Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have dreams...LOTS of them

Do any of you have dreams? Not like..."last night I had a dream"... like, I HAVE A DREAM! Although, I must clarify I don't mean a nationwide changing Martin Luther King Jr kind of dream either. Just a personal dream. Let me tell you a little bit about them. Might surprise some, might fit right in with what some people see in me already.


This one in particular has CONTROLLED my thoughts more than any other. My whole life I have thought it'd be AWESOME to be a dance instructor...or aerobics instructor. You may ask, "Why didn't you go into health science, or exercise science?" Well, THAT I don't know. I will touch on that later. All my sisters and mother can testify to the fact that growing up I was always just dancing. They always asked, "Did you learn that? Have you been thinking about that?" Random things like that- and I always said no...because I never planned on doing what I was doing, it always just came to me. I'm not saying this to brag or whatever...just explaining. So anyway, the point is...little dance routines are always going through my mind. The past week it has been like...A LOT! And I can't stop dreaming of how great it'd be if I could run my own aerobic dance class. I think out of anything...this would be the most AWESOME job to me. Still, I dream of starting to make up routines, sharing with my friends...getting an exercise group going until it gets large enough to actually do something with it...building a studio to the side of my house. I am SO embarrassed saying all this right now...but I am opening up and just letting it out. HONESTY people. Please don't laugh.


You all know I started out as a Journalism major right? Before I switched to accounting? Well- I'll tell you now- I was GOOD. Got A's in all my classes. In fact, in my writing class, the teacher actually told the class at midterms to look to my portfolio for an example in case theirs wasn't receiving a very good grade. Everytime I see a movie like Marley and Me, or really any movie where there is a newspaper columnist...I seriously LONG to be a columnist. Clay says- you are one, you write on your blog. But then I get discouraged and think...well, I probably wouldn't be that great because not many people even read my blog. Then Clay says, there are a lot of lurkers out there hun (meaning people who look and don't comment).

Then there's the idea of writing a book. I tried a page through and thought it sounded worse than a 4 year old's.

Reviewing books, movies, whatever. When I was in my senior year of high school, I think this is REALLY what made me want to become a journalist. I had to read two different books and write reviews on like 100% on both and I LOVED IT! Yeah, people do book reports all the time...but we were supposed to strictly REVIEW IT. As in...entice others to read the books. I loved it so much.


The profession in which I actually have experience. The profession in which I have EDUCATION. The profession in which I've invested so much time, money and effort into. Does it excite me? Not so much. Do I dream about it? In tax season sometimes LITERALLY at night? Yes. Do I love it? No. However, I think it'd be pretty awesome to start my own small business from home. I'm sure it'd make more money faster than the other two. So why did I major in accounting? I felt I was supposed to. I definitely like it. In a strange non-boring person kind of way.


Of course this is the best of best. My biggest dream is to be the BEST mother in the whole universe! Haha. DOUBT that's gonna happen, but I sure as heck am gonna try. I keep thinking- should I try any of this when we will probably start a family soon? Technically all of this I could do from home. All of you should be aware by now that I want to be a STAY-AT-HOME mom. Everything I've ever done has been in the scope of..."can I do this from home if I need to?" and computers make it possible to do from home. Accounting...people have home offices EVERYWHERE.

Anyway. I've totally opened my heart to you's embarrassing, nerve-racking, and I'm sure half of you will say- DO WHAT YOUR HEART DESIRES, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! And the other half will say something else and be thinking...she's weird. Oh well. Now you know me a little more than yesterday.

Disclaimer: I kind of talked about how good I am at these things. Everyone is really good at a few things in life. I should tell you that I am horrible at directions, science, mechanical things, and much much more. I only showed that I am good at these things because I really am, and I figured you would all realize that I'm not about to jump into something that I'm not good at. And I don't really dream about doing things that I know I couldn't do. Yeah it'd be awesome to be on American Idol, but I know I wouldn't make it...those power notes? Yeah right! Anyway... please don't think I'm hot headed.


Megan and Greg said...

