Monday, May 19, 2008

Weeked and job update!

Here are some pics from our picnic with the Leslies- it was SO FUN! Everytime we get together I always think, 'Man we need to get together more often'. I always have so much fun. We had a blast playing soccer, kickball, frisbee, a little basketball, swings, and lots more. Of course, eating as well! The girls are so adorable.

This is so sad that her eyes are closed because it would be such a perfect picture if they were open. I still thought it was way cute so I included it anyway:)

Anna was always quick to pose- she's such a sweety.

My sexy man.

Gracie would NEVER smile for me. I said, "Smile gracie!" and she would nod, with a straight face. Oh bother. This was the best I could get of her and Rebecca.

Clay, Me and Anna playing soccer. Clay was being bad and running a lot, but thank goodness, he didn't suffer too much afterwards.

Sisters. So cute.

Darin and Clay playing basketball.

Well, to update- it seems all of you wanted to know- Prince Caspian was AWESOME! Oh, we both loved it so so much. We loved the first as well though, so if you don't like the first, I don't know that you'd like the second. I think we both liked the second more though. I don't know I can't decide- but I definitely think there was way more symbolism in this one and Clay said that he liked this one more because, I quote:"there is more violence". Spoken by a true man. Sheesh. Anyway- he said it was more realistic. I loved it!

We saw Iron Man too. Though there were a few scenes in the beginning I didn't care to see, it was very entertaining and we both liked it. I think Clay more so LOVED it than liked it, I'm sure you can guess why. It was definitely cool though. The whole movie going was especially wondrous being that we paid one dollar for both- only because I had to have candy AND popcorn:)

I have started the Host. I like it a lot so far. I can barely find time to read it anymore, though I could read it right now- I am choosing to blog.

I have also started the China Study. I also am enjoying this one. Though it is more difficult to read, it is probably way more useful to my life. I am doing a paper in my persuasion class on why the Food pyramid needs to be modified. Things like that. You know- animal-based foods cause cancer, that whole basis. I know a lot of people reading my blog are thinking, are you a psycho? Well, no. I'm not. You will see. I will post my paper when I'm done- WHICH by the way, I haven't even started....ughhhh.

OH- my job! I started today. It went well. Not much to report.

Life is good, we feel that we are blessed time and time again. Clay seems to be improving, we are just realizing that this is a slow slow process, but we definitely know we are getting somewhere.

Well, that's it. Love you all!!!!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

So happy to see pics of the Leslies and I think you should get together more often. Grandpa went to see Iron man with Tyson on Mother's Day week-end. He thought it was good, and it was Tyson's 3rd time seeing it. We would like to see the new Narnia movie, I loved the 1st one a lot. I agree with you about the food, I think we would all be better off if we ate more veggies, fruit, grains, and legumes. I was raised on beans and cornbread and oatmeal. I ate a lot of biscuits, and gingerbread, peas, and loads of fruit. Mom always had a big garden and we canned everything in it. I miss you and hope we get to see you this summer. Much love grandma


Danielle that was such a great blog! It was fun to see the pictures but there weren't any of you- it looks like you have REALLY long hair if that was you playing in an field. Here's teh deal with your hair: I LOVE BLONDE LONG HAIR- you are so lucky you get to be blonde, and taht your hair is long! BUT- I LOVE short short hair- I've never been teh medium type either, I think short hair would be REALLY cute on you- really choppy, lots of layers, - i think it'd be really cute. Does Clay like short hair? I think it'd be really fun and cute. I'm so glad to hear that you loved prince caspian, because I was afraid it'd be dumb and boring, and I wanted it to have symbolism aswell, since the first one majorly did. I'm so glad to hear that it continues to have symbolism, I'm excited. That is so funny about clay saying he liked it because of the violence. Mike would so say something like that. There's alot of things that Clay reminds me of Mike. I wish we lived by eachother. I'm glad your job went well. It sounds like everythign is going really well in your life, I'm so happy for you and Clay. I'm so happy he is gradually getting better, you both are so strong. The pictures of everyone are so cute! I'm excited to read your paper. Do you think you'll read teh entire China book? is it affecting the way you are looking at food yet? I'm so excited to see you at the reunion. Alrighty well I guess I'll talkt o you later- I love you.

Paul & Patty said...

It looks like you had a great time at your picnic with Rebecca. Cute pictures. I hope that you enjoy Host. I thought it was a good book. I will have to check out the China study. I have been hearing about it from some of the people that I work with. I think your hair would look great no matter how you wear it. You are a cute person with a great personality. I am so glad that Clayton is getting better even if it is slower than he would like. Take care and have a great week. love you. bye now.

Megan and Greg said...

sounds good. i am interested in your paper. I can't imagine anything to be better than the first narnia, that is like my favorite movie. How could there be more symbolism? I read the second. I don't know. We'll see. Thank you for the reviews.

Sharon/mom said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for the pics. I am glad you had so much fun. I am glad Clay is noticing some improvement. Man when I was scrolling fast, I saw why people think rebecca and I look so much alike. It was wierd. I am not sure about the host, it sounds to sci-fi for me. I can't wait to read your paper. I probably will hate and love it! I love you!!!!