Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a little update

I hate school. I'm so sick of it. I thought maybe my internship would make it so that I would have a bit of a break and would be back for more learning all enthusiastically. Big fat WRONG! Then as I'm thinking and writing this I have this sudden wave of guilt come over me because I know I am so incredibly blessed to be getting an education, have it paid for, and be at this amazing university where I can feel the spirit every day. Do I sound like a lazy brat? Well, I am one.

The good thing is- I've decided FOR SURE, I will never study on Sunday again. We are always encouraged and it's kind of just a given around here, try not to study on sunday's. Well it became final when I read a quote by President Faust, literally saying if you don't study on Sunday's, you will do BETTER in your classes. Therefore, I will never study on sundays again:)

Life is good besides that I guess. I've been moody. I wish I wasn't. I feel bad for Clay. I know he is getting the rough end of it. I don't know if I am just PMSing or stressing with school or what. I'm getting a little sick of it though. I keep telling myself it is all a choice, I am just choosing to be moody, and to stop it. I somehow keep getting moody. Ugh. How to stop this cycle?

I made some delicious brownies the other day. We just finished them up last night. They are, of course, a Martha recipe. If you want to look it up, it is Penut Butter Swirl brownies. They are WONDERFUL! Now- if you DO decide to make them, take my advice to follow the directions at the end- where it says, wait until completely cooled to cut into pieces. I tried it when it was still really warm, and it was 10x's better when they were completely cooled. I doubt you will be able to resist. They scrumptious looking.

Well I really don't have any other updates. How sad is that? The only updates I have are my lazy confessions of hate for school and moodiness, and brownies that I made. Oh well. We all have times like this right? We did have stake conference and that was really wonderful. So there you go. Alright- Love you all!!! I am so excited for the reunion in a few months.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rexburg is cold and cruel

Clay and my situation this semester is a little interesting. It will all work fine once summer actually COMES, but right now it isn't working so great. Today Clay had to be at school by 7:45 am. I didn't have to be there until 9:45 a.m. I figured I'd just walk. Yesterday was like 60 degrees. I figured I'd be JUST FINE! I even looked out the window and it was just cloudy. By the time I got down my steps it had started hailing with the wind blowing furociously. Yes. From the one minute it was only cloudy to the one minute I got outside it started storming! And yes, I walked to school in it. Also, I walked in heels. Really easy ones to walk in though, but still. I couldn't like run to school or anything. I really hated rexburg that whole way. Not to mention I was walking UP HILL- and AGAINST the wind. Snot was running down my face and my hands and face felt like it was going to fall off. Horrible. My teacher joked that we missed summer during the break and that it's already winter again. HA! not funny. I was depressed the rest of my class.

On to other things. My classes are fine. It is only the 4th day of classes and I am already unmotivated to go on. It is horrible. I have 2 super super hard classes-one of which all teachers have said is the hardest accounting class you'll ever take-probably meaning the hardest class altogether I'll ever take, 2 medium hard classes, and 2 fun classes that will still take some work. I always want chocolate all day but by the time I have TIME to make cookies, all I want to do is rest and look at the computer or read a fun book or something. By the time I have time, I can only focus on the mess I'd have to clean up afterwards. How sad.

I am only blogging because I am waiting for Clay to get done with his group. He has to meet with his group EVERY day! Yowsa. I probably will end up doing that too actually. WHo knows. THis is a tough semester for both of us. I kind of feel like we are at that point in our college careers that we will say this for EVERY semester. So so hard.

I'm really starving right now. We don't have much food. I am going shopping here in a second. I hate a few little orange things but it didn't really do much for me.

I am happy that I can see the light now though. I can see graduation point in near future and it will keep me going...hopefully.

Okay, that is enough whining for the moment. I really want to bake something delicious today. I think I really will this time. Love you all!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

We're back!

Sorry to disspoint, but no pictures today. Hopefully Lizzie will post all the picture she took while we were there. We didn't take any with our camera except on the drive! Maybe I'll post those later.

Well, I must say- it is very depressing to go from high 80 degree weather to 30 degree weather within hours. It is even more depressing to feel great wearing shorts and a t-shirt at 7am one day and the next day be shivering...EVEN with a coat on. Yes, my friends- it is STILL winter in Idaho! UGH! Hopefully the weather will cheer up soon.

California was absolutely WONDERFUL. It was so nice seeing Lizzie and Shad and so fun to see the kids. They are both so sweet and so cute. Words really can't give them justice. Kate is cute in pictures, but she is 100X's cuter once you get to know her. She is so funny. Clay and I have already talked about how we miss her. Even her little temper tantrums are cute. In fact, we loved them. Both the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED Clay. Kate was flirting with him from the moment we got there. I was holding her and Clay tickled her. She smiled and kept putting her fut on his leg and trying to get him to tickle her more. By the end of the trip she barely even came to me, she always wanted Clay.

It really was a wonderful trip because we got to relax so much. We swam, watched movies, went to the park. It was great. Just being in that relaxing warm weather was perfect.