Everyone has fantasies, Danielle- people just have different ones. It's funny- ours are similar. I didn't want to TEACH dance- I wanted to be a back up dancer for someone FAMOUS like Britney Spears. Also, for awhile I wanted to be a runway model. These two dreams came to me within the same hour during a show that started with dancers and ended with a runway show. Also, ever since kindergarten I've wanted to write a book and it's never really left me. Sometimes I forget, but then I remember again. But it's HARD!!! If you want to do something, do it! The only reason I would say to hesitate is if you spend a lot of $ starting a business and then get pregnant and have to stop 5 months later, that doesn't totally make sense, but maybe it would to you. Love you, thanks for sharing.

Conger's said...

It is so awesome that you have such great dreams! Keep going for them- like you said you can do anything. (and being a stay at hom mom is the best job EVER!)

Sharon/mom said...

there is no way you sounded like you were bragging. I am glad you shared those things. I didn't know all the things you shared. I hope you get to do some of your dreams. I know there have been a couple I had that happened w/o me even knowing they were happening. Heavenly Father honors our righteous desires and helps us make them happen. I have always stood in awe of the writers in my family. It makes me feel inhibited sometimes, but I blog anyway! I love you and miss you!!! Hope we can visit sometime soon.


Danielle, you are not concieted, you are not bragging, and I am glad you wrote this post. I think it would be so awesome if you built a dance studio. You could do aerobics in the morning, hip hop dance class in the afternoon, and if your heart desired do a class for little kids, you wuold make some nice money, and it would be so fun! Think about it- is all you'd have to do is announce it in Relief Society and YW's and Primary and you would be in business, adn then their friends would join. If I were a mom, and another person in the ward had a dance studio at her house and did lessons, I would SO do aerobics, and I woudl put my kid in lessons! I woudl love it! I know others would too. It's kind of one of those things that alot of people want to do, but joining a gym sounds intimidating and too much of a hassle, and joining a dnace class through some university is exensive and also intimidating- if it were a dance studio connected to someone's house- it's alot less intimidating and easer to join, the word would spread- it woudl be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! And Danielle you are right, you are a natural. I only wish I inherited the dance skills you have, we both know what mine are :) pretty repetitive! i love you! And I really hope you do this!

Chad and Jessica said...

I love that you shared all this...I thought it was awesome...not weird, or braggy AT ALL! was GREAT! I think people should talk more about their dreams....otherwise they can be forgotten too much.
Okay, I had no idea about the aerobics instructor thing...I always thought that would be really fun....but you would be sooo great, and come up with coolest routines....I can just tell!
And, I didn't know that about writing either!
You can do any of these things, and be great at them! Have fun! And thanks for sharing!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

If you don't have a dream you won't get far in life. I love it that you shared yours. I would love to see you build a studio on your house and Amy's right, it would be so neat and people would come because it would be much easier than other things like that. I always dreamed of writing a book, but it is work and it takes a lot of consist, committment to get it going and it takes a long time. I didn't have the staying power to get it done. I love you grams

Patty said...

Thank you for sharing your dreams with all of us. I think that you are really really good at all the things that your dreams are directed towards. I think you will make and amazing mother. The dance class is a great idea. You are always dancing and love it so much. I have told you many times that you should keep up with the writing because you are interesting to read. Thanks again for the lovely picnic. Have a great week back at school. love you. bye now.

Megan and Greg said...

Hmmm... Maybe you should write about being a dancing accountant. OR, you could dance about being a writing accountant.


Lizzie said...

Greg's comment is so funny.

There is no way possible that you could sound or be hot headed. Ever.

I love that you shared all of this. I wish I had dreams. I try to have dreams of stuff like that. It's like I'm scared to even dream about something. Sad.

I think all of it sounds so cool and realistic. Maybe not all at the same time, but if you did one of them while you were at home with kids.

Kristi M. said...

Dreams never become reality unless you openly express them and write them down. We all have dreams, it is just that we sometimes forget what they are because we never write them down. Writing them down gives them weight, solidifies them a little more. Seriously on the dance thing, you just announce it at church or through groups of friends and people join on. That is how preschool started for Gunnar through a ward member and hula lessons is through a huge network of the hawaiian side of our family. Tasha, the instructor, makes good money through the childrens group. They are constantly coming out of the woodworks for her class.

Emily and Francisco said...

ahh! Cute! I love your dreams and I am so glad you have them! They are not ridiculous! I too have a "life goals" list. I don't know if I will accomplish everything on that list, but it's still fun to dream and to try! I remember being little and fantasizing for hours with my friend about doing awesome things like meeting Nsync and driving to Disney Land! haha it makes life fun...