Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a little update

I hate school. I'm so sick of it. I thought maybe my internship would make it so that I would have a bit of a break and would be back for more learning all enthusiastically. Big fat WRONG! Then as I'm thinking and writing this I have this sudden wave of guilt come over me because I know I am so incredibly blessed to be getting an education, have it paid for, and be at this amazing university where I can feel the spirit every day. Do I sound like a lazy brat? Well, I am one.

The good thing is- I've decided FOR SURE, I will never study on Sunday again. We are always encouraged and it's kind of just a given around here, try not to study on sunday's. Well it became final when I read a quote by President Faust, literally saying if you don't study on Sunday's, you will do BETTER in your classes. Therefore, I will never study on sundays again:)

Life is good besides that I guess. I've been moody. I wish I wasn't. I feel bad for Clay. I know he is getting the rough end of it. I don't know if I am just PMSing or stressing with school or what. I'm getting a little sick of it though. I keep telling myself it is all a choice, I am just choosing to be moody, and to stop it. I somehow keep getting moody. Ugh. How to stop this cycle?

I made some delicious brownies the other day. We just finished them up last night. They are, of course, a Martha recipe. If you want to look it up, it is Penut Butter Swirl brownies. They are WONDERFUL! Now- if you DO decide to make them, take my advice to follow the directions at the end- where it says, wait until completely cooled to cut into pieces. I tried it when it was still really warm, and it was 10x's better when they were completely cooled. I doubt you will be able to resist. They scrumptious looking.

Well I really don't have any other updates. How sad is that? The only updates I have are my lazy confessions of hate for school and moodiness, and brownies that I made. Oh well. We all have times like this right? We did have stake conference and that was really wonderful. So there you go. Alright- Love you all!!! I am so excited for the reunion in a few months.


Emily said...

Don't feel guilty...we all go through times where we hate school. Everyone knows you're still grateful to be going! Those brownies sound yummy...maybe I'll make them for Lost this week.

Paul & Patty said...

It is really awful when you feel so grumpy and just want to stop but just cannot. I think all of us go through that at times. It will go away. The brownies sound delicious. I will have to try them. Take care and have a great day. love you. bye now

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Well I hate to tell you this, but there are lots of days when I don't want to do anything. So there you go, seriously I think we all have times when we hate what is going on in our lives and HATE it. But there are silver linings in every old black cloud. You like the rest of us are tired of winter and I think you just have the winter blahs!!!!Fear not I think spring is just around the corner and after that blessed summer. I for one am going to enjoy all of the HOT days and rejoice and not complain about the heat:). It will be great, and we have fun things coming in the summer. Think of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and you'll forget to be grumpy. Much love grandma


Ahhh the reunion, I can't wait. Well Danielle, you either are just in a moody phase, or you can join the mental club and get on a mood stabilizer, that is different from depression, but linked. If you find that in a month or 2 it continues maybe you should look into it. But maybe you are just going through a phase. Have you been reading your scrips, praying etc? I think also the weather is wearing on all of us. I am so sick of the cold clouds. It is so depressing. And I am so sick of school. It is depressing doing something you don't want to do everyday. Today I imagined quiting school, and i just felt good thinking about it. So, I'm convinced I will be a happier person when I'm not in school, I known we're not supposed to say, "I'll be happy when ...." but I really do feel that I and you will be happier when we are full time homemakers. You have gone through school so fast though! You are almost done, just one mroe year right? Those brownies sound really good at the moment. Well, I love you, I'll say some prayers for you.

mandijwaters said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have been grumpy for about 33 weeks now! This pregnancy has done that to me. Only a little bit left before Sophie is here :) I wish that I enjoyed baking cause brownies sound pretty good about now! Hope I get to see you guys soon. HELLO Clayton!

Dad said...

Reading what you said about not studying on Sunday, the same of course is true of not working on Sunday. I remember many times over the years of trying to get work done before the due date in the CPA practice that I would go in to work at 12:01 Sunday night. I think Heavenly Father pays attention to that. The scriptures say that economic blessings come to those who keep the Sabbath Day holy.