Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Car, and everything else

New Car:
2007 Honda Accord

We have been with one car for like..............2 years now and have been borrowing Clay's parent's truck for the tax seasons...summer time we have crazy schedules and I will be going back to my job after I graduate to cause me to commute again. The time has come, and we purchased a car. Technically it's not ours. It's the banks! But you know...we're working on that. How do I feel about this? Well let me tell you- yesterday I was SO STRESSED! We have never been in debt for ANYTHING! NOTHING! Well- 1 $2500 student loan. But that was it. We've never had debt on credit cards, never had car payments...we've always just had a pretty comfortable financial life. NOW- we have car payments! I tried to tell myself the reality of it- everyone has car payments. It is a normal part of life. Most people have more debt than a car payment even. We can handle it. Clay said over and over again that he felt REALLY good about this car and buying it and all that I trusted him obviously. I prayed so hard last night that I would feel peace and feel better. Today is a better day. I'm still a little stressed...but I can feel the tension going away. Besides that, it's an AWESOME car. Super great. Looks cool, drives good, great gas mileage, we are very pleased. AND- this means we are ACTUAL big bad responsible adults now.

Presents Clay gave me:

Do thse pictures look distorted or strange to you? Well it's because those are not my bodies. Clay ordered those clothes online and they hadn't got here by the time my birthday came. So...what else could he do but photoshop my face onto the model's bodies and wrap up the pictures for me to open? Probably a lot- but I liked this way better:) The clothes came- they are all super cute. Clay has always done great at shopping for me. He's never gotten me an ugly outfit. I'm lucky.

Don't worry...I'm NOT Gothic.

Here's a conversation we had about a week ago.

Clay: Hun, will you paint your nails black?

Me: ........uh...what? Did you see someone hot with black nails or something?

Clay: No. I just think you would look good.

Me: I would look gothic.

Clay: I just think it'd look really good on you.

Me: Okay. Just tell me who you saw that looked hot with black nails.

Clay: NO one! Okay, I've seen it on girls before, nothing recently...and I've thought it looked cool but not like that. I just thought it would look really good on you.

Me: Okay...we'll have to go to the store then.

So I've been wearing the black nail polish ever since. Am I a huge fan of it? Not so much, but it is definitely growing on me. Clay likes it. That's all that matters.

Mother's presents:

I haven't read too much of the Martha book yet, but what I have read is great. I've surprisingly used the rolling pin a TON since I've received is amazing what a good rolling pin can do- it is SO MUCH BETTER than my wimpy wooden one. I've used the scoop a billion times as well.

2 of my favorite presents. Twilight and HSM3. Clay's parents got me twilight (and the lovely camera that is taking these pictures). Clay got me HSM3. I've watched them both and am ready to watch them again.
If you read that sticker, it means that I ordered and will be getting any day now a twilight cover for my Zune! I'm pretty excited about it.

Other randoms.....we are going to try a cash budget. You know--the kind where you take out all the cash you need for the month, divide it into categories, and seriously cannot spend more than the cash in your wallet? Yeah...I wanted to do that before, and now that we bought a car I want to do it even MORE. Hopefully it helps with our spending.

We had a snow storm the other day. One of those days where I thought...what am I THINKING?! I am risking my life by trying to go to work. The roads were REALLY that bad. But...don't the end of the day the snow was gone...and today it's quite nice out. I told my co-workers that Idaho should be like Alaska...and PAY people to live here. They told me that Alaska can do that because of the oil...I didn't really appreciate that response. The point is...I think the only reason people live in Idaho is because their family lives here...the type of thing where their parents parents parents parents lived here....why break the chain? If people don't have family around here...I honestly think they are CRAZY! I know this sounds awful...and I really do like the family community feel of Idaho...but the weather is DEPRESSING! Not to mention Clay's stinking joints that...YES...hurt when it is cold outside. I keep telling him he needs to find a job somewhere warm. Even if it's not around ANY family...we have officially found that he hurts when it is cold. A place that is cold 9 months out of the year doesn't seem like a good place for him. If Idaho were not like it so cold, I would LOVE to stay here. Love it. But...we all know the reality of the situation.

Bruce eating her lunch. Lettuce.

I'll try to put this recipe up soon. It may already be on there. I'll have to check.

We saw Marley and Me last night. Rented it and watched it with Clay's parents. It was really good. Typical feel good movie.

Well...I better go get my husband a second lunch. That's right, a second lunch. I already made him a wonderful meal but he thinks he needs more food. Lovely.


Kristi M. said...

Why do husbands need 2 lunches, two dinners...Jeff always thinks he is hungry too. Gunnar is following in his footsteps. Idaho is not all that bad. You stay on the Boise side and the weather is really pretty mild. It never gets as cold as Rexburg and the snow hardly stays around.

Lizzie said...

Sorry Kristi, but she needs to move to ME!! = ) I'm still living the dream Danielle (even if it is in my head).

The Cinnamon Roll recipe looks AWESOME of course. Seriously, great food pictures. I want a lesson from you.

The car. Sorry about your feelings. But if Clay feels good about it, then it's a good thing. It'll be so nice to have two cars!! And they're both really nice cars too.

The pictures of you are so funny! It took me a few minutes to catch on.

The black nails...totally in Danielle. Clay is right on with this one. If I didn't bite my nails so short, I would totally have my nails painted like that. (Not black-black, but a really super-duper dark red that looks black). Anyhow, I love it.


AHhhh where to begin- so much to comment on! Ok- the nails- TOTALLY instyle. However- I also feel gothic with the BLACK- so I just do a super DARK purple, that looks black. And I bet you that is what clay saw and didnt' realize it. You should just get some dark purple. LOVED the pics of you with your head. So funny. Cinamon roll pic looks so good!!!!! You're so good at taking pics! A CAR! Oh my gosh!!!!! You guys have 2 nice cars! That's awesome! It's really pretty. And I bet the inside is really nice too. Wow, and it's new! That's wonderful. Idaho- I wonder if you guys will move, or what- because you complain about the weather alot- and i don't mind- I just feel bad for you. I love you and miss you!-

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I love the car, you are blessed to be able to buy one. The polish looks great and is totally in style. You'd be suprized how many women come in the beauty shop and paint their nails black or the tips black. I like yours. I hope all of your wishes come true. The cinn. rolls look yummy. love grams

The Tracy's said...

I went through the same thing last year when I bought my accord because we didn't have any previous car payments...but you will love that car! And I found that having reliable transportation was a HUGE stress reliever.

mandijwaters said...

What kind of car is it? Looks pretty cool. Oh, and Clayton, get your own lunch :)

Sharon/mom said...

Loved the pics, your serious ones and the ones of Clays. I love the clothes he bought. You and Lizzie, boy, I want to be as good as you two!! I guess I don't want to be instyle if black nails are in style, if I ever quit biting my nails, dark purple it would be for me. Okay, the car, the Prophet said "excessive debt". I know it is hard to go into debt, especially coming from our home. But everyone has to sometimes. I hope you two can find a place that isn't so cold for Clay's sake. I love and miss you!!!