Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ch ch ch chaaanges

Weeell...Clay and I are making a BIG CHANGE.

We are no longer going to our Lyme Doctor. 

She has been awesome and gotten us SO FAR, but things have been happening lately that made us decide that we are ready to move on from her. This was a hard decision and came with a lot of thought and prayer and I can confidently tell you that I feel really good about it.

We are trying something new for our treatment and we are pretty excited! We are trying essential oils. I know a lot of people think that's wacky, but you know? We've been on antibiotics for over 2 years and our bodies can tell. Especially Clay's. We've heard of success with treating Lyme with essential oils so we figured, why not? We'll try it for a couple months and see how we feel and if we decide they aren't doin it for us, we'll move on to another option. 

I have prayed so much that I would feel confident and know if this is the right move for us, and the past two days I have felt so EXCITED about it. So, I'm taking that as my answer!

Also, I got a free vial of Wild Orange essential oil, which supposedly helps your mood and I kid you not...the past two days that I've rubbed it on (just the inside of my wrists), I swear I've been happier! I've just been in such a better optimistic mood. Maybe a coincidence, I dunno! But I'll take it!

I've been trying to eat a lot healthier this week cause seriously- the past two weeks Clay and I ate out so much and ate so much crap. My sister Megan made a cookbook that is vegetarian and all the meals are gluten/sugar free. I LOVE IT! I've made 3 recipes from it and so far I loved ALL of them! I'm so pumped.

I ordered a yoga dvd that Greg (my sissies husband) recommended and I guess it's like not so intense, and meant to relieve stress and be relaxing. I am SO excited for that! 

We painted our walls. The green walls. We painted them grey, the same grey on our other walls! We love it. Except we thought we wanted to do a stencil on one wall and once we started it, weren't so fond of we need to paint over that. 

That's pretty much it for now! Probably later today I'll post my results for February for my goals by numbers. Don't get too excited cause I'm pretty positive I did barely a thing this month. Have no fear, MARCH is the best month of the year! Birthday month! I will do great. 

PS- Anyone watching Idol this year? What the freak is so amazing about Zonette? Or however you spell her name. She is cray cray and they are always talking about "marketability" and she is NOT. No one would buy her music. And I'm sorry...but I just think it's a bit silly that they act like she is just this survivor or whatever. She moved to the US when she was TWO YEARS OLD. They all look really well adapted to US life and she's American. I doubt she's ever been back to her "home country". It's all just ridonculous. 

Also, I posted another today that is below this one. I started it Sunday and just finished it. 

Why do bad things happen to good people?

I have to admit, that through this trial of Lyme Disease, I have had the thought come to me, "Maybe I am being punished...I should've been a better person....If only I was more perfect." These thoughts aren't constant companions, but in my weak moments...they pop up.

I think the biggest trial for me right now, is having a constant companion of fear...that this disease is never going away. It can get wearing and it's easy to think, is this my life forever? Well, I know it's not. This is but a small moment, and it WILL get better.

I was reading this talk by Elder Eyring. It's called "Mountains to Climb". It was so good! I was reading it because in Young Women's today we are talking about why we have adversity, and that is one of the talks in the lesson. It was so good! I recommend reading it.

While reading, I was reminded that trials are NOT punishments. Yes, certain actions can result in negative consequences, but that is just the law of cause and effect. When I get a trial, like Lyme Disease, it's not because I did something wrong, or that Heavenly Father is punishing me. The fact is, we all have trials of different natures, and they all affect us differently. In fact, I could get the same exact trial as you- but it could be a totally different trial for me because of my life experiences, my body, my brain, etc. That's why it's so important not to judge how others react to their trials, or how they handle them.

I've been reminded a lot lately that the whole point of being a good person, reading scriptures, praying, is so that you can be firmly planted, strong, immovable, when the inevitable storm happens. Because ALL of us face storms. The nature of life is to test us. So the commandments, the talks, the advice from church leaders, all of them aren't to say, "If you do this, your life will be perfect!" It's to say, "If you do this, you will better handle it." It's just the truth. I've come to realize, the less I nourish my soul, the less I focus on good, and God, the less I'm able to handle my trials. I find myself constantly drowning in self-pity, and BARELY keeping it together.

