Friday, May 16, 2008


I don't really like having to come up wiht, you are subject to my silliness.

It is FRIDAY and I am SO HAPPY about that! YAY! This weekend is going to be the best ever. Why? Full of events! Tonight, we are going to see "CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN"!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS! Clay and I watched the first one this week and are way pumped. I absolutely LOVE the first one, it is so sweet, so loving, so symbolic and just plain entertaining. It is really great for us because we aren't paying. Why? Because Clay's amazing mom and dad are sharing their gift card with us that they have for the big theater! I am sooo excited. You might be thinking- sheesh, it's just a movie. Well, it is more than that. Much more. Do you realize the last time I was in the big theater was like...a long time ago? We just NEVER go- we always have to wait until it's out on rent. SOMEtimes we go to the little theater...SOMEtimes. Anyway, we are going to the real deal and seeing a NEW movie on OPENING DAY! I just love the entire experience of going to the movies. The loud surround sound, the previews (YES! I just realized I'd be seeing all new previews!!! I love that part almost more than the actual movie), popcorn, seeing everything for the first time, especially before someone gets a chance to talk it up or down, getting in with the crowds gasps and tears, the whole experience is just lovely.

SO- that is tonight, yes! Tomorrow, we are going to Rebeccas turf to have a picnic! If we are talking lovely, that is defintely it. I am so excited to see rebecca and the girls and of course, darin. Rebecca has been such a good big sister to me while I've been here. I'm so grateful to have her around. That will be way fun. THEN- later that evening, we are going to see yet, another movie! Yes! At the big theater! I kind of wish we were spreading it out a bit, but we aren't. I have a gift card to the big theater that I got from the Amazing Amanda. Also, one of the most generous beings I've come to know- Clay's whole family is just of a kind. Anyway, so we are going with our friends to see IRON MAN! Ha, exciting. I have to admit, I too think it looks good- probably not as much as Clay and Lance (friend) but it looks very entertaining. Then we will come back and play some MarioCart on the Wii (Lance and Leanna, our friends just got that and love it), maybe do some dinner too. I don't know. BUT- overall that is a great day! Then Sunday we will have church, and we will have our Stake Presidency interview for our temple reccomends- thank goodness, and tuesday we will go to the temple! I'm way excited for that too. That isn't part of the weekend though- oh well.

I know I am spending a lot of time on just worked out that way. Unfortunate, but I'm still excited!!!

So I've been looking for a job. I know, depressing. I interviewed for one and they totally loved me, but they had to interview more people who they very well could've loved as well. I'm thinking about applying at the DI but I'm not sure. I haven't decided. We'll see. I'll probably see if this job offers me a job and see how much it pays. If it not much more than DI, I'll probalby stick with DI because DI is a LOT more laid back than this other job, and more flexible hours. Jenni and Steph got jobs at DI, and Jenni said she gets the impression they are always hiring. So, we'll see. Anyway- I'm not excited to be working, but I am excited to have money coming into our bank account again. You know how it is.

School is going well- I have been getting decent grades on my tests and I haven't felt too overwhelmed. Hopefully that continues.

I don't think I have much else to say. OH YEAH- okay. We complained to our managers about our stinking fridge. I told her EVERYTHING. I defrosted it, frost came back the very same day, the fridge part is freezing things, then thawing, the freezer drips all over our food, the freezer FREEZER-BURNS all our food, and consequensly RUINS all our food. I told her all this in a nice but firm way. I dont' like getting mad at the managers, it's not their fault. So she says she'll call right away. I never hear back from her for days, so I go back and she says that he said to defrost it. HELLO! I ALREADY DID THAT! I told her I did, and she said, ummm well I'll tell him that but I'd do it anyway so that he's happy when he comes and looks at it again. Um....okay. LIKE I want to make that cheap man happy. Well, we did it anyway. We got like ALL the ice off. It was clear as day. Clay said that the second he plugged the fridge back in, the freezer got WAY cold WAY fast. Ugh. We can't even control the temp of the freezer. The Fridge he turned down more. BLAH! Can I tell you how excited I am to be making enough money to have my own home and enough money to buy my own fridge? UGH. AND, not having thin walls where you can hear everything, EVERYTHING that your neighbor is doing next door? ughhhhhhhhhhh. If we weren't moving in less than a year I might consider moving to a different apt. I really do love the layout and the personality of it, but some things are starting to get on my NERVES! Of course, I am way blessed to even have a roof over my head, and water and food, even if it is ruined. So I really shouldn't complain. Though, we have worked hard for our money, and are paying for this. It's a tossup. Maybe I do deserve to complain:)

Alright. If any of you are still reading- I miss you all so much. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the reunion (not to say that I don't miss all you that wont be at the reunion- I do, really.) Oh yeah- I was talking to Amy about this. YOu know the movie "Dan in Real Life"? Well, I think we need to adopt one of their activities at our reunion. You know the part where they all go out infront of the house and do exercises together? WE DEFINITELY need to do that! That was the first think I thought of when I saw it. US. Jake can teach us Yoga, Megan can teach us salsa, I can do something, I don't know, Amy can do contemporary:) and so on. It'd be so fun. Okay, anyway- love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

PS- if there are typos, exuse me. I'm doing this at school and it isn't underlining anything and the keyboard is kind of sticky.


mandijwaters said...

Hope you have fun at the movies! Leif and I will be going to dinner and a movie tomorrow night for my birthday. He went and saw Iron Man with his friends in Boise a bit ago and loved it. We won't be going to that on Saturday. I'm not really sure what I want to see yet. Maybe I will see you guys tonight. I will be at Patty's house later today. Either way, enjoy your weekend!!

Emily said...

I'm so excited for you and all the movies you get to see! Lucky! I totally understand your excitement about going to the big theater.

Good luck with the job search! It would be fun if you worked with Jenni and Steph!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

Glad you got a JOB and that is great money. Good for you. I am happy you get to go to the movies, I used to love to go to there when I was younger. Now that I could go whenever I want, I can find a lot of reasons not to:( Don't think it's fun to grow more mature. Bummer about the fridge. Love grandma

Sharon/mom said...

loved the blog, that is sooooo cool about the movies. I understand for a totally different reason! Which you know. Your chintzy landlord better get you a new fridge. He is ridiculous. Undertand about titles, I go through the same thing when I get ready to blog! I love you!!!!! oh I am so excited you get to go to rebbeccas! fun fun!


Great blog. that was so funny about the dan in real life thing- me doing contemporary, hahha. You would do hip hop. Congradulations on teh job! That is so great! And if I remember right it was just down a block, so that will be so wonderful. You're going to have a nice resume after this job. Well you'll have to tell us how you liked Prince Caspian. I love Narnia, but 2nds and 3rds of movies sometimes are iffy. Well, your weekend sounds so great and eventful! Ours is not! You've inspired me to make it more exciting! I love you. I'm so glad everything is going so well, minus the fridge, that is a rip off! I love you.

Lizzie said...

I thought of our fam reunions in that movie too! The excerise and the talant show. So happy for you that you got the job! 10.50!!! Wow, that's a ton. Way to go.

I think it's just fine that you complained about the fridge. In you contract I'm sure it includes a working fridge, and working heater, etc. They aren't taking care of the apt, they can deal with it. So sorry for all the problems. love you so much!