Friday, October 22, 2010

Today will be a great day

Right now I'm listening to Mindy Gledhill, California, which I basically love lots! I keep find myself wiggling my shoulders in a dance-like fashion:) Her music is just soothing, happy, and really really lovely.

This morning started with me sleeping in till 7:30! I don't have to work today, and so I woke up when Clay got up. Last night I asked Clay, "What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?"....he quickly said, "Bacon and eggs". Well, you see...he told me recently that he was sick of bacon- so I didn't restock that item in our fridge when I last when grocery shopping. So, I told him so. He then said immediately, "Eggs and hash-browns". Eggs and hash-browns it is! So this morning I got up, peeled two large red potatoes, heated my skillet with olive oil, salt and pepper, shredded the potatoes on the Bosch mixer attachment, and started them on the skillet. I then gathered 3 eggs (not from my chicken coup- my egg carton I got from the fridge), three scoops of cream cheese, scrambled the eggs, and placed them in the OTHER skillet with the cheese. Salt and pepper. Soon enough, they were done and ready to go in their separate tupperware containers. I neatly put them each in their own perfect containers, got a fork, and put them in a plastic bag. Then I filled Clay's pill baggies (numbers 1-6), filled his water bottle, and placed all of the above on the table. About that time Clay was putting on his shoes in the living room. He took his first pills, we prayed, kissed, and he was on his way! Not before he told me, "Dante probably wants out after I leave okay?"...."Okay honey". Of course.

So seriously? This is probably the most ideal morning in the world for me. I loved it. It made me feel so good inside. I always make us breakfast, but it is never too exciting because I am getting ready for work myself. And then we are always so rushed out the door cause I'm always so much more rushed. This morning was perfect.

I know that when the day comes for me to stay home full time, life will still have it's many challenges. And lots of new challenges, that I've never faced before. But I also know that I'll be leaving a lot of challenges behind. I really hate to be preachy or anything, but those of you who get to stay home full time whether it's because of kids, or to take care of the house, or whatever the reason be- try to count the blessings and realize that those little things like making breakfast for your husband in the morning and having time to kiss him and say prayer, is a dream for some people. I know it's on my dream list. I'm so excited for it. And I know it will happen, in time.

Well, today I'm gonna try and get the laundry done. And PUT AWAY! That never happens around these parts. Laundry gets done, but put away? Yikes...that's asking a lot. Clay usually does the laundry around these parts- the washing and drying (yes, I'm thanking my lucky stars he does this!), and so I'm gonna be a sweetheart and do it instead! Dishes, and mopping the floors are also on the to do list. And while I'm at it I should probably clean the bathrooms. But maybe that can wait till tomorrow. All I know is today will be a great day, because I'm home. And that is so much better than an office.


Megan and Greg said...

i never manage to put away laundry. why did you tupperware the eggs? did he eat it for lunch? i forgot about cream cheese with eggs. i used to do that all the time. yummy.

Lizzie said...

I'm excited for you to stay home. Good post. Good reminders for me. = )


That was such a wonderful post. So sweet and loving. Loved it. I'm really excited for when I get to do that full time. love you. Hey- I was thinking the same thing about the containers? does he eat it at work? is that why? love you

Sharon/mom said...

very well said! I think being at home is a huge blessing. I think it is the hardest job on earth but the best! love you!!

Kristi M. said...

So many people now these days forget that staying at home is a full time job too. i too have a husband that usually washes and dries the clothes. quite nice.

Rebecca said...

Wonderful post. I love being at home. It's the best place on earth. You'll be so wonderful at it all when you get to come home for real. Love you.