The drive was great! Clay was an absolute wonderman and drove almost the whole way. I probably drove 3 hours each way. He was so good to me. The fabulous ZUNE kept us happy with multiple songs and artists at the touch of a finger. Thank goodness. Our CD case is about the same weight as myself and it took all the effort of my being to haul it from the back seat in our past road trips. I didn't have to do that once! Wonderful!

I am now at school. I just finished my first class. Income Taxation II. Woohoo. Haven't I had enough of taxes for a while? I guess not. I have an hour and a half break between that class and my next one. I still haven't purchased our books. I am off to do that next. Joy. It will probably take 5 men to carry both Clay and My books. Teachers like to require the most expensive and fat heavy books in existence. Hopefully I will survive the experience. If you think the weather is depressing, buying books is even more depressing.

Well, that should be all for now. I will probably go back to updating multiple times a week now that I am done with the internship. THANK GOODNESS, by the way. It was a good end. I'm so glad I'm done. Alright. Love you all! I will try to comment on all of your posts soon. bye!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A lovely compliment

I got one of the better compliments I've ever gotten today! Maybe. Anyway. A girl that I have known for around a year told me that Giselle from "Enchanted" reminded her of ME! Ha! I thought that as a great compliment, thank you very much. Who knows if we really are anything alike- she is probably way more nice and uplifting than me. Anyway, I loved it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


How did you meet your spouse? This is a little difficult. Technically I think we met in our Humanities 101 class, in the Taylor building, second floor to be exact. He sat directly behind me. I bet we never actually met until we were forced into this group debate thing that of course, Clay was nominated to be speaker. He just has that leader way about him.

Where did you go on your first date? This is difficult too. Who knows? I'd say you could consider our first "hang out" a date. It was a school project. We had to walk around campus and identify different forms of art. Clay started flirting from me from the beginning and I loved it. He asked for my number in an ever so sly way. We had a test for that same class in a few days and he said he studied better with another person, want to study? let me have your number. You know...

How long have you been together? In June, we will have been married 2 years! Yay! We met around the end of January though. Technically weren't a couple until March, so we've been TOGETHER about 2 years and a month.

Who eats more? Clay can really take it in. Sometimes I am amazed at how much he can eat. I have to agree with my sisters though- I eat way more snacks and way more treats.

Who said I love you first? I guess Clay did. It was an interesting situation. We had just come back from spending the weekend with the Leslies in the cabin. I knew I loved him for at least a week probably more. I am just stubborn- answer to a later question- and wanted him to say it first. You know- I was scared he didn't too. Well anyway, by the time we got back, I KNEW he loved me. You just know it when it happens. Well the day after we got back. He was helping bring in mine and my roomies groceries (we had gotten into a habit of him taking us grocery shopping on mondays after FHE) and he stopped, smiled down at me and said, "I really really like you". I don't think I even smiled. I looked at him with a straight face and said, "thanks." and walked past him. I was so dissappointed. The next day he was all depressed. I asked him what was wrong- he couldn't spit it out. We were edging around the conversation- he kept telling me how much he liked me and cared about me, and I finally said, "Well I don't want you to always just like me". He finally said it and when I said it back, of course, he was the happiest boy on earth.

Who is taller? Clay. Thank goodness. I wear heals all the time.

Who sings better? Me- Clay gets better all the time. He has so much passion for music.

Who is smarter? This is an odd question. People generally aren't smart in all things. Such a general question. Clay always tells me I'm so smart- I always say he is so smart. I am very smart in some ways, he is way more smart in others. He likes to say I am book smart, he is street smart. I laugh. We are both smarter in our own ways.

Who does the laundry? Me.

Who does the dishes? Me. He's done them a few times. I always marvel and tell him how amazing he is when he does it in hopes that it happens more often. The fact is- it's me.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on where our bed is at. I'm a freak and think of it this way: if a person is going to break in at night and come to kidnap me, I want him to have to get through you first. He has to be like between me and the door...kind of.

Who pays the bills? Me. Trust me, it helps our relationship to do it this way. I would be at him all day everyday checking if he is doing it.

Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn. I imagine if we did, Clay would be like his dad and make our lawn the spotlight of the neighborhood. Hopefully by the time we have a house and lawn, Clay will be fully recovered and cured, and able to mow the lawn.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Clay is like dad. He makes toast and frozen burritos. You may be thinking- what? Cooks, cleans, bills? The fact is- I like doing these things (kind of)- and it all started because I didn't work, Clay did. We both went to school. So it was like the house was my job, Clay had a job outside the home. You know? It just works for us.

Who drives when you are together? Clay. I think I'm a good driver. But when I'm with Clay, I get talking and distracted. He is a better driver.

Who is more stubborn? I think we are both very stubborn. Only with each other of course. It's wierd though. It's a stubborn like- on friday nights, "well I want to do what YOU want to do." "NO, I want to do what YOU want to do". "Ugh, you are SO STUBBORN". "No YOU are". We are a couple of 5 year olds.

Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong? Me. Me. Me. I usually am wrong though. I hate to admit that.

Who kissed who first? Clay. It took forever to get there in my opinion.

