Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am a professional at wasting time


Do you know what one of the things I did today was? Looked at celebrities decide which celebrity looked better in the same outfit. I didn't vote or anything, but I HAD to look at all the pictures. Seriously? This is how I spend my time. When I could be...calling my mom or sisters or something. Anyway.

The American Dream. I'm going to completely go out there and beg for hate comments BUT...I've decided it's a joke. YEP! I said it. It's a joke. Do I believe that people can do anything if they put their mind to it? Not quite, but to extent, yes- I think people can get rich and such if they work hard enough, and America makes that QUITE possible...what with all the government hand outs and stuff. So anyway- why do I think it's a joke? Here's how I came to this conclusion. In my literature class we just finished reading My Antonia by Willa Cather. So my teacher wanted us to all keep in mind the American Dream while we were reading it. We talked about how the American Dream has evolved through the ages. So after reading My Antonia I've come to the conclusion that the American Dream makes people miserable. YES- MISERABLE. Why? Because the American Dream has simply caused people to never be satisfied. People are constantly looking for MORE. I'm guilty of it. In the book, there is a major theme of characters who are happy, but change their lives because they think they should because of societies conventions and such, but they were happy. Since they changed, looked for more, they became unhappy. You'd just have to read it to understand. But the HAPPIEST PEOPLE, were the ones who were content with what they had. I do not mean to say SETTLING...but maybe I am. I think that I've seen this throughout my life- there are so many people I've seen that are poor as church mice ( yes, I just said poor as church mice) but are as happy as can be, because they are living in the present. Church leaders say it all the time- live in the present. Don't live for tomorrow, or dwell in the past. Live for TODAY. So anyway- the book has a major theme of happiness in being content. If you are always thinking, "Once I have THIS, I will be happy" you will never be happy. I admit I am 100% GUILTY of this thinking process. So anyway- I think the American Dream is a joke, because it's evolved into this idea that you can always have MORE. Sure, that may be true, but it is deceitful when thinking about the result. Now I must say, people can be happy if they are rich or wealthy or whatever. That is not AT ALL what I'm saying. I'm just saying that if people think the American Dream leads to happiness, I think they are being fooled. The American Dream leads to discontentment, in my opinion, which is an endless road of disappointment and unhappiness. Anyway- not to be a downer or anything. I've just been thinking about that a lot. I'm trying to live in the present's hard. Yay for hate comments- bring em! (Don't worry- I'm still a Republican and I LOVE AMERICA! Even if Obama is President...oh dear)

Well, Clay and I have been pathetic sicklings the past week. I was so sick that I stayed home from school one day- I NEVER DO THAT! It's been horrid. I think I'm finally getting over it though...BUT leading to allergies. Love it.

I have about a billion pics to load but I'm so lazy. I just need a long day to load up pics. It'll come soon enough...

Next week is midterms. YES! That means I am about halfway done with my LAST SEMESTER IN COLLEGE! That rocks. Do you all realize how excited I am? I'm really SO excited for the graduation event part. I have NEVER worn a cap and gown and I am SO wearing one and marking my achievement with that wonderful march. So many people say, "Oh it's so stupid- why should I walk? It's not like it means anything- I hated high school graduation"- like my husband. WELL it IS a big deal. And that WILL be a picture I load up. Me and Clay in our caps and gowns graduated. Yessssssssss!

Summer is here. I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Today I went and read in the sun. It felt wondrous. I'm even getting some sun on my arms. My legs never seem to get tan. I swear they repel the sun for some reason. I don't get it. Oh well.

Tutoring is fine. It's pretty busy. I wish people would stop telling people about the lab. hah. Yesterday I tutored someone who is insane. I don't understand. Sometimes people come in and they talk the whole time...they ask me a question, but don't let me anwer. They continue to talk in...for lack of better word...stupidity (I don't mean that I think they are stupid- they just don't know WHAT they are talking about) and they always say, "I think I understand this part really well" and when I look at their homework, they most DEFINITELY do NOT know this stuff at ALL. Then they KEEP talking and never let me get a word I'm like, you want help or NOT?!?!! Drive me crazy. Then there was this guy who seriously SOAKED himself in cologne...I mean seriously, he HAS to go through a bottle a week. I could barely breath around him. He was in the library today when I was in there and I turned to see if it was him, which it was, because of the ENORMOUS smell of cologne. Why do guys do this? Don't they realize it defeats the purpose? I think some of the guys I tutor, even though they know I'm married, feel like they have to assure me they know what they are doing....I don't know why they want to look cool or smart. They know I know more than them, why else would they be there? I dont' know why they pretend. But I always feel bad for the type that act like they know what they are doing, ask me if it's right, and I tell them no...and they get BRIGHT RED faces. That makes me feel bad. I wish they wouldn't get embarrased. They also apoligize for getting things wrong. It's funny. I should say, "YOU SHOULD BE SORRY...GOSH!" But I don't. I say, "Uh...It's okay- that's what I'm hear for!" Also, there's this girl who is from some other country...I don't know - Nigera I think? Not sure- she asks me...pointing to her homework, "What numbers do I put here?" I'm like...uhhh...can't really do her homework for her. So I try to explain the concept. She says, "Yes, but what numbers do I put here?" I explain the concept in a different way," Yes, but what numbers do I put here?" WHAT THE HECK! Then she goes on to say, "I just don't understand the English, can't you just tell me what to do?" I say no, and try explaining again. Thank GOODNESS the lab closed quickly- otherwise I would've gone crazy. Then she comes in again, does the whole "I completely understand this part- but do I use these numbers or these numbers?" Okay- if she asks that question she doesn't know ANYTHING about ANY of the problem. I try explaining this to her, she again- thinks she knows better than I and says, "No no no- I understand that part- which numbers do I use?" I decide to just pretend she does know what she's talking about because I don't want to deal with her and there are a billion people in the lab so I say- "Those ones". She says, "Okay- I understand now." YEAH........right. Anyway. That's boring.

