Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, I am ever so happy that we had this memorial day weekend. I NEEDED IT! Saturday, we weren't even planning on it- BUT- we started just cleaning up, and both of us got in these HUGE projects and we ended up doing a MAJOR spring clean! We got rid of TONS of stuff we don't ever wear or use and it was GREAT! We rearranged our room, and just cleaned a bunch up. It was great. We seriously worked from like 10:30am to 7:00pm...or something like that. We stopped once for crepes, but other than that, NOTHIN! We were just so determined.

Today I have been trying to write my dang persuasive paper on how the dietary guidelines the government recommends to us needs to be CHANGED. You know- the food pyramid, all that jazz. It's been rough. I love reading about this stuff, but I just hate the deadline. It's due friday, but a rough draft is due wends for my peers to look over. Lovely. Reading about a lot of this has also caused me to feel like the whole thing is a conspiracy. I have suddenly become one of those conspiracy theorists:) I just feel like the pharmaceutical business is out to get us and YES, some medicine is GREAT! I'm so glad we have so much modern medicine to help some things in life, BUT! I also think that this is why we aren't told so many natural ways to rid ourselves of cancer and diseases. BECAUSE OF MONEY! Of course they know nutrition manipulation can cause cancer, they thrive on it. Do I sound horrible? Well- I feel this way, believe it or not. I feel like they want us to get diseases so they can make money off of it- horrible, I know. Anyway, they also know that the food they are selling us causes cancer, but they of course don't care because they are making money off of the food we are buying! AH! Anyway....stay tuned for my final paper:)

The job is fine. There just isn't much structure to it, which I need. I keep saying things like..uh, okay, I don't really know where to go from here...and then they are like- uhmmm..hmmm...well, Okay, how about you do this now. It's like...I just need a system okay? UGH! I would love it if they would just have me filing papers or something. I'm just sick of wondering what's coming next. It's not a hard job and I am doing fine, it's just a little irritating that I don't know really where my work is heading towards- if that makes sense.

We watched "Mad Money". We both actually liked it a lot! Surprising. I thought Katie Holmes was HILARIOUS! I loved her character. They were all great, really. I don't know- I think there were a few little comments here and there about you know what, but it wasn't the focus of the movie or anything. And there were no scenes where you thought, YIKES! SKIP THE SCENE! Ya know? Anyway- it was just fun. Clay thought it would be way stupid, but he ended up enjoying it. When he reads this he'll be like- "Hun, I didn't LOVE IT- you made it sound like I LOVED it" And I'll say, "NO I didn't. I said that you enjoyed it- you did, you told me you did." and he'll say something like, "well I didn't like it like YOU liked it." You know? This always happens. I just thought I'd demonstrate the conversation so there are no mixed signals of how Clay actually liked the movie:)

Alright- I think I might go paint my dresser now. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously look at my calendar ALL the time by the way, looking towards the reunion. I am so excited. Oh yeah- if anyone is wondering, we are going to leave in time to get to the reunion thursday night, and then go to the coast after the reunion and leave on the following monday (August 4th) so we will be staying a WHOLE WEEK at the coast- oh joy!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

I always enjoy reading what you guys are doing and getting along. Thanks for blogging. I have had a few jobs like that when I was younger and I hated it. I like to know what they expect from me. I also agree with the food thing, and you are so right, they need to revamp it. Much love grandma

Sharon/mom said...

Wow!! I am so impressed! I want to do that to my house so bad! I could have that same conversation with your dad about a movie. I can't count how many times he will say I didn't like it that much or worse he will say he didn't like it when he did! Sad to say I agree with your conspiracy theory. The word of wisdom says so if you read verse 3 I think. I wish I could eat like a really believe. It is sooo hard. I wonder sometimes if it is to keep me humble so I can help my weight watcher people. I am so sorry I missed your call, I don't get to talk to you very often. I love you!!! can't wait to read your paper.

Paul & Patty said...

It was great to see you this weekend even though some of your Spring cleaning ended up at our house. Just Kidding. It is always great to get the cleaning done. We finished all of the shelves downstairs and it looks really organized now. Have a great week. Love you. bye now.

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Congrats on the Cleaning project, it is always nice to get things done. I hope that you have the best time on the coast. do me a favor and suck in all the ocean for me you can. I have always said that Paige looks like max. I love you guys.

Susan, Blain & kids said...

Congrats on the Cleaning project, it is always nice to get things done. I hope that you have the best time on the coast. do me a favor and suck in all the ocean for me you can. I have always said that Paige looks like max. I love you guys.