It's like..........really warm for Idaho right now- like 50's...which is great. But it kinda just depresses me because I keep thinking how much warmer I could be somewhere like California or Arizona...or somethin. I still have high hopes for moving somewhere like that someday. Just the thought of living somewhere where it sunshines every single day, and rarely has a cold day...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sounds wondrous. I know lots of people love seasons...but I'm pretty sure I don't. I love summer.

7. It's time to go to bed. Sorry it's boring. Just trying to get in the blogging zone again.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lil update.

So....I'm listening to "Imma Be" by Black Eyed Peas. For those of you who don't know who black eyed peas are- they are a friggin SAWEET hip hop group. LOVE EM! I can't listen to any of their songs without dancing. And THAT is the truth. I loooooooooove them. So I asked Clay for their edited cd from walmart for my b-day. But the trouble is...I also love Weezer...and somehow in my life, I managed to NOT get their last 2 albums...which both have songs that are really great and make me smile lots. So I asked for those for my birthday too. But THEn the other trouble is I really really dig Taylor Swift. When I hear her songs on the radio- I sing my HEART out. So I asked for her albums for my b-day too. And...of course, I asked for anthropologie bowls, a poster, New Moon, and a gift card to Home Fabrics. I'm thinking there's no way I'll get ALL of that. But you know- I guess that'll keep the anticipation and the surprise in it.

So I have this great story. I am addicted to reupholstering right? Well...our friends that we had in Rexburg when we lived in that craphole of an apartment on main street? They moved to Utah a while back, but came to visit. So we went to Rexburg to have a lil rendezvous with the ol gang and I was like- "hey, why don't we hit up the Rexburg DI while we're there? They might just have something I'd love". So my hubby patiently agreed to go. We went. And there, in the yard area....was a wingback chair with wood legs in pristine structural condition for ONLY $8.00! So I bought it. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. And sooooooooooooo happy. So we put it in the back of the truck, and take it home after the festivities. Clay takes it out of the truck...and when we go to bed he says in a VERY VERY serious tone, "Hun...I have some bad news." I ask him what...and he hesitates...and reluctantly says, "The seat cushion for the chair? It's gone. It flew out or something..." I was DEVASTATED! I honestly felt like crying. But I didn't. So completely depressed...I figured I'd just make another cushion. Spend more money. But then I had a brilliant idea. We called and told our friends who were coming to Idaho Falls the next DAY, about the situation...and guess what? THEY FOUND MY CUSHION! I was soooooooo happy. I thanked Heavenly Father...cause lets face it- you know I prayed that they'd find it. Whoever thinks Heavenly Father doesn't care about the small stuff, is kidding themselves.

I've gotten sick again. I was sick like 3-4 weeks ago...was just getting over it, and BAM! Cough, cough, sniff sniff, death death. Ughhhhhhhhhhh. It stinks.

Is anyone loving LOST? I cried during the last episode. I can't believe how much symbolism there is this season. The part where Ben was about to go with Satan-Locke and said, "He's the only one that will take me" and then the girl said, "I'll take you". Oh my. I'm not even joking- I felt the spirit. I am sooooooooo loving it.

So we don't get fox, and the only way to watch American Idol is on youtube the next we haven't been watching it. But everyone has been talking about how bad everyone sucks this year, so I had to check it out- and you are RIGHT! Holy smokes...I didn't even finish watching most of the songs because it was painful. But...there were a FEW that were good.

Well...I think I'm gonna go sleep...if I can. Have you done your taxes yet? If you are a poor college student in your first 4 years of college, and better yet- with kids? You'll probably make more in your tax return then you did in a year. Just sayin. Tax breaks are pretty good this year. But I still can't help but wonder where all the money is coming from?



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What is going to keep me going............

So, I've decided that maybe my life isn't really pointless. It DOES feel that way. But I'm going to do my BEST to not think like that. Have any of you seen the video of President Uchdorf titled "Create"? If not, go here.

Love it.

I've kinda decided that I can do anything:). I can create music, art, literature (blog at least), furniture, tax liability, tax refund (HA- sorry. I am a dork and thought that would be a funny one), love, whatever. So....I guess I will choose to live my life trying to create. Along with loving my husband, family, and friends of course.

I have so many things I want to create right now. I'll just list some o' them:

  • cute tote bags
  • saweet coasters
  • handy cloth napkins
  • cutesy table runner
  • classy pillows
  • sassy guitar strap
Like my ability to use adjectives?

Also, one thing I have been meaning to learn is..."Party in the USA" on the guitar. What inspired me? Why...Andy Bernard of course! Did you guys watch that episode where they sang a song about dunder miflin and sabre to the tune of Party in the USA? inspired me:)

Today a client yelled at me. When I didn't do anything wrong. She came behind my desk, stood by my chair, and told me off. And you wanna know what made it ONE HUNDRED times worse? But at the same time ONE HUNDRED times easier to giggle at? I'll tell you. She smelled like poop. I'm not joking...or speaking metaphorically. She Ahhh...the life of an accountant:) Ha, just joking. That's the first time that's ever happened.

K. Time for lost- PEACE!