Saturday, May 30, 2009

Food, garden, patio furniture, response to responses

I updated my cookbook blog. I put the one hour cinnamon roll recipe, as well as a coupe new ones. Here are the pics.

Chicken and Broccoli Braid copy
Wheat Bread

I have been thinking since we moved here that I wanted a garden out of this:

Well, today I finally went and got some soil from the store, some seeds, and Patty already gave me some tomato after a LOT of hard work...voila!

A garden!

Clay helped with the digging up the dirt and turning it and mixing it and such. He was great. Okay- there were about...mmm....I think....a TRILLION rocks in the bed. Drive me crazy. I have so much respect for my mom, and everyone else I know- who has had these GINORMOUS gardens. This is SO SMALL compared to my mom's greenhouse, and her old garden at our old house. I can't believe how much work it is! Yowsa. Anyway- I'm way happy. I have only planted the tomato plants and two rows of lettuce. YES- two rows! One, that is Bruce's 24-7 meal. Two, we like lettuce. Anyway- hopefully we will get some carrots and cucumbers soon. I feel so cool.

Clay's mom also got me this.
Love it.

Clay's parents got new patio ware, and so they gave us their old stuff! I LOVE IT when family gets new stuff! Anyway- we are LOVING IT! We ate lunch outside the other day. It was wondrous.

I feel I need to respond to the 3 people who actually read my blog and comment....about the American Dream. First off, I want to say that I never said it was impossible for someone to get a good life from nothing, and I never said that the American Dream isn't achievable. My whole point was that the illusion that the American Dream will make one happy, is false. Secondly, I was very surprised by the response to money. This WAS my point, and I disagree just about 100% with what you guys said about money. First, there was something said that financial problems cause divorce. I think that is false. Divorce is caused by selfishness. They may blame it on money, but it is really because of selfishness. Every divorce can be traced back to selfishness of one or both people. Secondly, it was said that a lot of problems go away once you have money...and that life is a lot easier. I can agree on the fact that some things come easier when you have money, but I completely disagree that people with money have less problems than people without it. I think that if someone isn't happy, or has problems and is poor, they are STILL going to be unhappy and have problems if they are rich. Happiness and unhappiness is not dependent upon money. My whole point is exactly THAT. The American Dream has become something that says you have to have money to achieve happiness and your dreams. I think that the American Dream leads people to never be content with their lives. I think that it leads people to focus on money a LOT. I don't think it's bad to have money, obviously. I just think that it's false to think that it solves any problems of unhappiness, or marriage, or whatever. If your unhappy without money, you're not necessarily going to be happy with money. Anyway...I'm just going to drop it now.

Clay had some friends he had when he was younger stop by and visit since they were in town. This was a timer on the camera...hence the awkwardness.

This is Clay...

Watching Bruce!

Alright...better get to more homework. It is never ending.

Peace out.


Kristi M. said...

Love the garden. They are so rewarding when things start poking through the dirt and you get to eat what you grow. I always get nervous when the seeds are planted and I am waiting for them to show. I seriously panic that it won't work. It makes my mom and Jeff crack up.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh good job on your garden! How fun to have a house where you can do that sort of thing; patio furniture, it!

That chicken and broccoli thing looks delicious!


You are so lucky you have a garden! Garden vegi's are so much yummier than store bought vegi's. That is funny you have to grow lettuce for Bruce. That is so nice you have patio furniture, I want somewhere to sit outside! You're so lucky you live in a house! I understand what you mean about people saying that the "american dream" is the only thing that can make you happy, and obviosuly- if you don't achieve your american dream, you can still be happy. loved the pics- your food looks amazing, you are so brave with food! I love you and miss you! keep up on the homework, with literature- kind of think of it spiritually, like- you know how you look for deeper meanings in teh scriptures, that's how it is in literature, alot of symbolism, and deeper meanings and themes, kind of look at it like the scriptures, I hope that doesn't sound sac-religious, but that's the best way to describe it. I love you-

Sharon/mom said...

Love the pics!!!! Your food ones look like they came out of a cookbook! They are so beautiful. I love the garden!! I am so happy you have your little garden! It is better to start little!!!! A big garden is hard at first and overwhelming. It is better to start small and build up. That is what I told Rebecca to do and she did and she has been very successful. Bruce and Clay crack me up! I can't wait to see if Bruce eats his lettuce out of the garden or if you will have to pick it for him.:-) I love Clays shirt. How fun to have a picnic table, I always thought it would be fun to eat outside here, but it is either too bright, to cold or to windy. :-( And besides this winter the top blew off!! I am sorry I missed your call, I feel cheated. We were in the valley. I told dad I wondered if we really understood what you were saying about the American Dream, I think a lot of the problem is semantics. I agree that money doesn't make people happy. Pres. Hinckley said that most all the problems in the world are because of selfishness. I love you!!!!

Megan and Greg said...

It's so funny you have animals, I always forget. I forget you have to feed them! That's just one more reason not to get one. It's having a baby that never grows up! I'm excited to see your garden! I hope it produces! That might give me more hope. I STINK AT GARDENING!!!!I thought you just put it in the ground and water it and BAM! Things come up. I've discovered it is not that easy. There is something magical that has to happen, that I just don't know how to create. So good lucky, really. You will inspire me to try again. Don't you have other animals than Bruce? Don't you have ANOTHER turtle? Bruce is such a funny name, it just reminds me of Bruce Jolley. Oh and the PATIO FURNITURE!!! I'm so jealous! I keep forgetting you're in a house! You have the life, Danielle, I'm tellin' ya. I love you vest. Someone was wearing one on Project Runway last night and now I'm thinking maybe I should buy one. Hmmm . . .

Megan and Greg said...

I disagree with your definition of the American dream, but agree with the overall point you wanted to make. Namely, that money doesn't equal happiness.

Congrats on the garden. I love fresh veggies, herbs, etc., but do not enjoy gardening in the slightest.

That's cool that you guys got patio furniture. I love eating outside. Unfortunately, right now we don't even have a yard! Anyway, hope you guys are doing well. Say hi to Sir Clayton for me!

Flints said...

you have done quite a bit since we saw you last!! we have to come over and see all the new improvements and sit out on the porch, how fun! talk to you soon I hope! hey I updated my blog for reals finally! check it out!

Patty said...

The garden looks great. It looks like you are getting the full use of the outdoor furniture. Have a great week. love you bye now.

Anonymous said...


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Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love the garden, and I have 2 more beds this year and it is a fun thing. So starting small is good. I thinik it is wonderful to eat outside. We can once in awhile. I like to eat my breakfast out on the deck. I miss you. We are coming your way, in june I will be calling Rebecca. will make plans and let you know about them. I am so happy you like animals. Do you think it stems from when you stayed out here and wanted a dog like brandy? I like to think that is why, but I don't know. Love grams

Lizzie said...

Lovin' Clay's hair!! I like it longer.

I;m so impressed with your garden. That's a dream I have, but don't want to put the work into it. Someday.

American Dream, I started reading that post, got interrupted and never got back to it. Bummer I missed the excitement. Especially since I always read 100% of what you write-honestly.

Love you so much!

Heidi said...

I made the chicken and broccoli bread for dinner this was delicious and super easy. Thanks for the recipe!

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