Thursday, May 1, 2008

On a lighter note

The sky is bluer today. YES! Still cold. Why is it so cold everywhere? Life is a lot better. I am still stressed all the time about school- BUT- I started my period so all is much better. Ha- too much details? The fact is, mostly women read this- and if you're a man you probably belong to my family, MEANING, you are used to too many details:) I think I was suffering from some severe PMS when I wrote my last post.

I take my first test of the semester tomorrow. It should be difficult. I am nervous, but slightly excited in hopes that I do well. I am weird like that. I have no idea though. It is the hardest class in the world. I will have to be studying like MAJOR for it.

I decided to drop my home decor sewing class. I was way excited for it, but i just had too big of a load. I will take it next semester probably. Wanna hear something sad but kind of funny? I forgot to go to it. The class. On monday, I was driving to my afternoon class and thought, oh I'm excited for Home decor. Then I suddenly thought- OH MY GOSH I FORGOT TO GO!!!! I've never done that before in my life. I kind of feel like it was meant to be though because it kind of pushed me in the direction to just drop it. It wouldn't be such a big deal but it was like the 3rd day of class. BUT, I was considering before that dropping a class and decided I needed to. I felt SO relieved once I clicked DROP.

When I thought I was taking the home decor class, I ordered a bunch of catalogs because we had to make a portfolio with home decor pictures and stuff. So I got a PotteryBarnKids catalog and decided I am way excited to have a BOY so that I can decorate his room. I was inspired by this picture:
Look at it up close. I LOVE the sheets. Obviously it'd be a little different because it will be a baby at first, but I am SO EXCITED! I want it to be ALL ANIMAL themed. Then I got super excited because Clay LOVES animals meaning he'd LOVE it! It'll be perfect! I want to like paint little animals on canvases and I am just so excited! It's funny because I don't even want some of those things in that picture- like the top cover, it's okay but not the best. I really just got inspired from this whole idea. I love love love the sheets though. Isn't that little basket cute too? Anyway. I'm getting way ahead of myself here, but isn't it such a cute idea? I know it wasn't MY idea, many people have had animal themed baby rooms before but I just had never considered it. I'm just so excited to have a house to decorate.

Alright. That's all for now. Off to studying. Love ya!



I hadn't considered decorating animal either, I've always thought cars or space for some reason. Animals is cool! Clay could paint a jungle on the wall, that would be so cool. Well, I think it's good you dropped the class so you could have a lesser load. It sounds like this term is just really hard. Plus you know alot about decor anyway, you can take it again later. You can be as detailed as you'd like with your health as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry you were really PMSy. I'm glad you've started and now that's over. Well, good luck on your test, I love you.

Emily said...

Yes, boys are the best! And animals is a good way to go...that bedroom is super cute! I like to pretend I'm rich and look at the potter barn kids magazines!

Good luck with your super hard class...I hope it doesn't stress you out too much.

Sharon/mom said...

loved the animal theme. I love pottery barn kids. I thought it was funny about the too much info. I feel the same way sometimes. I want to tell all you girls something, but then I realize that some of the son-in-laws will read it. I'm glad you're more excited about school and that you dropped your class. Well, I love you!!!!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Great idea for the nursery. I'm glad that you are feeling better about school and feeling better, and I love details. Love you lots grandma

Jenni said...

yo girl! So school sounds as stressful as ever and I really feel for ya. But the good news is that you've always been so good at school that I know you'll survive. and I have great news for you, snoasis opens today!!!!! yessssssss!!!!!!!!! oh man that makes rexburg so worthwhile!

I totally love the boy bedroom idea! I already know that you'll be the bomb at decorating it. haha i love all this talk about things that don't exist yet- it's super fun!

Megan and Greg said...

That's fun! Animal theme- that would make a cute room. Glad all is better. And it wasn't too much information. Yeah, it's just part of being a girl.