Sunday, March 21, 2010

No sweets analysis

So I've been asked by lots of people how the no sweets thing has been it's affected my life...any changes I've seen in my body, energy, hard it's been. So I figured I'd tell you.

I'm severely disappointed. I honestly have seen absolutely NO change in energy level or feeling healthy or anything really. So...I'm only continuing on the hope that I wont be so dependent on treats and so addicted to them once I'm done with all this.

The first two weeks were hardest. I thought of treats non-stop.

After the first month it was noticeable when I thought about treats and how bad I wanted them. Whereas before it was noticeable when I wasn't thinking about treats.

I've never been at a point where I'm even close to caving. I've like...made the decision and it's not hard to say no or to avoid making treats or anything. I just don't eat treats. It's a done deal and so there's no temptation there. I definitely crave treats and want them still. I mean....I remember the taste and everything. For instance, yesterday- I was in Rebecca's van...and she was eating cadbury mini eggs. The ultimate weak spot for me. I could smell them even through my stuffed nose. I was pretty sad about that. But, I wasn't tempted to eat one. So...this brings me to my next point-

I am often wondering lately....why I am doing this. It's like- I kinda feel like I've established this great force in me where I KNOW I can say no- and I KNOW I have power over my body's wants. You know? Like- I realize now that my mind is stronger than my body and I can resist the temptation. So I keep thinking- if I stopped now, would I be able to control myself? Or would I just go back to how I was? I'm super scared that once I go back, I'll just be exactly the same as I was. Lori (she is doing the same thing with me) says that we would be sick if we ate like we used to- now that we haven't been eating like that. I guess it just sounds so unbelievable that I could get sick from cookies...just cause before- that was like...impossible. That's how bad it was. My body was so used to eating so much treats that it was impossible to make itself sick. Anyway. I just am not sure anymore. I hate to admit that and it's really disappointing to me. I was hoping to have this life changing experience where I felt so much better...body and soul, and THAT would keep me going. BUT- that isn't how it is AT ALL! I think that's why I'm struggling. Since I'm not tempted right now, I fee like I could control myself if I went back. But then again, I feel like maybe I couldn't. I have no idea.

So- that's that. That has been my experience with the treats. Clay says that he will call me a wussy or a wimp if I stop before a year. Clay, who has continued to eat treats. Nice.

Anyway....................that's it! Hope I didn't disappoint anyone.


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Danielle, The only person that can decide to eat treats or not is YOU! I think that the only person whe has the right to call you a wussy or a wimp is YOU! That being said It only takes 21 days for something to become a habit sooooo doing without sweets is a habit for you now. If it isn't making a difference in the way you feel, then the proof is already there. The Lord says moderation in all things. As for you going back to your old habits I don't think that will happen as you have already proven by your ability to say no to eating them. IF it does get out of hand again and you can't control it, then go without for 21 days again to build up your strength. I thought this was a big thing to give up. I think and know that all carbs are SUGAR or turn into that in the body. If you limited your carbs to at or below 45 to 60 each meal then you would see a weight loss and a surge of energy. That is what dibetics do. I have to tell you I don't always do that. But I do know the rules and facts, and it DOES work. Giving up treats isn't necessary for someone your age who is in good health. MODERATION!!! THATS THE NAME OF THE GAME!!! YOUR DECISION AND YOURS ALONE. LOL grams


interesting- well if anything it's incredible that you have been able to conquer something so HUGE! Mind over powering body. That's huge! I won't think you're a wuss or quitter if you stop- I think you've accomplished alot. love you

Megan and Greg said...

Danielle! I am SOOOOOO disappointed in this post. I wish I could delete it before anyone else reads it!!!! I just disagree in every way. I'm wondering, if you'll realize how good you DO feel, once you start eating "crap" again. I TOTALLY 100%, not made up, feel a MAJOR difference when I eat salad and fruit and a small sweet daily vs LOTS of fattening things and/or cut out the produce. It is so obvious every time. The only time I DON'T notice is when I get sooo bad (like probably right before you made this pact with your friend) that I just don't notice anymore, until it get's so constant that I'm just grumpy and feel bad everyday.

Another thought, because I just don't think this could be true. It's not all about sugar. Are you eating chips, fried things or buttery things? There are worse things or things equal to the badness of "sweets". If you're still eating an overload of those, you will NOT feel better. It's all the same.

Tell Clay to shush because you've done way more than 90% of Americans have or ever will um . . . including him, apparently :)

Lori Killian said...


First off. I didn't know that you wanted to feel more energy and feel healthier and all that when we started this. The reason I did this is because sometimes I feel chocolate runs my life so I give it up for a while and then I don't feel like I need it anymore.

If you want to feel better then you have to do more then just give up the sweets. We've discussed how giving up processed foods would probably help with that and since you've said that most of the treats you ate were homemade then you weren't even eating the worst of the treats.

Last time I did this I DID feel a boost in energy level and I felt better but I was also doing cardio exercise for about 1.5 hours every day.

So if your not meeting your goal then you are wasting your time. You need to switch what you are doing so you can meet your goal.

Maybe you should switch to the non-processed foods thing or like Megan said you can cut out chips and buttery things.

I don't know. Good luck and hopefully Clayton will support you in whatever you decide.

Sincerely, Lori

Sharon/mom said...

Well, I think what you have done is amazing. You would notice a difference if you tried to eat as many cookies or etc that you used to be able to eat. My guess is if you went back to eating treats, you would only go back to the old days if you allowed yourself to. Again it's about choice. I have gone many times in my life to saying I will only eat treats on Friday or the weekend and have done that for a long time. It is when I get stressed out for too long of a period of time and if I don't make a conscious choice, I go back to my old ways.But to be honest the only time I ever went back to the way I ate before this last time of going back to WW's was when Amy had cancer and Rebecca was getting her divorce. Any other stresses only caused temporary lapses. Like one day or one hour lapses. Soooooo long story short, if you go back to eating treats, decide ahead of time what it is you want, how many times a week, how much is a serving to you? Decide on that and then when you are ready go for it. The great thing about choice is that you can choose again, it isn't over just because things didn't go like you planned, it just means you need to think it through, pray about and choose again. We get too caught up in thinking, well I have to make a decision and stick to it, when in reality every thing we do in life usually has to be altered to fit the situation at the time, whether it be a house being built or a schedule, or our food choices. Life changes so we have to also. I have come to learn, life changes from the seasons of the year as well as seasons in life. Soooooo that's my big advice!!

The Conger's said...

Thanks for the advice about the taxes, it wasn't too late, we will still end up getting a great return. And I am actually with you about the treats thing, once you decide not to eat treats or to eat health food, your body starts to crave it and it is really easy to stick to your goal. Good for you! I still like me occasional piece of cake, haha.

Carina & Dan said...

Inspired by you I decided to try a month without sweets. I think I have an addiction or something(maybe a serious lack of self control is more accurate) but I would eat sweets until I made myself sick. The month went great. I was tempted constantly but determined & it did start to get easier near the end. However, as soon as I stopped I immediately made up for lost time & pigged out. Then I just felt disgusted with myself. I think I will try again, for longer this time & see if I can make it a better habit. Good job on the not eating sweets, it is an impressive feat :) One I hope to someday accomplish.