Friday, June 28, 2013

Life as of late

Weeeeeeeell, I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging! I think these are the major events from the last month or so.

Mom came to visit and we put together my garden! It is beautiful and wonderful and I have already eaten multiple heads of lettuce that taste DELICIOUS. I mean really, it is much better than the stuff I get from the store! Even the quality good stuff! We went shopping, and....

I got my wisdom teeth out while she was here! It basically went the best it possibly could. There are still holes in my mouth (or dents, as Clay likes to call them- it creeps him out that there are holes in my mouth). But I mean the day of I felt like I could do anything- but mom and Clay made me stay seated most of the day :)

Clay and I went to California and had the time of our lives! We went to the Zoo, Sea World, swam in the ocean, swam in Lizzie's pool, and spent lots of QUALITY time with Amy, Megan, Lizzie, and Rebecca's family. All my sisters together! It was so much fun. I loved every second! However, we ate SO MUCH JUNK! But the truth is, it wasn't junk. It was a lot of QUALITY treats and food. But just like a lot of gluten and sugar. So I feel not quite right saying junk since when I think of junk I think of doritos and candy. No no. I am talking extremely awesome quality chocolate chip cookies and gourmet pizzas. Holy smokes. Delish.

Ever since we got home from California (I think about a month ago now), Clay and I have been OUT OF CONTROL. Mostly my fault since I control the baking and cooking and shopping. But we just have been eating treats and gluten and such non stop! Eck! I have never been someone who is obsessed with ice cream...but lately it's my new thing. I love ice cream!

I went rock climbing, and planted flowers in the front garden bed, and have been watering my vegetable garden, and cut my hair, and working out and just a bunch of other stuff that isn't quite as fun but necessary none-the-less.

How could I forget?!?! I painted our hallway closet, our bathroom cabinets, our bathroom walls, and got new stuff for the bathroom like handles and shower curtain and rugs and stuff. It looks so much better!

What else? I've watched lots of tv.

I am hoping to calm down and read some books. I have a few good ones on my list and 3 at the library ready to be picked up.

Oh but I also just bought a victorian style LOVE SEAT! For $30!!! I am going to recover it. I'm so excited! I haven't recovered anything in forever and have strangely been craving it! It's a pretty rewarding process. I am currently deciding on fabric. Such a stressful decision. I've definitely decided some suede or fake suede, who knows what it DEFINTEIly the way to go for me! I rubbed Dante's slobber on two types of fabrics. One was canvasy and one was suedeish and the suede one cleaned like a dream and the canvas was NOT easy to clean yeah, that's the type of fabric I need!

I have considered stopping blogging...I just am kinda not sure anymore about it but we'll see.

I have been CRAVING Oregon and CRAVING outdoorsy things like rock climbing and swimming and waterfalls. I keep begging Clay and he keeps saying he's too busy. I don't really believe him though...we'll see what comes of this weekend.

Well, this is probably the most boring post ever but I figured I'd just update what I've been up to! Peace out.