Who proposed? Clay. We had been talking about it before the official proposal. I have no idea who brought it up first though. Actually, our friends who had started dating the same time as us had just gotten engaged. That's how it came up. We literally got engaged like a week or so after we said I love you.

Who is more sensitive? Both. I am more sensitive with movies and real life news stories. I get sick to me stomach when I hear about horrible things. Clay is very able to handle it. We both get our feelings hurt way easy though. Clay more probably in that area.

Who has more friends? Clay. He is so nice to people.

Who has more siblings? Me.

Who wears the pants? I don't get this question. We both get our way. I'm not sure. We usually talk about things for a long time before we make a decision and ummm yeah. Who knows.

I tag: Amanda, Patty, Susan.

Twilight behind the scenes!

I can't wait!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quick note

I just finished reading a chapter of the Book of Mormon and then reading the first presidency message out of the April Ensign. It was SUCH a relief. I haven't read my scriptures in well over a week. I don't know why. Life has just gotten crazy! Anyway, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness as I read. But- MY POINT. I really want everyone to read the message by President Monson in this months Ensign. It really hit home with me and I think that it is a message all of us need to be reminded of. It's called "Treasure of Eternal Value". If you don't have an Ensign, go to and it is on the front page to the upper left.

Love you all!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I guess it's been a week!

OVER a week since I've posted actually. Crazy. WELL- to start, my birthday was a blast! My mother was here and we had tons of fun together. We went to a movie, "27 dresses" and it was WAY CUTE! We both loved it. We went shopping and just hung out! It was great. She was sick the whole time, which was sad. But she was a trooper. Anyway, on my birthday we went to Rebecca's, who made delicious chicken and rice, and AMAZING Reece's Penut Butter Cup CHEESE CAKE! YES- oh my, most delicious desert you'll ever have. AND, she was kind enough to let us take the entire leftover of the cake home. Truly, I think I must have this cake every year on my birthday for the rest of my life! All my presents were great! I was spoiled and got many. I just got done playing with one that Clay got me, DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! YEsssssssss it is way fun, and WAY addicting. AND a workout! A pretty good combination if you ask me. I can't count how many times, the first night I played it, that I said: okay, this is the last one. But i just couldn't stop! I'm not that good at it though.

Life is pretty much the same as last time. Fast moving and stressful! Work is getting more and more stressful being that the 15th is only about a week and a couple days away. I've been staying longer at work, which isn't fun at all. I know it will just be worse this week. I'm excited to start school because it will be a nice little change, but I'm not excited to have homework again, and the neverending stress of keeping my grades perfect. I am an extreme perfectionist when it comes to school- when I get a B, or worse, a C or D on a test- I am horrified. Really. I pretty much cry if I don't get an A and if I don't cry, I have this guilt gnawing inside of me. It's horrible. I guess it is worth it that I am basically being paid to go to school though. I have a scholarship that pays for the whole thing, PLUS Financial Aid/Grants. After all is paid for, we keep a big chunk of money for ourselves. It's a pretty sweet deal.

One thing has changed since I last posted that has been a great relief of stress. Clay quit his job. If you are wondering why- I kind of wonder HOW you could wonder that! The thing is, this last week alone, Clay was at the doctor 3 days. One of the appointments lasted 3 whole hours! We didn't realize it, but this is pretty much how it is going to be I think. He will be going at least once a week if not more. Also, he has finals this week, and has been so stressed about school. It hasn't helped that I've been gone so much. The fact is, his life was too much to handle for anyone. Work, school, doctors appointments, wife, physical pain, etc etc. It was a lot to juggle and I could see that he was really really stressed. We talked about it and I told him: out of the three major things right now: school, work, and health, which ones are priority at this point in our life? 1. HEALTH; 2. School. No matter what, we will be poor. What we need to do right now, is focus on getting him healthy and getting him through school. Procrastinating either of those will just make things worse. So we decided that he should quit his job so he wont be so stressed anymore. We amazingly feel so blessed right now. Our savings account is somehow larger than it's ever been in our marriage, we are getting that stimulus package from the government in a month (if you don't know what that is- google it) and we are so so blessed to have an inexpensive apartment and basically paid for college. I don't understand why we are so blessed like this, but we are. We've always been full tithe payers so we know all will be okay. Basically, probably today- I will do a very detailed budget to see if we can handle neither of us working this next semester and just living off of our savings. I wouldn't be surprised if we could do that. I'm sure we would have to both get full time jobs once summer starts though. If you don't know- after summer semester, the one that will start in 2 weeks, there is a 6 week break before the next semester. We'll see. I don't know if this is all too personal for a blog, but you've all kind of been going through this all with us anyway- oh well. Sorry.

Well we are planning on going to Lizzie and Shad's in a little over a week! Wow, that came fast. We will be there 3 full days and traveling 2 days. We are soooooo excited. Do you know how sick we are of snow and ice and cold weather!?!?!?!! It will be a perfect little break. It will also be way fun for Clay to see Shad's office and what it's like down there. And of course, I can't wait to see the kids! Clay and I have never met Kate before. We've only seen pictures. We already think she is absolutely perfect, I can't imagine what she'll be like in person:) Alrighty- Love you all!!!!!