Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rexburg is cold and cruel

Clay and my situation this semester is a little interesting. It will all work fine once summer actually COMES, but right now it isn't working so great. Today Clay had to be at school by 7:45 am. I didn't have to be there until 9:45 a.m. I figured I'd just walk. Yesterday was like 60 degrees. I figured I'd be JUST FINE! I even looked out the window and it was just cloudy. By the time I got down my steps it had started hailing with the wind blowing furociously. Yes. From the one minute it was only cloudy to the one minute I got outside it started storming! And yes, I walked to school in it. Also, I walked in heels. Really easy ones to walk in though, but still. I couldn't like run to school or anything. I really hated rexburg that whole way. Not to mention I was walking UP HILL- and AGAINST the wind. Snot was running down my face and my hands and face felt like it was going to fall off. Horrible. My teacher joked that we missed summer during the break and that it's already winter again. HA! not funny. I was depressed the rest of my class.

On to other things. My classes are fine. It is only the 4th day of classes and I am already unmotivated to go on. It is horrible. I have 2 super super hard classes-one of which all teachers have said is the hardest accounting class you'll ever take-probably meaning the hardest class altogether I'll ever take, 2 medium hard classes, and 2 fun classes that will still take some work. I always want chocolate all day but by the time I have TIME to make cookies, all I want to do is rest and look at the computer or read a fun book or something. By the time I have time, I can only focus on the mess I'd have to clean up afterwards. How sad.

I am only blogging because I am waiting for Clay to get done with his group. He has to meet with his group EVERY day! Yowsa. I probably will end up doing that too actually. WHo knows. THis is a tough semester for both of us. I kind of feel like we are at that point in our college careers that we will say this for EVERY semester. So so hard.

I'm really starving right now. We don't have much food. I am going shopping here in a second. I hate a few little orange things but it didn't really do much for me.

I am happy that I can see the light now though. I can see graduation point in near future and it will keep me going...hopefully.

Okay, that is enough whining for the moment. I really want to bake something delicious today. I think I really will this time. Love you all!!!!


Paul & Patty said...

What a way to start your day. the weather in Idaho Falls is just as nasty. It was absolutely blizzarding and blowing on my way home from work. So gross and so cold. Take care and I will talk to you later. I really miss having you come over for lunch.
bye now.

Sharon/mom said...

I feel so bad for you! I'm not surprised by the weather, we had a winter storm just like in Nov. for two days! It is cold and I am tired of it. I think we are all tired of it! All the more reason to settle in the sun country! :-) Your pics are sooo cute on Lizzie's site. I miss you too! And yes the end will be here before you know it!!! I love you!


Well, sorry you're back in school. I have to make this short cause I don't feel that well. But the pictures looked really cute! Looks like I have some competition now :) you little rascals! I love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

We have horrible weather here also, but at least I don't have to walk in it. I hope you will get some sun soon. We are supposed to have sun this weekend. We'll see. I hope the time will pass quickly and that before you know it you will be looking for a job and Clay his career. Who knows???? I don't like to grocery shop anymore either. I takes too much effort not to mention the money. Every thing is going up and up because of the gas prices. Sad for everyone. Take good care love grandma

Rebecca said...

Oh Danielle you crack me up. We had a blizzard here yesterday for about two hours. Huge flakes. Crazy. Loved the story about you and Clay. It was so funny. I didn't know most of it. Love you.

Dad said...

WHen you don't have time to bake that's when icecream can really hit the spot. Or just eat chocolate chips. That's what I do! Or have done. So funny: when I read "we don't have any food" I took it so literally like you guys really don't get enough to eat and I was so stunned and sad and then I realized what you really meant- so ridiculous of me. I can just imagine you in stilettos walking through a storm. Hair blowing everywhere. Yeah, we're feeling it here too. You will have better days. Probably tomorrow. Love you,