Then...when I turn around and start feeding my spirit, and partaking of the goodness that is on this earth for this very purpose, suddenly life is happier. Life is easier. It is not so heavy. I can handle it.

I'm so grateful that I have that knowledge. I may have to keep relearning it through my life, but at least I keep coming back to it.

God is good...and life is good. Life is HARD. But if I pray, search the scriptures, and have FAITH, it can be good!

Ta ta for now!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Well, life has pretty much been work...among other randoms.

Work is of course kinda stressful right now, since it's tax season. It is EXTRA stressful because our software has been having major issues, which has caused us to be way behind...which will probably mean more work for me towards the end of tax season...which stinks. But that's okay. It'll all work out.

This week I majorly did NOT follow diet. My body felt like crap. I was reminded of why I shouldn't eat gluten or sugar, and should focus on putting good things in my body. It's just really clear that what goes in my body affects how I feel!

I haven't been working out for MONTHS. I injured my foot and just stayed off it till it stopped hurting which was basically this week. So in order to work back up to activeness, I walked Dante yesterday and today. Clay joined me today. It is SO BITTER COLD. But it still feels good. My friend has been trying to get me to play basketball with her on Weds nights at the stake center with some other women...but I've always been a bit nervous. I finally decided- I just need to do it! Even if I look like a's gotta have some benefit! The only crappy part is it's at like...9pm!

I'm feeling a little down lately about babies...but you know...what's new?

We played Settlers of Catan for the first time with our friends and it was SO FUN! Have you ever played that game? Clay and I loved it, we can't wait to play again. It took like...a year to figure out how to get started and how to play and everything- but once we figured it out, it was way fun!

The highlight of my week is Bachelor on Mondays. I know that's pathetic but it's just such a wonderful way to start the week. Mondays suck so bad, so it's just a nice way to get through it. I've decided that if I were to do a pushup or a situp everytime the following happened, I'd be ripped:

1. Sean tells a girl, "I'm crazy about you"
2. Sean tells a girl "You are so special"
3. Someone talks about this journey that they are on
4. Someone talks about someone else not being here for the right reasons
5. Sean and a girl go on an adventurous, scary date and compare it to the trials and journey of love, and if they can overcome this, they can overcome ANYTHING!
6. Tierra gives death eyes to someone
7. Tierra fakes an injury
8. Tierra evil laughs
9. Chris harrison says, "Ladies"
10. Someone cries
11. Sean and a girl ONLY talk about how great of a connection they have and how they feel so good about their relationship....but we never see how that connection could possibly be since this is the only conversation they've ever had...over and over and over
12. Sean says, "This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make yet"
13. Someone says, "This is the perfect place to fall inlove"

I mean really...those things will all happen at least like...6 times. So talk about a great workout! Maybe I'll do it tomorrow and report how many I ended up doing.

That's pretty much all I can think of! Pretty boring. But I figured I better report something. Till next time!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Goals by Numbers

Well, it's time to roundup my stats for January on my Goals by Numbers.

Play 1000 songs on the piano
I played 60

Read 12 new books
Still working on the Shack. I'm hopeful to finish it this weekend. Cause I'm getting two new books from the library today! One is written by the Dargers, a polygamist family.

Make 52 new recipes
I made NINE! 9 new recipes! Talk about awesome! These are what I made:
  1. Sweet bbq chicken stir fry
  2. Deviled eggs
  3. Quinoa Waffles
  4. Beef Veggie Stew
  5. Homemade Yogurt
  6. Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets
  7. Sweet & Sour Chicken
  8. Jambalaya
  9. Granola
Have 12 memorable dates with Clay
mmmm I honestly can't remember a memorable date, so it must not of happened. Perfect opportunity for February- to have TWO memorable dates :)

Read Genesis through 2 Kings of the Old testament
I've read the first 15 chapters of Genesis. Yikes...I could definitely get going more on that one. Can I tell you something? The Bible is super interesting. Like...I remember growing up hearing about bible stories or talking about them and they seemed to have WAY more details than the bible gives. It's interesting.

Well, I'd say I didn't do TOO bad on my goals but there's defintiely room for improvement! I'm determined to make my numbers by Dec 31st :)