Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ch ch ch chaaanges

Weeell...Clay and I are making a BIG CHANGE.

We are no longer going to our Lyme Doctor. 

She has been awesome and gotten us SO FAR, but things have been happening lately that made us decide that we are ready to move on from her. This was a hard decision and came with a lot of thought and prayer and I can confidently tell you that I feel really good about it.

We are trying something new for our treatment and we are pretty excited! We are trying essential oils. I know a lot of people think that's wacky, but you know? We've been on antibiotics for over 2 years and our bodies can tell. Especially Clay's. We've heard of success with treating Lyme with essential oils so we figured, why not? We'll try it for a couple months and see how we feel and if we decide they aren't doin it for us, we'll move on to another option. 

I have prayed so much that I would feel confident and know if this is the right move for us, and the past two days I have felt so EXCITED about it. So, I'm taking that as my answer!

Also, I got a free vial of Wild Orange essential oil, which supposedly helps your mood and I kid you not...the past two days that I've rubbed it on (just the inside of my wrists), I swear I've been happier! I've just been in such a better optimistic mood. Maybe a coincidence, I dunno! But I'll take it!

I've been trying to eat a lot healthier this week cause seriously- the past two weeks Clay and I ate out so much and ate so much crap. My sister Megan made a cookbook that is vegetarian and all the meals are gluten/sugar free. I LOVE IT! I've made 3 recipes from it and so far I loved ALL of them! I'm so pumped.

I ordered a yoga dvd that Greg (my sissies husband) recommended and I guess it's like not so intense, and meant to relieve stress and be relaxing. I am SO excited for that! 

We painted our walls. The green walls. We painted them grey, the same grey on our other walls! We love it. Except we thought we wanted to do a stencil on one wall and once we started it, weren't so fond of we need to paint over that. 

That's pretty much it for now! Probably later today I'll post my results for February for my goals by numbers. Don't get too excited cause I'm pretty positive I did barely a thing this month. Have no fear, MARCH is the best month of the year! Birthday month! I will do great. 

PS- Anyone watching Idol this year? What the freak is so amazing about Zonette? Or however you spell her name. She is cray cray and they are always talking about "marketability" and she is NOT. No one would buy her music. And I'm sorry...but I just think it's a bit silly that they act like she is just this survivor or whatever. She moved to the US when she was TWO YEARS OLD. They all look really well adapted to US life and she's American. I doubt she's ever been back to her "home country". It's all just ridonculous. 

Also, I posted another today that is below this one. I started it Sunday and just finished it. 


Aliese the Writer said...

That's a wonderful decision. I'm so glad you feel good about it. You are so optimistic. In the same sentence that you said, 'I did barely a thing this month' you said 'Have no fear, next month is the best month of the year.' Love you so much, Danielle. So glad you've started posting again. :) Oh! And I commented on the post below.


ok idol- oh my gosh- I HATE HER! and oh my gosh i had no idea that she moved from there at age 2! that is so pathetic that she's using that as a survivor story! SO FREAKIN LAME!
And i'm SURE you're right about her never visiting there. seriously they are like picking really crappy people and sending home good people. it's driving me crazy but i still watch it. I'm REALLY excited for your essential oils! I believe in them. And I want to wait longer and if that orange stuff still works, I am so getting some. Cause I just feel like I can get so down! I am so pumped fo royu guys. Are you going to get a big kit? or just the stuff you specifically need? I'm excited for your birthday cause I have a package for you! I LOVE YOU!and thanks for the update- we never get to talk anymore - i hate this time of year!

smitters said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you being excited! Does that even make sense? Good luck with the essential oils. I've heard great things as well. We are cheering for you guys!

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

Loved the post. Was wondering what you had decided. I ammexcitedntonsee how it goes.

Megan and Greg said...

I am curious about your wall design and you repainted already! Wow! Grey is a good color. That's the hardest thing about paint (like I ever will paint in my life ANYWAY)- I love the trends! But then you have to paint again and again! I'm excited for your oils. I really feel like they will help heal your body. They drugs might kill the lyme- but they also kill parts of you along the way! This sounds like it's just a bunch of healing. And even if it's not permanent- healing your body will help it be stronger for whatever is next- or this is just IT. That would be awesome. Let's hope it is. Either way, sounds like this is what you're supposed to be doing. Love you!

Jenni said...

Good for you guys! You guys have been so proactive in your care and you seem to always be making the right decisions, so I'm sure that's the case this time too. Good luck! I have heard a lot of good things about essential oils. I don't think it's wacky :)

Lizzie said...

Wow!!! I'm so sorry I'm behind on your blog...I had no idea about this! I am so happy that you have such a clear answer. now you can just KNOW it's the right thing for now. So happy for you. I would assume the oils are so much easier on your bodies too. love you so much!!!