Friday, June 28, 2013

Life as of late

Weeeeeeeell, I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging! I think these are the major events from the last month or so.

Mom came to visit and we put together my garden! It is beautiful and wonderful and I have already eaten multiple heads of lettuce that taste DELICIOUS. I mean really, it is much better than the stuff I get from the store! Even the quality good stuff! We went shopping, and....

I got my wisdom teeth out while she was here! It basically went the best it possibly could. There are still holes in my mouth (or dents, as Clay likes to call them- it creeps him out that there are holes in my mouth). But I mean the day of I felt like I could do anything- but mom and Clay made me stay seated most of the day :)

Clay and I went to California and had the time of our lives! We went to the Zoo, Sea World, swam in the ocean, swam in Lizzie's pool, and spent lots of QUALITY time with Amy, Megan, Lizzie, and Rebecca's family. All my sisters together! It was so much fun. I loved every second! However, we ate SO MUCH JUNK! But the truth is, it wasn't junk. It was a lot of QUALITY treats and food. But just like a lot of gluten and sugar. So I feel not quite right saying junk since when I think of junk I think of doritos and candy. No no. I am talking extremely awesome quality chocolate chip cookies and gourmet pizzas. Holy smokes. Delish.

Ever since we got home from California (I think about a month ago now), Clay and I have been OUT OF CONTROL. Mostly my fault since I control the baking and cooking and shopping. But we just have been eating treats and gluten and such non stop! Eck! I have never been someone who is obsessed with ice cream...but lately it's my new thing. I love ice cream!

I went rock climbing, and planted flowers in the front garden bed, and have been watering my vegetable garden, and cut my hair, and working out and just a bunch of other stuff that isn't quite as fun but necessary none-the-less.

How could I forget?!?! I painted our hallway closet, our bathroom cabinets, our bathroom walls, and got new stuff for the bathroom like handles and shower curtain and rugs and stuff. It looks so much better!

What else? I've watched lots of tv.

I am hoping to calm down and read some books. I have a few good ones on my list and 3 at the library ready to be picked up.

Oh but I also just bought a victorian style LOVE SEAT! For $30!!! I am going to recover it. I'm so excited! I haven't recovered anything in forever and have strangely been craving it! It's a pretty rewarding process. I am currently deciding on fabric. Such a stressful decision. I've definitely decided some suede or fake suede, who knows what it DEFINTEIly the way to go for me! I rubbed Dante's slobber on two types of fabrics. One was canvasy and one was suedeish and the suede one cleaned like a dream and the canvas was NOT easy to clean yeah, that's the type of fabric I need!

I have considered stopping blogging...I just am kinda not sure anymore about it but we'll see.

I have been CRAVING Oregon and CRAVING outdoorsy things like rock climbing and swimming and waterfalls. I keep begging Clay and he keeps saying he's too busy. I don't really believe him though...we'll see what comes of this weekend.

Well, this is probably the most boring post ever but I figured I'd just update what I've been up to! Peace out.


Chad said...

My wife has been debating the blogging thing lately as well, but I want to put my plug in that I enjoy reading your blog post, it's fun hearing what friends far away are up too... Anyhow hope all is well for you guys! - Congers

Megan and Greg said...

That's funny because this wasn't boring at all! I loved it! So much going on! No wonder you haven't blogged. So smart to rub Dante's spit on the fabric. I don't think I would have thought of that! Microfiber ( I think that's expensive too, maybe that's what you have anyway) cleans up real nice. That's what our couch is. You often don't even need soap! Just water. Especially if it's immediate. Why the blog debate? The public pressure? Just not feelin' it anymore? Instagram sure makes it harder to blog! It's like the same thing but way easier! I've actaully been debating the same thing all month! But then I finally got down to it and blogged and I'm glad I'm still doing it. Especially looking back on old blogs, I don't want to end it! I just need to print it all out! I am WAY behind. Well, whether you blog or not, I love reading them. I've missed them. But only do it if it makes you happy! For reals! Your life sounds so exciting and busy! My days are just cleaning up mess! They're good too, but you have so many new accomplishments! Garden! Paint! I love it!


i feel the same way- this wasn't boring at all! ha! you have been SO BUSY! ok- why haven't you instamgrammed all your bathroom stuff?!!! I want to see it!!! and your painting? cupboards, walls, everything, hello?! instgram it now! I think it's a FANTASTIC idea to recover the couch in microfiber. like megan said- you don't have to use soap- just water. my blue chair is disgusting, a mixture of maddie, and new little ones to come over to play with maddie, and cousins getting it dirty, and then the everyday adult, grease and dirt from us, so put it all together and it's just bad! I think without kids you can keep it clean longer, but after kids, it gets dirty so fast! and you will be having kids soon. And hten ofcourse the dante situation, so- i think definetly microfiber, I'm thinking I prob need to do my blue chair here soon. it just sounds like a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok- instagram your stuff! and so exciting about your lettuce, i can't imagine doing htat- it sounds amazing! love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

PLEASE DON'T STOP BLOGGING.... I WOULD MISS IT SO MUCH. I don't get to see you guys much so I keep up with the blogs. I loved the post and it wasn't boring. I have a nice garden also and I love hearing about yours. Hugs

Grandma, Nonnie said...

PLEASE DON'T STOP BLOGGING.... I WOULD MISS IT SO MUCH. I don't get to see you guys much so I keep up with the blogs. I loved the post and it wasn't boring. I have a nice garden also and I love hearing about yours. Hugs

Grandma, Nonnie said...

PLEASE DON'T STOP BLOGGING.... I WOULD MISS IT SO MUCH. I don't get to see you guys much so I keep up with the blogs. I loved the post and it wasn't boring. I have a nice garden also and I love hearing about yours. Hugs

Kristi M. said...

Blogging for sure is not the quickest hippest thing to do like it was years ago however, I've come to the conclusion that I do it for me and not to get others to read it or to seek out the comments from others (even though I love those too). I do it to preserve family history. I love going back to some really old ones and read them. Things that I thought were mundane or not monumental that I wrote about are so fun to read now. My kids will love reading them too. My biggest hurdle is to actually get them in book form to enjoy.

Sharon/Mom/ Grandma said...

First you are a great writer and I love your blogs, all of them. I know I have no room to talk, but I believe in blogging. I look back and ask myself why haven't I blogged? I think moving and being sick slowed me down, feeling sorry for myself, and watching too much TV. I think blogging is great family history. Your kids will love reading about your early life. I think Instagram has made it too easy to post a quick thing and then not feel the need to blog. Instagram is great for a quick pic about everyday life, but isn't detailed or thought provoking. When you do your goals and report, it is so motivating to me. I wish your oldest siblings would blog. I think it brings a family closer together. I wish it had stayed just family, hope that doesn't offend anyone. But thats why I started, to keep a history and keep in touch with the family. I am not going to be as selfless as Megan, I am going to be like my Mom (except I won't hit the send button as much :-) DON'T STOP BLOGGING!!!! I love you!!! I am so happy your are getting lettuce, that is so cool! I find it so interesting that you like recovering furniture. I wonder if I would like it? It sounds so exhausting to me!