Monday, April 20, 2009

It can't be procrastination on the first day of school right?

I mean...I haven't had any TIME to procrastinate...whatev- I'm procrastinating.

I just have so many wonderful pictures to load I am too excited.

Today was the first day of my last semester in college. YES! I am so happy, so thrilled, so excited, so pumped, so exhilarated, I just might make it through the term. 18 credits...10 hours a week in the accounting lab...collecting rents...keeping house...being a wife...taking's gonna take a LOT of energy! But I think I can handle it with that bright shining light at the end of the tunnel. Wish me luck.

You may have seen a couple things you aren't used to hearing. Accounting Lab, and Collecting Rents. I think Clay and I just seem to get blessings just when we need them. I don't know why I ever doubt.

Accounting Lab:
I have decided to take a job in the accounting lab. Basically what I am needed for is to supervise the lab (computer lab), and help any beginning accounting students who need help. The great thing is, barely anyone goes in there for help! Most people just go in to use the computers, so I will get to be paid to do my homework in the lab, very often. That will be around 10 hours per week. Not too shabby. It pays a little over min wage- WOOPEE!

Collecting Rents:
Clay and I have been asked by our Lanlord to collect rents from around 30 of the trailer owners. He said that a lot of them pay cash, and so he doesn't like them to mail the rent. The lady that used to do this is leaving or something. SO, he has asked US to take over the job. Now get ready to hear how much we get paid...are you sitting down? $1 per receipt we write! ahhahha. I know it doesn't sound like a lot. Cause it's not. But if you think about it, it will take about 3 minutes to collect money, and write a receipt...and it will be for like...a few days out of the month. But still...that's like $30 a month we didn't get before! Money like that is precious in our house.

Story...actually, not really a story. A question: Does anything look funny to you about this picture?

Yeah...I guess I set this on the burner before it had cooled. Was a surprised? Sadly...not really. This just seems

Sunday I gave a talk, so Clay's family came to watch me. Then it was WONDERFUL weather, so we had a picnic after church! It was LOVELY! Of course until the small ants started crawling on us.
picnic collage

Friday I went and hung with the Leslies. A joy, as always. The girls are so sweet and I always love spending time with Rebecca. We watched Avonlea all day long, ate popcorn, cookies, and yummy lunch. It was great. The girls showed me some home learning stuff they've been working on. The one they are both in is a poster they drew and then they made labels where they label all the different geological features. They totally know them...better than me. Super cool. They say they are LOVING home learning. Rebecca said they are focusing on the 3 R's right now. I think they're doing awesome.




oh my gosh I love this post!!!!!! thankyou so much for taking pics since Rebecca NEVER DOES. Aliese is so old and her hair is so blonde! I love her bangs- it sounds like such a wonderful time you had! OH- the collage pics: ok- they are stair stepping- tell Lizzie I said that, and ask her what that means, she'll tell you and explain- it's when it shows up a certain way on your computer- but on all of ours- it looks like there's little boxes everywhere. I love you! The pictures look great besides that- ask lizzie- she'll explain- I love you!


oh yeah- and the strainer- that's awful! And Clay looks so tall in that pic- I know it's just the positioning of you guys in the pic- but you do look like a tiny short person- it's funny- I love you! But you both look really cute in the pic

Lizzie said...

Danielle!! I LOVE this post. All of it. That you put pictures of the girls, the cookies picture looks awesome, the sorry...such an arnold girl thing to do, the job, $1 per receipt. I just hope the tenants don't like you too much and talk your ear off.

It's crazy you are in the accounting lab. Those people are always so smart. I remember all the lab people in all the labs I went in at BYU, knew everything (or so it seemed) and now you're one of them!

The pictures of Clay's family look fantastic. The cool angles, the collage and the writing. I also love the b/w of McKayla. You are getting so good!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am so sorry about the colander, looks like some things I used to do. And it is a total granny Grace thing! The cookies look so yummy and I can't believe you took such wonderful pictures of the girls, they are growing so fast. I miss you and I am so happy that are in the last semester of school. I am so proud of you for getting a job in the lab. Good luck on the rent collecting. I love you so much grams

Megan and Greg said...

Wo, when the heck did Aliese get bangs?! I love them! Thanks for posting. Congrats on all the good stuff! That was funny about the rent collecting, that IS awesome though. $30 is a LOT! That a really nice dinner out, or a great outfit, or a lot of groceries! Very cool. That's awesome about the lab. Greg did a similar thing his senior year and he just studied the whole time.

Megan and Greg said...

OH yeah, and I have TOTALLY done the burner thing atleast twice. I even broke our crockpot on it!

Jenni said...

Danielle you sound ridiculously busy!! holy crap how do you do it?!!!!! If anyone can, i'm sure that it's you! You seem to always do well at everything you take under! I want to seeeee youuu!!!!!!!! Keep me updated! Love you!

Sharon/mom said...

Great post!! I love the colander!! I have never done anything like that! Yeaa right! I am so happy for you that this is your last semester, it seems so crazy and you got there so fast! Cool about the jobs. Patty looks so pretty in those pics. Tell her I said so. I love the pics, you and Lizzie blow me away. thanks for posting the Leslies, they are soooo cute!! I love you!!