Thursday, April 23, 2009

Change of perspective....

Isn't it amazing how quickly a perspective can change? So...about 2 days ago I was FREAKING OUT! I was am I going to survive this semester?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL, right now I am getting paid to blog. That's right, I am sitting in the accounting lab (which is also the economics lab) and there is one person in here...who is standing up now to leave, who was an economics student. Now there will be the econ lab assistant and me...and a bunch of vacant computers. I'm lovin this job. I've already completed my homework that's due I'm basically loving life. I think I can handle this. I think part of the reason I was freaking out was because I was about to start my period the next day:) Sorry for those who don't like those comments. That's really all I'll say about that.

Anyway, I have helped a total of 2 students tonight. Wait- 3! One was a reeeeeeeal quickie question though. Anyway...3 students in 2 I really worth $7.50 an hour? I'm not complaining.

I like my classes so far. Don't get me wrong, even though I am feeling better...I still have that gut wrenching feeling of..."HOLY SMOKES I'VE GOT A LOT TO DO"- I just have it more under control I think. Now that I'm organized and such...I know I can handle it.

I am taking an American Literature is so wierd. There are like 30 girls and 3 or 4 boys. I am used to the opposite. I feel completely out of my comfort zone, honestly. I know that is probably funny, but it's true- our teacher is silly and so the girls are always giggling and it makes me feel so akward and stupid. They all laugh and I think, "ew I don't want to laugh now". Is that horrible of me?!?!! I just feel like all these girlies are laughing at this married man who is making jokes and flirting with him. I guess I'm just used to male teachers with a bunch of male when they are all laughing, it isn't so wierd. I don't know- am I sounding like a complete moron? Probably. BUT- I love the class. It will be a TON of reading...but I love the first book...we read like 19 poems for today's class (I know..19..) and I enjoyed those too (with surprise)...and yeah. I'm just really excited- this class will make me better read. I haven't read much classics, and we are reading lots of them.

2 accounting classes. They'll be hard, because they are always hard...but I think they will be fine as far as work-load goes. Hopefully. I'm still only in the first week......................

2 sewing classes. HAAAAAAALLELUHIA! Could you tell what I was saying? Anyway- I'm excited about that. First project: plaid shirt. I'm making it for Clay. It will be hard. We have to match the plaids together and teacher is major perfectionist so I know she will grade hard. I know I can do it though! :)

1 business class. So far this is the easiest class ever. First two assignments took me less than 20 minutes each. It's pretty much stuff I already know. I am HOPING it stays that way:)

Accounting lab. Already talked about that----------------------

When I get home tonight I am going to make bread again. Did you even know I made it before? Oh well. We are NEEDING food. That is the best option right now to me. I love bread. I love it so much. The downside is I have to clean some dishes first...then I should probably do the dishes too......ugh. I really just wanted to watch tv. We'll see.

The econ lab assistant just gave me 2 dum-dum's. You know those baby suckers? Bless his lil heart. This was just what I needed to perk me up.

So day before. I had enough time to exercise before I did. Just my 10 minute fat blasting dance workout dvd. Don't be fooled. It is only 10 minutes, but by the time I'm done I am breathing HARD! So then I get to school...I have to park about a mile away from class probably...I don't know...but FAR! Positive side though, this is by my LAST class of the I walk a trillion steps to my class....then walk BACK a trillion steps to my other class (which is totally uphill- the Hinckley building for those BYU-I alumni) then after class I have to walk BACK down a million steps to go to a meeting, and then after the meeting I had to walk back UP the hill a trillion steps to my car. Seriously. I was thinking the whole time..."Why did I work out this morning?" So the next day AND today, I wake up and have shin-splints. NO JOKE. AND sore buttocks. I'm not even lying.

Guess what? I heard it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Does this surprise me at all? I only wish that it DID surprise me. It doesn't. I talk about the weather way too much.

Well, this post has been officially scatter-brained. Whatev. Love to you all!


Grandma, Nonnie said...

Great post and I am glad you are feeling better about your classes. I love and miss you. I pray it doesn't snow on you. Yes you deserve to get 7.50 an hour as you are there to help and it is important or they wouldn't hire someone to do the job. I am glad you are making bread, I made some the other day myself. It is yummy. hugs and kisses grams

Megan and Greg said...

I'm glad it's all under control. I WAS a little worried. Cool classes (the sewing). That's cool that just getting around campus is such a work out. Sorry about the shins, but just think about that tone behind you're gonna have. I don't know, maybe it already IS tone. Mine, for sure, isn't. Man, you bake a lot. I love to bake, but I don't much. Sounds like you're doing well.

Patty said...

So glad to hear that all is going well. Your job is perfect for you. Being paid to do your homework. How can it get better? Enjoy the walking it should get you in shape really fast. I love making bread also and it goes so fast that I end up making it twice a week anymore. Oh well... have a great week. love you. bye now.


Danielle, you have a full load, and I am so glad the last class seems to be easy, the sewing ones are fun, though you have a perfectionist, and that you have that lab thing that pays and you basically do nothing! Wonderful! I can't wait to see Clay's shirt. I laughed when you said thath you guys read 19 poems- take that and multiply it by a million, then you'll feel the pain. That's cool you are reading some classics though. From what time period? The walking- yowsaaaaaaa. That's alot of walking and your poor feet! I love you!-

Lizzie said...

snow. so sorry.

I'm so glad that your job is working out better than you expected. It sounds perfect for you.

I remember having to walk so FAR on campus. I also remember being completely out of breath after I'd walk up a TON of steps and I'd be embarrassed if I were talking to someone, because I was so out of breath. Just think of how toned your buttocks will be now. = )

Sharon/mom said...

Great blog! I am so jealous, I have been wanting to blog so many things lately, but feel like I have to blog my trip first. I should've just blogged the stuff and the trip when I got to it. I am so glad everything is working out so well! That is cool you have to walk so far, it is soooo good for you!! I am converted all over again to walking since Europe. THat is so cool about your lab job. That is sooo funny about the class with all the girls!

I love you!! You need to let me know about your schedule so I know when to call.