Saturday, April 12, 2008


How did you meet your spouse? This is a little difficult. Technically I think we met in our Humanities 101 class, in the Taylor building, second floor to be exact. He sat directly behind me. I bet we never actually met until we were forced into this group debate thing that of course, Clay was nominated to be speaker. He just has that leader way about him.

Where did you go on your first date? This is difficult too. Who knows? I'd say you could consider our first "hang out" a date. It was a school project. We had to walk around campus and identify different forms of art. Clay started flirting from me from the beginning and I loved it. He asked for my number in an ever so sly way. We had a test for that same class in a few days and he said he studied better with another person, want to study? let me have your number. You know...

How long have you been together? In June, we will have been married 2 years! Yay! We met around the end of January though. Technically weren't a couple until March, so we've been TOGETHER about 2 years and a month.

Who eats more? Clay can really take it in. Sometimes I am amazed at how much he can eat. I have to agree with my sisters though- I eat way more snacks and way more treats.

Who said I love you first? I guess Clay did. It was an interesting situation. We had just come back from spending the weekend with the Leslies in the cabin. I knew I loved him for at least a week probably more. I am just stubborn- answer to a later question- and wanted him to say it first. You know- I was scared he didn't too. Well anyway, by the time we got back, I KNEW he loved me. You just know it when it happens. Well the day after we got back. He was helping bring in mine and my roomies groceries (we had gotten into a habit of him taking us grocery shopping on mondays after FHE) and he stopped, smiled down at me and said, "I really really like you". I don't think I even smiled. I looked at him with a straight face and said, "thanks." and walked past him. I was so dissappointed. The next day he was all depressed. I asked him what was wrong- he couldn't spit it out. We were edging around the conversation- he kept telling me how much he liked me and cared about me, and I finally said, "Well I don't want you to always just like me". He finally said it and when I said it back, of course, he was the happiest boy on earth.

Who is taller? Clay. Thank goodness. I wear heals all the time.

Who sings better? Me- Clay gets better all the time. He has so much passion for music.

Who is smarter? This is an odd question. People generally aren't smart in all things. Such a general question. Clay always tells me I'm so smart- I always say he is so smart. I am very smart in some ways, he is way more smart in others. He likes to say I am book smart, he is street smart. I laugh. We are both smarter in our own ways.

Who does the laundry? Me.

Who does the dishes? Me. He's done them a few times. I always marvel and tell him how amazing he is when he does it in hopes that it happens more often. The fact is- it's me.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on where our bed is at. I'm a freak and think of it this way: if a person is going to break in at night and come to kidnap me, I want him to have to get through you first. He has to be like between me and the door...kind of.

Who pays the bills? Me. Trust me, it helps our relationship to do it this way. I would be at him all day everyday checking if he is doing it.

Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn. I imagine if we did, Clay would be like his dad and make our lawn the spotlight of the neighborhood. Hopefully by the time we have a house and lawn, Clay will be fully recovered and cured, and able to mow the lawn.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Clay is like dad. He makes toast and frozen burritos. You may be thinking- what? Cooks, cleans, bills? The fact is- I like doing these things (kind of)- and it all started because I didn't work, Clay did. We both went to school. So it was like the house was my job, Clay had a job outside the home. You know? It just works for us.

Who drives when you are together? Clay. I think I'm a good driver. But when I'm with Clay, I get talking and distracted. He is a better driver.

Who is more stubborn? I think we are both very stubborn. Only with each other of course. It's wierd though. It's a stubborn like- on friday nights, "well I want to do what YOU want to do." "NO, I want to do what YOU want to do". "Ugh, you are SO STUBBORN". "No YOU are". We are a couple of 5 year olds.

Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong? Me. Me. Me. I usually am wrong though. I hate to admit that.

Who kissed who first? Clay. It took forever to get there in my opinion.

Who proposed? Clay. We had been talking about it before the official proposal. I have no idea who brought it up first though. Actually, our friends who had started dating the same time as us had just gotten engaged. That's how it came up. We literally got engaged like a week or so after we said I love you.

Who is more sensitive? Both. I am more sensitive with movies and real life news stories. I get sick to me stomach when I hear about horrible things. Clay is very able to handle it. We both get our feelings hurt way easy though. Clay more probably in that area.

Who has more friends? Clay. He is so nice to people.

Who has more siblings? Me.

Who wears the pants? I don't get this question. We both get our way. I'm not sure. We usually talk about things for a long time before we make a decision and ummm yeah. Who knows.

I tag: Amanda, Patty, Susan.


mandijwaters said...

That was a fun one. I struggled a bit, but still had fun with it!

Sharon/mom said...

that was great! I knew some of it but not all. Go see penelope, its great! Clay would like it. I loved the clip,it made me excited to see the movie. I wish we could all be together when we see it! Love you!


That was cool- I love you- and congrats on almost being 2 year marriage!

Dad said...

Danielle, I enjoyed reading this. I can see that you have inherited a few things from me. Your love of sweets is one that I think I can claim.
Much love,
Your Dad

Lizzie said...

It's funny that Dad said you were like him on a couple of things. I thought the same thing when I read how you pay the bills or you'd be re-checking Clay's job of it the whole time. I can imagine Dad doing that to Mom. I had no idea about the "I love you" story. I am so so excited to see you both!!!

Lizzie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot something else. You know how you like to have Clay sleep between you and the door. I am the EXACT SAME WAY. In this house, it just happens to be that Shad sleeps on the right side. But it always changes in hotels and at other people's houses. I'm also kind of a freak when we eat out. I cannot have my back to the door. I have to be able to see most of my surroundings or I can't even eat.