Well. That's my life. Enjoy it, ignore it, whatev. Again, I'm a professional at wasting time...thus, I have written all this down...avoiding writing essays! AHGGGGGGGG.


Megan and Greg said...

Ok Dan, hate comment number 1. (just 'cause you said so, I'm not really made or hateful in the slightest) I just think we have WAY different definitions of the American Dream. To me the American dream is 2 things. The first is the main thing, and the other will follow. To me the American Dream is the opportunity to have what you want. To me- that means an actor, or an astronat or a JANITOR. It means if you HAVE a dream- you have the chance to achieve it. The 2nd part is having basic essentials- like a house and children that aren't starving everyday and a job to provide for your family. Just living in this country almost automatically gets you those things. Not everyone has that. People live in shacks (or under a tree), people live under corrupted governments and can't choose their professions. Not everyone has Freedom of Speech. (the Czeck Republic just got their rights in '89 or early 90's. That's less than 20 years and we're talking about Europe.) People live with rats. Women in Africa have to walk 2 miles, each way, four times a day, to fill up buckets of clean water and bring them back to their houses, and that's all they get for the day- what happens when they get sick? People in America don't have to suffer these things, they haven't for a long time and never will. If people choose to "dream" about unnessesary things that's their choice, and I would never say it's American, I'd say it's HUMAN. It's not a dream- it's vanity. But I don't know what your book's about. I would just say it's misrepresenting what "the dream" is, that's all.

OH yes, and I hate when people say poor people are happy. It's a load of complete CRAP!!!! I have known poor people that are miserable. Have you ever had $ problems- no. People that do, that really do, have that hanging over them constantly. So many problems- including divorce- revolve around $. And I've known rich people who are happy. $ takes care of lots of problems and worry. Poeple who are rich have the right to be dissatisfied, just like poor people have the opportunity to BE satisfied. It's everyone's choice and has NOTHING to do with their financial situation. But no matter what, people who don't have $ have WAY MORE obstacles in front of them and people who don't acknowlege that are nieve.

Sorry you're sick- it's the WORST!!! It's the worst when you're both sick. I'm sorry.

I can't believe you're almost done with school! Crazy! It happened so fast! And THIS graduation is WAY more meaningful than highschool- I mean, where was the accomplishment then? No comparison.

That's funny about the lab, but I get totally being annoyed. Some guys just have issues about having to know more than girls. It's dumb, I know. And even if you're married, they're not and you're pretty, so I could see them still trying to impress you a bit. But really, I think it's just a guy thing.

Gosh, get better!


I agree with Megan, alot of unhappiness is because of financial problems, having money takes those worries away. It's kind of choosing what you want to worry about, do you want to worry about hwo am i going to pay the bills, or do you want to worry about getting a good job, and being good at it so you don't have to worry about the bills? I took this same class, American Novel, and the theme of the class was the American Dream, I also took a film class focusing on teh American Dream. People are really pushing the idea that the american dream does not exist, and I think it's sad and not true. Look at dad, he had alot of excuses of why he could have been poor, not gone to college ect. And he had NO government help. I think it's possible, but I think it's hard. Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible.

The cologne, that is hilarious-

the girl "but what numbers dO i put here?" hilarious- she just wanted you to do the work for her! I'm so excited for to be graduated! And then soon I will be too! happy days are almost here! i lvoe you

Sharon/mom said...

Well, I have to say amen to the girls comments. Maybe because we didn't read your book we don't understand.
Thats pretty funny about the boys in the lab, I agree with Meg on that one too. I think if you asked Clay he would tell you she is right.
The girl from Nigeria, totally wanting to cheat. Sad, she came here to learn, she needs to learn.
We all waste time,especially when we have a lot to do, its crazy.
I am very excited about you graduating, I can't wait!! love you!!!