Saturday, March 27, 2010

A way to start your morning off juuuuust right...

Here are the steps!
1. Gather supplies
2. Compile and blend
3. Toast homemade whole wheat bread
4. Enjoy

So- I used to be so young and naive in my cleaning ways....the blender. You're not supposed to put it in the has blades...what to do? Well, my smart mother showed me this lil trick.
1. Rinse out with water.
2. Fill blender half full and squirt soap inside.
3. Turn on blender for about 10 seconds.
4. Rinse out and turn over to dry on counter.

Hello? Does it get easier than that? I often feel foolish that I never though of it myself.

So, I make these for Clay and I mostly every morning before work. It makes all the difference. If I don't do this, I seriously am STARVING until lunch time. And I miss it.

This morning, I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not literally, of course. But...I was just in a bad mood. I went to bed in a bad mood, and I woke up in a bad mood. That's never good. Usually- if I go to bed upset, I've already forgotten about it by morning. Not the case today. It wasn't even a particular item of business either. I was just feelin pretty sorry for myself...for various reasons. So I was hungry. And Clay woke up. And Clay said, "We should watch 2012 right's not like we're gonna jump up and do stuff right away..." We rented 2012 last night...even after everyone in our life told us it was the dumbest movie ever. We are pretty optimistic about movies and DO NOT like to take the word of others. Because usually, we realize that we must have a much higher sense of appreciation for the arts than others:) And well, we like to form our own opinions...thank you very much. So I say to Clay, "How bout I make us some smoothies and toast first?" So I do this...and then suddenly, my day is about a bazillion times better. We both decided that these smoothies, alongside homemade toasted bread- could never get old. I think that smoothies, alone- could get old. And toast, alone- could get old. But the combination? Perfection. Clay and I BARELY EVER agree- on anything really. But this one thing, we do agree on. So you should probably just take our words for it.

Clay likes to eat all his bread before his smoothie is gone.

I like to take a bite of toast, take a swig of smoothie, and repeat. Until all is finished. It is quite wondrous.

2012- we actually really enjoyed it! I'm usually not really into that kind of thing, so maybe it was just being with my husband...watching a movie on a Saturday morning. But just this once, seeing the world coming to an end, but at the same time, seeing the main characters BARELY miss all the destruction...over and over and over again, and then being safe and happy at the end? It was quite nice. And I rather liked it. Even if it was cheesy. I totally could've ruined the movie by making fun of it the ENTIRE way through, which would've been really easy to do...but instead, Clay and I decided to get fully enveloped in it, and pretend we didn't know that they'd be fine in the end- and get really REALLY tense when they are about to die, and then exhale a TON of air after they make it. Pretty fun Saturday morning date if you ask me.

Just a random last thought. I keep cracking up everytime I think about this. Just cause this is a VERY typical kind of conversation between Clay and I. This happened just the other night as we were hopping in bed.

Me: "Hon, I do NOT like Lady Gaga."

Clay: "I like Lady Antebellum. And Sugarland."

Me: ".....okay. But I really cannot STAND Lady Gaga. I mean really..."

Clay: "I really like Lady Antebellum. And Sugarland. I mean, I've never really liked lady singers very much- but for some reason I really like their music. I can relate to it and...."

and he goes on. Oh dear. I had just finished watching Lady Gaga's music video, "Telephone"...just cause I couldn't TAKE it any longer. I HAD to know what all the fuss was about. And boy- did I finally decide that I am AGAINST the Lady Gaga era. She is icky and wrong. That's all. I was just trying to discuss it with Clay, but apparently he had is own agenda:)


Megan and Greg said...

Who is Lady antebelum? Is it just another name? Or one of her songs? gaga is CRAZY, but I don't have any issues. She's something to talk about. But I'm really out of the Hollywood loop, now. I never know who anyone is or what anyone sings. I never listen to the radio either. I don' tknow the stations. I think that will change when we move.

Jenni said...

Thanks for the Recipe! I'm totally going to make those, michael will LOVE IT!

And all I have to say about Lady gaga is AMEN. She is filth. Absolutely disgusting. i cannot believe she is allowed to be on television.

and I also like lady antebelum :)


that is so funny- I am off to youtube to look it up-


OK- I just watched it- oh my gosh- she is so disgusting and a disgrace to women- And it makes me disrespect beyonce for doing that video with her and swearing like that- what is she thinking? is she insecure? does she think doing that will improve her popularity? what i don't understand why she did that with her.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Looks like you had a delish and happy Saturday morning. Hope your afternoon was just as good. LOL grams

Rebecca said...

What a great Saturday morning. I wish you could come over and make me breakfast. Love you.

Patty said...

It sounds like a wonderful Saturday morning. thanks for the recipe. I am going to make some for Paul and I this week to see how he likes it... he will probably eat it with the breakfast cookies that I make..which also stay with you all morning..the conversation with Clayton cracked me up sometimes they are just not listening to what you are saying..oh well we love them anyway..have a great you..bye now.

Lori Killian said...

good idea on the cleaning of the blender. I hate this part but this would be easy. I should try using my blender more often now.

Sincerely, Lori

Lizzie said...

The convo you and Clay had cracks me up. I think it's funny too that he says, "lady singers".

Gotta love smoothies. I just bought a Vita-mix and I love it.

Neal said...

hey Danielle, we don't know each other very well but i always read your blog because you have cute ideas and you're amazingly creative and crafty! i am getting married this june in the portland temple and i bought a strapless gown and was going to wear a jacket with it, but now i don't like the look of it! i know this is random but do you have any suggestions of how i could maybe have it altered to have sleeves? or have you ever heard of anyone who is able to do something like that for a strapless dress? ugh, i am so tired of googling! i thought you might have a cute idea. if it helps i could send you a picture of the dress.

Neal said...

oops i am accidentally signed in on my fiance Neal's account but this is SuSusan Cook. haha!!

Sharon/mom said...

loved the blog!!! I like the conversation stuff! It made me laugh and smile! I am so glad you eat a healthy breakfast! It makes me feel good!! love you!!!