Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The herx is a beast

So Clay had the feared herx reaction. Ohhhh it wasn't nice. In fact, it was horrible! I hated it. I felt SOOOO helpless. He was in pain in a way he is not normally. I'm used to him feeling crappy but this was like...torture. He would get these pained faces that are so OBVIOUSLY not faked. And all I could do was stuff pills down his throat. Thank heavens, it only lasted a few days. He still feels crappy, but the intense pain is gone. We have pills to give him when a herx happens...but we still had to give him all his normal pills too...and so it literally felt like he was taking pills like every 5 minutes. Anyway- I'm happy to report that he is beyond the herx and on to work again.

I'm finding grocery shopping to be almost a daily thing for me these days. And I hate grocery shopping because I'm turning out to be one of those people. You know the ones. Who stand in the middle of the aisle looking at the back of the item for what feels like HOURS until you can figure out what is in it. Then sadly put it back on the shelf realizing you can't get it. I'm finding that just about every product in America has sugar in it. I'm also realizing this is why most foods taste so good. I had to make homemade spaghetti sauce last night for the first time cause guess what? Every spaghetti sauce has sugar in it! So I got tomato sauce- which doesn't taste like spaghetti sauce...and I pumped it full of Parmesan cheese, basil, and garlic salt. It didn't turn out too bad. In fact, after the first few bites I forgot that it was not as good as normal!

Also, is there ever such a thing as sugar-free yogurt? No. Or sugar free anything? Basically not. Wheat/gluten free has been a whole other challenge.

I'm hoping to experiment with agave, stevia , and honey. And a bunch of other grains and stuff.

I've been thinking something lately. The past few days. There have been some controversial issues regarding one of the talks in General Conference...and I am so grateful and PROUD that for me, no matter what the topic, once the Lord speaks, the debate is over. And in my world, that means once a Prophet or apostle speaks, the debate is over. People may call this blind faith, but it's not. Either you believe in Prophets, or you don't. I am so proud that I do and that for me, there is no confusion. If a prophet or apostle says something, I know that it's coming from God. I feel so blessed to have that knowledge and guidance in my life.

There was frost on my window today. I had to sit in the truck and wait. It wasn't a good start to the day. But I'm getting to that point that I always do in mid-october when I feel's just time for Christmas already. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I want to decorate and listen to music and watch movies. The only sad part is I probably wont get to make any yummy Christmas treats. Not too often anyway. Oh well. I wish I loved Halloween more. It just doesn't grab me like it does a lot of you. Maybe someday.

Oh yes- I'm happy to report that Dante survived the neuterization (real word?). He was so silly after he got home and was still on anesthesia. He just seemed....lost. That's really all I know how to expalin it. But it was cute.

Does anyone feel like Glee is like...inching and inching every week more towards ickiness? I keep feeling uncomfortable. And I don't like feeling uncomfortable. So unfortunate. And soon they are doing rocky horror picture show? From my knowlege of that, I'm thinking next episode they will be dumping the ickiness all over.

Aight. This was kinda boring. Oh well.


katy said...

Wow, I have never heard of herx. How hard that must have been to watch, poor guy. Don't get to frustrated, for the most part it goes away. Shopping gets easier. Remember practice makes perfect. Shop at health food stores. They make all sorts of sugar free gluten free stuff. The secret to having yummy easy things is to bake from scratch and invent you own stuff all in one day, then freeze it all. You will be able to make lots of yummy treats for christmas. You learn fast and splenda is good and works a lot like sugar. Ivy is hypoglycemic too so we limited sugar for awhile. I guess we don't have to that much though.

I know what you mean about halloween. I am always anxious for Christmas when Halloween comes.

Chad and Jessica said...

I'm so sorry for Clay. Yucko! You're doing such a great job with helping him. Man, I can't imagine all the food stuff...ugh...having to read all the labels...oi...way to go, and hopefully it will get easier. You are amazing!

Okay, what talk was controversial? I really want to know.

Megan and Greg said...

Glee is horrible. I don't know why I keep going back to it. It's a show about teens so you'd think it'd be positive but all it says is, "you have to be this and that to be popular!" Drives me crazy. I just keep going back for the one liners from Sue Sylvester. Oh man, they are priceless. Greg and I just decided to dump our favorite show, Chuck, because it's getting too racy. So disappointing. Because it actually is the cleanest show we know, they just always have women in their undies- like ALL THE TIME now. So we called it quits just this week! That's crazy and sad about a controversal talk? Amy told me something about her youth conferance that was crazy too. What is happening in the church? Signs of the times is what comes to my mind. That really stinks about the herx. I really hope it just goes away and the worst is over. Ok, the new diet. I am just so sorry. I used to always say if I had a deadly allergy to chocolate I would just end up dying. I can't imagine forgoing sugar and wheat all together. If I didn't know better, I'd say it was impossible. But I know it isn't. I'm sorry. Maybe you could order hard to find things in bulk online. Also, have you looked for recipes online?

Megan and Greg said...

Oh yeah, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and I'm so sad that I'm too old and don't work anyway, so I never get to dress up anymore. Not really anyway. I used to where three costumes every year. One to work, one to a dance, one to a party. There were always many occassions or many days to wear them and I LOVED IT!!! The last time I dressed up at a ward party and we were the only adults dressed up! I couldn't believe it. I felt awkward.

Kristi M. said...

Man the herx reaction sounds aweful. I can't even imagine what that would be like or what it would be like to watch someone go through it. What a task you have with food items. I am sure it makes it all worth it when you are doing it for someone you love. For some reason I have had trouble getting into any of the shows that are on now. I could never get into Glee, or Chuck, or Greys any of those really. Hardly anything interests me these days. I had to laugh at Megan's comment and dressing up. She just needs to wait until Scarlet is old enough and then she will get so excited about going and dressing up. Halloween was never really my favorite but now I like it because of the excitement Gunnar shows. Having kids makes holidays that much more exciting. Something about halloween is mentioned here everyday. For FHE this week we made light up pumpkins out of jars and that is all I've heard about since from Gunnar.

Kayleen said...

So sad! I'm so sorry for you guys. I hope Clayton feels better and I hope cooking healthier wheat/gluten/sugar free meals gets easier too.

Sharon/mom said...

I'm so glad the herx is over! I am grateful to that I have a testimony of Prophets and Apostles, it makes life easier. I like fall decor...:). I was in home depot the other day taking back tile and they had Christmas stuff up and I wanted to play Christmas music. love you!

Carina & Dan said...

my mom can't have most kinds of sugars and she tolerates fructose well. can he have that?

Carina & Dan said...

I love /hate Glee. It has so much potential & I love musicals, but it is really icky and I don't like the way they try to make everything wordly or bad seem like it's good. I just can't watch it anymore