Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well- guess what? We have a new member of our little family! Well, I suppose it is growing quite big if you think of what I'm talking about as family. HA- well anyway. We now have a tortoise! Yes, i know all of my sisters are thinking- danielle, you're crazy! So here's the deal. I get home one day to Clay dosing off on the couch. He says, "wake me up at 6:30"....I say, "Are you meeting with Ben then?" (His friend ben and him work together for school alot) He says..."No..." I say, "are you meeting with someone?" He says, "yeah..." I say, "Who?" Clay-"a couple" Me-"who?!" Clay-"just don't worry about it..." So now I know he's up to something. Finally I get him awake to say, "Well I looked on bulletin board..." bulletin board is a school thing where students just post things to sell...right away I know he's up to some sort of mischeif. Apparently, some couple was putting their russion tortoise up for adoption. a.k.a. : free. Now- for those of you who know NOTHING about animals, tortoises usually run for about $100 at a pet store. Clay has wanted one for SOO long. This was free! So, I said "ooookay...but where will we put it?!" Long story short, the tortoise is HUGE! Full grown..and we have a huge tupperware cage thing for it. We call her Bruce. We thougth it was a boy, and called him Bruce, and then realized she was a girl. (Mom- it reminds me of Gilmore Girls, you know- bruce, Sookie's midwife) Anyway, the first night we got her, I was totally freaked because she was SO different than rosemary, and then the next day I thought she was way cool. She just wanders around our apartment and minds her own business. She never gets lost either (we lost Rosemary a couple times already-she's so small and quick, and likes to hide). Bruce has already eaten lettuce out of Clay's hand even. Pretty fun. Clay is wayyyy happy, so it's worth it. We completely rearranged our apartment and are getting rid of one of our desks to accomodate it:) Here is a picture- our camera doesn't work (of course) so this one isn't Bruce- just some pic I found online. But he looks JUST like this guy.

Well, I have about the WORST allergies known to man. At least that I know of. I finally gave in and started taking allergy medicine (over the counter). Before i started taking the meds, I sneezed unstoppably. AND my nose is SO stuffy that it always feels like I need to sniff snot, blow my nose or whatever. And when I sniff, or blow, it sounds like an elephant. Literally. Clay told me yesterday that I sounded like that thing people use as musical instruments, which they used to be laundry scrubber things...where you rub something against them and they make a funny noise. That gives no good explanation. Okay- I just found this picture. I know it's silly but THAT is what I'm talking about. He said that I sound like THAT, when I sniff my nose up- when people rub sticks against it or something. Lovely.
So anyway, I blow my nose about 50 times a day, and that is no exaggeration my friends. It has gotten so bad that my nose is completely callased (however you spell that word) and I wake up with crusties outlining my nostrils. Attractive, I know. When I blow my nose, barely anything comes out and I am still stuffed. UGH! The meds aren't helping with ANYTHIGN but the sneezing. That's IT! I'm seriously considering the shot. Any opinions on that? Just keep in mind, my quality of life has seriously gone DOWN because of this horrendous hay harvesting season.

Well, last night we went on a date! I was so excited. We went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Clay was the one that asked me to see it with him- he is so sweet. Trust me, he's not some sensitive chick-flick lovin guy. He asked cause he knew I wanted to see it:)) and then we got snocones from Snoasis:) YUM! Red raspberry and cream. Can't get much better than that. The movie was good, not as good as the first one, but still good. Both of us liked it...didn't think: LOVED IT! It was just, good. I'm wondering if I'd like it better watching it with a bunch or girls. Probably.

Well, that's our life. Love you all!!!


Courtenay Beth said...

CONGRATS on the new baby/tortoise! How exciting! I love that you call her BRUCE! Cute!
Also, good LUCK with the allergies...gross...make sure you take care of your poor nose, especially before the weather turns cold.
I loved sisterhood...2 I had never seen the first one, till just before I went to see the second. ANd i cried in both. Loved them, and I was so pleasantly surprised!
It was so so so good to see you guys!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

I am happy you got a new pet. What fun that must be. Although I can't say that I would love a turtle, but what the hey I am just an OLD lady anyway, and I would probably stumble over her and fall. At least she doesn't climb upon your bed, which is what Trapper does. He sheds cat hair also. Good luck with the allergies, as I have them and they are the pits. Hate it!! Take care of that nose so that it isn't chapped by winter. Use lots of vasaline and it will get better. I love you grandma

Emily said...

You are such a nice wife. I just laugh at all of your turtles...that's so funny. But I"m glad it makes you happy!

I didn't like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 as much as the first one either. It was still good, just not AS good. How nice of him to take you though. You guys are so thoughtful of each other. It's cute!

Lizzie said...

I love Clay's pet stories. They crack me up and make me smile. I'm so happy for you that you got a FREE one. What a blessing and how fun to have a new pet. When you say she just wanders around your apt., do you not put her in her tupperware at night? Does she really just wander around like a person? Just wondering. Love you both!!!!

Jenni said...

hahahahah!!!!!!!!!! oh danielle you are SO FUNNY! I love you guys so much! seriously- Bruce and Rosemary ROCK! I can't wait to meet Bruce! you guys are the best animal parents ever!

i'm SO sorry about your allergies!!! boooo!! i hope they go away soon. and i was seriously thrilled to hear about your date! movie and a Snoasis?!?! ROCK ON!! i need to get over there before they close. anyway- LOVE YOU!

Sharon/mom said...

Well, I am jealous now, not of the tortise, the movie! I never get to go to the movie. Amy asked me if I had seen Sydney White and I hadn't even heard of it! You guys are so funny with the pet thing. You are going to have a zoo someday. I love that you support Clay. It shocks people to know that the truck was my idea. The shot, I had one once and it was great. I don't know though much about them, whether it is a good thing to do or not. I love you !!!!!

Sharon/mom said...

That is so funny that you have a huge turtle, how long is it? Will you measure it so I can imagine how big? I'm so sorry about your nose situation- do you remember how I used to blow my nose all the time? THEN get the bloody noses because of it? Do you sneeze alot or is it just the blowing the nose? Maybe you are allergic to milk, like me. Try hauking up a lugie- It got so bad for me, it forced me to learn how to hauk a lugie because I wanted it out! That is so funny about the comparison to a laundry board- haha. THankyou so much for your sweet email. I haven't had internet connection so I haven't been able to get online. I love you- you have always been so good to me, I want to see you! miss you!

Patty said...

As ususal I get such a laugh from your stories. I still think that you should be writing as a side job. So sorry about the allergies but I think it is a good idea for you to see Clayton's doctor. I personally know 3 people who get the shots and they work real well for them.
We really enjoyed our visit with you. I am excited to see Bruce. Paul and I will have to come up and see him real soon. Have a great week. bye now. love you guys.